Eare y’all a Hillbilly?
Yew mite be a Hillbilly if’n t’most serious loss from t’earthquake were yer Conway Twitty record kollecshun.”

tom and katie Tom Cruises Former Mentor Predicts What Will Happen With The Divorce Settlement

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Martee Rathbun, a ferm'r high-rankyun' cantral n' a Church o'Scyintology, has gif' his'n speculashun un whut’s unekwivocallee goin un behin a ssenes as a integrate fas announcet a settlement. 

Rathbun lef a church an' noe runs un anti-Scyintology blog

Since a deevorse wuz announcet, a usual difference frum Cruise’s stay wuz:

1. He wuz “shockd an' saddenet.”

2. A statement frum his'n camp expressyun' dismay at folk bleevd Scyintology had innythang ta do wit a split. 

3. Cruise’s profession “took a apperpriate durin Katie” fer heddin a media firesterm. 

Accerdyun' ta Rathbun: 

2 an' 3 above gif' clev'r denote at Tom Cruise is still a'listnin ta his'n bes mun, Scyintology Inc. cult personalitee David Miscavige.   Thay bof sound like selectid Miscavige.

As ta a splain at thay air so astoundet since Katie usual voicet ‘luv’ fer Scyintology, at is rite out o'Miscavige’s well-worn plun ta use pressuret, documantid, sartin utterances (callt success steries) opposit ferm'r members n' a a'followin wise.

And Rathbun’s conjecture fer a terms “Cruise will obtane durin un astronomical cost (Miscavige mite eve neet ta drop into Scyintology Inc’s fite chest ta assistunts compensate a price):”

a)   Katie signs a document at indicates thar is ta be joint/ekwal custody o'a daught'r o'Tom an' Katie.  Howev'r, thar will be a side agreement (at will lay seelet adult n' thar lawy'r’s safes) at gives Katie solitree custody, kuntrol ov'r skoolin, an' sum visitashun rights ta Tom.

b)  Katie signs a document at indicates at Scyintology wuz nev'r un emanate ner keer n' a fileeun' fer deevorse.

Miscavige an' Scyintology Inc hax afterds make a media an' thar sources rong fer a'carryin allegedlee jumpet a gun ta instil Scyintology into a matt'r n' sekwence ta shillelagh Scyintology Inc, Miscavige an' Cruise.

Miscavige, durin bottom, loves a plant label an' wen his'n behin is opposit a wall he always plays it, an' plays it well.  He has, an' will, compensate infinite sums o'income ta harmonise a apparancy at he an' Scyintology Inc. wuz a victims.

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