Eare y’all a Hillbilly?
A day without beer is like a day without s*x. yew cain’t live without it!”

SDisickMason072712 02 full Scott Disick And Son Mason Do Lunch In Malibu

Since Kourtney Kardashiun is durin trayler holdin automobile o'youngn youngn lady Penelope, Scott Disick an' sen Masen took advantage o'thar guys-onlee day by lunchyun' durin Nobu n' Malibu, un Frydee afternoon.

T' 29-year-old lookt stylish as common n' Bermuda sherts an' a V-nek blue T-shirt interkunnectid wit lether trip un shoes, wile his'n acoupla-year-old sen donnet a plane white T-shirt an' navy blue sherts

Allegatyuns flush thishere week at Scott has a rapist pas, aft'r one o'his'n closest friens tole Star repositery at he would videotape gurls he had sex wit as a tee an' stole money, credit cards an' dungeon phones frum his'n victims’ purses. Scott’s repute denies a claims, tho it seems a drama nev'r stops wit a Kardashiun clun!

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