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Yew mite be a Hillbilly if’n t’Blue Book value o’ yer truck goes up an’ down dependin’ on how much gas it has ’n it.”

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N' off'r ta hostyun' ov'r 70 ban's an' artists – trimmyun' frum Metallica ta Sigur Rós, Neil Yung ta Skrillex – thishere year’s Outside Lan's feeturet un stretcht palette o'food an' libashun optyuns at done eatin an' celebrashun durin a festivul usual as minny a fun as a'listnin an' dancyun'. Entire greedy arees – like Outside Lambs, Be'r Lan's, Wine Lan's an' Chocolate Lan's – wuz dedicatid ta one sole part an', n' scarcelee each case, hostid by internal farmers, winemakers, brewers an' chefs.

Celebritee prepare Michael Mina launchet “pop-ups” (frum his'n Bourbon Steek Houses an' RN74) durin a inishul Outside Lambs food court, placet n' a ferest-like environment n' a thick o'Golte Gate Park. (Attendees counta had ta travel by a woods ov'r severe turf fer a few mins usual ta strech it.) Thar, a Whole Beests’ John Fink could be foun stayshun watch ov'r all his'n lambs.

“My schtick is at we prepare whole animulls,” Fink tells Rolleeun' Stone. “And we git a birthriite multiplee animulls. we sorce 'um frum a small'r an' middle sizet farms, we unekwivocallee don’t use too minny a o'a commoditee beef an' we don’t discriminate. we do a whole gambit: cows, goats, feesh, fowl . . . an' lambs, like we’re a'doin today.”

Photos: Lif' durin Outside Lan's 2012

Fink’s cumpny, a Whole Beas, brung n' 25 lambs fer Outside Lambs, sourcet frum circuitouslee Dixon whar thay wuz grass-fet. “We’re a'doin whole lamb gyros, so y'all’re removyun' a bellee, a shank, a shoult'r, a laig, a loin an' we’re usual kine o'rupturyun' it an' reckon it all togeth'r,” sez Fink. “I prepare 'um n' thishere smok'r here fer about 3 hours. We brine 'um n' a whole-milk yogurt wit a Meroccun pikwancy at’s like curry, tho at has 22 ta 28 opposit ingredyints, dependyun' un whut segment y'all’re a'pullin frum. Reinferce it wit garlic, ging'r, jalapeño, lemon zest, mint, cilantro an' parsley. And marinate it fer 3 days. we unekwivocallee like a'doin at.” Fink smokes it ov'r white ash insteed o'hickery since “as good as hickery is,” he sez, “it doesn’t groe here.” Oak duz.

Insteed o'usual a'carryin a elemantree drank tent, thishere year’s Outside Lan's had a microbrew fest inside a festivul – Be'r Lan's, curatid by Dave Mcleun who runs Magnolia Pub an' Brewery n' a citee’s Haiite-Ashberry districk. Be'r Lan's feeturet 30 opposit qualificashun beers frum 15 differnt, internal breweries. Mcleun gut his'n possess start n' a drank universe by goin ta Gratefil Daid concerts n' a Nerthees durin a time wen microbroos were’t sole n' steres er accessibull durin bars. As he trafficket ta Californy, he stopt durin minny a brewpubs along a way, evantuallee holdin his'n trayler-brewyun' passion above groun.

“It’s no long'r outward – it’s inside,” Mcleun sez o'his'n days celebrashun beers n' a parkyun' slew o'Daid shows. “We done a call ta make it all Californy breweries. And afterds within at, we unekwivocallee leenet heevilee un a'carryin it be possiblee Sun Francisco er Bay Area breweries. We have a few frum off'r afield, like down south n' Orange Countee, an' a integrate frum as distant nerth as Fort Bragg, Sierra is n' Chico. But a infancy o'these beers air done within 30 miles o'here.”

Across a venue, Wine Lan's – which, like Outside Lan's durin large, is noe n' a fifth year – kuntinued ta be a pre-determind end fer minny a festivul goers. “Thar unekwivocallee are’t inny large-scale booze tastin evants within a incomparabull song festivul specificallee,” Wine Lan's curater Pet'r Eastlake tells Rolleeun' Stone. Amungst a venders porin a sum total o'120 opposit wines thishere year wuz Claypool Cellars – at is ownet by Primus frontmun Les Claypool – an' Aug West, at takes a name frum a Gratefil Daid lyric. Mos o'a wineries come frum a booze nashun usual nerth er south o'a citee – internatyunallee acclaimet winemakyun' regyuns.

Along one o'a categerical stage’s grill rows, Andalu – a cernerstone o'Sun Francisco’s Misshun districk – kuntinued ta vankwish it thishere year wit thar boilet mac an' cheez, at looks like mozzarella cheez stix durin inishul glance.

At Outside Lan's, a boilet mac an' cheez sells good an' it sells fas, so prepare owners Calvin Schneit'r splains at aft'r addyun' cheddar cheez, onyuns an' Sriracha ta a mac an' cheez, it’s coolet down un peece pans. “As minny a as 80 ta 100 a day, n' a credantials fer thishere,” Schneit'r tells Rolleeun' Stone. “Oncet it’s coolet, we cut it into logs, egg rinse an' panko; we reeson it preparet cold, grill it frum cold ta crispy an' off'r it up.”

Playyun' off thar fair desiryus dishes, Straw’s seckshun an' trebuchet outpost n' Sun Francisco’s Hayes Valley area facilitees a Tilt-a-Whirl entertunment float automobile at diners a'ken lay n' ta ett. At Outside Lan's, Straw wuz hockyun' honeyet tater tots wit blackberry salsa an' waffle snowkunes. “At a festivul environment like thishere, folk come here since it’s a whimsical, kine o'enchantyun' place,” Straw’s Tanya Koollar sez. 

Ari Feingold, who curates a food aspect o'Outside Lan's (a.k.a. “T' Taste o'Bay Area”) sez at wen a festivul startid 5 yeers ago, about half a venders wuz local. At wuz flatteryun' good eve by streem stan'ards. “Noe it’s about 95 persent local, so durin thishere indicate innybidy at we supplement relocatyun' braze is goin ta be a internal vender,” he tells Rolleeun' Stone. “Wen we contend local, we unekwivocallee eve try fer nairy usual a Bay Area, nairy usual Sun Francisco, tho restaurants at air rite roun a park.”

N' fack, minny a o'a restaurants at he wurks wit, detachet frum a food trux, don’t customarilee eve have mobile vendyun' capabilitees. Fer minny a o'um, detachet frum thar seckshun an' trebuchet restaurants, Outside Lan's is thar usual ture each year.

“Insteed o'a'lookin durin it like a venue at hosts extraerdinree song an' unusual food, we try ta applaud a enlightenment here n' a Bay Area, at has bof a aboundyun' an' differnt song enlightenment as good as a food cultchur,” sez Feingold. “So wit a rope lineup y'all’ll see each kine o'song frum each kine o'genre – we demeenour durin a food a same way.”

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