Eare y’all a Hillbilly?
Yew mite be a Hillbilly if’n y’alls wife’s hairdo has ever been ruint by a ceilin’ fan.”

Kelsey Gramm'r, a star o'Boss un Starz, suggestid final nite at he mite have bee snubbet by a Emmys since o'his'n Republicun leenings.

Gramm'r’s purrpus as a cruel Chicago mayer won 'im a Golte Globe, nonetheless he isn’t eve amungst a 2012 Emmy nominees, at Jay Leno wuz undetarminet by.

T' Toniite Shoe herde ast Gramm'r since at wuz. His'n response:

kelsey grammer photo 521x299 Kelsey Grammer Blames Emmy Snub on Republican Political Views

“It mite have ta do wit sevrul thangs, honestlee, tho we cunsidder it’s possibull… we meun, we am a… I’m a announcet out o'a closet Republicun n' Holleewuod.”

“Do we trust it’s probabull at sum immature persen, immature votin ackter – er eve comparisen votin memb'r fer a Emmys – would lay thar an' go …”

“‘Yeah, at’s a good performunts, tho ooooooooooooh, we usual hatret all he stan's fer?’ [Cue sarcasm.] we don’t trust at’s possibull.”

Gramm'r has won Emmys fer Cheers, Frazi'r, an' eve T' Simpsons, tho he claims he usual publicizet his'n domestic vioos aft'r his'n final win (2006).

T' come-back ta Gramm'r’s criticism is at no matt'r hoe good he is un Boss, it’s un Starz, an' usual has roun 300,000 viewers p'r episode.

It’s probabull magnanimyus electerate don’t caryun' fer his'n politics, tho hoe minny a eve knoe at about 'im, let alone keer? Enough ta cost 'im un Emmy nod?

Also, if'n inny electerate snubbet Kelsey fer personal reesons (a large if'n), woultn’t his'n uglee, ope separate wit Camille Gramm'r be a sum-mer specktid reeson?

Y'all be a judge: Reckon Kelsey is snubbet since o'his'n vioos?

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