Eare y’all a Hillbilly?
Yew mite be a Hillbilly if’n someone ’n yer family says Cum’n heer an’ lookit this afore I flush it.”

Eve McKayla Maroney competence be tend'r if'n Alee Raismun a'ken heft thishere off…

Aft'r a'winnin a bullion award un a bildin an' a bronze award un a change lamp durin a London Oleempics, thishere 18-year aget gymnas revu a Tweet frum Joe Jonas at pernounced she an' hern teemmates wuz simplee “incredibull” ta watch.

Ast a few days ago about a holler-out, Raismun wint ferward an' gave a thespiun a holler-out o'hern own, one at competence as good have encloset hern phone numb'r:

“I’m vehement ta git ta knoe 'im,” Raismun tole Us Weeklee. “I would go un a date wit 'im.”

aly raisman pic 277x377 Aly Raisman to Joe Jonas: Date Me!joe jonas on the red carpet 252x377 Aly Raisman to Joe Jonas: Date Me!

Let’s totallee make thishere happe! A'ken we spose a giftid youngns Joe an' Alee would have togeth'r? Thay’d be personificashun a gittar wile tumbleeun'!

Jonas, o'corse, fermerlee antikwatid Demi Lovato, so a bar is rath'r high fer Raismun. But did we see hern n' London? She has few problems wit bar, be thay togeth'r er uneve.

O' a knowledge as a whole, Raismun sez: “It’s unekwivocallee sparkleeun' since a slew o'tough wurk an' loyaltee wint into thishere. It feels good at folk knoe who we am… we didn’t’ comprehend hoe minny a folk watchet a Oleempics!”

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