Eare y’all a Hillbilly?
Yew mite be a Hillbilly if’n y’all see no need ta stop at a rest stop ’cause yer have an empty milk jug.”

And here it is. Angus T. Jones has issuet a sweepyun' apology ta all involvet wit his'n hit sitcom Acoupla an' a Half Menfolk a'followin his'n viral video bashyun' t'shoe. T' ackter’s publicist via Deedline (plus thar’s sum analeesis beloe):

“I have bee t'subjeck o'much discusshun, speculashun an' commantree ov'r t'pas 24 hours. Wile I cannot address everthang at has bee sed er rite ever misstatement er misunderstan'yun', thar is one thang I want ta make clar.

Without qualificashun, I am gratefil ta an' have t'highest regard an' respeck fer all o't' wunderful folk un Acoupla an' Half Menfolk wit who I have wurked an' ov'r t'pas te yeers who have becum un extension o'my fambly.

Chuck Lerre, Pet'r Roth an' minny a utherns at Warn'r Bros. an' CBS air responsibull fer whut has bee one o't' mos signifikunt experiences n' my life ta date. I thank 'um fer t'oppertuntee thay have gif' an' a'cantinyah ta gif' me an' t'hep an' guidance I have an' eggspeck ta a'cantinyah ta receif' frum 'um.

I also want all o't' crew an' cas un air shoe ta knoe hoe much I personallee keer fer 'um an' preciate thar suppert, guidance an' luv ov'r t'yeers. I grew up roun 'um an' knoe at t'ime thay spent wit me wuz n' minny a instances mer thun wit thar own famblies. I larnt life lessuns frum so minny a o'um an' will nev'r fergit hoe much positif' impact thay have had un my life.

I apologize if'n my remarks reflect me showyun' indifference ta an' disrespect o'my colleegues an' a lack o'appreciashun o't' extraerdinree oppertuntee o'which I have bee blesst. I nev'r intendet at.”

Notice t'ackter walks a fine line here. He’s apologetic ta all t'folk involvet n' makin t'shoe. But he doesn’t say innythang ta defend t'shoe itself. Unlack Charlie Shee, who attacket t'shoe’s co-creeter Lerre an' CBS n' addishun ta t'hit series durin his'n epic meltdown las year, Jones’ criticism wuz focussd un t'shoe’s content (callin it “filth,” etc.). T' statement allows Jones ta publiclee amend fer his'n commints, without ackshly reversyun' his'n posishun.


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