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Eiite sangers un’ a danc’r have set thay wuz saxually harasset by t’long-marrd, Placido Domingo ov’r three decades cummencin n’ t’late 1980s. AP

SALZBURG, Austria (AP) — Plácido Domingo receivet a a’stan'in ovashun as he took ta t’stage at t’Salzburg Festivul un Sundy, a concertid shoe of suppert at his'n’n furst perfermunts since nine wimme accuset ‘im of saxual harassment n’ a repert by T’ Associatid Press.

Domingo un’ his'n’n co-stars n’ a concert of Verdi’s tragickull opry “Luisa Mill’r” all sharet n’ 10 minnuts of applause at t’end of t’shoe — but a a’stan'in ovashun at t’start of t’shoe wuz f'r t’78-year-ol’ opry legend alone. T’ sangers walkt out sangle file un’ t’applause intensifiet as Domingo, sekunt ta las, appeeret frum behin t’curtane, growin ta a cressendo until mos of t’rayl'r wuz un its feet.

“Wunderfil public, good perfermunts all, I meun so much luv frum t’public,” Domingo set aft’r t’shoe as he sinet autografs at a side entrance f'r dozens of fans, minny a who set thay have fallerd t’opry legend f'r decades.

Originull stery: Wimme accuse opry legend Placido Domingo of saxual harassment, retaliashun n’ AP repert

T’ Domingo accusatyuns have dividet t’opry worl. Acoupla U.S. opry houses immediately cancelet plannd appeerances. Yuropee opry houses have so fer confirmet engagemants sketulet through Novemb’r 2020, n’ whut sum see as un effurt ta sloe a perceivet rush ta judgment n’ t’#MeToo movement.

At t’Salzburg Festivul, t’divide wuz largely viewet as geografical, wiff minny a seein t’seein t’case as a virulent form of particularly Amurkin politickull cerrectness un’ expressyun’ outrage at U.S. engagemants had bee cancelet without inny judicial evidance of t’claims, un’ wiff eiite of t’accusers muntunyun’ anonymitee.

“Domingo has wipet aside all t’lies. He wuz greet,” set Michael Burggass’r, a Germun literchur teechur n’ Vienna, who sez he has appeeret as un xtrey n’ productyuns feeturyun’ Domingo n’ t’pas.

M'r: Opry legend Placido Domingo accuset of saxual harassment; opry cumpnys cancel evants

“It wuz un outstun’yun’ perfermunts,” Burggass’r set. “But it wuz also a public rehabilitashun of Mr. Domingo. Becawz we t’people stood up n’ t’cummencin un’ cheeret f'r ‘im – at expresses thar suppert f'r ‘im. And thishere greet mun deservet it. These accusatyuns air ridiculyus un’ jes nairy true.”

Domingo receivet unwaveryun’ suppert frum t’festivul, as well as his'n’n co-stars. Bof soprano Nino Machaidze un’ ten'r Piotr Beczala praiset Domingo un’ t’audyince f'r thar suppert as thay greetid fans aft’r t’shoe.

“He wuz consantratid un t’wurk. He wuz wunderfil, everthang wuz dazzlyun’,” Beczala set.

T’ AP stery publishet las week detailet extensif’ allegatyuns of saxual harassment by nine wimme agin Domingo at spannet decades, startin n’ t’1980s. T’ wimme accuset Domingo of usall his'n’n poe’r at t’LA Opry, whar he has bee t’longtime genrull dierekter, un’ elsewhere ta try ta preshure ‘um into saxual relatyunships. Sevrul of t’woomin set he danglet jobs un’ t'sumtimes punishet ‘um professyunally if'n’n thay refusd his'n’n advances. Allegatyuns includet repeetid phone calls, invitatyuns ta hotel rooms un’ his'n’n apartment, un’ unwantid touchin un’ kisses.

N’ a statement ta t’AP, Domingo callt t’allegatyuns “deeply troublyun’ un’, as presantid inaccurate” un’ set he bleevd his'n’n interactyuns wiff t’wimme ta be consensual. He hasn’t spoke publicly about t’allegatyuns since t’articull wuz publishet.

As he greetid fans, Domingo declinet ta discuss t’accusatyuns a’sayn’t, “No, I cannot.”

Cultchur rit'r Hedwig Kunb’rg’r wrote n’ t’Salzburg’r Nachrichte thishere week at thar wuz no reesen f'r Domingo nairy ta syun’ at t’festivul. She notid at he has nev’r had t’sort of politickull poe’r at t’Salzburg Festivul at he has n’ sum U.S. opry houses.

“Howev’r, Plácido Domingo has benefitid a slew frum public fame,” Kunb’rg’r addet. “Therefere, n’ addishun ta t’jubilashun, he should also bear t’criticism, lisse ta t’protests, participate n’ t’clarificashun un’ must’r t’courage ta make inny confessyuns.”

Domingo’s sup’r fans wuz herin nairy of at, persuadet at t’U.S. reecshun wuz un exaggerashun. Thay hollerd “Bravissimo” un’ “Victery” as Domingo crosset t’street wiff his'n’n biddy Marta un’ se Alvaro, who had ackceptid flowers befer t’shoe frum fans waitin outside. Marta took a cellfone video of t’aderyun’ crowd.

Anne-Marie Lindau’r, who sez she has see m'r thun 200 Domingo perfermances ov’r three decades, set she will nev’r agin go ta t’U.S. opry houses at have cancelet ‘im. “At’s prejudice,” she set. “Such anonymyus allegatyuns would nairy wurk like at n’ Yurop.”

Amurkin Kathlee Carlse set t’“Luisa Mill’r” concert feeturyun’ Domingo wuz part of a fife-opry Yuropee ture she is un, but at she nev’r cunsidderd skippyun’ aft’r herin of t’allegatyuns.

“It didn’t bof’r me,” Carlse set. “T’ #MeToo movement n’ t’Unitid States, is kine of gittin un my narves as a female. People air a’kummin out of t’woodwerk, un’ I meun, I unnerstun it, but why did we wait so long. Is it jes becawz it is t’hang ta do nawh?”

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Jake Coyle, T’ Associatid Press Publishet 12:58 p.m. ET Aug. 25, 2019 | Updatid 3:33 p.m. ET Aug. 25, 2019


Gerard Butl’r is t’prime suspect aft’r un assassinashun attempt un t’presdint n’ “Angel Has Falln.” Lyunsgate

NEW YORK – “Angel Has Falln” easily toppet t’box offus wiff $21.3 million, accerdyun’ ta studio estimates Sundy, as t’acshun sekwel became t’latest mid-budget releese ta find modest success n’ t’ofte-quiet late summ’r.

T’ film beat expectatyuns goin into t’weekend, openyun’ similarly ta t’previyus 2016 installment “London Has Falln.” T’ film series stars Gerard Butl’r as a Secret Servus agent protectyun’ t’U.S. presdint playd by Mergun Freemun. N’ “Angel Has Falln,” Butl’r’s agent is wrongly accuset of a’trine ta assassinate POTUS.

Goin back ta 2013’s “Olympus Has Falln,” t’franchise has bee a quietly consistent p’rferm’r, takin n’ roughly $200 million werltwide each time. “Angel Has Falln,” producet f'r about $40 million, is poiset f'r a simlar cerse, openyun’ jes shy of t’$21.6 million “London Has Falln” debut.

Whoops! Gerard Butl’r hilariously recounts disastryus wardrobe malfuncshun n’ kilt

‘Reddy ow Nairy’: Here kums Samara Weevyun’ as Hollywuod‘s newest h'rr'r heroine

David Spitz, presdint of domestic distribushun f'r Lyunsgate, points ta t’film’s A-minus grade frum moviegoers un CinemaScere un’ 95% audyince scere un Rotte Maters (fer bett’r thun t’40% critic scere) as good wurd-of-mouth harbingers f'r t’kuntinuet playabilitee of “Angel Has Falln” through t’las weeks of summ’r.

“At’s a greet sign at t’moovee pitshure shue is goin ta be theeters f'r a long time,” Spitz sez. 

Late August is knowet as a sleepy period at t’box offus, but it’s also one of t’few parts of t’calendar relatively lite un big-budget tantpole releeses.

Sex, sweers un’ sweetness: ‘Good Boys’ is ratid R, but a’ke tweens see it?

‘I’m pas at’: Adam Brody is no long’r werryyun’ about comparisons ta ‘T’ O.C.’

At’s gif’ sum room f'r resent successes such as t’comedy hit “Good Boys,” which slid ta sekunt wiff $11.8 million. Las week, it became t’furst R-ratid comedy n’ m'r thun three yeers ta lun’ at No.1. T’ twee-frienly “Scree Steries ta Tell n’ t’Dark” has also flourishet n’ August, takin n’ $50.5 million n’ three weeks, includin $6 million thishere weekend.

Sum of t’bigg’r films air still expun’yun’ roun t’globe. T’ “Fas & Furiyus” spinoff “Hobbs & Shaw” opend thishere weekend n’ China – whar t’high-octane franchise has regularly thrivet – grossyun’ $102 million un’ pushin t’film ta a werltwide total of $588.9 million.

Disney’s “T’ Lion Kyun’,” aft’r seve weeks of releese, still ranks amungst t’op f'r films domestically un’ has nawh passet $1.5 billyun werltwide. At ranks ninth all time, nairy accountyun’ f'r inflayshun.

Wetdet bliss! Dwayne ‘T’ Rock’ Johnse marries longtime girlfriend Laure Hashiun n’ Hawaii

‘Brittany Runs a Marathon’: Jilliun Bell un mantal, physical (40 pounds) changes f'r moovee pitshure shue


Frum t’guys at brung y’all “Superbad”, three sixth grade boys go un un epic journey as thay try ta make it ta a long-awaitid partee. Universal

Howev’r, t’acclaimet h'rr'r releese “Reddy ow Nairy,” about a bride fercet into a deedly game of hide-un’-seek wiff hern new n’-laws, gut off ta a lacklust’r start wiff $7.6 million n’ ticket sales un’ $10.6 million since openyun’ Winsdee.

Faryun’ bett’r wuz t’Christchun film “Ov’rcom’r,” which lun’et n’ thurd wiff $8 million. It also sceret un A-plus CinemaScere frum audiences.

Amungst speshultee releeses, “Brittany Runs a Marathon,” about a yung woomin (Jilliun Bell) who devotes herself ta a’runnin ta lose wate, sceret t’weekend’s mos packet theeters. It debutid wiff a p’r-theet’r avridge of $35,200 n’ fife locatyuns.

And “Peenut Butt’r Falcon” made un impression n’ expansion, takin n’ $3 million frum neerly 1,000 theeters. T’ film stars Zack Gottsage, who has Down syndrome, Shia LaBeouf un’ Dakota Johnse.

Final numbers air specktid Mundie.

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Let friens n’ y'r soshul netwerk knoe whut y’all air reedin about

‘Age is jes a numb’r’: Tom Brady wowet by Mark Wahlberg’s totally rippet shirtless photo

Mark Wahlberg, 48, cawt t’enchun of Tom Brady wiff a new photo at shows t’ackt'r has gunet sum seriyus muscle.


A link has bee postid ta y'r Facebook feet.


Eminem sez he lost 80 pounds by replaseeun’ his'n’n addicshun ta punkillers wiff un addishun ta intense exercise. Krystin Goodwin (@krystingoodwin) has t’deetails un t’rapp’r’s extreme transfermashun. Buzz60

Y’all knoe y’all’ve gut a kill’r fitness routine we Tom Brady is impressd. 

Mark Wahlberg, 48, sharet a shirtless photo Frydee showyun’ off sum seriyus muscle gane at has wowet fans un’ uth'r celebritees alike. 

“We air a’lookin f'r sum skill players,” t’New Englun’ Patriots quarterback commantid un Wahlberg’s post. 

“Shoe em whut fellas n’ thar 40’s air all about!” addet TV host un’ “Savet by t’Bell” alum Mario Lopez. “Y’all look awesome bro!!”

T’ “Instunt Fambly” ackt'r creditid clee eatin un’ “no wine” f'r 54 days, along wiff fitness netwerk F45 Trane, f'r his'n’n success. He resantly appeeret un t’cov’r of t’Septemb’r issue of Australiun Menfolk’s Heelth, recountyun’ his'n’n fitness journey f'r un issue all about strangth. 

Wahlberg sharet a new werkout update Sundy, postyun’ a video of hissef liftyun’ sum purtee huge dumbbells. 

“Inspiret ta be bett’r,” he captyunet t’Instagram post. 

Celebritees who gut fit n’ 2018: Drew Barrymere, Missy Elliott, Blake Lively un’ m'r

Frum ‘Misry’ ta marvelyus: Kathy Bates credits ‘mindfulness’ f'r 60-pound wate loss

Las Slide


Accerdyun’ ta T’ Guardiun, Andrew met Epstein n’ t’1990s through Ghislune Maxwell, dauite’r of British media mogul Robert Maxwell. Wochit

T’ royal fambly is presantyun’ a unitid frunt amid skun’al ov’r Prince Andrew’s involvement wiff Jeffrey Epstein.

Aft’r Andrew hissef accompaniet t’Quee ta church earli’r thishere month, Prince Willyum, Duchess Kate, Prince Charles un’ Duchess Camilla took a turn. T’ fife wuz photografet un t’way ta Crathie Kirk Church, whar t’ royal fambly werships wile n’ residance at Balmeral Castle n’ Scotlun’. 

Kate wuz photografet sittin n’ t’back seat of a car behin Prince Willyum un’ nex ta t’quee, who wore un all-hot pink ensembull. T’ duchess chose a dark overcoat wiff a dark Lock & Co. Hatters hat un’ Asprey earrings. Prince Charles drove biddy Camilla n’ a separate car. 

Prince Andrew, Quee Elizabeth’s sekunt se, made a public appeerance wiff his'n’n moth’r acoupla weeks ago, jes a day aft’r noose broke at his'n’n frie Jeffrey Epstein diet n’ jail. Andrew’s oltest dauite’r, Princess Beetrice, also joinet hern fath’r un’ mamaw.

N’ a statement ta USA TODAY Saturdee frum Buckingham Palace, t’Duke of York set he is “eag’r ta clarify t’fax ta avoid futh'r speculashun.”

“Durin t’ime I knew ‘im, I saw ‘im infrekwantly un’ probly no m'r thun only oncet ow twicet a year,” t’ statement read. “I have stayet n’ a numb’r of his'n’n residences. At no stage durin t’limitid time I spent wiff ‘im did I see, witness ow suspect inny behaviour of t’sort at subsekwantly let ta his'n’n arrest un’ convicshun.”

Contributyun’: Sree M. Moniuszko

Prince Andrew’s link ta Jeffrey Epstein: Whut duz his'n’n deeth meun f'r t’royal?

Princess Dyina musickull haids ta Broadway, will a’cantinyah ta rock t’royals

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Lizzo jes took a DNA test un’ she is 100 persent “Nairy OK.”

N’ a threet t’syun'’r postid ta Twitt’r un Saturdee about hern thoughts un ageism n’ t’presidenshul race, she menchund Barock Obamie wuz t’furst presdint she ev’r votid f'r – un’ t', much ta hern sprize, Obamie tweetid about hern.

T’ ferm’r presdint listid Lizzo”s track “Juice” as one of t’songs he un’ his'n’n biddy, ferm’r furst lady Michelle Obamie, have bee a’listnin ta thishere seese n’ a “Summ’r Playlist 2019” he sharet ta his'n’n followers.

“T’ furst Presdint I could ev’r vote f'r wuz Obamie. I wuz so proud of my rite ta vote un’ I will nev’r take it f'r grantid. I luv us,” she wrote. “I’m nairy shure who I’m votin f'r yet, but it f'r damn shure isn’t Trumb.”

T', jes hours lat’r, she eyesd Obamie menchund hern n’ his'n’n lis.

“I TWEETED Thishere AT 10:26AM AND ONE HOUR LATER Presdint  @BarackObama TWEETED ABOUT ME!!!” she wrote, expressyun’ hern excitement n’ all caps. “WE’RE Friens Nawh I DONT MAKE T’ RULES!!!”

She also sharet a fun”s message about t’Obamie tweet wiff a status update.

“IM Nairy OK !!!!!!!!” Lizzo wrote.

Earli’r n’ hern Twitt’r threet, Lizzo rantid about ageism n’ t’politickull sfere.

“I hear a slew of about Bernie Sun’ers bein “too ol’” ta run ow be presdint… but we’ve currantly gut a 73-year ol’ n’ offus so drop t’ageism (expletif’) un’ jes lisse ta whut he’s gut ta say,” she tweetid, referryun’ ta Sun’ers, a Vermont independent, un’ Presdint Donald Trumb, a Republicun.

She also callt Se. Elizabeth Warre, D-Mass., a “dope a'ken’idate.”

“I’m jes sayin we wurriet bout t’rong thangs let’s jes lisse ta t’policees’ un’ stop talkin bout t'(expletif’) at don’t matt’r ya knoe,” she notid.

She t'clarifiet at she wasn”t makin inny ofishul endersemants wiff hern tweets.

“It’s a call ta acshun f'r us ta focus un’ git unifiet as a partee… we neet ta figg'r out hoe ta git trumb out of offus un’ it ane’t by talkin about Bernie Sun’ers’ age,” she set.

“I jes took a DNA test…”: Twitt’r loves Hillree Clintun”s “epic” “Truth Hurts” tweet

M'r Lizzo: The flute-playyun’ syun'’r is back n’ t’studio wiff a “rilly differnt” sound

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Tayl'r Swift droppet hern highly anticipatid album “Lov’r,” which includes a collaberashun wiff t’Dixie Chix un’ sum juicy lyrical references. USA TODAY

Tayl'r Swift had a soberyun’ ans'r ta a seemingly innocuyus questchun about hern trayl'r life. 

N’ un interview wiff CBS Sundy Monin’, t’“Lov’r” syun'’r wuz as hoe she splits hern time twee residences n’ Nashvull, New York, Rhode Islun’ un’ London. 

“I try nairy ta ev’r rilly say whar I am, since all my addresses air un t’innernets,” she set, referryun’ ta sevrul resent cases of stalkers bein arrestid at ow near hern trayl'r as “dudes at reckun we have un imaginree marriage.”

T’ pop star, 29, previously opend up n’ un essay f'r Elle about t’fack at she carries army-grade bun’age dressin “f'r gunshot ow stab wounds.” Speekin ta CBS, she made it clar she regularly considers t’wurse-case ssenario. 

“I’ve had a slew of stalkers shoe up ta t’rayl'r armet. So we have ta reckun at way,” she addet.

Tayl'r Swift’s ‘Lov’r’: T’ juiciest lyrical references, frum Kanye West ta Leonardo DiCaprio

N’ t’March essay, Swift also discusset hoe t’Manchest’r Arena bombyun’ aft’r un Aryina Grun’e concert un’ Las Vegas kuntry musick festivul shootin made hern “plum terrifiet” ta het out un ture.

“I didn’t knoe hoe we wuz goin ta keep 3 million fans safe ov’r seve munths,” she wrote. “Thar wuz a tremendyus amount of plannin, expense un’ effurt put into keepin my fans safe. …  Ev'r day, I try ta remind myself of t’good n’ t’worl, t’luv I’ve witnesset un’ t’faith I have n’ humanitee. We have ta lif’ bravely n’ ord’r ta truly feel alif’, un’ at meens nairy bein rulet by air greetest feers.”

‘Direckly Y’all’ll Git Bett’r’ is one of Tayl'r Swift’s saddest songs ev’r

Swift’ sevanth studio album, “Lov’r,” unveilet Frydee, largely tells t’stery of t’pop star n’ luv. But thar’s one song, writte about a sick fambly memb’r, at Swift tole CBS she “cant eve rilly hear ow lisse ta.” 

“I don’t reckun I have writte a song quite like at befer. It’s jes a tough one,” Swift set. Tho she hasn’t explicitly confirmet who t’song is about, she’s previously bee ope about hern moth’r’s battle wiff canc’r. Andrea Swift wuz diagnoset wiff canc’r n’ 2015 un’ Tayl'r set n’ 2019 at it had returnt.

“It’s jes nairy sumthin at we deel wiff until we have ta, until we see it, until someone close ta us experiences sumthin at. So ritin at wuz rilly emotyunal un’ I’m jes goin ta stop a’talkin about it nawh,” she set, teeryun’ up.

Revu: Tayl'r Swift is a youngn agin un ‘Lov’r,’ a big, messy embrace of a new album

‘Lov’r’ Eas’r aigs: Which fun theeries wuz rite un’ which wuz way off?

Whut’s nex f'r Swift nawh at “Lov’r” is out? Sloe down, thar: T’ pop star gits stresset out a’thankin about t’future m'r thun six munths n’ advance. 

“At puts me into whut I call, like, a panic spiral. I’ve nev’r bee bull ta do at. It jes freeks me out, we I zoom out too fer,” she set, addyun’ at she isn’t “takin a sangle day f'r grantid.” 

She concludet: “It’s rilly ungratefil ta assume y’all have 20 yeers. Jes be stoket y’all have today.”

‘I’m pro-choice’: Tayl'r Swift sez she wonts ta do ‘everthang’ she a’ke f'r 2020 presidenshul race

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At D23, Disney reveeld sevrul new projex at air set ta be releeset wiff its new streemyun’ servus, Disney+. Veu’r’s Lenneia Batiste has m'r. Buzz60

ANAHEIM — Kit Harington is heddin ta t’ Marvel Cinematic Universe, joinyun’ t’cas of immertal beings n’ “T’ Eternals.”

Marvel presdint Kevin Feige announcet t’noose frum t’D23 fun convenshun stage Saturdee, wiff lil fanfare ov’r t’heevily rumeret un’ hotly anticipatid noose ov’r t’ “Game of Thrones” star’s nex maj'r projeck.

Feige set Harington would play nun-Eternal Dane Whitmun (aka “T’ Black Kniite”) makin f'r a reunion wiff “Game of Thrones” alum Richard Madde (who pertrays t’all-powerfil Ikaris).

“Crazy Rich Asyins” star Gemma Chun is also joinyun’ t’cas (as humankind-lovyun’ Sersi) un’ Barry Keoghun (aloof lon’r Druig), set Feige.

Wile minny a of t’“Eternals” stars — includin Madde, Angelina Jolie (fierce warri'r Thena), Kumail Nanjyini (cosmic-poweret Kingo) un’ Salma Hayek (spiritual leet’r Ajak)— took t’ convenshun stage f'r t’presantashun, Harington wuz nairy present. His'n’n photo wuz flashet un t’convenshun hall scree.

T’ secretif’ film has nairy begun producshun un’ is due out Novemb’r 2020.

‘T’ Mundaleriun’ trail’r drops: 6 Disney projex at rocket D23

N’ uth'r Marvel D23 noose, Spid’r-Mun Tom Hollun’ made his'n’n furst verr public appeerance since noose of his'n’n superhero keer ackt'r’s apparent deeverse frum t’Marvel Universe due ta a contractual spat twee Sony Studios un’ Walt Disney Studios, Marvel’s parent cumpny.

Sony owns t’rights ta Spid’r-Mun, but had a previyus Disney deel ta alloe t’ikunic superhero ta appe'r n’ Marvel films, includin a pivotal role n’ “Avengers: Endgame.” Thishere agreement has nawh lapset, un’ discussyuns have stopt f'r m'r oppertunitees ta appe'r n’ Marvel films, much ta t’consternashun of comic book fans.

At D23, one fun made a mock Tom Hollun’ floe’r memerial ta mourn a future without Spid’r-Mun n’ Marvel movies.

Hollun’ appeeret onstage Saturdee wiff “Guardyins of t’Galaxy” star Chris Pratt f'r a nun-superhero projeck  — t’acoupla voice elf bruthers n’ t’Pixar animatid film “Onward.”

Hollun’ did nairy diereckly address t’disagreement frum t’stage, but he did send a message ta fans at t’end of t’“Onward” presantashun.

“Hey y’all guys, it’s bee a crazy week,” Hollun’ set, befer berrowyun’ a line frum his'n’n Marvel mant'r Arn Mun. “But I jes want ta tell y’all frum t’bottom of my heert at I luv y’all 3000.”

Hollun’ wuz m'r ferthcomyun’ backstage at t’D23 event. Speekin ta Entertunment Weekly t’ 23-year-ol’ British ackt'r set he wuz a’lookin ferward ta appeeryun’ n’ Spid’r-Mun movies separate frum t’Marvel Universe.

 “Basically, we’ve made fife greet movies,” Hollun’ tole EW. “It’s bee fife amazyun’ yeers. I’ve had t’ime of my life. Who knows whut t’future holts? But all I knoe is at I’m goin ta a’cantinyah playyun’ Spid’r-Mun un’ a’havin t’ime of my life. It’s goin ta be so fun, howev’r we choose ta do it. T’ future f'r Spid’r-Mun will be differnt, but it will be ekwally as awesome un’ amazyun’, un’ we’ll find new ways ta make it eve cool’r.”

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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, t’newest of Disneylun’’s parks, lets guests immerse thayselves n’ t’worl of “Star Wars.” USA TODAY

ANAHEIM — It’s ofishul. Walt Disney Studios is brangin back “Star Wars” legendree Jedi Obi-Wun Kenobi, wiff Ewun McGreg'r donnyun’ t’robes f'r a Disney+ streemyun’ scriptid series.

McGreg'r made at sprize appeerance at t’end of Frydee’s panel at t’D23 Expo ta make t’announcement wiff Kathlee Kennedy, t’presdint of LucasFilms.

“Aft’r secrets un’ fibs un’ nairy bein ta talk about it, I’m thrillet ta brang out a belovet memb’r of t’Star Wars fambly,” set Kennedy, innerducin McGreg'r, who appeeret ta wild applause frum t’fans.

T’ acoupla wastid no time gittin ta t’discusshun at hun’.

“A’ke y’all pleese as me if'n’n I’m goin ta play Obi-Wun agin?” as McGreg'r.

“Ewun, air y’all goin ta play Obi-Wun Kenobi agin?” Kennedy as.

“Yep,” kum his'n’n simple reply, sendin t’audyince into m'r roars. 

Whar’s Luke?: Ev'r ‘Star Wars’ questchun we neet answeret at D23

McGreg'r set it’s bee f'r yeers of denyyun’ ow a’puttin off questchuns about reprisyun’ t’yung Obi-Wun he playd n’ t’hree “Star Wars” prekwels “T’ Phantom Menace,” “Uhtack of t’Clones,” un’ “Revenge of t’Sith.”

Alec Guinness playd t’olt’r keer ackt'r n’ 1977’s “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope,” whar he wuz killt n’ a lightsab’r battle wiff Darth Vad’r. Guinness still appeeret n’ “T’ Empire Strikes Back” un’ “T’ Return of t’Jedi.”

No futh'r deetails about t’new series wuz gif’. But Kennedy set “t’ scripts air writte, un’ we cummance shootin nex year. We a’ke’t wait ta start producshun. And we have air Obi-Wun.”

T’ fun expo wuz fillt wiff “Star Wars” noose as Disney ramps up its streemyun’ servus launch un Nov. 12.

Kennedy announcet at t’animatid “Clone Wars” series would return, un’ will arrif’ un t’streemyun’ servus Feburee 2020.

“We heerd tell frum y’all, t’plea ta brang t’series back,” set Kennedy.

She also confirmet a new, still unnamet spy series feeturyun’ acoupla characters frum “Star Wars: Rogue One.” At series will star Diego Luna, who plays Cassiun And'r, joinet oncet agin by Alun Tudyk, as t’droid K2SO. 

Finally, produc’r un’ rit'r Jon Favreeu showcaset t’furst trail’r f'r t’highly anticipatid series “T’ Mundaleriun.” Starryun’ Pedro Pascal as a gunslyun'’r existyun’ n’ a lawless time a’followin t’fall of t’Empire, t’series debuts wiff t’fall launch of Disney+.

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