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Looks like someone else will play “T’ Batmun” f'r t’2021 film. USA TODAY

Be Affleck is steppin away frum “T’ Batmun,” makin way f'r a new star ta don t’Batsuit n’ dierekter Matt Reeves’ solo superhero moovee pitshure shue (hits theeters June 25, 2021).

Warn’r Bros. has gif’ no castyun’ indicashun uth'r thun a’sayn’t at t’Bat-Signal is out f'r un ackt'r ta play a yung’r billyunaire Bruce Wayne. Who should git t’call f'r t’mos covetid role n’ Hollywuod?

Hollywuod agants air wurkin t’phones rite nawh wiff hopefuls who a’ke shake up t’franchise un’ join t’ranks of Affleck, Christchun Bale, Geerge Clooney, Val Kilm’r un’ Michael Keeton. We have sum thoughts. 

M'r: ‘T’ Batmun’ ta fly n’ 2021 without Be Affleck as Bruce Wayne

Michael B. Jerdun: A no-brun’r ta brang n’ t’mun who brung t’menace ta Erik Killmong’r n’ “Black Panth’r.” Jerdun, 31, has shown hoe he a’ke buff up, hittyun’ beas mode as Adonis Johnse n’ “Creet II.” No one would scowl bett’r n’ t’cowl.

Jack O’Connell: T’ English ackt'r, 28, showd his'n’n stoicism n’ “Unbroke” un’ as a solj'r n’ “71,” wile oozyun’ unstoppabull charisma. T’ ecsantric O’Connell is enough of a real-life wild card wiff at cheeky glint n’ his'n’n eye ta gif’ a bit of a crazy streek ta t’roublet keer ackt'r. 

Gabriel Chavarria: T’ Latino ackt'r, 29, is battle-testid playyun’ solj'r Preech’r n’ “War f'r t’Planet of t’Apes,” a Navy SEAL n’ “Hunt’r Kill’r” un’ will nawh take t’lead n’ “T’ Purge” TV series. It’s a natcherul transishun ta t’herrers of crime-ridde Gotham Citee.

Henry Goltyun’: T’ “Crazy Rich Asyins” star has alreddy shown he a’ke hun’le nonchalant billyunaire weelth, un’ it would be a purtee smooth transishun ta put ‘im behin t’wheel of t’Batmobile. Goltyun’, 31, n’ t’Batsuit would be a beeyootifil siite.

Sam Heughun: “Outlun’r” star Heughun mite be pushin t’yung’r concep at 38. But t’Scottish ackt'r is physically fit un’ alreddy starret n’ t’role n’ t’ “Batmun Lif’: Arena Ture.” He mite eve still have t’suit.

Ryun Goslyun’: Y’all don’t eve rilly neet un splunayshun f'r Goslyun’. T’ 38-year-ol’ star a’ke brood wiff t’bes un’ kill wiff at stare. And isn’t it time t’worl saw thems cheekbones behin at mask?

Liam Hemswerth: We neet ta keep one Hemswerth bruth'r wurkin t’superhero circuit, so time ta start cyclyun’ n’ Liam. Broodyun’, rugget, at ease wiff t’rappings of fame – Liam, 29, is nairy only marrd ta Miley Cyrus, he plays a billyunaire n’ t’upcomyun’ “Isn’t It Romantic?” T’ dude also heroically savet Cyrus’ animulls we t’Malibu fars terchet thar trayl'r.

Theo James: James, 34, wuz by fer t’ mos watchabull perse n’ t’“Divergent” film series as rebel leet’r F'r un’ would step purfeckly into t’masket Capet Crusad’r part. Fun fack: He sumtimes slips into a Bat voice f'r intervioos un’ it’s gleriyus. 

Armie Hamm’r: He wuz spozet ta be Batmun n’ Geerge Mill’r’s “Justus Leegue: Mertal” film n’ t’2000s. Dude had t’role un’ everthang until t’whole projeck gut shelvet. Since t', he’s only becum a bett’r ackt'r un’ a bigg’r star, un’ Hamm’r, 32, has Bale’s upp’r-crustee rich vibe combinet wiff a fermidabull 6-foot-5 physikwe.

Christchun Bale: Purtee hard, sum would say impossbull, ta find a bett’r Batmun thun t’“Dark Kniite” star. And talk about acktin pedigree: He’s nawh Oscar-nominatid f'r pertrayyun’ Vice Presdint Dick Cheney n’ “Vice.” Too ol’ at 45? Bale playd Cheney as a college student n’ “Vice” wiff no problem.

Contributyun’: Briun Truitt


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Let friens n’ y'r soshul netwerk knoe whut y’all air reedin about

Oscars: ‘Murry Poppins Returns,’ ‘RBG’ songs ta be perfermet by speshul guest un’ Jennif’r Hudse

T’ Academy tweetid at “Murry Poppins Returns” un’ “RBG” songs will be a part of t’Oscars telecas.


A link has bee postid ta y'r Facebook feet.

T’ Oscars thishere year may nairy have a host, but t’Academy promises at at leest thar will be musick.

Un Thirsdee, a lil m'r thun three weeks ahet of t’Feb. 24 telecas, t’Academy of Moshun Pitchure Arts un’ Sciences tweetid about acoupla nominatid songs at will be perfermet un t’shoe. T’ furst, “I’ll Fite” frum t’documantree “RBG,” will be sung by Jennif’r Hudse. T’ sekunt, “T’ Place Whar Lost Thangs Go” frum musickull “Murry Poppins Returns,” will be perfermet by “a sprize speshul guest.”

Thishere noose kums aft’r Varietee publishet a stery las week at cantank'r’d minny a musick fans, includin “Poppins” star Lin-Manuel Mirun’a, we it repertid at mos Oscar-nominatid songs woultn’t be perfermet at t’Academy Awards. Howev’r, it appeers at each of t’song nominees has a good shot at bein represantid un t’Dolby Theetre stage, aft’r all. 

USA TODAY has reechet out ta t’Academy f'r comment un wuth'r m'r songs will be perfermet un t’elecas.

T’ uth'r Academy Award-nominatid songs air “We a Cowboy Trades His'n’n Spurs f'r Wings” frum “T’ Ballad of Bust’r Scruggs,” “All t’Stars” frum “Black Panth’r” un’ “Shalloe” frum “A Star Is Born.”

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MICHAEL KeeTON | He playd t’superhero twicet, n’ 1989’s “Batmun” un’ 1992’s “Batmun Returns,” bof directid by Tim Burton. Like Affleck, his'n’n castyun’ wuz also plaguet wiff naysayers at t’ime, but he perseveret, evantually garneryun’ critickull acclaim f'r his'n’n pertrayal.


MICHAEL KeeTON | He playd t’superhero twicet, n’ 1989’s “Batmun” un’ 1992’s “Batmun Returns,” bof directid by Tim Burton. Like Affleck, his'n’n castyun’ wuz also plaguet wiff naysayers at t’ime, but he perseveret, evantually garneryun’ critickull acclaim f'r his'n’n pertrayal. NBC

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Rami Malek talks about his'n’n favert Quee songs un’ hoe adrenaline heppet ‘im channel Freddie Mercury n’ t’new biopic “Bohemiun Rhapsody.” USA TODAY

Rachel Bilse is givin Katharine Mcfee a run f'r hern money.

Hours aft’r Mcfee blesst t’innernets wiff un epic throwback wiff Duchess Meghun, Bilse fallerd wiff un ekwally ikunic photo wiff a differnt kine of royaltee. 

“T’ O.C.” star, 37, took ta Instagram Thirsdee ta share a pitchure wiff Rami Malek, 37, who plays Freddie Mercury n’ t’ Academy Award-nominatid Quee biopic “Bohemiun Rhapsody.”

N’ t’hrowback, t’duo air all smiles as a yung Malek wraps his'n’n arm roun a youthfil Bilse. “Hey @ramimalek whar’d y’all git at gold chane?” she captyunet t’image, addyun’ t’hashtags “Oscar wurthy” un’ “throwback thirsdee.”

Relatid: Katharine Mcfee shares epic throwback wiff Duchess Meghun: We ‘did musicals … as kids’

It’s nairy clar we ow whar t’pitchure wuz snappet, but at didn’t stop fans frum losin thar minds. “Thishere pitchure is GOLD,” one faller’r wrote, wile anoth’r addet, “Truly ikunic.”

Malek, who sceret un Oscar nod f'r his'n’n pertrayal of Mercury, un’ Bilse air bof frum Los Angeles un’ attendet Notre Dame High Skool togeth’r. Actress Kirste Dunst un’ Mcfee also attendet t’skool.

“Don’t fergit t’lil people,” Bilse wrote alongside t’ throwback pitchure.

Relatid: SAG Awards gossip! Backstage, Rami Malek shares pizza stery, Chrissy Metz has dress fatigue


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Spell check, innyone? 

Donald Trumb Jr., 41, wuz mocket f'r a pre-dawn tweet Thirsdee aft’r he mistakenly referret ta “Saturdee Nite Lif’” as “S&L,” un acronym f'r savins un’ loans, rath’r thun “SNL.”

N’ t’weet, Trumb Jr. quotid a Republicun’s take un t’2020 Demokratic platferm, describyun’ it as “almos like a funny vershun of un S&L sketch.”

But “Saturdee Nite Lif’” cas memb’r Mikey Day’s Trumb Jr. impression will go ta waste thishere weekend, jes we t’presdint’s eltest se has gif’ ‘im a purrfeck excuse ta suit up un’ slick back his'n’n hair. T’ shoe returns wiff a fresh episode un Feb. 9.

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N’ t’meantime, Twitt’r wuz happy ta step n’ f'r t’“SNL” writers. Here air a few of thar funniest lines:

“Lif’ frum New York, It’s Savins un’ Loans!!” one us’r joket.

Anoth’r us’r simply creetid a new grafic wiff t’shoe’s ikunic intro.  

And sevrul users quippet at Twitt’r typos run n’ t’Trumb fambly.

Utherns took t’oppertuntee ta compare Trumb Jr. ta his'n’n bruth'r Eric. 




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“T’ Big Bang Theery” will end its run n’ May 2019 at t’conclusion of t’welfth un’ final seese. USA TODAY

Grab y'r tissues. 

T’ end of “T’ Big Bang Theery” is proachin un’ t’reelitee of a’sayn’t goodbye ta t’hit CBS comedy aft’r 12 seesons is gittin real f'r t’cas un’ crew –  cept Jim Parsons.

“I have’t cride yet,” Parsons, who plays Shelton Coop’r, reveeld ta Elle DeGeneres Thirsdee. “I have a verr deep fear – seriously – at t’mos unaxpectid thang is goin ta happe. I’m goin ta absolutely lose my (expletif’).”

Kaley Cuoco repliet: “Yeah, we’re all a’skeert of at.”

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T’ entire cas stopt by “T’ Elle DeGeneres Shoe” Thirsdee ahet of t’May series finale, includin Parsons, Cuoco, Johnny Galecki, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, Melissa Rauch, un’ Mayim Bialik. Thay reveeld t’ear-jerkyun’ roll’r coas’r of emotyuns behin filmyun’ t’series’ las episodes. 

Relatid: ‘T’ Big Bang Theery’ will end wiff Seese 12 n’ May 2019: ‘A true lab'r of luv’

“We’ve bee gittin sup’r-emotyunal,” set Cuoco, who wuz deemet t’mos emotyunal by t’cas. Wile filmyun’ a ssene wiff Galecki ov’r t’holidays, Cuoco admittid at, “out of nowhar, I jes startid bawlyun’.”

“T’ crew, all t’camera guys un’ everyone, kum out un’ thay wuz like, ‘We’re so glad y’all cride, becawz we’ve bee waitin ta cry.’ And t'hay all gave us thishere huge group hug un’ we all jes cride f'r, like, 10 minnuts,” she set.

Cuoco addet: “If'n’n innyone hugs me about it, I jes start crine”

Relatid: Kaley Cuoco talks ‘T’ Big Bang Theery’ finale: ‘I don’t reckun I’ll be bull ta keep a dry eye’

Despite bein un t’uth'r side of t’emotyunal spectrum, Parsons knows his'n’n time f'r teers un’ santimantal sappiness may come.  

“It rilly is profound, t’amount of time of y'r life, un’ it’s, like, m'r thun, I reckun, inny of us a’ke git a grip un,” he set. “I’m wurriet sumthin is goin ta trigg’r me, like deep down, sumthin is goin ta be, like, ‘Oh! I didn’t knoe at wuz thar! At hurts.”

Helberg joket, “N’ t’unemployment line is whar we will all breek down.”

Relatid: ‘Big Bang Theery’ star Rati Gupta dishes un cas friendships, whut’s nex f'r t’shoe


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Un Tuesdee, Jodie Patterse’s “T’ Bold Worl” (Ballantine Books, 328 pp.) wuz releeset. It’s a memoir about idantitees un’ t’auth'r’s personal eggsperyints navigatyun’ t’worl as a black perse, as a woomin, un’ as moth’r of a transgend’r boy, Penelope. 

N’ t’early monin’ hours of at same day, Jussie Smollett wuz assaultid, a rope thrown roun his'n’n nek. T’ “Empire” ackt'r, who is a gay black mun, set his'n’n assailants hurlet racist un’ homofobic slurs at ‘im durin t’uhtack. 

As t’noose spret, Patterse, un advocate f'r LGBTQ people un’ board dierekter of t’Humun Rights Campaign, postid un hern Instagram account: “He’s at a stere gittin food at nite becawz he’s hungry. He’s Black, LGBT un’ famus. Thay uhtack ‘im wiff wurds un’ wiff thar fists, thay throe bleech un ‘im un’ tie a noose roun his'n’n nek. Thay attempt ta kill ‘im. He’s Black un’ he’s gay. At’s it. At’s it.”

Patterse is notewerthy f'r hern activism f'r hern transgend’r se, Penelope, a topick area wiff still few voices. Hern book spans t’decades of hern personal un’ fambly histry un’ tradityuns, unfurlyun’ t’myriad ways people idantify: through gend’r, race, socioekunomic status, saxualitee, un’ eve locashun.

T’ auth'r kums frum a long line of activists “Gleria (t’ auth'r’s mamaw) wuz arrestid m'r thun 25 times … Gleria recognizet verr deeply at a new worl ord’r – f'r hern, un’ f'r hern youngns – wuz one wurth fitin f'r. Thishere wuz t’responsibiltee lef ta me.”

Penelope, t’youngn who would inspire hern activism f'r t’ransgend’r communitee, isn’t a consistent part of t’book until about halfway through. But throughout Patterse’s retellyun’ of hern life befer un’ aft’r Penelope’s birth, she expertly connects bof t’black civil rights movement un’ interseectyunal feminism wiff t’struggle f'r transgend’r un’ gend’r nonkunfermyun’ rights.

T’ book isn’t a hoe-ta manual f'r parantyun’ transgend’r youngns – un’ Patterse doesn’t punt herself as t’purrfeck moth’r, biddy, dauite’r, black woomin ow entrepreneur. But as she unpax hern pas, chaptur aft’r chaptur, hern narratif’ buttresset by hern fambly’s histry un’ tradityuns, reeders see t’worl as she sees it, sumtimes heertbreekingly so.

Whut t’book is: a woomin’s journey of constant transfermashun un’ fierce luv f'r a worl whar hern youngns a’ke lif’ thar authantic selves.

Sum of t’inspiryun’ momants frum t’book:

We hern affluent parnts would put t’auth'r un’ hern sist’r into differnt situatyuns, rich un’ po’: “ ‘Jodatha,’ (hern fath’r would) say ta me … ‘thar’s no place y’all don’t belong. Walk like y’all own t’joint. Becawz y’all do, youngn gurl. Y’all do!’

We hern moth’r encouraget hern ta feel beeyootifil we she lookt n’ t’mirr'r as a youngn: “Mama would t'make us wrap air arms roun ourselves un’ repeet: ‘I luv myself.’”

N’ hern eggsperyints at Spelmun College, a histerically black librul arts college f'r wimme n’ Atlanta, Ga., hern transfermashun shiftid frum hern parnts biltin hern confidance ta ownyun’ it herself, wiff t’hep of luminaries such as Maya Angelou un’ Toni Merrise un’ t’inspirashun of t’skool’s presdint, Johnetta B. Cole. “We, black wimme, wuz allowd ta be all n’ air feelins, whutev'r thay wuz – gratefil, onry, inkwisitif’, bold, righteyus – un’ whenev’r thay surfacet. Thar, we larnt hoe ta simply be,” Patterse writes.

Aft’r a’kummin into hern own as un adult woomin, a hard lessun she leerns: “Oncet y’all gif’ someone t’poe’r ta judge jes one tiny part of y’all, y’all invite at perse ta define all of y’all.”

Un t’societal un’ familial pressures of motherhood: “Wile (hern t'-husbun’) Serge could put un un’ take off one hat at a time – a’warin ‘fath’r’ sumtimes, t'‘boss’ ow ‘lost-n’-t’-clouds-creetif’,’ at uth'r times – I wuz a’larnin at kine of versatilitee wasn’t ope ta me.”

Aft’r Penelope idantifiet hissef as transgend’r: “His'n’n dignitee wuz – un’ is – m'r impertant ta me thun gend’r.”

We she steppd into hern role as fite’r un’ protect'r of Penelope: “A’stan'in still wile someone is transfermyun’ a’ke make t’bystun’r uncomfertabull, I knoe… But if'n’n thay coultn’t recov’r frum at inishul moment of sprize, if'n’n thay stiffenet upon herin me say these ‘strange’ new wurds n’ associashun wiff Penelope – ‘transgend’r,’ ‘boy,’ ‘nefew’ – at became thar problem, nairy mine.”

Un bein un activist: “Change agants, thems who air’t askin permission, air ofte nairy welcomet. But thay come f'r t’worl anyways. Thay air reddy.”

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Y’all kin Lank ta thishere Artikul: 

Russ Bynum, Associatid Press Publishet 4:59 p.m. ET Jun. 30, 2019

SAVANNAH, Ga. — A railroad own’r has settlet a civil lawsuit by t’fambly of a film wurk'r killt n’ a 2014 trane collision un its trax n’ Geergia, endin t’cumpny”s appeel of a $3.9 million jury verdict n’ t’case.

Court recerds shoe CSX Transpertashun finalizet t’confidenshul settlement wiff Sarah Jones” fambly un Jun. 24.

Jones, 27, a camera assistant, wuz killt Feb. 20, 2014, we a freiite trane southwest of Savannah slammet into film wurkers shootin a moovee pitshure shue about syun'’r Gregg Allmun. T’ tragedy occurret durin t’furst day of shootin un “Midniite Rid’r,” un ill-fatid film about t’late Suthern rock icon un’ leedyun’ memb’r of t’ Allmun Bruthers Bun’.

Tho CSX had deniet filmmakers permission ta shoot un its propertee, a Savannah jury n’ 2017 orderd CSX ta pay $3.9 million n’ damages. T’ jury foun t’cumpny sharet n’ t’blame f'r t’deedly collision eve tho t’film crew wuz trespassyun’.

T’ jury heerd tell testimony durin t’civil trial at acoupla CSX truns rollet through wile t’moovee pitshure shue crew stood un bof sides of t’rax within un hour befer t’crash. T’ operaters of thems truns nev’r callt dispatchers ta alert ‘um eve tho CSX policy callt f'r trane operaters ta immediately repert trespassers un its trax un’ rights of way.

Jones” parnts set CSX failt ta take precautyuns at could have avertid t’crash un a trestle spannyun’ t’Altamaha Riv’r near Jesup n’ southees Geergia.

“Thishere trial discloset a numb’r of exceptyunally po’judgmants un’ igneret oppertunitees by CSX Transpertashun ta prevent thishere tragedy,” Jones” parnts, Richard un’ Elizabeth Jones of Columbia, South Carolinie, set n’ a writte statement at t’ime of 2017 verdict.

T’ cumpny appeelet t’verdict.

T’ woomin”s fath’r, Richard Jones, set n’ a statement Winsdee: “We”re relievet at t’lawsuit has concludet.”

CSX spokeswumun Laura Phelps declinet ta comment.

T’ film”s dierekter, Run’all Mill’r, servet a year n’ jail aft’r pleedyun’ giltee ta involuntree manslauite’r un’ criminal trespassyun’ charges.

Jones” fambly had also suet Mill’r, his'n’n fella producshun manjers un’ sevrul uth'r defendants. All of ‘um cept f'r CSX settlet ow otherwise resolvet thar cases out of court. 

T’ crash endet producshun un “Midniite Rid’r.”  Allmun wint ta court ta prevent Mill’r frum revivyun’ it befer he diet n’ May 2017 at age 69.


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Let friens n’ y'r soshul netwerk knoe whut y’all air reedin about

Zooey Deschanel’s parantyun’ travel hack will make y’all wish y’all thunk of it

Zooey Deschanel’s travel hack mite make goin un vacayshuns wiff y'r kids a lil easi’r.


A link has bee postid ta y'r Facebook feet.


Travel apps air cateryun’ ta millennial solo travelers. Elizabeth Keetinge tells us about sum. Buzz60

Tenchun, parnts: Zooey Deschanel’s travel hack mite make goin un vacayshuns wiff y'r lil ones a bit easi’r.

T’ ferm’r “New Gurl” star, a moth’r of acoupla, recommends parnts rent items like toys un’ books n’ addishun ta products like strollers un’ cribs.

“Wiff kids, y’all have ta carry so much stuff, un’ I am obsesset wiff a’trine ta lighte t’load we it kums ta travelin wiff kids,” Deschanel tole HuffPost. “I reckun t’bes thang at I’ve discuverd −  un’ it doesn’t wurk everwhar y’all go − but we y’all go ta a place, rantin thangs rilly helps.”

T’ star talkt wiff HuffPost wile promotyun’ hern purposefil travel partnership wiff Capital One callt “Purrpus Projeck,” which has a Facebook Watch series.

Deschanel has acoupla youngns wiff husbun’ Jacob Pechenik, 3-year-ol’ Elsie Ott’r Pechenik un’ 1-year-ol’ Charlie Wolf Pechenik. T’ cuple also foundet T’ Farm Projeck, which aims ta hep rekunnect people wiff food, sumthin Deschanel also keeps n’ mind as she travels.

[embetdet content]


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