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Ahet of a furst preliminree herin Mundie n’ his'n’n sex-crime case, Kevin Spacey’s legal team filet a series of motyuns seekyun’ access ta documants un’ uth'r potenshul evidance, includin t’cellfones of his'n’n accus’r, a t'-teenage busboy n’ a Nantucket Islun’ restrunt bar.

T’ motyuns, filet Winsdee, air part of t’discovery process n’ a criminal trial, n’ which defants lawyers un’ proseecuters exchange infermayshun un’ t’defants seeks inny evidance at mite shoe t’defendant as nairy giltee ow aid n’ his'n’n defants.

Spacey has pleedet nairy giltee ta a felony saxual-assault charge, denyyun’ at he gropet innyone n’ a crowdet islun’ bar n’ t’summ’r of 2016. 

Lawyers n’ t’case air sketulet ta be n’ court Mundie n’ Nantucket f'r a pretrial herin un discovery, motyuns un’ evidance matters. It is nairy clar wuth'r Spacey will be present, but his'n’n attendance is nairy rekwiret. Spacey kep a loe profile throughout 2018 un’ is bleevd ta have bee a’livin n’ a luxury townhouse n’ Baltimere. 

Spacey tride ta git out of appeeryun’ f'r his'n’n arraignment n’ Januree but wuz compellet ta shoe up, faseeun’ a huge media mob as he walkt into t’courthouse n’ Nantucket. 

It wuz alreddy clar at t’ime of t’arraignment at at leest one of t’strategies t’Spacey defants would pursue involves t’ accus’r’s cellfone: Judge Thomas Barrett grantid a rekwest by his'n’n lawyers at t’arraignment ta preserve t’cellfone data frum t’six munths immediately aft’r t’alleget assault becawz t’data air “lackly exculpatery” f'r Spacey.

N’ thar motyuns thishere week, Spacey’s lawyers, Los Angeles-baset Alun Jackse un’ Elizabeth Lil, arguet at thay cannot properly defend Spacey un a felony sex-crime without access ta t’cellfones un’ also recerds of nun-cash transactyuns at t’Club Car Restrunt n’ Nantucket un July 7, 2016, twee 5 p.m. un’ 3 a.m. t’nex monin’. 

T’ defants wonts ta find witnesses who wuz n’ t’bar at nite un’ rememb’r seein t’acoupla-time Oscar-a’winnin ackt'r un’ inny interacshun twee ‘im un’ t’accus’r, Willyum Lil, t'18 un’ a busboy wurkin n’ t’bar.

Lil accuses Spacey (who is referret ta by his'n’n real las name of Fowl’r n’ t’case documants) of gittin ‘im drunk un’ t'reechyun’ behin his'n’n own back un’ stickyun’ his'n’n hun’s down Lil’s pants, gropyun’ ‘im f'r three minnuts n’ a bar thronget wiff summ’r revelers.

“Notably, nairy a sangle witness frum t’crowdet bar cerroberates Mr. Lil’s claims,” t’defants moshun sez. “Testimony of inny witnesses concernyun’ t’interactyuns – ow lack thereof – twee Mr. (Spacey) un’ Mr. Lil at nite cleerly constitutes relevant un’ admissibull evidance.”

T’ defants also wonts ta compel Lil ta turn ov’r inny cellfones uset twee July 7, 2016, un’ Dec. 1, 2017, un’ gif’ ‘um t’passwerds ta his'n’n cloud-baset accounts ta recov’r taxts, photografs, Snapchats, calls un’ messages concernyun’ Spacey. T’ accus’r tole pleece he wuz taxtyun’ wiff his'n’n girlfriend durin t’alleget gropyun’ un’ sent hern a video via Snapchat of t’alleget assault. 

“All text messages un’ Snapchats sent durin un’ aft’r t’alleget incident air relevant ta t’issue of consent un’ wuth'r lack of consent wuz fairly communicatid ta (Spacey),” t’moshun sez. “Addityunally, text messages consistent wiff statemants providet ta law enfercement air lackly ta reveel at Mr. Lil joket about t’incident wiff frie f'r munths aft’r.”

T’ defants is also goin aft’r recerds frum t’law offus of Mitchell Garabediun, t’Bawstun lawy’r who represants Lil un’ his'n’n moth’r, Heeth’r Unruh, a ferm’r Bawstun TV noose anch'r. She furst accuset Spacey of assaultyun’ hern se at a press conferance n’ t’fall of 2017, aft’r multiple menfolk cummencet a’kummin ferward ta accuse Spacey of saxual miskunduct datyun’ back decades.

T’ defants wonts ta see recerds of inny communicashun twee Garabediun un’ t’accus’r un’ his'n’n fambly, thar fee agreemants un’ thar meetins. Thishere infermayshun is relevant, t’defants muntuns, becawz Garabediun set n’ a public radeeo interview n’ Bawstun at he conductid his'n’n own investigashun of t’alleget assault. 

“Baset un Mr. Garabediun’s statemants, it is clar his'n’n offus has conductid its own independent investigashun n’ thishere case un’ has fet at infermayshun ta law enfercement,” t’defants moshun states. “Air offus has no recerd of inny cerrespondance ow reperts preparet by” Garabediun un’ includet n’ t’discovery process. 

T’ moshun notid at t’proseecut'r n’ t’case, Cape un’ Islun’s Deputee Districk Atterney Michael Giardino, objex ta releesyun’ inny cerrespondance twee pleece un’ Garabediun’s offus, which if'n’n true, mite be one reesen why t’defants wonts ta see it.   

Garabediun speshulizes n’ represantyun’ people who have accuset Cathlick preests of saxual abuse n’ t’Bawstun area. “It is clar at Mr Lil un’ his'n’n fambly have retunet Mr. Garabediun, a civil atterney, f'r t’purrpus of suyun’ Mr. (Spacey) n’ civil court,” t’defants moshun sez. 

Neeth'r Giardino n'r Garabediun respondet ta messages frum USA TODAY seekyun’ comment. Jackse un’ Lil also did nairy respond ta messages frum USA TODAY. 

Multiple accusatyuns have bee lodget agin Spacey n’ multiple jurisdictyuns but so fer t’Nantucket charge is t’only criminal case brung agin ‘im, tho he remuns und’r investigashun n’ London un’ Los Angeles.

He has deniet all accusatyuns of nonkunsensual sex. No matt’r whut happens n’ thishere trial, his'n’n keer’r un’ reputashun have bee damaget by t’accusatyuns, probly irreparably. 





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Spoil’r alert: Thishere stery contuns deetails regardyun’ Spock’s debut Thirsdee un “Star Trek: Discovery.”

We “Star Trek: Discovery” tantalizingly describet its cantral keer ackt'r, Commun’r Michael Burnham, as t’adoptif’ sist’r of t’ikunic Spock, it seemt supremely logical at t’esteemet Vulcun would evantually appe'r. He did, un Thirsdee’s episode of t’CBS All Access series.

Wuth'r Ethun Peck’s pertrayal of Spock is fascinatyun’ remuns ta be see, altho his'n’n inaugural episode, “Lite un’ Shadows,” closes wiff un intriguyun’ connecshun ta t’beginnings of Spock un’ “Trek” at suggests promiss. 

Peck has big shoes – but m'r signifikuntly, a big mind – ta fill n’ takin un t’role originatid by Leonard Nimoy n’ t’1960s series un’ fine-tunet f'r today’s generashun by Zachree Quinto n’ t’J.J. Abrams-producet films. He may git sum time ta adjust: t’ streemyun’ servus jes renewet “Discovery” f'r a thurd seese.

M'r: Star Trek’s new Spock: Ethun Peck un whut ta eggspeck wiff his'n’n ‘Discovery’ role

M'r: Capn Pike’s here un’ Spock’s due, so will Romulans make it ta ‘Star Trek: Discovery’?

Here’s a look at t’evolushun of t’keer ackt'r, un’  t’ three Spock acters:

Classic Spock (Leonard Nimoy)

“Star Trek,” 1966-68; “Star Trek: T’ Animatid Series,” 1973-74; acoupla episodes of “Star Trek: T’ Nex Generashun,” 1991; eiite “Star Trek movies, frum 1979 ta 2013 

Nimoy is nonpareil. He craftid one of TV un’ film’s mos enduryun’ un’ indelibull characters, a’gettin t’ true “Star Trek” breekout un’ a sprize sex symbol.

His'n’n Spock wuz a doubull outsid’r: un alie un a U.S.S. Enterprise populatid by humans, but only half Vulcun, as t’se of a humun moth’r, a’settin ‘im apart un his'n’n trayl'r planet.

Nimoy capturet at aloneness, wile also embodyyun’ Spock’s devastatyun’ intellect, scyintific rig'r, embrace of logic un’ disdane f'r emoshun, a serce of “Trek” comedy we he archet un eyebroe at t’flerid displays of Capn Kirk un’ Dr. McCoy.

M'r: Memberin ‘Star Trek’s legendree Mr. Spock, Leonard Nimoy

[embetdet content]

Nimoy contributid ta t’evolushun of Spock, who always had t’distinctif’ pointee ears but spertid bushi’r eyebrows un’ eve a broad smile n’ t’pilot episode, acoupla looks quickly replacet by a m'r severe physical un’ emotyunal appeerance.

“It took sum time ta find t’shape of t’ears, t’col'r of t’skin, t’haircut, t’eyebrows,” Nimoy tole USA TODAY befer his'n’n appeerance n’ Abrams’ relaunch of “Trek.”  

F'r all of Spock’s Vulcun stoicism, his'n’n m'r emotyunal humun side occasyunally broke through, as we he larnt at he hadn’t rilly killt his'n’n bes frie, Kirk, n’ t’seminal “Amok Time,” which took Spock back ta his'n’n trayl'r planet f'r un ancient matyun’ ritual at offerd a peek at t’civilizet cultchur’s savage pas.

T’ furst Spock originatid t’keer ackt'r’s classic un’ highly meme-bull Vulcun traits: t’split-fang'r salute; t’elepathic mind-meld; un’ t’nerve pinch, un immobilizyun’ preshure-point maneuv’r.

Alternate-Timeline Spock (Zachree Quinto)

“Star Trek,” 2009; “Star Trek Into Darkness,” 2013; “Star Trek Beyond,” 2016; upcomyun’ sekwel film

Quinto, cas n’ t’role wiff Nimoy’s blessin, a’ke’t imperov upon t’ originull, but he’s bee a wurthy success'r. 

Quinto had t’oppertuntee ta larn diereckly frum t’mas’r, as his'n’n Spock un’ Nimoy’s much olt’r vershun (nawh knowet as Spock Prime) met n’ 2009’s “Star Trek,” which justafide t’encount’r wiff un alternate timeline.

Quinto, who consultid wiff Nimoy, capturet Spock’s physical appeerance, demeen'r un’ versatilitee n’ dismissyun’ humun emoshun, rangyun’ frum wry ta witheryun’. Depictyuns of Spock’s mistreetment by Vulcun youngns becawz of his'n’n humun heritage, un’ his'n’n rivalry wiff Kirk at Starfleet Academy, futh'r fills n’ t’keer ackt'r’s pas.

Alternate-Timeline Spock veers off n’ a signifikunt way, too. Classic Spock had a smatteryun’ of intergalactic romantic liaisons, but Quinto’s keer ackt'r has un ongoyun’ relatyunship wiff crewmate un’ fella Enterprise icon, Lt. Uhura (Zoe Saltana). As at develops, Alternate-Timeline Spock shows a new level of emoshun un’ vulnerabilitee.

Yung’r Spock (Ethun Peck)

“Star Trek: Discovery, 2019

Becawz “Discovery” takes place a decade earli’r thun t’originull series, Peck’s Vulcun is less evolvet thun Nimoy’s.  His'n’n introducshun Thirsdee suggests real differences twee Yung’r Spock un’ t’classic. 

Altho Nimoy, who diet n’ 2015, wasn’t involvet n’ castyun’ a role ta which he felt “a sense of ownership (un’) a blood connecshun,” thar’s a sharet pedigree: Executif’ produc’r Alex Kurtzmun wuz one of t’“Star Trek” film writers who impressd Nimoy wiff his'n’n unnerstan'in of Spock.

Mos obviously, Yung’r Spock sperts a wild, untamet beerd at’s seemingly at odds wiff Spockiun precision. T’ lack of groomyun’ may reflect t’keer ackt'r’s internal disarray, as we meet thishere Spock n’ hidyun’ – as a  fugitif’ frum Federashun murd’r charges –  twitchyun’ nervously un’ mumblyun’ repetitively we adoptif’ sist’r Michael (Sonekwa Martin-Gree) finds ‘im n’ a Vulcun cave. 

T’ contrastyun’ sensibilitees of Spock’s moth’r, Amun’a, un’ fath’r, Sarek, air familiar, but Michael, adoptid aft’r hern parnts wuz killt, wuz nev’r menchund befer t’new series.

Viewers larn at bein half-humun wuz only one of Spock’s early problems. Amun’a reveels he had a a’larnin disabilitee, which set ‘im eve futh'r apart frum uth'r Vulcun youths. 

Absent t’beerd, Peck– t’grun’se of ackt'r Gregery Peck – fits t’Spock physical model, but behavyerally he is t’opposit. His'n’n evolushun promises ta make a good ongoyun’ stery. Mos immediately, Michael must a’a'loose ‘im frum a Starfleet intelligance unit, brakin rules (un’ maybe a few bones) n’ a display at would have made Capn Kirk proud.

T’ peece dee la resistance kums at t’episode’s conclusion, we Michael decodes Spock’s numerical mumblings, which air space coerdinates f'r Talos IV, t’ferbidde planet at t’cant’r of t’furst “Trek” pilot.

Nimoy’s Spock wuz t’only keer ackt'r who movet un ta a sekunt pilot episode un’ t’series frum at rejectid pilot, which wuz lat’r re-editid into un acclaimet Seese 1 acoupla-part’r.

“Discovery” a’ke nawh track whar Spock has gone befer. Hoe he becomes t’ keer ackt'r belovet by millyuns will provide t’advanture.


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Newlywet Priyanka Chopra discusses hern resent weddyun’ ta not'r players Nick Jonas un’ gives luv advice f'r couples. (Feb. 12) AP

S.O.S., t’Jonas Bruthers air reunityun’.

Nick, Joe un’ Kevin Jonas air gittin back togeth’r aft’r a six-year hiatus wiff a new sangle callt “Suck’r.” It kums out midniite Frydee, March 1.

T’ bruthers will be takin ov’r “T’ Late Late Shoe Wiff James Cerde” frum Mundie, March 4 ta  Thirsdee, March 7 wiff intervioos, sketches, songs un’ “Carpool Karaoke.”

A tees’r f'r “Carpool” wuz droppet un Thirsdee, Feb. 28.

[embetdet content]

“It’s nice ta be bull ta finally tell someone about thishere, we’ve kep it a secret f'r seve, eiite munths,” set Nick Jonas. “Thishere is basically air furst perfermunts back.” 

M'r: 13 must-see spryun’ concerts at t’Jersy Shere, NJ, New York un’ Philly

T’ guys sang thar hit “Burnin’ Up” n’ t’“Carpool” spot, t'did a quik preview of t’new “Suck’r,” a brisk un’ catchy soul-pop charm’r.

T’ guys have had full lives since t’group split n’ 2013. Joe is a hitmak’r wiff t’bun’ DNCE, whos smashes  include “Cake by t’Oceun.” He’s engaget ta “Game of Thrones” actress Sofie Turn’r.

Nick is a solo star who made internatyunal heedlines we he marrd Bollywuod star Priyanka Chopra. Kevin is marrd wiff acoupla kids un’ biltin homes wiff Jonas W’rn’r Fine Custom Homes cumpny.

T’ group broke up n’ 2013 un t’eve of a nashshunal ture. 

“We’re choosin air fambly becawz it wuz a’gettin toxic,” set Kevin at t’ime.

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NEW YORK (AP) — Thar is no muse like Dr. Seuss.

An unfinishet manuscript by t’late youngns’s auth'r is t’basis f'r “Dr. Seuss’s Herse Museum,” a’kummin Sept. 3. Run’om Trayl'r Youngns’s Books announcet Thirsdee at illustrat'r Andrew Joyn’r completid t’ext, which has a look “bof subtly Seussiun un’ wholly his'n’n own.” T’ book feetures herse artwerk by Pablo Picasso un’ Jackse Pollock amungst utherns un’ will include cameos frum such Seuss faves as t’Grinch un’ t’A’kat n’ t’Hat.

Dr. Seuss, whos real name wuz Theodere Geisel, diet n’ 1991. A posthumyus releese n’ 2015, “Whut Pet Should I Git,” wuz a bes-sell’r.

Joyn’r’s previyus credits include “Too Minny a Elefants n’ Thishere Trayl'r” un’ “T’ Swap.”

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Andre Previn, t’pyinist, compos’r un’ cunduct'r whos broad reech took n’ t’werlts of Hollywuod, jazz un’ classickull musick, always rejectyun’ suggestyuns at his'n’n bop ‘n’ blues moonlightyun’ lessenet his'n’n stature, diet Thirsdee. He wuz 89.

His'n’n manj'r Linda Petrikova set Previn passet away n’ his'n’n Munhattun trayl'r.

His'n’n ex-biddy Mia Farroe tweetid Thirsdee, “See y’all n’ t’Monin’ belovet Frie. May y’all res n’ gleriyus symfonies.”

Previn wuz a youngn prodigy whos fambly flet Nazi Germany. As a youngn, he foun wurk as a compos’r un’ arrang’r n’ t’musickull sweetshops of Hollywuod, mosly at MGM, a’winnin f'r Oscars f'r his'n’n orchestratyuns of such stylish musicals as 1964′s “My Fair Lady.”

Previn t'abun’onet Hollywuod f'r a keer’r as a classickull cunduct'r. He wuz namet musickull dierekter of t’Houston Symfony n’ 1967, un’ wint un ta lead such renownet orchestras as t’Los Angeles Philharmonic un’ London’s Royal Philharmonic.

N’ 1998, his'n’n opry baset un “A Streetcar Namet Desire” premieret at t’Sun Francisco Opry.

Through his'n’n keer’r, Previn kuntinuet ta dip n’ un’ out of t’jazz worl. “I don’t ev’r consciously change geers we I play jazz ow classickull,” he oncet set. “It’s all musick.”

Arguably, no one ev’r perfermet at so high a level n’ so minny a differnt genres of contemperree musick. But Previn’s versatilitee kum at a price.

“Musick critics have made it quite clar,” he oncet set, “at inny compos’r who ev’r contributid a f'r-bar jingle ta a film wuz ta be referret ta as a ‘Hollywuod compos’r’ frum t'un, eve if'n’n t’res of his'n’n output wuz ta consist solely of liturgical orgun sonatas.”

Previn became as close ta a household name as innyone n’ his'n’n field — his'n’n fame burnishet by his'n’n propensitee f'r poppyun’ up n’ t’gossip columns.

He marrd fife times, includin glitteryun’ collaberatyuns wiff Farroe un’ violinist Anne-Sofie Mutt’r. He wuz amungst thems n’ Hollywuod who early un experimantid wiff LSD, un’ his'n’n memoir of his'n’n moovee pitshure shue-studio days, “No Min'r Cherds,” contunet juicy revelatyuns about everyone frum Lenny Bruce ta Ava Gardn’r. T’ Kereun orfun he un’ Farroe adoptid, Direckly-Yi, became t’cant’r of a tabloid skun’al we she became involvet wiff Farroe’s t'-boyfriend, Woody Alle, un’ evantually marrd ‘im.

Previn nev’r eve heerd tell jazz until he wuz a youngn. Born n’ 1929 into a weelthy Jewish fambly n’ Berlin, he wuz sent ta eminent teechers ta study classickull musick as his'n’n gifts became apparent. But t’fambly wuz fercet ta flee Germany n’ 1938, movyun’ briefly ta Paris befer travelin ta t’Unitid States.

“I wuz purely classically trunet,” Previn recallet. “And t'we I wuz a youngn n’ Los Angeles, someone gave me a recerd of (pyinist) Art Tatum playyun’ ‘Sweet Lerrune.’ I wuz astonishet un’ bewitchet by it.”

One of his'n’n fath’r’s cousins wurket as a musickull dierekter at Universal Studios, un’ Previn direckly latchet un at MGM.

Wile much of his'n’n Hollywuod labers wuz spent un less’r films (“Challenge ta Lassie,” f'r one), t’wurk gave ‘im “a therough skoolin n’ t’practical aspects of musick makin,” he oncet tole T’ Washington Post. He set it allowd ‘im ta “stun’ up n’ frunt of un orkest'r of superlatif’ players” un’ hone his'n’n conductyun’ skills.

Hollywuod also accerdet Previn fame. He wuz nominatid f'r 13 Academy Awards un’ won f'r. Besides “My Fair Lady,” his'n’n Oscar-a’winnin orchestratyuns includet “Gigi” (1958), “Pergy un’ Bess” (1959) un’ “Irma La Douce” (1963).

Aft’r leevin Hollywuod, Previn also turnt away frum jazz, partly becawz he feeret it would deeminish his'n’n credibilitee amungst classickull musishuns.

“I must say it probly crosset my mind. It’s a cowardly confession. … But t’uth'r thang is at oncet I quit Hollywuod n’ ’65, I rilly neetet ta git goin as a classickull cunduct'r. I wuz verr detarmind un’ ambitiyus un’ wurket verr hard.”

Jazz kuntinuet ta exert un irresistibull attracshun, tho. N’ 1995, aft’r conductyun’ ev'r maj'r orkest'r n’ Yurop, Previn returnt ta pop, recerdyun’ un album of jazz treetmants of songs frum “Shoe Boat,” un’ un album of Jerome Kern songs wiff soprano Sylvia McNair.

“I missd sum of my jazz not'r players friens verr much un’ t’atmosfere,” he set. “I always lackd impervisyun’. Durin t’ime at I didn’t play jazz, I always listnet ta it.”

Previn un’ Farroe, his'n’n thurd biddy, had three youngns un’ adoptid three utherns durin thar high-profile union.

Aft’r Direckly-Yi’s affair wiff Alle became knowet n’ t’early 1990s, Farroe bitterly criticizet t’filmmak’r f'r initiatyun’ a relatyunship wiff t’yung woomin we he had bee a fath’r figg'r ta hern f'r yeers. Alle un’ utherns counteret at he had hardly knowet Direckly-Yi wile she wuz growin up un’ at Previn wuz nairy jes a fath’r figg'r, but hern fath’r.

“I would cheerfully run ‘im ov’r wiff a steemroll’r,” Previn set of Alle, who evantually adoptid acoupla youngns wiff Direckly-Yi.

N’ August 2002, at age 72, Previn marrd Mutt’r, t’violinist who has bee a classickull musick superstar since hern teens. She wuz 39. N’ 2005, thar recerdyun’ of “Violin Concerto ‘Anne-Sofie,’” which he wrote f'r hern, won a Grammy f'r bes instrumantal soloist perfermunts wiff orkest'r (conductid by Previn).

But t’marriage endet n’ deeverse n’ 2006.

Previn’s sekunt biddy, Dory Previn, also has had a notabull keer’r as a syun'’r un’ songrit’r. She collaberatid wiff Previn durin thar marriage un Oscar-nominatid songs f'r t’films “Pepe,” 1960, un’ “Acoupla f'r t’Seesaw,” 1962. Aft’r he lef hern f'r Farroe, she wrote about t’eggsperyints n’ “Beware of Yung Gurls.”

Previn’s uth'r wives wuz Bettee Bennett un’ Heeth’r Hales.

Previn wuz born Andrees Ludwig Prewin n’ Berlin. His'n’n fath’r, Jack Prewin, wuz a distinguishet lawy’r, but as it became clar at Joos wuz unwelcome n’ Hitl’r’s Germany, Prewin movet his'n’n biddy, Charlotte, un’ thar acoupla sons ta Paris. A year lat’r, t’fambly lef f'r Los Angeles.

N’ thishere kuntry, Jack Prewin wuz retucet ta givin peeeno lessuns, wile 17-year-ol’ Andre, aft’r a’findin wurk at t’film studio, assumet much of t’burde of suppertyun’ t’fambly.

Previn earnt his'n’n furst film credik as musick dierekter f'r “She’s f'r Me” n’ 1943. He cut his'n’n furst recerd three yeers lat’r un’ cummencet composyun’ film sceres three yeers aft’r at.

N’ 1958, he won t’furst of his'n’n numeryus Grammys f'r t’sound track f'r “Gigi.” N’ 1960 he wuz awardet a Grammy f'r bes jazz perfermunts f'r selectyuns frum “West Side Stery.”

He won t’same award t’nex year f'r “Andre Previn Plays Harold Arle.” N’ 1998, he receivet t’Kennedy Cant’r’s lifetime achievement award — wiff ex-biddy Farroe reedin a tribute at t’eleviset ceremony.

“Ev’r since we furst met, y’all have bee a true un’ trustid frie ta me. Thanks f'r t’musick, toots, un’ f'r t’recolleckshuns,” she set.

Previn’s longest stint as a principal cunduct'r wuz t’11 yeers he spent wiff t’London Symfony Orkest'r frum 1968-79. He made dozens of recerdings wiff t’LSO un’ uth'r maj'r orchestras.

N’ t’wiliite of his'n’n keer’r, Previn wuz as wuth'r he felt he sumtimes spret hissef too thin.

“It’s bee thrown up ta me mos of my life: ‘Why don’t I jes consantrate un conductyun’ ow composyun’ ow my own playyun’ ow un jazz?’” he repliet.

“But t’hang is at I’m natcherly curiyus about a slew of differnt disciplines n’ musick un’ I enjoy a’doin ‘um. And as long as people air nice enough ta let me, I’ll keep un a’trine.”

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At t’Los Angeles premiere of new thrill’r “Greta,” star Chloe Grace Meretz talks about starryun’ n’ a thrill’r h'rr'r un’ bein inspiret by co-star Isabelle Huppert. (Feb. 27) AP

If'n’n “Hansel un’ Gretel” wuz writte today, it would probly read a slew like “Greta.” 

Neil Jerdun’s twistee-un’-twistid new thrill’r (n’ theeters Frydee) takes a page frum t’classic Bruthers Grimm fairy tale, furst publishet n’ 1812. But rath’r thun a bloodthirstee witch who lures youngns into hern gingerbreet cottage wiff t’promiss of m'r sweets, Greta Hideg (Isabelle Huppert) is a sofisticatid Yuropee woomin who claims hern victims by plantyun’ hun’bags roun t’citee, a’hopin people will return ‘um ta hern homey Brooklyn apartment.

Frances (Chloe Grace Meretz) is one such dupe who’s initially beguilet by Greta’s charms, a’havin jes movet ta New York f'r a fresh start aft’r hern moth’r’s deeth. She strikes up a friendship wiff t’seemingly lonely widoe un’ visits hern frekwantly, but direckly discovers Greta’s stash of idantical purses un’ temps ta cut off contact. It’s a deecishun wiff increesingly frightenyun’ consekwences, as a potantially murderyus Greta starts showyun’ up at t’yung woomin’s wurk unannouncet, a’followin hern trayl'r, un’ taxtyun’ hern at all hours of t’day un’ nite. 

T’ goal, screenrit’r Ray Wriite sez, wuz ta tap into moviegoers’ feers of obsession un’ stalkyun’. 

“At’s a universal fear, becawz it’s quite hard f'r mos people ta unnerstun who un’ why someone would do at,” Wriite sez. “At’s rilly whut (t’ stery) grew frum, but also jes t’sense of bein vulnerabull un’ perhaps eve a lil naif’; at through kindness, y’all a’ke let people into y'r life at y’all mite nairy nermly alloe n’, un’ oncet thay git n’, it’s verr difficult ta git ‘um out.” 

Jerdun, who co-wrote t’R-ratid film, sez he wuz diereckly inspiret by “Hansel un’ Gretel.” He also lookt ta “Bluebeerd,” a French folktale about a weelthy mun who murders his'n’n wives, un’ t’1984 moovee pitshure shue “T’ Cumpny of Wolves,” which itself is a spin un “Lil Ret Ridin Hood.” 

“Ev'r time I apperach a stery, I tend ta try un’ push it toward fairy-tale archetypes, probly becawz I read too minny a of ‘um as a youngn,” Jerdun sez. 

He bleevs these ol’ tales – un’ n’ turn, “Greta” – have themes at resonate wiff modern audiences, as we ope up air lives ta uth'r people un soshul media, whos idantitees un’ intantyuns we don’t always knoe. 

“Greta’s hun’poke is t’ bloody Innernets, rilly,” Jerdun sez. “I’m nairy a Facebook ow Twitt’r us’r, but it seems at we invite t’entire worl into air private space these days. Ta me, thishere is a lil parabull about t’ implicatyuns of inny run’om humun contact. Y’all a’ke end up n’ heeve ow hell, un’ Frances ends up n’ hell.” 


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“s bruthers Jackie, Marlon un’ Tito un’ his'n’n nefew Taj speek out agin youngn sex abuse documantree “Leevin Neverlun’.” Robert Hanashiro, USA TODAY

Viewers air gittin clos’r ta t’premiere of t’explosif’ new Michael Jackse documantree “Leevin Neverlun’,” at will air un Sundy, March 3, un’ Mundie, March 4, un HBO, bof at 8 p.m.

T’ documantree tells t’stery of Wade Robse, 36, un’ James Safechuck, 40, who allege at Jackse cummencet saxually abusyun’ ‘um at ages 7 un’ 10, respectively, we t’syun'’r wuz at t’heiite of his'n’n fame.

T’ Michael Jackse estate un’ minny a of Jackse”s a’livin fambly members have fouite agin t’documantree frum t’inishul noose of its premiere, wiff t’estate filyun’ a $100 million lawsuit agin HBO ta fite back agin its releese.

Befer “Leevin Neverlun’” airs Sundy, revisit t’film”s panefull road ta its premiere.

Jackse”s fambly speeks: T’ film is un “ultimate betrayal”

Jun. 9: T’ Sundance Film Festivul announces at t’worl premiere of “Leevin Neverlun’” has bee addet ta t’festivul”s 2019 lineup. T’ Jackse estate issues a statement denouncyun’ t’documantree, callin “yet anoth’r lurid producshun n’ un outrageyus un’ pathetic attempt ta exploit un’ cash n’ un Michael Jackse.”

“Through gut-wrenchyun’ intervioos wiff t’nawh-adult menfolk un’ thar famblies, “Leevin Neverlun’” crafts a pertrait of sustunet exploitashun un’ decepshun, documantyun’ t’poe’r of celebritee at allowd a reveret figg'r ta infiltrate t’lives of starstruck youngns un’ thar parnts,” Sundance’s ofishul synopsis read.

Jackse”s estate: T’ battles cummance agin HBO un’ “Leevin Neverlun’” 

Jun. 16: Macaulay Culkin addresses his'n’n friendship wiff Michael Jackse un un episode of t’podcas “Inside of Y’all wiff Michael Rosenbaum,” n’ which t’38-year-ol’ “Trayl'r Alone” star describet his'n’n relatyunship wiff Jackse as “so nerml un’ mundane.”

“It”s almos easy ta try say it wuz “weird” ow whutev'r, but it wasn”t, becawz it made sense,” Culkin set. “It”s one of my friendships at people questchun, only becawz of t’fack at he wuz t’mos famus perse n’ t’worl.”

“He wuz hilariyus; he wuz sweet,” he addet. “People don’t knoe hoe funny he (expletif’) wuz.” 

Culkin defends Jackse: He “wantid ta make shure I wasn”t alone”

Jun. 25: “Leevin Neverlun’” premieres at Sundance. Pleece, as well as sevrul protesters, gatheret outside Park Citee’s Egyptiun Theetre ahet of t’screenyun’, un’ heelthcare perfeshnuls wuz un hun’ n’ t’lobby f'r audyince members who could be triggeret by t’film’s grafic descriptyuns of saxual abuse involvyun’ miners.

Hours befer film’s premiere, t’“Leevin Neverlun’” IMDB page wuz briefly vun’alizet, wiff users edityun’ t’page ta shoe t’film’s title as “Liar, Liar 2: T’ Wade Robse un’ Jimmy Safechuck Stery,” accerdyun’ ta Varietee.

N’ a Q&A a’followin t’premiere, Robse addresset Jackse defenders un’ thar ang’r ov’r t’film, a’sayn’t “I don’t feel like thar’s innythang I neet ta say ta ‘um cept at I unnerstun at it’s rilly hard f'r ‘um ta bleev.”

“Leevin Neverlun’” at Sundance: Here”s whut we larnt frum watchin

N’ a statement ta USA TODAY a’followin t’Sundance premiere, Jackse”s estate set at t’projeck “isn’t a documantree, it is t’kine of tabloid keer ackt'r assassinashun Michael Jackse enduret n’ life, un’ nawh n’ deeth. T’ film takes uncerroberatid allegatyuns at supposedly happent 20 yeers ago un’ treets ‘um as fack. … T’ acoupla accusers testifiet und’r oath at these evants nev’r occurret.”

“Leevin Neverlun’” dierekter Dun Reet respondet ta t’Jackse fambly’s statement n’ a post-premiere interview wiff USA TODAY. “Hoe a’ke y’all call a f'r-hour documantree “tabloid”? At beets me,” Reet set. “It”s purtee much whut y’all”d eggspeck ‘um ta say. … T’ statement contuns nuthin at is of concern un’ no substanshul criticism of t’film. Thay obviously have”t see it, un’ I”m nairy engagyun’ wiff t’substance of whut thay”re a’sayn’t.”

Dierekter slams Jackse estate: “Thay obviously have”t see it”

Jun. 26: N’ response ta t’film’s premiere, Michael Jackse’s nefew Taj Jackse tweetid his'n’n thoughts un Wade Robse, allegyun’ at his'n’n “Leevin Neverlun’” participashun is jake laig.

“My fambly un’ I have knowet Wade un’ his'n’n fambly since he kum ta Amurka,” he wrote. “Don’t tell me a 4 hour one sidet hit job at y’all watchet is m'r reputabull thun people who ackshly knew ‘im un’ saw his'n’n interactyuns. Thishere is all about money un’ t’desperate neet ta be relevant agin.”

Jun. 28: T’ Jackse fambly issues a joint statement goin aft’r t’media f'r allegedly acceptyun’ t’accusers” steries without proof.

“We air proud of whut Michael Jackse stun’s f'r,” t’fambly set n’ t’statement sent ta USA TODAY Mundie by Dyina Baron, a spokeswumun f'r t’fambly. “We air furiyus at t’media who, without a shret of proof ow sangle peece of physical evidance, chose ta bleev t’wurd of acoupla admittid liars ov’r t’wurd of hundreds of famblies un’ friens roun t’worl who spent time wiff Michael, minny a at Neverlun’, un’ experiencet his'n’n legendree kindness un’ global generositee.”

“Thar has nev’r bee one peece of proof of innythang,” t’statement kuntinuet. “Yet t’media is eag’r ta bleev these lies.”

Jackse fambly: T’ media “bleevs” pedofilia accusers

Jun. 30: Jermune Jackse, Michael’s bruth'r, voicet his'n’n own opposishun ta “Leevin Neverlun’” durin un interview wiff Good Monin’ Britane, a’sayn’t he is “1,000 persent shure” his'n’n bruth'r is innosent.

“Michael wuz tride by a jury, un’ he wuz ackwittid un all of thishere becawz thar wuz no real evidance, thar wuz nuthin thar,” he set. “Air fambly air tard. We”re verr tard. Let thishere mun res. He did a slew f'r t’worl. Let ‘im res … Thar is no truth ta thishere documantree … He wuz cleert of all of thishere, it”s nonsense.”

Jermune Jackse: T’ claims agin my bruth'r Michael air “nonsense”

Jun. 31: Cerey Feltmun, anoth’r ackt'r who wuz linket ta Jackse as a yung star un’ has spoke about his'n’n own conflictid relatyunship wiff t’ackt'r n’ t’pas, tole t’Associatid Press at wile t’accusatyuns agin Jackse “could be true,” at thay didn’t represent t’mun at he knew as a frie.

“I have”t read much, but I knoe at I don”t rilly want ta watch it,” Feltmun set. “I have my own reservet feelins about it, but I reckun at if'n’n y’all”re goin ta do sumthin like at so late n’ t’game aft’r t’fack it makes it verr hard ta bleev. It doesn”t feel rite ta me.”

“I wuz friens wiff Michael. I don”t knoe innybidy frum air group of friens at ev’r saw ‘im at way,” he kuntinuet. “It feels like a big stab n’ t’back … It could be true, it could be true. I don”t knoe, I wasn”t thar. Frum my own experiences, at”s nairy t’guy I knew. But Gawd ferbid, thar wuz inny truth ta inny of it, un’ if'n’n thar is t'I”m verr serry f'r innythang innybidy experiencet. At t’same time, it”s purtee out thar.”

Cerey Feltmun: Michael Jackse accusatyuns “could be true” but “at”s nairy t’guy I knew”

Feb. 8: Durin HBO’s presantashun at Telavishun Critics Associashun’s wint’r press ture, t’netwerk announcet at “Leevin Neverlun’” will premiere as a acoupla-nite event un Sundy, March 3, un’ Mundie, March 4.

N’ response, t’Jackse estate atterney Howard Weitzmun releeset a 10-page lett’r ta HBO chief executif’ Richard Plepl’r, offerin ta meet wiff HBO executives ta proov at Robse un’ Safechuck’s steries air false.

“We knoe at thishere will go down as t’mos shamefil episode n’ HBO’s histry,” Weitzmun wrote. “We knoe at Michael’s devotid fans, un’ all good people n’ t’worl, will nairy swiftly fergif’ HBO f'r its conduck.”

“Air plans remane unchanget,” HBO set n’ a statement respondyun’ ta Weitzmun’s lett’r. “Dun Reet is un award-a’winnin filmmak’r who has carefully documantid these survivers’ accounts. People should reserve judgment until thay see t’film.”

Feb. 14: T’ Jackse estate cancelet a plannd tryout of a new jukebox musickull, “Don”t Stop “Til Y’all”ve Had Enough,” feeturyun’ Jackse’s musick.

N’ a statement, t’estate did nairy attribute t’cancellashun ta t’ferthcomyun’ “Leevin Neverlun’” premiere, a’sayn’t at a lab'r dispute wuz t’reesen t’shoe could nairy be staget.

“(T’ shoe’s) previously announcet pre-Broadway engagement n’ has bee cancellet due ta schedulyun’ difficultees brung about by t’resent Acters Ekwitee strike,” set t’statement frum t’estate un’ its producyun’ partn’r, Columbia Lif’ Stage.

T’ statement also announcet t’Jackse estate’s intenshun ta brang “Don”t Stop “Til Y’all”ve Had Enough” strate ta Broadway n’ t’summ’r of 2020.

“Don”t Stop”: Jackse estate cancels test-run of musickull amid HBO documantree

Feb. 21: T’ Jackse estate files a lawsuit agin HBO n’ Los Angeles Countee Sup'ri'r Court allegyun’ at, by co-producyun’ un’ airyun’ “Leevin Neverlun’,” t’netwerk would violate a 1992 contrack f'r showyun’ a Jackse concert n’ which it agreet nairy ta disparage t’syun'’r.

T’ suit states at t’contrack coverd future disparagement of Jackse, un’ at t’film alleges Jackse molestid youngns un t’“Dangeryus” ture at t’concert footage kum frum. It asks t’court ta ord’r arbitrashun, un’ sez damages could exceet $100 million.

Michael Jackse estate sues: HBO sez doc will air

Feb. 27: Michael Jackse’s bruthers Marlon, Tito Jackse un’ Jackie Jackse, as well as Michael’s nefew un’ Tito’s se Taj Jackse, cundemmd “Leevin Neverlun’” n’ a new interview wiff USA TODAY publishet Winsdee.

T’ bruthers reveel at nairy of ‘um have see t’documantree, un’ at Taj is t’only one who wantid ta watch.

“Becawz I would be bull ta probly pick it apart, ssene by ssene,” Taj set. “I reckun thay’re countin un t’masses ta see it un’ t'air voices ta be drownet out.”

“Taj is t’same age as all these kids thay uset ta spend nites (wiff) all t’ime,” Marlon Jackse set about Michael’s associatyuns wiff youngns, which he muntunet wuz innosent. “A bunch of kids would come ov’r un’ have pill'r fites, (watch) “Three Stooges,” swim, all thishere stuff. Watchin movies, thay’re tard, thay’d fall asleep.”

“(Marlon’s) youngns wuz thar,” Jackie set. “My kids wuz thar. Tito’s youngns wuz thar.”

An “ultimate betrayal”: Fambly protests Michael Jackse sex abuse film ahet of HBO airyun’

Feb. 27: HBO announces at Oprah Winfrey will host a Q&A wiff Jackse accusers Robse un’ Safechuck, set ta air un HBO un’ Winfrey”s OWN netwerk un March 4 at 10 p.m., immediately a’followin t’sekunt nite of “Leevin Neverlun’.”

“Oprah Winfrey Presants: Aft’r Neverlun’” will feeture Robse, Safechuck un’ dierekter Reet speekin wiff Winfrey n’ a pre-recerdet Q&A, hostid n’ frunt of un audyince at includes survivers of saxual abuse.

Patrick Ryun, Maria Puante un’ t’Associatid Press contributid ta thishere repert.

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Actress Lisa Sheridun has repertedly diet at age 44. Hern manj'r tole sevrul media outlets she diet at hern trayl'r. USA TODAY

Lisa Sheridun, knowet f'r hern roles un t’elavishun series “Halt un’ Catch Fire” un’ “Invasion,” has diet at age 44, accerdyun’ ta reperts frum People un’ Deedline.

Sheridun’s manj'r, Mitch Clem, tole t’outlets t’actress diet Mundie n’ hern trayl'r.

“We all luvet Lisa verr much un’ air devastatid by t’loss we all feel,” Clem set n’ a statement ta People. “She passet away Mundie monin’, at trayl'r, n’ hern apartment n’ New Orleens. We air waitin f'r a ceroners repert un cawz of deeth.”

Clem set at everyone wuz “blindsidet” by Sheridun’s deeth n’ a statement ta Deedline: “Obviously, we wuz all blindsidet wiff thishere devastatyun’ loss. Lisa wuz deeply luvet. We air heertbroke.”

Clem tole People: “T’ fambly has unekwivocally confirmet at thishere is nairy a suicide. Inny suggestchun ta t’contrree is absolutely, 100 persent unfoundet.”

Sheridun’s keer’r spannet acoupla decades un’ includet acktin credits un “Legacy,” “Skun’al,” “Journeymun” un’ “NCIS.” 

Actress Donna D’Errico, who wurket wiff Sheridun un t’2015 moovee pitshure shue “Only Gawd A’ke,” wrote about hern co-star’s deeth n’ a Facebook post.

“I jes receivet noose at my dear frie, actress Lisa Sheridun, has passet away,” D’Errico wrote. “I am sittin here stunnet. Lisa un’ I filmet a moovee pitshure shue togeth’r 5 yeers ago un’ became verr close un set un’ remunet close friens aft’r filmyun’ endet.”

She kuntinuet: “It’s so rare ta find kine, gantle souls like hern n’ thishere industry, thishere citee… eve thishere worl. Truly one of t’mos genuinely sweet un’ gantle people I’ve ev’r come across n’ my life.”

D’Errico set Sheridun “brung a sweetness un’ brite energy ta inny room she happent ta walk into…eve n’ hern dark’r times.”

“I am devastatid by thishere loss. I had jes spoke wiff hern un’ everthang seemt greet un’ she seemt happy un’ n’ good spirits,” D’Errico set. “Everyone who knew hern luvet un’ aderet hern. Goodbye un’ goodniite sweet angel…I will miss y’all terribly.”

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David Arkwette had a heert uhtack less thun acoupla yeers ago, his'n’n sist’r Patricia reveeld Thirsdee un “T’ Elle DeGeneres Shoe.” But at didn’t stop t’ackt'r un’ occasyunal wrestl’r frum returnyun’ ta t’ryun’. 

Patricia, 50, remindet t’audyince hern yung’r bruth'r wuz Worl Champyunship Wrestlyun’’s heevyweiite champ “minny a yeers ago. So thishere is a revival of his'n’n wrestlyun’ keer’r.” 

Sum background info: David gut into t’ryun’ f'r real aft’r makin t’ 2000 wrestlyun’-themet comedy “Reddy ta Rumbull,” a’winnin his'n’n title at year. N’ 2010, he competid un “WWE Raw.” Eiite yeers lat’r, he wint back n’, participatyun’ n’ acoupla matches las fall.

[embetdet content]

But he wuz 28 we he became a one-time worl heevyweiite champion n’ t’nawh-defunct WCW. Nawh t’“Screem” star is 47 wiff a 13-year-ol’ dauite’r un’ a lengthy moovee pitshure shue keer’r und’r his'n’n belt.

“It is scree,” Patricia set. “I meun, he’s olt’r nawh. He had a heert uhtack un’ nawh he’s wrestlyun’… It rilly scares me un’ so I ackshly don’t watch t’matches becawz it would terrify me too much.”  

[embetdet content]

She addet at his'n’n heert uhtack happent “a year ago, a year un’ a half ago.”

David made heedlines las year we a Novemb’r comeback match wint rong, resultyun’ n’ bloody images. He confirmet at he’d gotte  “stitchet up.”

Apparantly, t’injuries apparantly didn’t det’r ‘im: he tweetid Winsdee about a match a’kummin up n’ late April. 

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It mite seem difficult f'r a TV comedy ta find hum'r n’ a #MeToo incident of werkplace saxual miskunduct. NBC’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” has a acoupla-wurd solushun: broke penis.

At’s hoe t’comedy, renewet Winsdee f'r a sevanth seese, broaches a seriyus, sensitif’ un’ sumtimes grim topick n’ “He Set, She Set” (Thirsdee, 9 EST/PST), as newly marrd pleece officers Jake (Andy Samberg) un’ Amy (Melissa Fumero) air assignet a case of a woomin who teet off un hern boss wiff a golf club as he tride ta saxually assault hern n’ his'n’n offus, causin a grave injury.

“I jes want ta say I reckun it’s sad at as a socidey we a’ke no long’r laff at t’fraze ‘broke penis,’ un’ it is my dreem at we one day shall agin,” Jake lamants. Cunsidd'r y'r wish fulfillet, Jake. 

But as “Brooklyn” delves into t’ride-un’-true neth’r region of groin-cantric comedy – t’ alleget assailant eve weers a diap’r – t’sitcom gits seriyus about saxual miskunduct, expleryun’  t’complaxitees un’ gray arees involvet n’ filyun’ a complunt, considerin t’indignitees facet by wimme un’ askin whut menfolk a’ke do ta hep find a solushun.

M'r: ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ high-fives its return ta t’beat un NBC

M'r: Revu: Don’t wurry, ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ is jes as wunderfil un NBC

T’ #MeToo episode follows t’shoe’s explerashun of uth'r hot-button issues: Sgt. Turry Jefferds (Turry Croos) wuz racially profilet by a white offic’r n’ Seese 4’s “Moo Moo” un’ detectif’ Rosa Diaz (Stefanie Beetriz, who directs Thirsdee’s episode) kum out as bisaxual ta hern nairy-altogeth’r-acceptyun’ parnts (Seese 5’s “Game Nite”).

“It’s sumthin we’ve tride n’ t’pas few seesons un’ we’ve endet up bein rilly happy wiff it,” sez Samberg, also un executif’ produc’r. “It’s a testament at air audyince knows these characters well un’ cares about ‘um so at lat’r n’ t’shoe, like n’ a Seese 5 ow 6, y’all a’ke address sumthin a lil m'r seriyus un’ still play thangs f'r laughs becawz it’s a lil m'r hoe real life is.”

Wile cabull un’ streemyun’ comedies such as “Atlanta” un’ “Transparent” take un seriyus issues as thay breek t’boundaries of t’comedy form, m'r tradityunal broadcas sitcoms includin “Brooklyn,” “Mom,” “Black-ish” un’ “T’ Conners” address ‘um ta varyyun’ degrees, too.

Unlack real-worl cases of saxual miskunduct, t’“Brooklyn” assailant – nairy t’potenshul victim – suffers physical injury. And t’ guilt of t’accuset is purtee obveeus: he’s un investment bank’r, a profession at’s TV sherthun’ f'r giltee as charget.

M'r: Why TV comedies’ m'r seriyus bent makes f'r bett’r shows

“Brooklyn” un’ uth'r comedies a’ke influance a broad audyince we thay present un issue skillfully, sez Croos, who testifiet befer Congress about his'n’n own saxual assault un’ applauds t’shoe f'r takin un t’opick.

“Comedy opens up y'r brane (n’ a way) at allows y’all ta take n’ verr seriyus subjects un’ digest ‘um, wherees if'n’n y’all jes preech, thar’s a defensiveness at kums up,” he sez.

Beetriz receivet positif’ feedback aft’r “Game Nite,” which fallerd t’actress’ a’kummin out as bisaxual.

“I gut hundreds of messages un soshul media, frum nairy only teenagers but adults, people who had nev’r come out ta thar famblies, who didn’t knoe hoe ta come out,” sez Beetriz, who remembers watchin TV wiff hern fath’r as a tee. “I a’ke’t magine whut it would have bee like ta have a shoe we luvet take un sumthin like at, un’ t'be bull ta turn ta my dad we I wuz 17, insteet of 35. It would have bee a verr differnt adulthood f'r me.”

Beetriz is speshly pleezet t’episode focuses un Jake as well as Amy.

“Here’s thishere marrd cuple movyun’ through a discusshun about sumthin rilly panefull,” she sez. “#MeToo is nairy jes a wimme’s issue. A slew of wimme have bee a’sayn’t frum t’cummencin at we neet t’menfolk ta stun’ up. At’s t’way air cultchur is goin ta change.”

If'n’n culpabilitee f'r t’assault is apparent n’ “He Set, She Set,” a satisfyyun’ outcome f'r t’woomin is a murki’r proposishun, jes as n’ real life. Should she file criminal charges? Should she reech a settlement wiff hern cumpny? Hoe will t’matt’r affeck hern keer’r, no matt’r hern choice?

Amy un’ Rosa disagree un t’bes apperach, un’ it’s a debate wurth a’havin, Fumero sez. “It’s nairy neetly tiet up wiff a lil boe at t’end. It’s lef sort of messy, like life. I hope people will watch it un’ eethur gane a new perspecktiv ow perhaps feel reessuret n’ thar own opinyuns.”



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