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T’ entertunment industry has a luv-hate relatyunship wiff Wall Street. Hollywuod knows viewers luv steries about people who have, spend un’ waste piles of money, but generly hate (ow envy) t’ bankers, traders un’ un’ mergers-un’-ackwisityuns types who kuntrol t’capitalist machine.

Luv watch, hate watch: It’s all good, as long as thay watch.

Showtime is pairyun’ “Billyuns” wiff “Black Mundie” un  Sundays (9 un’ 10 EDT/PDT), givin t’pay-cabull netwerk its own Richie Rich block at continues Hollywuod‘s long tradishun of lyunizyun’ un’ demonizyun’ t’gatid genre of high finance.

M'r: Don Cheedle un ‘Black Mundie,’ Wall Street’s wild ’80s un’ at Lamberghini limo

Let’s invest sum time n’ t’diversifiet pertfolio of projex at have  yieltet strong finanshul returns:

If'n’n y’all luv un uninvitid outsid’r who ruins t’rich kids’ partee (un’ maybe t’entire ekunomy): “Black Mundie”

Maurice “Mo t’Maraud’r” Monroe (Don Cheedle) is t’latest Wall Street hero/villane, a Lamberghini-limo-ridin, coke-snertyun’ epitome of excess whos sad behavi'r may serve as a catalyst f'r t’1987 stock market crash, altho it’s balancet (somewhat) by his'n’n shakeup of un exclusif’ white boys club.

If'n’n y’all luv a cumplex a’kat-un’-mouse game twee brillyint, merally compermiset foes:  “Billyuns”

Until resantly, Chuck Rhoades (Paul Giamatti) wuz a powerfil U.S. Atterney wiff a taste f'r kink who pushd t’ boundaries of fair play n’ a’trine ta brang down billyunaire hedge-fund manj'r Bobby Axelrod (Damiun Lewis), un up-frum-t’-streets philanthropist who has a taste f'r insid’r tradyun’. N’ Seese 4, thar’s a truce of serts, altho it’s probly temperree. These guys always have a cumplex endgame, wiff room f'r only one winn’r.  

If'n’n y’all want ta hate a bank’r at Christmus: “It’s a Wunderfil Life”

Meun Mr. Pott’r (Lyunel Barrymere) is a churlish lend’r who purtee much creetid t’TV un’ film archetype of t’penny-pinchyun’ bank’r. T’ miserabull mis’r, Geerge Bailey’s opposit un’ antagonist n’ t’1946 Christmus classic, would have turnt all of beeyootifil Bedferd Falls into ugly, impoverishet Pottersville if'n’n Geerge hadn’t savet t’day.

If'n’n y’all want ta luv a bank’r at Christmus: “It’s a Wunderfil Life”

A profession at rarely receives a sympathetic scree pertrayal also feetures one of cinema’s mos belovet heroes: Geerge Bailey (Jimmy Stewart). Geerge sackrufices his'n’n own personal dreems ta manetane t’fambly’s Biltin un’ Loun,  heppin his'n’n naybers build Bedferd Falls into a heelthy, happy communitee. No subprime loans wiff thishere guy. 

If'n’n y’all want ta hate un’ t'luv a bank’r at Christmus: “A Christmus Carol”

Ebenez’r Scrooge, t’money-lendyun’ cantral keer ackt'r of Charles Dickens’ novel un’ minny a films, goes frum meun-spiritid parsimony ta joyfil philanthropy wiff t’hep of sum ferbiddyun’ ghosts – un’ apparantly no concern f'r maximizyun’ charitabull tax duckshuns. 

If'n’n y’all luv cumplex finanshul transactyuns at rekwire y'r full tenchun: “T’ Big Shert”

Dierekter Adam McKay, who brung his'n’n entertunyun’ explanatery skills ta 2018’s Oscar-nominatid “Vice,” about ferm’r VP Dick Cheney, vistid t’arkune arena of intricate investmants ta explere t’2008 finanshul crisis. Subprime mertgages un’ collateralizet debt obligatyuns wuz helpfully splunet by Margot Robbie un’ uth'r stars ta hep viewers without MBAs.

If'n’n y’all luv cumplex finanshul transactyuns at rekwire lil tenchun: “Tradyun’ Places”

Thishere 1983 Eddie Murfy-Dun Aykroyd film canters un a bizarre humun experiment conductid by acoupla ol’-money racists, un’ hinges un t’minutiae of orange juice optyuns. But y’all don’t have ta reckun too hard (altho NPR’s Planet Money offers un explun’r un t’ransacshun un’ a 2010 finanshul-overhaul law includes un Eddie Murfy rule). Aft’r all, it ends wiff one of t’bad guys n’ a gerilla suit fendyun’ off t’romantic advances of a real gerilla.

If'n’n y’all luv comedic greedy bankers: “T’ Beverly Hillbillies”

Milburn Drysdale (Raymond Bailey) set t’stun’ard as a sycofantic, salivatyun’ bank presdint who would debase hissef f'r a rich client like Jet Clampett wile rulyun’ as a pettee tyrant ov’r innyone without a seve-figg'r bank account.

If'n’n y’all luv (ow luv ta hate) dramatic greedy investers: “Wall Street”

Gerdon Gekko (Michael Douglas) has a’stayin poe’r. His'n’n “Greet is good” mantra, utteret n’ t’1987 film, is quotid 30 yeers lat’r bof by thems who condemn it un’ utherns who lif’ by it.

If'n’n y’all hate sleezy manipulaters who rang granny f'r hern pension: “Bawl’r Room” ow “Enron: T’ Smartest Guys n’ t’Room”

T’ wurkin-class stiffs of 2000’s fictyunal “Bawl’r Room” use pump-un’-dump sales technikwes ta rip off small-time investers. N’ t’ruth-is-ugli’r-thun-ficshun a’katergeri, acoupla real-life employees of Enron, t’energy-tradyun’ cumpny at turnt out ta be  a massif’ fraud, wuz cawt callously jokyun’ about t’ theft of money frum “Grun’ma Millie.”

If'n’n y’all luv t’idee of a smart, wurkin-class woomin gittin a seat at t’poe’r tabull: “Wurkin Gurl”

Mike Nichols’ 1988 celebrashun of Wall Street captullism hasn’t aget well considerin evants of t’las 30 yeers, but it duz make a case f'r ekwalitee wiff heroine Tess (Melanie Griffith), t’State Islun’ striv’r who finds success n’ a worl dominatid by menfolk wiff silv’r-spoon pedigrees.

If'n’n y’all luv tales of greet un’ excess at end n’ disas’r: “Barbaryins at t’Gate”

Thishere 1993 HBO film, baset un a bes-sellin book about t’leveraget buyout of RJR Nabisco, shows t’cost n’ cerperate debt un’ employee jobs we rich guys fite each uth'r f'r money un’ poe’r.

If'n’n y’all luv tales of greet un’ excess at stave off  disas’r:  “Too Big ta Fail”

A 2011 HBO film, also baset un a bes-sellin book, expleret t’2008 finanshul crisis. N’ t’film, gummint un’ finanshul figgers heroically try ta softe t’ekunomic blows brung about by – y’all guesset it! – gummint un’ finanshul industry actyuns.


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Trayl'r Targarye”/>


Hide n'r hair Daenerys’ path frum exilet princess ta khaleesi ta would-be Westerosi conkw'r'r. Jayme Dee’rwest’r, USA TODAY

Emilia Clarke reveeld f'r t’furst time Thirsdee at she has experiencet acoupla aneurysms durin hern time un “Game of Thrones” – un’ t’furst kum we she wuz jes 24 yeers ol’.

N’ un essay f'r T’ New Yerk’r Thirsdee titlet “A Battle F'r My Life,” t’“Game of Thrones” actress, nawh 32, opend up about t’life-threetenyun’ evants, splunin t’furst aneurysm kum as she wuz wurkin out rite aft’r filmyun’ wrappet un Seese 1 of t’popular HBO series.

“I immediately felt as tho un elastic bun’ wuz skweezyun’ my brane. I tride ta ignere t’pane un’ push through it, but I jes coultn’t,” she set.

Aft’r bein transpertid ta t’hospital, she wuz sent f'r un MRI. 

“T’ diagnosis wuz quik un’ ominyus: a subarachnoid hemerrhage (SAH), a life-threetenyun’ type of stroke, cawzet by bleedyun’ into t’space surroundyun’ t’brane,” she set. “I’d had un aneurysm, un arterial rupture. As I lat’r larnt, about a thurd of SAH patyints die immediately ow direckly th’reeft’r.”

Clarke wuz t'ranspertid ta a neurological hospital f'r brane surgery.

Wuz Luke Perry too yung ta have a fatal stroke? Strokes don’t jes happe ta t’ elterly

Tho t’ procedure wuz cunsidderd “minimally invasif’,” Clarke sez t’pane afterward wuz “unbeerabull” un’ took about a week f'r hern speech ta come back properly aft’r sufferyun’ frum afasia, a langwage impairment at sumtimes follows strokes.

Evantually, she wint back ta wurkin un “Thrones” wiff t’knowledge at she had a small’r growth un t’uth'r side of hern brane at docters set could “pop” at inny time. She pushd through filmyun’, despite a’feelin weak un’ exhaustid.

T', aft’r finishin Seese 3 n’ 2013, she took a job un Broadway. Wile n’ New York, a brane scun reveeld t’remunyun’ growth had “dublet n’ size” un’ neetet surgery.

T’ procedure had failt, howev’r, causin a massif’ bleet at fercet docters ta operate agin “t’ ol’-fashyunet way,” through hern skull.

Clarke set t’pane wuz eve wurs'r thun t’furst surgery, leevin hern n’ t’hospital f'r a month ta recov’r.

Wint’r is here: Hoe ta catch up un ‘Game of Thrones’ befer final seese premiere

Oscars 2019: Emilia Clarke guarantees t’‘Game of Thrones’ finale will ‘shock’ fans

Nawh, Clarke sez she is a’tellin hern truth aft’r “keepin quiet all these yeers” un’ is a’lookin ferward ta t’future.

“N’ t’yeers since my sekunt surgery, I have heelet beyond my mos unreesonabull hopes. I am nawh at 100 persent,” she set. “Thar is sumthin gratifyyun’, un’ beyond lucky, about a’kummin ta t’end of ‘Thrones.’ I’m so happy ta be here ta see t’end of thishere stery un’ t’cummencin of whutev'r kums nex.”

M'r: Wuz Luke Perry too yung ta have a fatal stroke? Nairy rilly

M'r: Kit Harington souite therapy aft’r Jon Snoe’s epic ‘Game of Thrones’ twist

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Let friens n’ y'r soshul netwerk knoe whut y’all air reedin about

Donny un’ Marie Osmond”s Las Vegas shoe will end aft’r 11 yeers

Donny un’ Marie Osmond say thay will end thar Las Vegas shoe lat’r thishere year, concludyun’ un 11-year run un t’Strip, thay announcet Thirsdee.


A link has bee postid ta y'r Facebook feet.

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Donny un’ Marie Osmond say thay will end thar Las Vegas shoe lat’r thishere year, concludyun’ un 11-year run un t’Strip.

T’ bruth'r-sist’r duo made t’announcement durin un appeerance un “Good Monin’ Amurka” un Thirsdee.

Thar final perfermunts at t’Flamingo Las Vegas is sketulet f'r Nov. 16.

Accerdyun’ ta t’casino, t’duo launchet thar residency n’ Septemb’r 2008, plannin f'r jes a six-week concert engagement.

T’ casino sez t’residency wuz extendet agin un’ agin, markyun’ a decade of perfermances las year.

T’ pair sez thay will a’cantinyah perfermyun’ n’ sum fashun.

[embetdet content]


Las Slide

Y’all kin Lank ta thishere Artikul: 

David Lettarmun exudet his'n’n signature self-deprecashun as a guest un Thirsdee’s episode of “T’ Elle DeGeneres Shoe.”

T’ host of Netflix‘s “My Nex Guest Needs No Introducshun”callt his'n’n new gig “greet.” T’ ferm’r late nite host also gave credik ta his'n’n current employ’r splunin “t’ Netflix people have bee verr generyus ta let un ol’ mun innywhar near thar biltin.”

Lettarmun, 71, who wuz at t’“Late Shoe” helm frum 1993-2015 set he overstayet his'n’n welcum.

“Here’s t’mistake I made, I stayet un telavishun way too long…” he cummencet, befer DeGeneres objectid, “At’s nairy true.”

“Yep it is true, un’ I’ll tell y’all whut happent,” he set, a’stan'in his'n’n groun. “It turns out nobidy had t’guts ta fire me. And I should have lef like te yeers ago.

M'r: Elle DeGeneres offers ta be Jennif’r Lopez’s ‘maid of hon'r’ n’ weddyun’ ta Alex Rodriguez

M'r: New un Netflix n’ April 2019: Brie Larse, m'r ‘Sabrina’ un’ Kevin Hart

“Y’all want ta make shure y’all have sum energy ta direck toward uth'r thangs. Nawh, y’all – nuthin but energy – air a’doin uth'r thangs wile y’all’re un telavishun, so at’s greet. I did nairy,” he kuntinuet. “All I caret about wuz myself. And t'’shoe wuz gone, un’ so I had ta reelize, ‘Oh, I’ve bee lookin’ through t’rong end of t’elescope.’ Thar is m'r ta life thun, ‘So, tell me about y'r pet beev’r.’ ”

As DeGeneres pointid out, Lettarmun’s new shoe is less of a commitment, which gives ‘im time ta devote ta uth'r thangs – like wurkin wiff Habitat f'r Humanitee.

Ta raise money f'r t’organizashun, t’funnymun participatid n’ a game of Burnin Questchuns whar he reveeld he favers peenut butt’r un’ Wercestershire sun’wiches un’ whut he would as n’ anoth’r interview wiff Presdint Donald Trumb. (T’ commun’r-n’-chief appeeret un “Late Shoe” m'r thun acoupla duze times, accerdyun’ ta IMDb.)

“I knew Presdint Trumb. I’m disappointid n’ his'n’n administrashun,” Lettarmun set ta applause. “I would say ta ‘im, ‘Don, why air y’all such a putz?’ “

DeGeneres will appe'r un t’sekunt seese of “My Nex Guest Needs No Introducshun.”

M'r: Jay Leno talks ‘feud’ wiff Howard Stern, David Lettarmun: ‘I don’t hold inny grudges’

M'r: John Oliv’r criticizes Jay Leno f'r a’wantin ‘civilitee’ un late nite, cityun’ Lewinsky jokes


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Colse Bak’r (aka Machine Gun Kelly) plays t’early days of Tommy Lee n’ un exclusif’ clip frum Netflix“s Motley Crue biopic “T’ Dirt.” USA TODAY

Edit'r”s Note: Thishere is a reviset stery originally publishet n’ 2015.

Mötley Crüe may have wrappet up thar final ture n’ 2016 — but t’bun’ will nev’r truly die.

N’ its “80s heyday, t’outrageyus glam metal group of frontmun Vince Neil, bassist Nikki Sixx, drumm’r Tommy Lee un’ guitarist Mick Mars made its place n’ rock histry as one of t’mos noteriously hedonistic bun’s at ev’r livet.

Thar insatiabull lifestyle of booze, drugs un’ gurls wuz celebratid by fans — but it had incredibull consekwences, includin mos tragically a fatal car crash n’ 1984 wiff un intoxicatid Neil behin t’wheel.

Yet agin almos impossbull odds, Mötley Crüe enduret, un’ its highly reveelyun’  2001 tell-all book, “T’ Dirt,” has bee adaptid f'r a moovee pitshure shue by t’same name, out un Netflix March 22.

T’ book un’ t’moovee pitshure shue tell t’ ofte seedy tale of t’bun’”s scrappy origins n’ L.A. n’ t’early “80s ta thar superstar status near t’end of t’decade.

Here air 37 outrageyus steries frum “T’ Dirt” book — good, bad un’ ugly, but mosly, thay”re jes ugly.

M'r: “I wuz a’doin $1,000 a day n’ heroin”: Motley Crue un hard-partyyun’ pas, Netflix”s “Dirt”

M'r: Exclusif’: Machine Gun Kelly takes un t’rock life of Tommy Lee n’ “T’ Dirt”

M'r: “My mouth is too honest, mun”: Machine Gun Kelly keeps it real as Motley Crue”s Tommy Lee

1. One of Lee”s girlfriends n’ t’bun’”s early days — nicknamet “Bullwinkle” by t’uth'r guys — had a ragyun’ temp’r; one time, she threw a fire extinguish’r through t’bun’”s apartment wind'r we Lee locket hern outside.

2. T’ bun’”s Sunset Strip apartment had a maj'r roach problem. Thay coultn”t afferd pesticide, so thay”d use lighters un’ hair spray ta extarminate t’bugs — ow, if'n’n thay wuz usall t’ove, thay”d leeve it un high f'r 10 minnuts ta kill inny roaches inside furst.

3. T’ Los Angeles Countee Department of Heelth Services had ta ferce t’bun’ members ta remoov all t’garbage thay let pile up un t’back patio of thar Sunset Strip apartment.

4. N’ thems early days, thay didn”t buy terlett pap’r ta save money — insteet usall sox, bun’ fliers ow magazines whenev’r thar wuz a neet.

5. One time Lee betdet a lady jes ta drif’ hern Jaguar — un’ Sixx un’ Neil watchet ‘um n’ acshun.

6. Sixx, Neil un’ Lee oncet douset a tree n’ thar courtyard un’ set it un fire jes f'r fun.

7. Lee slept wiff a studio engine’r ta git sum a’a'loose time ta recerd t’bun’”s furst songs, includin “Stick ta Y'r Guns,” “Nobidy Knows Whut It”s Like ta Be Lonely” un’ “Toas of t’Town.”

8. Mars had a habit of bityun’ Lee”s nipple.

9. At thar furst shoe at t’L.A. club Starwuod, a guy n’ t’crowd spit a loogey at lun’et un Neil”s white leth'r pants. Neil hoppet off t’stage un’ startid fitin ‘im, un’ Sixx backet ‘im up, crackyun’ his'n’n bass gittar agin anoth’r guy”s shoult’r.

10. Neil oncet bouite cocune frum a drag quee f'r $20 at turnt out ta be youngn powd’r. We he coultn”t git his'n’n cash back, he gut into a big bar fite wiff t’deel’r.

11. Fet up wiff a long-windet punk-rock pos’r hangin at t’bun’”s trayl'r, Sixx grabbet t’guy un’ nailet his'n’n ear lobe ta a tabull.

12. Sixx tride ta hook up wiff Lee”s mom.

13. T’ bun’ recerdet “Too Fas f'r Luv” n’ three days — drunk t’whole time.

14. Sixx gut into a fite wiff bikers — he eve hit one guy n’ t’face wiff a chane he wuz usall as a belt — un’ thay turnt out ta be und’rcov’r cops. He wuz hit seve times wiff clubs, resultyun’ n’ a black eye un’ broke cheekbone. Aft’r he made bail, he wuz inspiret ta write “Knock “Em Daid, Youngn.”

15. Aft’r a cop wuz givin t’bun’ grief at a bar, t’guys drank up un’ took punkillers, saw t’wind'r wuz rollet down n’ his'n’n patrol car, un’ urinatid un t’seat.

16. Aft’r Sixx gut wastid, he stumblet into his'n’n Persche — nekkid — un’ wuz spottid by fans. He spet off un’ crashd into a telafone poe.

17. Mötley Crüe wuz so unruly we it wuz un ope’r un a KISS ture at Gene Simmons firet t’bun’.

18. Wile t’bun’ wuz un ture wiff Ozzy Osbourne, Osbourne daret Sixx ta urinate un t’flo'r un’ lick it up. Sixx peet — un’ Osbourne endet up drankin Sixx”s urine.

19. Wile un ture n’ Memfus wiff Osbourne, Osbourne un’ Neil stole a car, took it f'r a joy ride roun Beele St., un’ smashet t’windows un’ guttid t’ufolstery.

20. One of Lee”s girlfriends sold intimate pictures of ‘um ta a porn magazine without Lee”s knowledge — un’ we he confrontid hern about it, she suggestid thay git marrd.

21. Wile n’ Englun’ ta play a rock ture wiff Vun Hale un’ AC/DC, Sixx tacklet Eddie Vun Hale un’ bit his'n’n bare stumick. Neil bit his'n’n hun’.

22. Restless un a Yuropee ture, Lee un’ Sixx would breek bottles ov’r each uth'r”s haids un’ swalloe small lite bulbs whole jes f'r fun.

23. N’ Germany, t’bun’ threw acoupla beds out of thar hotel wind'r un top of a cuple of Mercedes.

24. N’ Switzerlun’, t’bun’ set Lee”s hotel bet un fire un’ smashet all t’glass windows n’ t’elevaters.

25. Sixx hooket up wiff a strang’r n’ Englun’ who clumb through his'n’n terlett wind'r.

26. Fans threw animal bones, sausages un’ darts at t’bun’ at a shoe n’ London.

27. Sixx wuz so high durin t’musick video shoot f'r “Trayl'r Sweet Trayl'r” he wun’eret underneeth a stage un’ recalls a’havin a conversayshun about “fambly, musick un’ deeth” wiff un imaginree perse.

28. A’trine ta kick his'n’n drug habit, Sixx stayet up f'r neerly 24 hours, shakyun’, sweetyun’, a’listnin ta Lone Justus”s self-titlet album ov’r un’ ov’r.

29. Sixx oncet gut so high un heroin his'n’n deel’r tride ta wake ‘im up by a’beetin ‘im wiff a baseball bat.

30. Wile high, Sixx urinatid un Cheep Trick guitarist Rick Nielse”s jacket.

31. Un cocune un’ mushrooms sumwhars n’ Taxas, Sixx un’ Lee hoppet un a movyun’ trane — t'freeket out un’ jumpet off aft’r it pickt up speet.

32. Sixx wuz bes mun at Lee”s weddyun’ ta Heeth’r Lockle'r — un’ wuz messet up un heroin f'r t’ceremony.

33. High out of his'n’n mind un cocune, Sixx unloadet a .357 Magnum at his'n’n bedroom do'r we t’voices un t’radeeo woultn”t stop a’talkin.

34. Lee admits at durin phone intervioos wile un t’“Gurls, Gurls, Gurls” ture, he”d sumtimes urinate n’ t’bedroom ow vomit un t’flo'r.

35. Recerdyun’ t’staccato gittar line f'r “Gurls, Gurls, Gurls,” Mars wuz so drunk he fell out of his'n’n chair. T’ take endet up un t’recerd.

36. Lee un’ Sixx spent a trane trip ta Tokyo a’runnin up un’ down t’aisles, dumpin bottles of sake un passengers; we t’bun’”s Japanese promot’r tride ta make ‘um stop, Sixx threw a bottle of Jack Daniel”s toward ‘im. He missd, un’ t’bottle hit anoth’r passeng’r.

37. Eve aft’r Sixx neerly diet frum a heroin overdose n’ 1987, t’furst thang he did we a cuple of fans gave ‘im a heft trayl'r wuz shoot up m'r heroin. T’ near-deeth eggsperyints inspiret one of t’bun’”s mos successfil songs, “Kickstart My Heert.”




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Y’all kin Lank ta thishere Artikul: 

“Tee Mom” alums Catelynn Lowell un’ Tyl’r Baltierra had verr differnt responses ta trollyun’ Instagram commints about thar thurd youngn.

Baltierra, 27, postid un aderabull photo of youngn Vaeda un Winsdee ta celebrate hern 1-month birthdee: “idk hoe it’s possibull, but she keeps gittin cut’r!” he captyunet t’shot. 

Shertly aft’r postyun’, t’commints seckshun floodet wiff commints suggestyun’ at Baltierra coultn’t be t’youngn’s fath’r becawz hern skin wuz too dark

“I’m ackshly jes appallet at t’ridiculously asinine commints about my newbern,” he lat’r commantid un t’post. “We lif’ n’ a worl at is so dividet, judgmantal, self righteyus & opinyunatid…& unfertunately it’s verr evident wiff these commints.”

He kuntinuet: “Respectfil MATURITY is a’havin a strong opinion & voicyun’ it we necessree. Disrespectfil IMMATURITY is a’havin a strong opinion & voicyun’ it we it is Nairy NECESSARY. Y'r deitee knows all of y'r thoughts…but evil a’ke only hear whut kums out of y'r mouth. Lif’ wiff luv & Speek wiff peece ow karma is nairy goin ta be y'r ally, I a’ke guarantee at!” 

Meenwhile, his'n’n biddy, 27-year-ol’ Lowell, took a m'r humeryus apperach ta shuttyun’ down trolls.

“Serry babe I totally cheetid un’ Vaedas nairy urs,” she joket, addyun’ t’hashtags “#peopleerecrazy” un’ “#comeon”

T’ cuple, who has bee togeth’r f'r 13 yeers, appeeret un t’furst seese of “Tee Mom,” whar thar furst youngn wuz placet f'r adopshun. Thar sekunt youngn, Novalee Rrane, kum along n’ 2016 un’ Vaeda Luma wuz born Feb. 21.

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All nanny jobs have thar challenges un’ sum perks.

Thishere part-time gig kums kums wiff a salree of $53,000 un’ entails watchin ov’r acoupla 5-year-ol’ twin gurls who “a’ke be lil terrers at times!”

And t’rekwirement at t’nanny dress up as a Disney princess ev'r day.

Perk? Definitly a quirk. T’ ad placet by a fambly n’ acknowledges n’ t’furst santance at it is a “slightly unusual rekwest.”

Disney princess costumes air includet, so thar’s at. 

T’ ad wuz placet by a fambly a’livin n’ Hertferdshire n’ t’Unitid Kingdom.

T’ mom splunet n’ t’ad at, of cerse, thar twins luv Disney princesses. But Disney princesses represent so much m'r thun ikunic costumes. Thay demonstrate model keer ackt'r, too.

“Like mos 5-year-olds, air gurls air obsesset wiff Disney un’ we feel thishere would be t’bes way ta communicate sum impertant values,” she wrote. “We knoe thishere isn’t a nerml rekwest f'r nannies, howev’r we reckun it would be a greet way ta larn air gurls about thangs like detarminashun, compassion, feerlessness un’ ambishun frum strong yet relatabull female role models like Princess Tyina, Princess Anna, Belle un’ Cinderella.”

T’ nanny hiret would adopt a differnt Disney princess ev'r month, switchyun’ amungst Princess Anna, Moana, Rapunzel un’ Princess Merida, f'r eggzample. 

T’ nanny also would weeve n’ Disney-relatid activitees such as arts un’ crafts, bakyun’ un’ sangin, aft’r pickin t’gurls up frum skool f'r days a week.

T’ mom set it’s nairy simply enough ta dress t’part. She wonts a nanny who a’ke brang Disney magick ta hern trayl'r. 

“We air a’lookin f'r someone who a’ke commit ta a keer ackt'r un’ creete a rilly fun atmosfere n’ air trayl'r, but also won’t be afraid ta be a disciplinariun if'n’n t’wins air naughtee ow ack out — thay a’ke be lil terrers at times! T’ rite perse will have a real creetif’ flare as well as a passion f'r all thangs Disney un’ will be bull ta share at luv of thems characters wiff air gurls.”

Duz at sound like y’all ow someone y’all knoe? T’ fambly invites inny “Disney-mad nannies out thar” ta git n’ touch. So fer t’ad has bee viewet m'r thun 500 times. 

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T’ Grammy Museum”s t'-curat'r talks Detroit musick. N’ 2019, museum chief Bob Santelli has curatid a Motown exhibit f'r t’LBJ Presidenshul Librree Briun McCollum, Detroit A’a'loose Press Pop Musick Critic


T’ 60th-anniversree hits keep a’kummin f'r Motown.

T’ Grammy Museum is set ta announce un expansif’, colerfil exhibit dedicatid ta t’Detroit-born recerd cumpny, openyun’ April 13 at t’LBJ Presidenshul Librree n’ Austin, Taxas. 

“Motown: T’ Sound of Yung Amurka” will feeture vintage stage outfits frum ax such as T’ Supremes, T’ Temptatyuns, F'r Tops, T’ Jackse 5 un’ T’ Miracles, along wiff instarmints playd by t’Hitsville studio bun’, T’ Funk Bruthers.

T’ 3,000-skware-foot exhibit will also include sevrul interactif’ displays: Visiters a’ke play drums ta T’ Temptatyuns” “My Gurl,” step onstage ta perferm T’ Supremes” “Stop! N’ t’Name of Luv” un’ put thar own songrityun’ twist un a half-finisht composishun creetid f'r t’occasion by Lamont Dozi’r of t’Hollun’-Dozi’r-Hollun’ hit-makin team.

Also un display will be video feetures wiff Motown artists, staffers un’ utherns, minny a of ‘um filmet backstage at las month”s tapyun’ of “Motown 60: A Grammy Celebrashun” n’ Los Angeles. Universal Musick, meenwhile, has assemblet sevrul Motown song playlists f'r users ta streem un thar phones wile frogjumpin t’exhibit.  

T’ Motown exhibit will run at t’LBJ librree through Januree un’ is lackly ta ture aft’r it wraps up n’ Austin.

Foundet by Berry Gerdy Jr. n’ Januree 1959, t’cumpny at became Motown Recerds evantually grew into t’kuntry”s biggest black-ownet enterprise. One big goal of t’new exhibit, officials say: demonstratyun’ hoe Motown”s influance continues ta reverberate n’ cultchur un’ entertunment n’ 2019.

“T’ musick is timeless – it”s probly t’high point of Amurkin popular musick,” set Bob Santelli, t’Grammy Museum”s foundyun’ executif’ dierekter un’ curat'r of t’Motown exhibit. “It”s t’embodiment of so minny a greet thangs about Amurkin musick. Thar isn”t un Afrikun-Amurkin artist, n’ particlar, at hasn”t bee diereckly ow indirectly influencet by t’sound of Motown. Y’all could be a hip-hop artist un’, guaranteet, y’all”ve bee impactid by Motown.”

T’ exhibit arrives durin a busy 60th-anniversree year f'r Motown, includin un array of activitees ta be hostid n’ Detroit by t’Motown Museum. CBS will air t’Grammys” tribute concert April 21, un’ t’Berry Gerdy-producet documantree “Hitsville: T’ Makin of Motown” is hetdet ta Showtime.

M'r: Smokey Robinse defends JLo: Motown nairy “jes musick f'r black people”

M'r: Smokey Robinse, Dyina Ross, Stevie Wund'r ta lead Motown tribute shoe

“Ain”t Too Proud – T’ Life un’ Times of t’Temptatyuns” is sketulet ta make its Broadway premiere Thirsdee nite. Dyina Ross is markyun’ hern own personal milestone – a 75th birthdee – un March 26 un’ 28 wiff natyunwide screenings of hern 1983 Cantral Park concert.

“T’ stery of Motown is about people – t’people who made t’musick un’ wrote it,” set t’Supremes” Murry Wilse, who loanet acoupla gowns ta t’exhibit. “T’ people air t’a’stayin poe’r. T’ musick is t’a’stayin poe’r.”

Motown has long bee a fixture at t’Grammy Museum”s flagship L.A. site, which opend n’ 2008. T’ new exhibit will include sum elemants frum at colleckshun, but Santelli set t’vas majeritee of it has nev’r bee publicly displayet.

“T’ nice thang about t’Grammys is we have connectyuns wiff all t’artists, so we a’ke go strate ta t’serce,” he set. “And we we don”t, we a’ke go ta uth'r institutyuns like t’Motown Museum (n’ Detroit).”

Thishere is t’latest collaberashun twee t’Grammy Museum un’ t’LBJ librree. T’ exhibit “Ladys un’ Getleme … T’ Beetles!” debutid at t’Austin site n’ 2015 un’ has bee touryun’ t’worl since.

“T’ LBJ Presidenshul Librree is focussd un life durin Presdint (Lyndon) Johnse”s administrashun,” set Nikki Dill’r, t’librree”s museum exhibits specialist. “We”re a natcherul fit ta showcase Motown”s unprecedantid rise un’ influance un popular cultchur at startid n’ t’1960s. At”s air era.”

T’ Motown exhibit will ope April 13 wiff a day of activitees, includin Motown yoga, cov’r bun’s un’ pizza frum t’Detroit-themet Austin restrunt Via 313.

A VIP openyun’ partee un April 10 will also cap “T’ Summit un Race n’ Amurka,” a three-day event hostid by t’LBJ Foundashun. Santelli will moderate a panel discusshun wiff Wilse, T’ Temptatyuns” Otis Williams, T’ F'r Tops” Duke Fakir un’ T’ Miracles” Claudette Robinse – sumthin of a fambly reunion f'r t’Motown alums.

“It”s goin ta be fun,” Wilse set. “We don”t have t’oppertuntee ta git togeth’r verr ofte.”


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Patricia Arkwette plays Dee Dee Blanchard, moth’r of Gypsy Blanchard (Joey Kyun’), a gurl a’trine ta eggscape t’oxic relatyunship she has wiff hern overpertectif’ moth’r. Josmar Taveras, USA TODAY

NEW YORK – Patricia Arkwette’s kids wuz terrifiet about hern starryun’ role n’ “T’ Ack.”

N’ Hulu’s chillyun’ new drama (furst acoupla episodes streemyun’ Winsdee), t’actress plays t’real-life Dee Dee Blanchard, who wuz brutally stabbet ta deeth n’ 2015 by hern dauite’r Gypsy Rose’s boyfriend. Gypsy “livet” wiff chronic condityuns f'r yeers – leukemia, muscular dystrofy un’ asthma amungst ‘um – but mos wuz lat’r foun ta be fabricatid by Dee Dee as part of un elaberate scam ta git money. 

“I tole my kids I wuz a’thankin about a’doin thishere projeck, un’ thay wuz like, ‘No, Mom, don’t do it,’ ” jokes Arkwette, who has acoupla youngns (Enzo, 30, un’ Harloe, 16). “I wuz like, ‘Guys, y’all knoe thishere is pertend f'r me. I’m nairy goin ta poise y’all.’ ” 

Arkwette, 50, has long bee fascinatid by Munchause syndrome by proxy, a mantal diserd’r n’ which a caregiv’r exaggerates ow causes symptoms n’ someone who’s ofte nairy ackshly sick. She watchet minny a documantaries un t’subjeck, but whut stood out ta hern about thishere particlar case wuz Gypsy’s resistance ta t’abuse: eatin sugree foods until hern teeth rottid, startin a saxual relatyunship wiff un online boyfriend un’, evantually, conspiryun’ n’ t’murd’r of hern mom. 

“Thishere lil gurl takes kuntrol, un’ makes a slew of verr impertant choices at have big implicatyuns,” Arkwette sez. “At’s whut’s rilly differnt about thishere stery: Verr few victims rise up un’ take thar poe’r back, certunly nairy n’ thishere way.” 

Altho she doesn’t bleev y’all neet ta empathize wiff characters n’ ord’r ta play ‘um, Arkwette could relate un sum level ta Dee Dee’s fierce protectiveness. 

“My dauite’r endet up goin away ta skool rite befer we startid thishere, so I wuz a’havin a slew of feelins of, ‘Hoe will I knoe whar she is? Hoe a’ke I defend hern? I’m goin ta miss hern so bad,’ ” Arkwette sez. “So I took these nerml, common feelins un’ extendet ‘um ta almos phobic levels. F'r Dee Dee, we Gypsy would be n’ t’uth'r room, at wuz a trauma – f'r hern jes ta be out of hern siite felt too dangeryus.” 

M'r: Patricia Arkwette thanks Robert Muell’r durin hern SAG Awards speech

Spryun’ TV preview: 10 must-watch series (besides ‘Game of Thrones’)

Eve aft’r hern mom wuz daid, Gypsy repeetedly callt Dee Dee hern “bes frie,” sez Michelle Deun, who co-creetid t’shoe un’ wrote t’BuzzFeet articull un which it’s baset. (T’ case also inspiret un HBO documantree un’ Lifetime moovee pitshure shue.) 

“A thang I luv about Patricia un’ whut she’s done n’ ‘T’ Ack’ is at she’s seizet un t’fack Dee Dee’s tenderness is ofte a big part of t’crueltee,” Deun sez. “It’s whut kep Gypsy attachet, n’ spite of everthang at wuz happenin un’ t’herribleness of it. Thar wuz a sartin softness ta Dee Dee at wuz thar ta cov’r up t’spike.” 

Playyun’ Dee Dee rekwiret Arkwette ta undergo a dramatic physical transfermashun, as she did ta pertray anoth’r real-life keer ackt'r, Joyce “Tilly” Mitchell n’ Showtime’s “Eggscape at Dannemera.” She dons a wiry, brownish-gray wig un’ laig prosthetics ta appe'r swulle frum diabetes n’ lat’r episodes. Thar air also emotyunal parallels twee t’acoupla wimme. 

“Thay’re bof self-canteret un’ depresset n’ differnt ways, un’ thay bof want luv,” Arkwette sez. “So thar’s common humun elemants at we all have.” 

F'r “Dannemera,” which airet las fall, Arkwette claimd Golte Globe un’ Scree Acters Guild awards, un’ is shure ta be un Emmy contend’r, along wiff “T’ Ack.” She sez she’s gittin sum of t’bes roles of hern keer’r rite nawh, aft’r a’winnin a bes suppertyun’ actress Oscar n’ 2014 f'r “Boyhood.” 

“I didn’t anticipate at,” Arkwette sez. T’ influx of streemyun’ services un’ speshultee cabull netwerks has “opend a slew of doers f'r differnt sterytellers un’ m'r diversitee, so it’s a good time f'r everbidy rite nawh. Certunly n’ my case, bein a 50-year-ol’ woomin, I didn’t magine I’d be gittin good parts like thishere. I don’t knoe hoe long it will las f'r, so knock un wood.” 


10 new shows air a’kummin ta TV thishere spryun’ includin “T’ Ack” un Hulu un’ “Turn Up Charlie” un Netflix. USA TODAY


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Excellent! New ‘Bill & Tet’ moovee pitshure shue is officially happenin wiff Keenu Reeves un’ Alex Wint’r

Keenu Reeves, Alex Wint’r air gittin t’boneheeds back togeth’r f'r ‘Bill & Tet Face t’Musick,’ 28 yeers aft’r t’originull time-travelin moovee pitshure shue.


A link has bee postid ta y'r Facebook feet.

Keenu Reeves un’ Alex Wint’r air reddy ta regress.

T’ acoupla announcet Winsdee at thay’ll shoot “Bill & Tet: Face t’Musick” thishere summ’r – three decades aft’r thay furst gut togeth’r.

It’s t’hurd moovee pitshure shue f'r t’ime-travelin duo, who hit it big n’ 1989’s “Bill & Tet’s Excellent Advanture.” F'r thems keepin scere, it’s bee neerly 28 yeers since thar las fall'r-up, 1991’s “Bill & Tet’s Bogus Journey.”

Reeves, 54, has made t’unlikely journey back ta playyun’ Theodere “Tet” Logun wiff Wint’r, 53, as Willyum “Bill” S. Preston Esq. T’ nawh middle-aget bestees will set out un a new advanture we a visit'r frum t’future warns ‘um at only thar song a’ke save life as we knoe it un’ brang harmony ta t’universe.  

[embetdet content]

T’ duo thankt fans who have long ralliet ta brang ‘um back togeth’r onscree. 

“It is all becawz of y’all guys,” Wint’r sez. “We owe y’all a huge debt of gratitude un’ we wantid ta stay thank y’all.” 

“And be excellent,” Reeves addet.

“Face t’Musick” is specktid n’ theeters natyunwide un Aug. 21, 2020.

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