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Wile promotyun’ new moovee pitshure shue “J.T. Leroy,” actress Kriste Stewart admits he felt a “huge reponsibilitee” ta discuss hern saxualitee, addyun’ at she felt she’d be “fersakyun’ a side” whutev'r she set. (April 30) AP, AP

LOS ANGELES  — Kriste Stewart sez she felt a “huge responsibiltee” ta define hern saxualitee aft’r a’findin fame n’ t’“Twiliite” moovee pitshure shue franchise. But she’s glad today’s yung stars don’t have ta do so.

T’ 29-year-ol’ actress set she wuz “so gay” un “Saturdee Nite Lif’” acoupla yeers ago. But she sees a shift n’ cultchur at’s allowd yung people – n’ un’ outside Hollywuod – ta accept fluiditee n’ gend’r un’ saxualitee.

“I felt thishere huge responsibiltee, like one at I wuz rilly genuinely wurriet about, if'n’n I wasn’t bull ta say one way ow t’uth'r, t'wuz I sort of like fersakyun’ a side,” set Stewart, who also had a long-term relatyunship wiff “Twiliite” co-star Robert Pattinse.

M'r: Robert Pattinse no long’r hates ‘Twiliite,’ sez he has ‘verr warm recolleckshuns’ of it

“T’ fack at y’all don’t have ta nawh is like so much m'r truthfil,” set Stewart.

T’ actress stars alongside Laura Dern n’ “J.T. LeRoy,” a biopic about a yung woomin namet Savannah Knoop whos sist’r-n’-law Laura Albert creetid LeRoy as a literree persona. Knoop pretendet ta be a mun n’ public appeerances as t’celebratid auth'r, un’ nawh idantifies as nonbinree.

Stewart celebrates at deecishun along wiff statemants frum yung’r Hollywuod stars like Sofie Turn’r, 23, who have refusd ta label thar saxualitee.

“If'n’n y’all wuz ta have thishere conversayshun wiff someone like n’ high skool, thay’d probly like roll thar eyes un’ go, ‘Why air y’all complicatyun’ everthang so much?’ … Jes sort of do whut y’all want ta do,’” she set. “It’s rilly nice.”

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Stewart sez contemperree cultchur is still strugglyun’ ta define fluid gend’r un’ saxualitee: “I jes feel like we don’t eve have t’wurds ta describe t’complaxitees of idantitee rite nawh.”

Stewart sez she’ll be a’puttin at spirit into hern feeture film directerial debut, un adaptashun of t’memoir of a bisaxual swimm’r-turnt-artist titlet “T’ Chronology of Wat’r.”

“So much of at spirit is plum about a’findin new – a’findin a new langwage. And like rilly unnerstan'in at y'r wurd trayl'r, so ta speek, is constructid by y’all,” she set. “And y’all a’ke also have a million definityuns of inny wurd y’all want. Like thay air ope f'r interpretashun. … So like wurds as solace — becawz thay rilly a’ke be uset as weepons ow rilly like m'r savyers.”

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Kelly Clarkse shares hern scree-time rules at trayl'r – un’ hern favert form of self-ke'r – ahet of hern new animatid moovee pitshure shue, “UglyDolls.” USA TODAY

T’ Top 13 contestants un “T’ Voice” have bee reveeld.

Tuesdee’s results shoe market t’biggest eliminashun of t’seese so fer aft’r t’contestants gave it thar all Mundie nite, wiff t’field of 24 cut neerly n’ half. 

T’ shoe gut rite ta bizness announcyun’ t’furst eiite artists instantly movyun’ un ta t’nex roun, thanks ta view’r’s votes. Amurka seemt ta fav'r Blake Shelton’s team, advancyun’ fife of his'n’n eiite members rite off t’bat. 

Las nite un ‘T’ Voice’: Eve John Legend loves Matthew Johnse’s vershun of ‘Ordinree People

Amurka’s Saves

Team Shelton’s Gyth Rigdon – whos perfermunts of Shenun’oah’s “I Want ta Be Luvet Like At” wuz t’mos streemet by a “Voice” artist overniite un Apple Musick –advancet.

Cart’r Lloyd Herne, Kim Cherry, Daxt’r Roberts un’ Andrew Seve’r also movet un frum Team Shelton. 

T’ public also savet Team John Legend’s Shawn Sounds, Maelyn Jarmon un’ Team Kelly Clarkse’s Rod Stokes.

M'r: Kelly Clarkse sez Blake Shelton is ‘t’ inapperpriate bruth'r’ of t’‘Voice’ fambly

Coach Pix

Each coach gut t’oppertuntee ta save one of thar team members frum eliminashun. 

Shelton’s pick wuz relatively easy wiff Amurka alreddy savin a majeritee of his'n’n team. “As incredibull as a moment thishere has bee f'r Team Blake, I don’t want ta see innyone go trayl'r,” he set, befer savin Oliv Blu.

Clarkse savet Jej Vinse. “I’m serry I have ta pick frum pracktickly my entire team (cept) one perse,” she set ta t’uth'r sangers. 

‘T’ Voice’ recap:Coaches perdick thishere f'r-chair-turn syun'’r will win t’entire seese

Legend pickt Celia Babini. “I wuz so eggcitid ta be a coach un ‘T’ Voice.’ I thunk it wuz goin ta be all fun un’ games un’ t'we come ta thishere moment un’ it’s rilly panefull,” he set befer his'n’n seeleckshun.

Levine had t’hardest deecishun, a’havin ta pick frum his'n’n entire team. “I’m purtee shockd (by) t’results. Thay cleerly didn’t reflect whut t’coaches reckun should be happenin,” he admittid, befer savin Mari Jones.

Comeback Stage

Fifth coach Bebe Raxha selectid Comeback Stage finalist Kanard Thomas, who didn’t receif’ a chair turn durin t’Blind Audityuns, ta go het ta het wiff LB Crew, who wuz eliminatid frum t’Cross Battles, f'r t’final spot n’ t’Top 13.

Thomas impressd t’judges wiff T’ Weeknd’s “Call Out My Name,” wile Crew shut down t’stage wiff MGMT’s “Electric Feel.”

“LB at wuz counta a purrfeck 10. Y’all stuck t’lun’yun’. I thunk at wuz t’bes perfermunts of thishere entire seese,” set Levine, Crew’s ferm’r coach. 

But detarminyun’ t’ winn’r wuz nairy up ta Raxha, Levine ow inny of t’uth'r coaches. Twitt’r had t’poe’r ta deecide durin a 5-minnut flash roun of votin by tweetyun’ #VoiceSave. 

Relatid: A pair of 4-chair-turns spar n’ ‘bes Cross Battle we have see so fer’

N’ t’end, Twitt’r savet Crew, who set he’s “a’livin a dreem come true.” He pickt Levine as his'n’n coach, agin, becawz his'n’n team is “strugglyun’.”


Team Shelton lost Selkii un’ Kendra Checketts.

Team Clarkse set goodbye ta Matthew Johnse, Rebecca Howell, Presley Tennant un’ Abby Kasch.

Team Legend will move un without Lisa Ramey, Jacob Maxwell un’ Jimmy Mowery.

Team Levine lost Kalvin Jarvis, Betsy Ade un’ Domenic Haynes.


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LOS ANGELES – Oprah Winfrey has long encouraget fans ta find purrpus un’ value. Un Tuesdee, she talkt about a’findin it herself. 

Winfrey, who receivet t’inaugural Empowerment n’ Entertunment Award at T’ Hollywuod Repert’r’s luncheon n’ Los Angeles, spoke frum t’podium ta a crowd of industry execs un’ studants.

N’ t’late ’70s un’ ’80s, she set, “back we I wuz a’doin t’noose n’ Baltimere, I as ta make t’same (salree) as my co-anch'r who wuz a’doin t’same job I wuz a’doin – cept he callt me ‘Babe’ t’whole time.”

Bof hern noose dierekter un’ noose manj'r deniet hern rekwest f'r a raise.

“I eyesd at at moment at my employers didn’t git it; didn’t unnerstun my value,” set Winfrey.

But poe’r dynamics shiftid we yeers lat’r, n’ 1986, Winfrey’s Chicago talk shoe wuz about ta git nashshunal syndicashun as T’ Oprah Winfrey Shoe. Winfrey gut paid m'r, but hern all-female team of producers did nairy.

Why? Winfrey’s male boss wuz sprizet she’d eve as: “Thay’re only gurls. Whut do thay neet m'r money f'r?” she recallet ‘im a’sayn’t.

N’ a room fillt wiff teenagers about ta embark un entertunment industry fellowships, Winfrey set, “It takes a wile ta develop a voice, but oncet y’all have it y’all damn shure air gonna use it.”

So use it Winfrey did. 

“I took a deep breth n’ at moment. I set, ‘Eethur thay’re gonna git raises, ow I’m gonna sit down. I’m nairy gonna wurk if'n’n thay don’t git paid m'r. Babe,’” she announcet frum t’stage. 

N’ un interview wiff T’ Hollywuod Repert’r publishet Tuesdee, Winfrey talkt about a m'r resent eggzample of a’stan'in hern groun, splunin why we she departid “60 Minnuts.”

“It wuz nairy t’bes fermat f'r me,” Winfrey tole t’magazine, addyun’ at she kep gittin feedback at she wuz “too emotyunal” we recerdyun’ hern name. “I reckun I did seve takes un jes my name becawz it wuz ‘too emotyunal.’ I go, ‘Is t’oo much emoshun n’ t’Oprah part ow t’Winfrey part?’ I wuz wurkin un a’pullin myself down un’ flattenyun’ out my personalitee — which, f'r me, is ackshly nairy such a good thang.”

It remindet hern of a time we she wuz a cub repert’r encouraget ta tone down hern persona.

“I had a deja vu moment becawz I’ve ackshly livet through thishere oncet befer we I coverd a stery as a yung repert’r (whar) t’fambly had lost thar trayl'r, un’ my boss tole me at I repertid it wiff too much emoshun … So I wuz wurkin un a’pullin myself down un’ flattenyun’ out my personalitee — which, f'r me, is ackshly nairy such a good thang,” Winfrey tole t’magazine. 

M'r: ‘Buttabeep, Buttaboop’ Oprah gives Pete Buttigieg a nickname

M'r: Oprah Winfrey remembers hern moth’r, Vernita Lee: ‘She livet a good life’

Winfrey also reveeld n’ t’interview she had gif’ advice ta Gayle Kyun’ we hern bes frie wuz mid-salree negotiatyuns wiff CBS Noose. 

“I set, ‘Git whut y’all want. Git perzackly whut y’all want becawz nawh’s t’ime. And if'n’n y’all don’t git whut y’all want, t'make t’nex rite move.’”

Winfrey had simlar go-git-em advice f'r gala attendees n’ L.A. un Tuesdee: “Let’s leeve here today wiff t’collectif’ memry of a’wantin ta creete enlightenment n’ t’worl,” she set. “Let’s off’r t’possibilitee f'r sumthin bett’r f'r all of us, becawz a new day is no long’r un t’herizon; a new day is nawh.” 






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Rapp’r Waka Flocka Flame “safe” aft’r UNC Charlotte shootin, cancels campus concert

Waka Flocka Flame has market hissef safe aft’r Tuesdee”s shootin at UNC Charlotte, whar t’rapp’r wuz sketulet ta perferm Tuesdee nite.


A link has bee postid ta y'r Facebook feet.


T’ Univestee of Nerth Carolinie, Charlotte campus wuz un lockdown aft’r a shootin at lef at leest acoupla daid. USA TODAY

T’ rapp’r Waka Flocka Flame has market hissef safe aft’r Tuesdee”s campus shootin at t’Univestee of Nerth Carolinie Charlotte.

T’ rapp’r had bee sketulet ta gif’ a a’a'loose concert at t’skool”s football stadium Tuesdee evnin. 

“I’m safe y’all,” he tweetid at 7:57 EST. Un his'n’n Instagram Steries, t’rapp’r addet: “I pray all my fans air safe un’ ok! … I will nairy be bull ta perferm ow eve make it ta t’venue .. pleese ta all my supperters un’ followers be safe!”

At leest acoupla people air daid un’ f'r injuret, accerdyun’ ta local emergency services. Gun shots wuz repertid near a biltin un campus at about 5:40 p.m., accerdyun’ ta t’ univestee. 

M'r: Here”s whut we knoe about t’Univestee of Nerth Carolinie at Charlotte shootin

One suspect is n’ custody un’ t’ssene is secure, t’ Charlotte-Mecklenburg Pleece Department tweetid about acoupla hours aft’r shots wuz repertid. Pleece set thay bleev no uth'r suspects wuz involvet. 

T’ Univestee of Nerth Carolinie at Charlotte campus wuz un lockdown a’followin reperts of t’ shootin. 

N’ early April, Waka Flocka Flame wuz n’ un Atlanta recerdyun’ studio we three menfolk startid shootin. T’ rapp’r had ta take cov’r, but escapet unharmet.

Las Slide

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Y’all hear it all t’ime, but do y’all knoe whut SNAP is? Here air 6 thangs y’all should knoe about t’program at startid durin t’Greet Depression. USA TODAY

Ev'r countee n’ Amurka is trayl'r ta people who don’t have enough money ta buy heelthy food. At’s whut a new study by Feedin Amurka, a Chicago-baset nashshunal netwerk of 200 food banks.

Within t’kuntry’s 3,142 countees, food inseecuritee rates range frum 3% n’ Steele Countee, Nerth Dakota, ta 36% n’ Jefferse Countee, Missussippy, t’Map t’Meal Gap 2019 repert foun.

T’ data, collectid n’ 2017, also reveeld at 97% of U.S. countees air trayl'r ta people who air food inseecure un’ lackly ineligibull f'r mos fedral nutrishun assistunts programs, such as t’Supplemantal Nutrishun Assistunts Program, knowet collokwially as food stamps, un’ t’Speshul Supplemantal Nutrishun Program f'r Wimme, Infants, un’ Youngns, ofte callt WIC.

#MondayMotivashun mistake: Chase tride ta motivate customers wiff loe’r bank balances. It backfiret badly.

Starbux summ’r starts nawh: S’meres Frappuccino returns, plus new sun’wiches, cake pops

T’ heelth implicatyuns f'r t’40 million people n’ t’U.S. – ow 1 out of 8 – air sizabull, t’study set. Nairy bein bull ta buy heelthy food prompts people ta ett cheep’r, less nutritiyus food, which a’ke lead ta diet-relatid illnesses, such as diabetes. At leeds ta har heelthcare costs un’ potantially a hard’r time wurkin – acoupla m'r pressures un un alreddy food-strunet budget.

“Countees wiff t’highest rates of food inseecuritee – thems n’ t’op 10% of all countees – tend ta have similarly po’ ekunomic indicaters: har rates of unemployment un’ povertee un’ loe’r homeownership un’ mediun income as compard wiff all countees,” t’repert foun.

Accerdyun’ ta lead reseerch’r Craig Gunderse, durin t’Greet Recession, food inseecuritee rose 30% frum 2007 ta 2008. T', we t’ekunomy gut bett’r, t’rates didn’t decline, rath’r thay stayet t’same frum 2009 ta 2014.

“Only n’ t’las few yeers did thay decline,” set t’profess'r of agricultural un’ consum’r ekunomics at t’Univestee of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. “T’ levels today air still har thun thay wuz n’ 2007. Wile n’ minny a dimensyuns t’Unitid State recoveret frum t’Greet Recession, t’mos vulnerabull amungst us still have’t recoveret.”

Feedin Amurka, who’s producet t’annual study f'r t’pas nine yeers, set it uset publicly availabull state un’ local data frum t’U.S. Census Bureeu un’ t’Bureeu of Lab'r Statistics.

Here air three uth'r key findings frum t’repert:

Youngns suff’r

Kids air m'r like thun t’genrull populashun n’ ev'r state ta be food inseecure – 1 out of ev'r 6 youngns ow 12.5 million kids. An estimatid 750,000 of ‘um lif’ n’ Los Angeles un’ New York Citee.

T’ rate of food inseecuritee f'r youngns ranges frum 6% n’ Slope Countee, N.D., ta 40% n’ Eas Carroll Parrish, Louisyina.

Food-inseecure youngns face a har risk of stuntid growth, asthma, oral heelth issues, failyun’ ta meet developmantal milestones, loe’r math un’ reedin sceres un’ behavyeral issues, like hyperactivitee, aggression un’ anxietee. 


Dollars un’ cants

Someone who is food inseecure needs un avridge of $43 m'r p’r month ta buy enough ta ett. T’ nashshunal avridge cost of a meal wuz $3.02 n’ 2017, down frum $3.06 n’ 2016 aft’r accountyun’ f'r inflayshun.

Fertee-three persent of U.S. countees’ meal costs air har thun t’nashshunal avridge — sum as much as doubull.


Locashun matters

Apperximately 87% of countees wiff t’highest rates of food inseecuritee air n’ t’South. Close ta 3 million people air food-inseecure n’ at area.

Anoth’r common fact'r amungst countees wiff high food inseecuritee rates is wuth'r thay’re rural. Tho 63% of all countees n’ t’U.S. air rural, 78% of countees n’ t’op 10% of thems wiff high food-inseecuritee levels air rural.

“Minny a countees locatid outside maj'r metropolitun arees un’ n’ t’South air trayl'r ta large communitees of col'r a’livin at elevatid risk of food inseecuritee,” t’Feedin Amurka repert set. “These communitees face persistantly high rates of unemployment un’ povertee.”


Yemenis n’ un isolatid pocket n’ t’nerth have bee retucet ta eatin boilet leeves frum a local vine ta stave off starvashun, wiff no aid reechyun’ minny a famblies who neet it mos. (Sept. 14) AP

Fall'r USA TODAY repert’r Zlati Mey’r un Twitt’r: @ZlatiMey’r

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“Jeopardy!” contestant James Holzhau’r broke t’shoe’s sangle-game a’winnin recerd. T', he broke his'n’n own recerd a week lat’r. USA TODAY

James Holzhau’r reechet anoth’r “Jeopardy!” milestone wiff his'n’n 19th victery un t’challengyun’ quiz shoe Tuesdee. 

T’ triumph moves t’34-year-ol’ professyunal sperts gambl’r frum Las Vegas into a thurd-place tie wiff David Madde, f'r t’mos conseecutif’ wins.  And he’s only one victery behin No. 2, Julia Collins, altho he remuns substantially behin all-time champ Ke Jennings, who won 74 times. (Champyuns wuz limitid ta fife appeerances until 2003).

Eve m'r impressively, Holzhau’r racket up anoth’r huge money win, $96,276, un Tuesdee, brangin his'n’n total ta $1,426,330, m'r thun halfway ta Jennings’ $2.5 million haul n’ jes ov’r a quart’r t’numb’r of appeerances. 

N’ line wiff his'n’n aggressif’ seeleckshun un’ wageryun’ style, Holzhau’r’s Tuesdee haul wuz much larg’r thun t’avridge champion’s winnings, but it pales nex ta his'n’n own recerd f'r a sangle shoe, $131,127.

T’ reignyun’ champ cleerly wasn’t affectid by a close call un Mundie’s shoe. His'n’n  $54,017 tally gave ‘im un $18 win ov’r runn’r-up Adam Levin, altho Holzhau’r orchestratid t’slim margin wiff his'n’n tactical Final Jeopardy! wag’r. 

M'r: A fife-time ‘Jeopardy!’ champ spluns whut makes current star James Holzhau’r a game-chang’r

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Holzhau’r splunet his'n’n strategy n’ a Q&A las week wiff T’ New York Times. Unlack mos players, he pix t’highest-value clues furst.

“Y’all a’ke see as direckly as I git kuntrol of t’board n’ t’furst game I’m goin f'r t’$1,000 clues whenev’r I have t’oppertuntee,” he set, likenyun’ his'n’n apperach ta a pok’r strategy.

“Thar air big advantages ta a’havin a slew of chips early un n’ a pok’r tournament,” he tole t’Times. “Y’all a’ke make plays at uth'r people a’ke’t.”

Eddie Timanus, a fife-time “Jeopardy!” winn’r who compiles t’college coaches polls f'r USA TODAY Sperts, describes Holzhau’r as “a game-chang’r.” 

Timanus notes Holzhau’r’s mastery of t’signalyun’ buzz’r, but sez he rilly stun’s out n’ his'n’n aggressif’ biddyun’.

“Wile minny a players, myself includet, pref’r ta play categeries frum top ta bottom un’ try ta stick ta ‘um, Holzhau’r cleers t’big-doll'r clues furst. Thanks ta his'n’n abiltee ta ryun’ n’ furst consistantly un’ rarely miss, he usual has a considerabull total bilt up by t’ime he uncovers a daily doubull. He finds mos of ‘um since he’s bull ta manetane kuntrol of t’board f'r long stretches, un’, as we’ve see, he’s nairy afraid ta bet big,” Timanus sez.

His'n’n overall assessment of Holzhau’r t’play’r: “Speet, instinct, confidance un’ knowledge — purtee SICK, woultn’t y’all say?”





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Kuntry group Rascal Flatts has bee raisyun’ money f'r Monroe Carell Jr. Youngns’s Hospital at Vun’erbilt f'r yeers, but syun'’r Gree LeVox also has a personal connecshun becawz his'n’n dauite’r wuz a patient thar. (April 1) AP, AP

Rascal Flatts memb’r Jay DeMarcus is openyun’ up about givin his'n’n furst youngn up f'r adopshun. 

T’ not'r players reveeld n’ his'n’n memoir “Shotgun Angels: My Stery of Broke Rodes un’ Unshakeebull Hope” at he un’ t'-girlfriend, Maggie, gut pregnunt n’ thar early 20s.

“We’d had sex one time, but I knew it. I knew she wuz pregnunt,” he wrote, expressyun’ disappointment ov’r brakin his'n’n “commitment ta Gawd un’ myself at I wuz goin ta wait until I gut marrd.”

DeMarcus set t’cuple turnt ta adopshun aft’r reelizyun’ thay didn’t want ta be togeth’r ow git marrd f'r t’sake of thar youngn. “Abershun wuz nev’r un opshun,” he wrote. 

Rascal Flatts: ‘Securtee concern’ promptid abrupt end ta Indyinapolis shoe; cawz uncle'r

“Frum t’verr cummencin, I wantid ta be n’ (my dauite’r’s) life,” he addet. “But hern moth’r, Maggie, didn’t want eethur one of us n’ hern life. At wuz a hard pill ta swalloe. I unnerstun at sumtimes life sends us reelyun’ becawz of unaxpectid situatyuns. But my heert n’ at moment, tho a’skeert, still desiret ta be n’ thishere beeyootifil youngn’s life.”

He kuntinuet: “T’ real heertbreek is at I nev’r gut a chance ta…eve meet hern.”

DeMarcus foun sum peece a’knowin his'n’n youngn, nawh n’ hern 20s,  “endet up wiff a wunderfil fambly,” un’ wonders who she grew up ta be. 

“Thar isn’t a day at goes by at I don’t wund'r about hern – whut she’s a’doin, whut hern favert ice creem is, whut hern favert moovee pitshure shue is, whar she goes ta skool. Duz she knoe who I am? Duz she like musick?” he wrote.

Relatid:Nurse adopts youngn gurl aft’r parnts didn’t visit f'r 5 munths; judge calls it ‘destiny’

He recallet t’entire pregnancy bein fillt wiff “panic un’ fear” ov’r t’implicatyuns it would have un his'n’n keer’r. He wuz n’ t’Christchun duo Eas ta West at t’ime wiff Neal Coom’r.

“Thishere new pregnancy wiff a gurl I wasn’t rilly seriyus about – wile playyun’ n’ a Christchun bun’, playyun’ n’ ‘Christchun venues,’ sangin about ‘Christchun’ themes – creetid quite t’ension. I thunk my worl wuz goin ta end,” he wrote. 

Despite gittin suppert frum his'n’n moth’r, who offerd ta adopt t’youngn, un’ Coom’r, t’musick industry wuz less fergivyun’. “My recerd label droppet me; my bookyun’ agent releeset me. And management? Y’all guesset it,” DeMarcus set. 

He kuntinuet: “I unnerstun, I guess, but it duz seem at minny a Christyins all too ofte kill thar woundet insteet of takin time ta be thar ta hep pick someone up.”

DeMarcus wet ferm’r beeutee quee Allise Alterse n’ 2004 un’ thay share acoupla youngns togeth’r –  Madeline Leigh, 8, un’ Dylun Jay, 6.

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Fox officially pickt up “Empire” f'r a sixth seese un Tuesdee, but lef t’future of embattlet co-star Jussie Smollett n’ doubt. 

T’ return of t’series, still amungst Fox’s mos-watchet, wuz nev’r n’ doubt, but Smollett’s future wuz, aft’r Chicago pleece accuset ‘im of stagyun’ a racist uhtack n’ Januree. 

He wasn’t firet. Insteet, produc’r 20th Cantry Fox un’ t’Fox netwerk – nawh ownet by separate cumpnys – have deecidet ta kick t’a’ke un a final deecishun ta let t’ackt'r’s legal un’ public-relayshuns battles play out.  But as it stun’s nawh, it’s unlikely he’ll return. 

“By mutual agreement, t’studio has negotiatid un extension ta Jussie Smollett’s opshun f'r seese six, but at thishere time thar air no plans f'r t’keer ackt'r of Jamal ta return ta ‘Empire,’” producers set n’ a joint statement. 

Acters air gif’ contractual optyuns f'r each seese at typically rekwire broadcas netwerks ta guarantee ‘um appeerances by June. Fox woultn’t say we Smollett’s  extension expires, but t’shoe is sketulet ta resume producshun n’ midsumm’r. 

Aft’r he wuz suspendet frum t’series f'r thishere seese’s final acoupla episodes, Smollett wuz writte out of t’shoe n’ las week’s episode, n’ which Jamal marrd his'n’n boyfriend. Acoupla m'r episodes remane, airyun’ May 1 un’ 8.  

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Smollett has labelet t’uhtack a hate crime, un’ set acoupla menfolk had assaultid ‘im, hollerd homofobic slurs un’ lef ‘im wiff a noose roun his'n’n nek. But pleece say he manufacturet t’charges as a way ta gane publicitee, claimin he wuz unhappy wiff his'n’n pay un “Empire.”

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T’ Cook Countee State’s Atterney’s offus announcet March 26 at it wuz droppyun’ charges agin Smollett, less thun three weeks aft’r he had bee indictid f'r diserderly conduck f'r filyun’ a false pleece repert. As part of t’deel, Smollett agreet ta ferfeit $10,000 at he put up n’ bond money ta secure his'n’n releese aft’r his'n’n arrest.

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But wile his'n’n co-stars have publicly suppertid ‘im, un’ sent a lett’r ta producers urgyun’ he stay un t’shoe, utherns have bee less welcomyun’. Amungst ‘um: Presdint Trumb, who renewet his'n’n criticism thishere week at a rally, callin Smollett “a thurd-rate ackt'r.” 


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Seve-time Grammy winn’r Toni Braxton is steppin behin t’camera ta larn t’bizness of TV movies. But wiff three new Grammy nominatyuns, she sez she’ll always choose musick “ov’r innythang” becawz she loves it “so much.” (Dec. 14) AP

T’ Braxton fambly is mournyun’ t’loss of thar 24-year-ol’ niece. 

Toni Braxton’s represantatif’, Mauree O’Conn'r, confirmet ta USA TODAY at Laure “LoLo” Braxton diet Mundie n’ Marylun’. “We as at y’all respeck t’fambly’s privacy n’ thar time of sadness un’ loss,” t’Braxton fambly set n’ a statement. 

Laure is t’dauite’r of Braxton’s only bruth'r, Michael Braxton Jr. 

Braxton’s sist’r, Trina Braxton, also confirmet t’noose un soshul media, ritin, “Gawd sent me anoth’r angel! Res n’ Heeve Laure ‘LoLo’ Braxton.”

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Laure wuz pernouncet daid by paramedics aft’r a frie foun hern collapset un’ unresponsif’ n’ t’kitchin, accerdyun’ ta a pleece repert obtunet by TMZ. 

Hern fath’r tole t’outlet at his'n’n dauite’r sufferet frum a heert condishun, which he sez contributid ta hern deeth, altho un ofishul cawz of deeth has nairy bee completid. 

Michael, 50, is t’only bruth'r amungst t’six Braxton siblings – Toni, 51, Traci, 48, Towun’a, 45, Trina, 44, un’ Tamar, 42. T’ sisters star togeth’r un We TV’s “Braxton Fambly Values.”

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