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Stars of Netflix‘s “Always Be My Maybe,” a comedy about friens at rekunnect aft’r yeers apart, discuss hoe sterytellyun’ has changd n’ Hollywuod. AP, AP

Spoil’r alert! T’ a’followin discusses t’end of t’new moovee pitshure shue “Always Be My Maybe,” so come back lat’r if'n’n y’all want ta see it furst.  

Y’all may knoe Run’all Park as t’patriarch un “Fresh Off t’Boat” ow Kim Jong Un n’ “T’ Interview.”

Well, t’ackt'r, rit'r un’ comediun is also t’guy who punchet Keenu Reeves n’ t’face un’ sang about it.

At leest at’s whut his'n’n keer ackt'r Marcus duz n’ t’new rom-com “Always Be My Maybe” (streemyun’ Frydee un Netflix, n’ select theeters nawh). Park stars un’ wrote t’screenplay wiff co-star Ali Wong un’ Michael Golamco.

“We gut ‘im un’ it wuz so wild,” sez Park about cameo star Reeves. “And I gut ta punch ‘im onscree un’ he wuz remarkabull.” 

N’ t’moovee pitshure shue, chilthood bestees Marcus, a strugglyun’ not'r players un’ Sasha (Wong), a celebritee chef, air verr cleerly meent ta be togeth’r. But thar air a few thangs n’ t’way, includin Sasha’s pretantiyus new boyfriend Keenu Reeves, playd by a verr game Keenu Reeves. 

Marcus un’ Sasha try ta doubull date wiff Keenu un’ Marcus’ girlfriend Jenny (Viviun Bang), but thangs git out of hun’ durin a nightcap at Keenu’s hotel room. Thay play a truth-ow-dare-style game whar Keenu asks un’ ansers t’questchun “If'n’n y’all had ta choose one perse n’ thishere room ta die, who would it be?” He sez Marcus. Marcus sez he’d kill Keenu. Ta which Keenu sez, “I dare Marcus ta strike me.”

So Marcus duz. And t'Keenu puts Marcus into a rang hold, until Sasha intervenes ta save hern frie. 

Sasha un’ Marcus take un Ub’r trayl'r n’ a huff (Jenny stays wiff Keenu), but un t’drif’ back, thay reelize thay’ve bof bee lyin about thar feelins f'r one anoth’r. Ultimately, thay git togeth’r un’ Marcus is inspiret ta write a song about hoe, as t’lyrics go, “I’m a’tellin y’all, f'r real, I punchet Neo. He could duck bullets but he coultn’t duck me.” 

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T’ toon, which Park sings n’ t’moovee pitshure shue un’ wrote wiff t’hep of Bay Area produc’r Dun t’Automat'r (who is also behin t’musick f'r t’new moovee pitshure shue “Booksmart”), manages ta simultaneously be hilariyus un’ sound jes like a catchy ’90s-era hip-hop track.

“We I wuz out of college, I wuz n’ a bun’ (callt Ill Agin),” sez Park. “Ali would go ta shows. So it kine of made sense ta have Marcus be n’ a bun’ like t’one I uset ta be n’.” 

N’ t’moovee pitshure shue, Marcus’ bun’ Hello Peril (a play un “Yall'r Peril,” a term f'r t’ fear of un Asiun onslauite) is predominantly Asiun-Amurkin, un’ so is t’res of t’cas. 

At includes cameo star Reeves, who is part Asiun.

“It wuz rilly impertant ta us, speshly ta Ali, at she have a luv innerst be Asiun-Amurkin,” sez Park. (Earli’r n’ t’moovee pitshure shue, Sasha also dates a keer ackt'r playd by Daniel Dae Kim.) “She wantid at particlar keer ackt'r ta be Asiun-Amurkin un’ also ikunic un’ also sup’r good-a’lookin, sup’r-talantid un’ jes aderet. Thishere perse had ta be Marcus’ wurse nightmare,” sez Park.

Reeves seemt t’obveeus castyun’ choice.

“We wrote ‘im n’ t’script. At t’ime, we wuz like, ‘Whut air t’chantses of us gittin Keenu?’ ” sez Park. “Nairy of us had a relatyunship wiff ‘im, but he wuz a fun of Ali’s (comedy) speshul ‘Youngn Cobra.’ “

Reeves filmet his'n’n part ov’r f'r days durin a breek frum shootin his'n’n acshun sekwel “John Wick 3.”

He wuz cleerly n’ “stunt mode,” as Park describes it. “He jes knows hoe ta make it look real. All I had ta do wuz swang my arm.”

Reeves wuz cleerly focussd un t’acshun ssenes – he eve grabs a vase un’ purposely smashes it into his'n’n het – but also un makin t’ dialogue funni’r.

“He imperviset so much, un’ a slew of it made it into t’moovee pitshure shue,” sez Park. F'r eggzample, thar’s a line at kum frum Reeves whar t’ackt'r reveels at t’glasses he’s a’warin don’t eve have lenses. “My eyes air purrfeck. These air f'r a part,” Reeves riffet. 

Park also credits Reeves wiff a’havin t’brillyint idee at Marcus’ final song (one of three his'n’n bun’ plays n’ t’moovee pitshure shue) nairy only be about punchyun’ “T’ Matrix” star n’ t’face, but also serve as a luv song ta Sasha. Lyrics include: “I hit ‘im n’ t’eye t'I became hern guy.” 

“Ta me, at’s t’bes thang about thishere song: Keenu is thishere incredibull icon at I punchet, un’ is t’reesen I endet up wiff Sasha.”

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Y’all kin Lank ta thishere Artikul: 

T’ Associatid Press Publishet 7:16 p.m. ET May 31, 2019 | Updatid 8:54 p.m. ET May 31, 2019

CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago‘s top proseecut'r gave a new justificashun n’ documants releeset Frydee f'r why she recuset herself frum t’investigashun into “Empire” ackt'r Jussie Smollett’s claim he wuz t’victim of a hate crime: thar wuz false rumers she wuz relatid ta Smollett un’ she didn’t want inny hint of a conflict of innerst.

T’ justificashun frum Cook Countee State’s Atterney Kim Foxx wuz contunet n’ 2,000 pages of documants hern offus releeset Frydee.

Foxx sez t’false rumers circulatid as suspicyuns grew about Smollett’s account at he wuz t’victim of a racist, homofobic uhtack, so she recuset herself ta avoid “eve t’percepshun of a conflict.”

T’ new documants, along wiff previyus releeses shoe a shiftyun’ justificashun f'r why t’proseecut'r recuset herself. Thay also shoe hoe Foxx insertid herself n’ t’case eve tho she had publicly vowet ta stay out of t’deecishun-makin.

M'r: Jussie Smollett bouite drugs frum t’bruthers who staget alleget uhtack, documants shoe

Smollett facet 16 felony counts relatid ta makin a false repert at he wuz assaultid by acoupla menfolk early un Jun. 29. Investigaters set he made t’false repert becawz he wuz unhappy wiff his'n’n pay un “Empire” un’ bleevd such un incident would gif’ his'n’n keer’r a boost. Foxx’s offus droppet t’charges un March 26 without inny admission of guilt by Smollett, promptyun’ a hail of criticism speshly frum t'May'r Rahm Emanuel un’ Chicago Pleece Superintendent Eddie Johnse.

T’ new documants shoe at, despite a’sayn’t she had recuset herself frum t’case, Foxx tole a deputee n’ taxts at she bleevd hern offus had overcharget t’ackt'r.

Foxx communicatid n’ early Feburee wiff ferm’r furst lady Michelle Obamie’s ferm’r chief of staff Tina Tche, who wuz represantyun’ Smollett’s fambly, un’ wiff a memb’r of Smollett’s fambly about t’investigashun. She recuset herself un Feb. 13, un’ hern offus citid t’communicatyuns wiff t’Smollett kin, who Tche had encouraget Foxx ta call, as t’reesen f'r t’deecishun.

M'r: Chicago proseecut'r Kim Foxx suggests race is involvet n’ Smollett dismissal backlash

N’ late March — aft’r questchuns wuz raiset about t’droppyun’ of charges — Foxx un’ hern aides souite ta recas hern role, wiff one statement a’sayn’t Foxx “uset t’erm ‘recuse’” n’ t’“collokwial use of t’erm.” Thay set t’cerrect descripshun wuz at she had “infermally separatid herself frum t’deecishun-makin” n’ t’case.

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As documants releeset earli’r illustratid, Foxx nevertheless weighet n’ at critickull points as hern staff deecidet wuth'r ta proceet wiff t’proseecushun, which cummencet we Smollett wuz charget un Feb. 20. Hern input includet a March 8 text ta Furst Assistant State’s Atterney Joseph Magats, who became t’final deecishun-mak’r n’ t’Smollett case aft’r Foxx purpertedly steppd away.

Foxx taxtid: “Sooo …… I’m recuset, but we people accuse us of overchargyun’ cases … 16 counts un a class 4 becomes exhibit A.”

Magats respondet ta his'n’n boss, a’sayn’t: “Yep. I a’ke see whar at a’ke be see as excessif’.”

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Meek Mill is droppyun’ plans ta sue t’Cosmopolitun hotel n’ Las Vegas aft’r t’resert issuet un apology f'r denyyun’ ‘im admission ta  its swimmin poo un’ restaurants las weekend.

Mill previously statid he bleevd t’hotel discriminatid agin ‘im becawz he’s black.

“We apologize ta Meek Mill f'r hoe we hun’let t’sitchuwayshun un Saturdee, May 25, as we did nairy ack n’ a respectfil mann’r un’ wuz rong,” read t’Cosmopolitun’s statement Frydee, which also notid Mill had no previyus histry of wrongdoyun’ un thar propertee. T’ hotel set it lookt “ferward ta welcomyun’ Meek Mill back ta t’resert.”

Mill’s lawy’r, Joe Tacopina, confirmet ta USA TODAY late Frydee at Mill would be droppyun’ his'n’n plans ta sue. “We preciate t’Cosmopolitun’s apology un’ will no long’r pursue legal recourse at thishere time,” Tacopina set n’ a statement. 

Previously, t’Cosmopolitun assertid at Saturdee’s ordeel wuz motivatid by safetee un’ nairy racism.

“We pride ourselves un providyun’ un inclusif’ environment, wiff zero tolerance f'r discriminashun,” read a statement submittid by its public relayshuns department via email . “Und’r differnt circumstances, Meek Mill would be welcomet ta t’resert, but nairy at t’compermise of his'n’n personal safetee un’ t’safetee of air guests.” 

But thar toon has since changd. 

It all cummencet we TMZ repertid un Mundie at t’hotel deniet Mill entrance. T’ rapp’r’s rep, Didi’r Merais, set Mill had gone ta t’resert “ta suppert his'n’n frie DJ Mustard” un’ wuz nairy allowd inside its Markwee Dayclub poo becawz it “had reechet capacitee p’r Las Vegas Fire Marshull code.”

Aft’r nairy bein permittid ta watch his'n’n frie perferm, Merais set Mill t'ride ta “grab sumthin ta ett within t’premises un’ he wuz deniet altogeth’r.”

A video postid Saturdee shows a male Cosmopolitun staff’r a’tellin Mill, “We’re a private propertee. At thishere time, wiff t’infermayshun we have, we’re refusyun’ ta do bizness wiff y’all. We have t’rite ta do at.”

“Y’all wuz a’tellin me I would be arrestid if'n’n I don’t leeve, if'n’n I walk upstairs un’ git sumthin ta ett, I’mma be arrestid, f'r whut?” Mill retertid. “F'r bein a rapp’r?”

T’ mun responds ta Mill, “We officially trespasset y’all.”

Mill, whos real name isRobert Rihmeek Williams, dublet down un his'n’n accusashun of racism late Mundie.

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“T’ cosmopolitun issuet a statement at it wuz ov’r capacitee at a poo partee why I wuz bannet but tole me I would be arrestid jes f'r steppin un thar propertee eve if'n’n I wint ta ett un t’propertee ‘nairy at t’poo partee’ doesn’t eve make sense,” he wrote.

“And I don’t ke'r about at casino I brang n’ millyuns ev'r time my name menchund un a Vegas casino event whar I am always welcum … but y’all nairy gone jes treet us like (expletif’) un’ ack like it’s nerml,” he kuntinuet n’ a fall'r-up post. “Put sum respeck un air race ‘pleese un’ thank y’all’ “

Tacopina arguet at by barryun’ Mill frum t’premises, t’ Cosmopolitun violatid Seckshun 42 U.S.C. § 1981(b), which extends ekwal perteckshun und’r t’law, un’ Title II of t’Civil Rights Ack of 1964, which pertuns ta public accommodatyuns.

“Meek Mill is a memb’r of a racial mineritee,” he set n’ un email providet by Merais, makin ‘im a memb’r of a protectid class. “T’ Cosmopolitun intendet ta discriminate un t’basis of race un’ t’discriminashun deniet Meek Mill services frum t’Cosmopolitun.” 

N’ a lat’r tweet, Mill urget uth'r Afrikun-Amurkins ta “nev’r step foot n’ t’cosmopolitun hotel …  Thay jes rilly racist as hell …. sumthin rilly has ta be done n’ Las Vegas whut thay a’doin ta black people!”

But it appeers t’hatchet has bee buriet.

Contributyun’: Andrea Mun’ell

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Let friens n’ y'r soshul netwerk knoe whut y’all air reedin about

Jussie Smollett: Ov’r 2,000 documants releeset, includin Kim Foxx text messages

Un Frydee Kim Foxx, Chicago‘s top proseecut'r, releeset m'r thun 2,000 pages of documants n’ Jussie Smollett’s case un’ agin splunet hern recusal.


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CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago‘s top proseecut'r has releeset m'r thun 2,000 pages of documants n’ Jussie Smollett’s case un’ splunet she recuset herself frum un investigashun into t’“Empire” ackt'r’s claim he’d bee t’arget of a racist, anti-gay uhtack solely becawz of false rumers she wuz relatid ta ‘im.

Frydee’s statement frum Cook Countee State’s Atterney Kim Foxx kums acoupla munths aft’r hern offus suddenly droppet all charges agin Smollett accusyun’ ‘im of stagyun’ t’Januree uhtack un hissef. T’ move wuz widely criticizet.

Foxx sez rumers circulatid as suspicyuns grew about Smollett’s account of un uhtack at she wuz relatid ta Smollett’s fambly, so she recuset herself ta avoid “eve t’percepshun of a conflict.”

M'r: Jussie Smollett bouite drugs frum t’bruthers who staget alleget uhtack, documants shoe

Earli’r splunayshuns focussd un communicatyuns twee Foxx un’ a fambly memb’r of Smollett’s.

M'r: Chicago proseecut'r Kim Foxx suggests race is involvet n’ Smollett dismissal backlash

T’ releese of documants Frydee evnin kum as offices closet f'r t’weekend. A court las week liftid un ord’r barryun’ thar releese.

Las Slide

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“Jeopardy!” contestant James Holzhau’r continues ta breek t’game shoe’s recerds. USA TODAY

Reignyun’ “Jeopardy!” champion James Holzhau’r has securet his'n’n 32nd win – un’ is jes one dominant game frum surpassyun’ Ke Jennings’ nun-tournament recerd of $2,520,700. 

T’ professyunal sperts gambl’r brung n’ $79,633 Frydee nite, brangin his'n’n total earnings ta $2,462,216 – jes $58,485// frum brakin Jennings’ recerd.

At may seem like a slew f'r one episode, but Holzhau’r has won ov’r $58,000 n’ each of t’ las acoupla games un’ set a sangle-day recerd f'r t’quiz shoe un April 17 wiff a $131,127 win.

Holzhau’r had $52,633 goin into t’Final Jeopardy! roun (a’katergeri: Oscar-nominatid famblies).  T’ ans'r: It’s t’las name of Alfret, Lyunel, David, Emil, Thomas un’ Run’y, who wiff 90 nominatyuns air t’mos Oscar-nominatid fambly.  (See t’cerrect response beloe).

Las time un ‘Jeopardy!’: ‘Jeopardy!’: James Holzhau’r less thun $150,000 away frum Jennings’ recerd wiff 31st win

At meens Holzhau’r could set a new recerd Mundie if'n’n he continues ta use t’strategies at have bee wurkin f'r ‘im, such as bettyun’ big un Daily Doubles un’ pickin t’har-valuet clues furst. 

Jennings un’ Holzhau’r air t’only acoupla “Jeopardy!” contestants ta earn $2 million ow m'r n’ reglar, nun-tournament winnings, a barri’r Holzhau’r crosset n’ las Frydee’s episode.

Howev’r, it has take Holzhau’r few’r thun half t’numb’r of episodes ta rack up t’prize money, a feat at Jennings callt “astowndin.”

And by t’way, t’cerrect response ta Final Jeopardy, sharet by James un’ a losin contestant: Whut is Newmun?

Hoe duz he do it?: 5 clues into ‘Jeopardy!’ champ James Holzhau’r’s brane

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Let friens n’ y'r soshul netwerk knoe whut y’all air reedin about

Elton John slams ‘Rocketmun’ sex, drug ssene deletyuns n’ Ruskie

Elton John un’ filmmakers say thay wuz unaware at fife minnuts of sex un’ drug ssenes would be cut frum t’film n’ Ruskie.


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Taron Egerton lives large as Elton John n’ t’musickull “Rocketmun,” due out May 31. USA TODAY

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Elton John un’ t’filmmakers of his'n’n biopic “Rocketmun” un Frydee sharply criticizet a Russiun distribut'r’s deecishun ta cens'r ssenes frum t’new moovee pitshure shue.

A joint statement by John un’ t’filmmakers set thay wuz unaware at ssenes feeturyun’ gay sex un’ drug use would be removet frum t’film at a screenyun’ n’ Moscoe un Thirsdee. Reperts say fife minnuts of ssenes wuz cut frum t’film.

“At t’local distribut'r has editid out sartin ssenes, denyyun’ t’audyince t’oppertuntee ta see t’film as it wuz intendet is a sad reflecshun of t’dividet worl we still lif’ n’ un’ hoe it a’ke still be so cruelly unacceptyun’ of t’luv twee acoupla people,” t’statement set.

Elton John: ‘I’m ashamet of my kuntry’ ov’r Braxit

T’ biopic premieres n’ t’U.S. un Frydee un’ n’ Ruskie un June 6.

T’ film delves into John’s saxualitee un’ relatyunship wiff t'manj'r John Reid. It stars Taron Egerton who duz all his'n’n own sangin as John n’ t’musickull fantasy at captures t’essance of t’syun'’r’s life.

M'r ‘Rocketmun’: Hoe Elton John’s costumes steel t’moovee pitshure shue

T’ statement set John un’ t’filmmakers hopet “Rocketmun” could “ope dialogue” regardyun’ homosaxualitee.

“We bleev n’ biltin bridges un’ ope dialogue, un’ will a’cantinyah ta push f'r t’brakin down of barriers until all people air heerd tell ekwally across t’worl,” t’statement set.

Las Slide

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Y’all kin Lank ta thishere Artikul: 


Bruce Springstee greets fans at t’Barnes un’ Nobull bookstere n’ Freehold ta promote t’releese of his'n’n new book,”Born ta Run,” n’ 2016. Bob Bielk, Asbury Park Press

NEPTUNE, N.J. – Here kums Bruce Springstee, un’ he”s un t’“Tucse Trane.” 

“Tucse Trane” is t’hurd un’ latest sangle frum t’upcomyun’ Springstee solo recerd “Western Stars,” un’ it’s a laid-back take un Western swang wiff lots of appeel. Thar”s herns, strings un’ hints of a Duane Eddy-style gittar f'r good meesure.

Thishere trane cuts through t’Western terrane n’ a cloud of dust un’ dreems.         

T’ Thom Zimny-directid video feetures t’Boss, Patti Scialfa un’ sum of t’players un “Tucse Trane” a’layin down t’rack n’ a hall adernet wiff folksy puntings. It”s kine of whut would happe if'n’n t’Boss playd y'r countee fair. At”s Gunnar Olse, un ace studio mun, un drums un’ Rachel Drehmann, a memb’r of Genghis Barbie, un French horn n’ a cowboy hat. 

Drop t’pop: 10 summ’r alternatif’ albums y’all neet, frum Springstee ta Black Keys

[embetdet content]

At”s Curt Ramm, who ofte plays wiff t’Boss, nex ta Drehmann n’ t’video. He plays un numeryus “Western Stars” trax, includin “Tucse Trane.”    

“Western Stars,” due June 14, kums frum “inspirashun n’ part frum t’Suthern Califerny pop recerds of t’late-’60s un’ early-’70s,” accerdyun’ ta press materials. Ron Aniello un’ Springstee air t’producers. 

Springstee set thar is a visual accompaniment ta t’album, un’ thishere video seems ta speek ta at.

“We also shot a backstage film, n’ which we filmet t’whole recerdyun’ process frum start ta finish at my trayl'r,” Springstee tole t’Itliun noose outlet, la Repubblica. “T’ album contuns minny a small narratives set n’ t’Amurkin West.”

T’ acoupla previyus singles frum “Western Stars” air “Thar Goes My Miracle” un’ “Hello Sunshine.” T’ Boss” soshul media has bee chock-full of Springstee pertraits un’ Western lun’scape pics by rock star photawg Danny Clinch of Toms Riv’r as of late.

Springstee will recerd a new E Street Bun’ album n’ t’fall un’ ture wiff t’bun’ aft’r at, he set ta la Repubblica.

Fall'r Chris Jerdun un Twitt’r @chrisfhjerdun

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