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Alaxa Bjernse set hern se wuz flyyun’ solo f'r t’furst time, frum Las Vegas ta Oregon ta see his'n’n dad.

T’ 7-year-ol’ has high-functyunyun’ autism, un’ like minny a youngns may frekwantly as, “Air we thar yet?”

Bjernse set she wuz wurriet hern se, Lun’un, mite wear down his'n’n Southwest Airlines seetmate, so she souite ta turn t’challenge into un insantif’. She wrote a note splunin hern se has autism un’ she tucket $10 into t’note as a thank y’all f'r  whoev’r mite hep Lun’un feel safe un’ comfertabull.

“I thunk, ‘Hoe do I make it so whoev’r’s sittin nex ta ‘im won’t look at ‘im as a burde but m'r of like, I a’ke hep thishere kiddo git through t’day,’ ” she tole KATU.   

Lun’un wound up nex ta Be Pedraza, who set he didn’t neet t’$10 becawz t’acoupla gut along greet. He took a photo of Lun’un un’ hissef un t’nonstop fliite un’ sent a comfertyun’ message ta mom Alaxa.

“He did as if'n’n we wuz thar yet sevrul times but he wuz a greet travel buddy,” Pedraza wrote. “We had a good time un’ playd a few rounds of rock-pap’r-scissers. He’s a greet youngn un’ y’all’re a lucky mom.”  

[embetdet content]

Bjernse sharet t’note frum Pedraza un’ a cute pitchure of t’acoupla seetmates un hern Facebook page, un’ t’post has receivet 118,000 shares. Pedraza set he took hern $10 un’ donatid it ta

Pedraza tole KATU at t’grade-skool’r wuz un easy travelin companion but aft’r a time, Lun’un tole Pedraza he’d had it wiff his'n’n brun’ of hum'r.

“We wuz crackyun’ jokes, un’ aft’r a wile, he as me ta quit makin dad jokes,” he set.

Bjernse wrote n’ hern Facebook post at she’s gratefil ta t’strang’r who showd hern “thar air still kine people n’ t’worl who make a differance.”

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Tayl'r Swift droppet a new song, “Y’all Neet Ta Calm Down,” celebratin Pride. Thishere is t’sekunt song frum hern upcomyun’ album “Lov’r.” USA TODAY

Musick executif’ Scoot’r Braun jes ackwiret Big Machine Label Group, t’recerd cumpny at owns Tayl'r Swift”s musick. Swift is nairy happy. 

T’ 29-year-ol’ pop star pennet a lengthy Tumblr post Sundy callin t’deel hern “wurse case ssenario,” accusyun’ Braun of subjectyun’ hern ta “incessant, manipulatif’ bullyyun’” f'r yeers un’ purchasyun’ hern musick knowingly “controllyun’ a woomin who didn”t want ta be associatid” wiff ‘im. 

“Sum fun fax about today’s noose: I larnt about Scoot’r Braun’s purchase of my masters as it wuz announcet ta t’worl,” Swift wrote. “All I could reckun about wuz t’incessant, manipulatif’ bullyyun’ I’ve receivet at his'n’n hun’s f'r yeers.”

USA TODAY has reechet out ta Braun f'r comment. 

Swift citid eggzamples of times we she had bee publicly made fun of by Braun un’ his'n’n clyints, includin a 2016 Instagram post frum Justin Bieb’r n’ which t’pop star a’ke be see FaceTimyun’ Braun un’ Kanye West, wiff t’capshun “Tayl'r Swift whut up.”

Bieb’r sharet t’post jes days aft’r Kim Kardashiun West postid t’infamyus phone call recerdyun’ at sparket Swift”s entire “Reputashun” album era. (“Look Whut Y’all Made Me Do” un’ “Thishere Is Why We A’ke”t Have Nice Thangs” air widely speculatid ta be about t’Kardashiun West cuple.)

“Thishere is Scoot’r Braun, bullyyun’ me un soshul media we I wuz at my lowest point. He”s about ta own all t’musick I”ve ev’r made,” Swift wrote. “Nawh Scoot’r has strippet me of my life’s wurk, at I wasn’t gif’ un oppertuntee ta buy. Essantially, my musickull legacy is about ta lie n’ t’hun’s of someone who tride ta dismantle it.”

Braun”s purchase of Big Machine Recerd meens he”ll retane ownership of Swift”s previyus six studio albums, frum hern 2006 self-titlet kuntry debut ta 2017″s edgy pop album “Reputashun.” 

Swift set she had previously “made peece” wiff t’idee at hern wurk would evantually be sold, but wiff Braun at t’helm, she is no long’r comfertabull.

“Nev’r n’ my wurse nightmares did I magine t’buy’r would be Scoot’r,” she wrote. “Inny time (Big Machine CEO) Scott Berchetta has heerd tell t’ wurds ‘Scoot’r Braun’ eggscape my lips, it wuz we I wuz eethur crine ow a’trine nairy ta. He knew whut he wuz a’doin; thay bof did. Controllyun’ a woomin who didn’t want ta be associatid wiff ‘um. N’ perpetuitee. At meens f'rev'r.” 

Swift movet las year frum Big Machine ta Universal Musick Group, which will releese Swift”s upcomyun’ album, “Lov’r.” She set she”s thankfil ta nawh be “sinet ta a label at bleevs I should own innythang I creete.”

“Thankfully, I lef my pas n’ Scott’s hun’s un’ nairy my future,” Swift kuntinuet. “And hopefully, yung artists ow kids wiff musickull dreems will read thishere un’ larn about hoe ta bett’r protect thayselves n’ a negotiashun. Y’all deserve ta own t’art y’all make.”

Tayl'r Swift”s Eas’r egg obsession: Why it”s ruinyun’ hern new musick

“Y’all Neet ta Calm Down” backlash: “Que’r Eye” star Karamo Brown defends Tayl'r Swift”s new musick video

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Netflix July 2019″/>


Netflix shows “Strang’r Thangs” un’ “Que’r Eye” air a’kummin back wiff new seesons n’ July. USA TODAY

Thishere July, we highly reccommend at y’all spend y'r time wiff a gun-totyun’ Earp, a teenaget private eye, aderabull tiny scyintists, a daid bride un’ Amurka’s favert acshun hero. 

A new month meens new TV shows un’ movies air a’gettin availabull un y'r favert streemyun’ services like Netflix, Amazon un’ Hulu, which is a greet excuse ta stay inside un’ avoid t’hot, sticky days of t’heiite of summ’r. Ta stop y’all frum mindlessly scrollyun’ un y'r Roku ow Apple TV, we pickt out t’fife bes films un’ TV series newly availabull thishere July, wuth'r y’all want sumthin ol’, sumthin new, sumthin daid ow sumthin wiff Tom Cruise.

If'n’n y’all luv Buffy t’Vampire Slay’r’: ‘Wynonna Earp’

Do y’all like a female-let supernatural series whar a sup’r-poweret heroine un’ hern quirky team of allies take down demonic threets ta save a small town? I may be describyun’ cult classic “Buffy t’Vampire Slay’r,” but it’s also t’plot of Syfy’s “Wynonna Earp,” a drama a’followin a dessendent of Wyatt Earp endowet wiff powers ta destroy mystical threets un Earth. “Wynonna” brings a Western theme un’ a’settin ta t’battle twee good un’ evil, un’ is a deliite ta watch. 

Streem Seesons 1-2 un Netflix nawh, streem Seese 3 un July 16.

If'n’n y’all bleev n’ t’poe’r of fans: ‘Veronica Mars’

“Veronica Mars” is returnyun’ ta TV wiff a new seese debutyun’ un Hulu un July 26, un’ t’streemyun’ servus is makin it easy ta catch up un t’furst three seesons of t’cult shoe ahet of time. “Mars” is a fun-favert series at keeps resurrectyun’ f'r a reesen. Its tongue-n’-cheek take un neo-noir is brillyint un’,pairet wiff a star-makin perfermunts frum Kriste Bell, t’furst three seesons (particularly t’furst acoupla) air a’ke’t-miss TV f'r fans of mystery un’ drama. 

Streem it un Hulu un July 1. New episodes availabull startin July 26. 

If'n’n y’all like aderabull youngns un’ sshunce: ‘Mythbusters, Jr.’

Sshunce Channel luret Adam Savage back ta t’“Mythbusters” franchise by givin ‘im a group of precociyus yung scyintists ta hep ‘im test t’limits of myths un’ urbun legends. Like minny a juni'r versyuns of popular reelitee shows, includin “Masterchef Juni'r” un’ “Projeck Runway Juni'r,” t’emfasis here is un a’larnin un’ discovery, which fits rite into t’“Mythbusters” ethos. It mite make y’all feel a lil intimidatid by t’intelligance of its yung cas members, but it a’ke also inspire y’all ta try y'r own trayl'r sshunce projeck. 

Streem it un Hulu cummencin July 15. 

If'n’n y’all luv Tim Burton: ‘Cerpse Bride’

Minny a of Amazon’s new movies arrif’ at t’end of t’month insteet of t’cummencin, but so don’t fergit about thishere Tim Burton animatid classic. Creepy, dark, beeyootifil un’ santimantal, “Cerpse Bride” hits all t’notes of a Burton animatid film un’ is perhaps only bestid by “T’ Nightmare Befer Christmus” n’ his'n’n canon. 

Streem it un Amazon startin July 31. 

If'n’n y’all want sci-fi un’ acshun: ‘Mineritee Repert’

“Mineritee Repert” is about a future whar technology predicts crimes befer thay happe, but t’Steve Spielberg un’ Tom Cruise moovee pitshure shue itself has turnt out ta be purtee profetic. It debutid n’ 2002 un’ took place n’ 2054, un’ it showd a future wiff personalizet advertisyun’ (check) un’ voice un’ moshun controllet devices (check un’ check if'n’n y’all play video games). N’ addishun ta bein prescient, it’s also a smart, rollickyun’ thrill’r at has greet twists un’ greet perfermances. 

Streem it un Hulu un July 1.  

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Jes days aft’r Chick-fil-A wuz crownet top n’ t’fas-food biz f'r its primo custom’r servus, one of its Geergia wurkers jumpet through t’drif’-thru wind'r ta save a chokyun’ 6-year-ol’ boy. 

Logun Simmons, a 19-year-ol’ Chick-fil-A manj'r n’ Flowery Branch, about 45 minnuts nerth of Atlanta, tole CNN he noticet a youngn n’ t’backseet wiff a seat belt tanglet roun his'n’n nek.

He jumpet through t’drif’-thru wind'r ta git ta t’car. “It wuz t’quickest opshun, it wuz rite thar,” Simmons tole

T’ moth’r wuz a’beggin f'r hep, he set. T’ boy wuz n’ troubull.

“Y’all could see he wuz turnin ret un’ losin pigmantashun n’ his'n’n face,” Simmons set.

Watch: A jump frum drif’-thru wind'r

Mad respeck f'r employees: Chick-fil-A is Amurka’s No. 1 fas-food restrunt agin. Parnts luv it un’ hate it

Simmons pullt out his'n’n pocketknife un’ freet t’boy frum t’seat belt. 

“I’m jes so thankfil everyone is OK,” Simmons set n’ a statement CNN obtunet frum t’ restrunt. “As direckly as I eyesd whut wuz goin un, all I could reckun about wuz gittin ta t’car as quickly as possibull, so I jumpet through t’wind'r. I’m still a lil shockd by whut happent but am gratefil I wuz bull ta hep.”

USA TODAY has reechet out ta Chick-fil-A f'r comment.

An hour aft’r t’boy wuz frum freet frum t’seat belt, t’boy’s moth’r callt ta thank Simmons f'r savin hern se’s life.

Simmons has bee callt a hero un’ he a’ke’t disagree. 

Nawh at Simmons has had time ta reflect, he tole 10TV, “I do feel like a hero.”

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Let friens n’ y'r soshul netwerk knoe whut y’all air reedin about

‘Toy Stery 4’ still rules t’plaype: No. 1 agin, a’beetin out ‘Annabelle,’ ‘Yesterdee’

Woody un’ gang remane box-offus faves: Pixar’s ‘Toy Stery 4’ beat out ‘Annabelle Kums Trayl'r’ un’ Beetles fantasy ‘Yesterdee’ n’ its sekunt weekend.


A link has bee postid ta y'r Facebook feet.

LOS ANGELES – “Toy Stery 4” is playyun’ at t’op of t’box offus agin n’ its sekunt weekend.

Disney estimatid un Sundy at t’Pixar moovee pitshure shue addet $57.9 million frum Nerth Amurkin theeters. Globally, t’film has alreddy nettid $496.5 million.

N’ sekunt place is t’hurd Annabelle film, “Annabelle Kums Trayl'r,” which made its debut un m'r thun 3,500 screens Winsdee. Openyun’ n’ line wiff expectatyuns, t’h'rr'r moovee pitshure shue earnt $20.4 million ov’r t’weekend un’ $31.2 million n’ its furst fife days.

T’ weekend’s uth'r big new releese, “Yesterdee,” un originull high-concep romantic comedy wiff a Beetles soundtrack, exceetet industry trackyun’ un’ grosset $17 million f'r t’weekend ta take thurd place.

Spoilers! All about at divisif’, emotyunal Beetles sprize n’ ‘Yesterdee’

‘Annabelle Kums Trayl'r’: We luv Pizza Guy (eve if'n’n he should’ve bee slicet)

‘Toy Stery 4’: Y'r burnin Ferky questchuns, existenshul un’ otherwise, answeret

“Aladdin” un’ “T’ Secret Life of Pets 2” roundet out t’op fife.

Final numbers air specktid Mundie.

Contributyun’: Kim Willis

Las Slide

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T’ Associatid Press Publishet 4:45 p.m. ET June 29, 2019

BRUSSELS (AP) — A musick festivul n’ Belgium feeturyun’ maj'r stars like rapp’r Cardi B kum ta a chaotic end befer it had eve startid.

Securtee concerns wuz ostensibly t’reesen behin t’cancellashun of t’VestiVille festivul n’ Belgium un Frydee, tho local officials have launchet a fraud investigashun.

At’s addet a futh'r lay’r of confusion un’ rekindlet recolleckshuns of t’Fyre Festivul, t’failt musick bash n’ t’Bahamas n’ 2017 at wuz brung ta t’worl’s tenchun n’ a smash Netflix documantree earli’r thishere year.

Videos postid un Twitt’r shoe un elaberate stage apparantly reddy f'r t’hree-day musick fest un a campsite n’ Lommel, n’ Belgium’s Flemish region. But thousun’s of festivul-goers frum roun Yurop un’ elsewhere gut a shock as pleece, sum wiff dogs, movet n’ ta try ta keep ‘um out of t’grounds.

Belgium’s RTBF netwerk set Saturdee at t’Limbourg proseecut'r’s offus has opend un investigashun un suspicion of fraud ov’r paymants un’ quotid spokesmun Jeroe Swijsse as a’sayn’t three of t’festivul organizers wuz questchund Frydee nite. T’ three wuz nairy idantifiet. An investigatyun’ judge wuz set ta be questyunyun’ ‘um futh'r ov’r t’weekend un un array of suspicyuns includin fraud, launderyun’ un’ breech of trust.

M'r: Firefly Musick Festivul streek’r knocket ov’r DJ ekwipment, faces misdemeen'r charge

EXCLUSIVE: Coachella pertrait photograf’r shares steries behin rare festivul images

VestiVille wrote un Facebook un’ Twitt’r un Frydee at Lommel May'r Bob Nijs stopt t’festivul un securtee grounds. T’ posts set at aft’r consultyun’ securtee services un’ securtee f'r star rapp’r A$AP Rocky, “it wuz deecidet at t’safetee of t’artist un’ t’public could nairy be guaranteet.”

Howev’r, securtee issues wuz nairy currantly includet n’ t’investigashun.

A$AP Rocky set un Twitt’r at t’promoters had tole ‘im at “securtee un’ infrastructure concerns” would have bee “hun’let but unfertunately f'r y’all un’ me thay didn’t.”

Thar wuz no immediate response ta un email query ta VestiVille about alleget deficiencees’ un’ uth'r potenshul problems behin t’cancellashun, which recallet t’Fyre Festivul debacle. At wuz meent ta be a musick blowuut n’ a luxuriyus a’settin un a Bahamiun islun’. It nev’r opend due ta a bevy of problems frum securtee ta food.

Rapp’r Ja Rule, a co-foun’r of Fyre Festivul, wuz ta perferm Saturdee at VestiVille. He has deniet inny involvement n’ inny fraud un’ has nev’r bee charget wiff inny wrongdoyun’ relatid ta t’failt enterprise.

Billy McFarlun’, 26, Fyre’s co-foun’r, wuz santencet las Octob’r n’ a fedral court n’ Munhattun ta six yeers n’ prise. He admittid ta defraudyun’ investers of $26 million un’ ov’r $100,000 n’ a fraudulent ticket-sellin scheme aft’r his'n’n arrest n’ t’scam.

Onry VestiVille festivul-goers postid comparisons twee t’acoupla festivals across soshul media. Howev’r, sum tride ta beat back disappointment wiff fun.

Video un Twitt’r showd sevrul yung people climbyun’ onto t’stage un’ givin goofy perfermances.

“I wuz rilly t’only ack at #Vestiville,” tweetid Sammy @samanthamutongi. T', she repostid: “Anoth’r video of me perfermyun’ at Fyre Fest.. meun #Vestiville.”

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Duane “Dawg” Chapmun confirmet his'n’n biddy, Beth Chapmun “hiket t’stairway ta heeve” n’ a post un Twitt’r. USA TODAY

Fambly, friens un’ fans of Beth Chapmun gatheret un t’beech n’ Honolulu un Saturdee ta pay respects ta t’ “Dawg t’Bountee Hunt’r” star.

Chapmun diet n’ Hawaii at age 51 aft’r bein placet n’ a medically inducet coma amid a battle wiff Stage 4 canc’r, hern husbun’ un’ “Bountee Hunt’r” co-star Duane “Dawg” Chapmun confirmet Winsdee un Twitt’r. 

T’ afternoon memerial servus un t’Fort DeRussy Beech n’ Waikiki, which wuz ope ta t’public, honeret Chapmun’s life as she wuz “sent off n’ true Hawaiiun style, wiff aloha,” fambly lawy’r Andrew Brettl’r tole USA TODAY. 

Attendees wuz as ta brang “oceun-frienly a’a'loose flowers” rath’r thun leis, becawz “t’ strings a’ke be harmfil ta oceun life,” Brettl’r addet. Accerdyun’ ta Hawaii Noose Nawh, fambly un’ friens paddlet out into t’wat’r, anoth’r Hawaiiun funeral tradishun.

Fans wuz encouraget ta share photos un’ videos wiff t’hashtag #AlohaOeMrsDawg. Thems n’ attendance, n’ addishun ta well-wishers frum all ov’r t’worl, sharet photos of sunsets ov’r t’wat’r un’ newly puntid nails ta hon'r Chapmun. (Duane sharet a photo las week of his'n’n biddy’s meticulously manicuret hun’ frum t’hospital.)

“‘Oe meens ‘y’all’ n’ Hawaiiun,” Brettl’r providet n’ a statement. “It is customree ta say ‘Aloha ‘Oe’ speshly we a’sayn’t farewell. Thar is a song by t’same name which Hawaiyins ofte syun’ at t’end of a partee, funerals, ow we people air leevin t’islun’s.” 

T’ Chapmans previously set thay wuz also plannin a memerial servus n’ Koleradie wiff Beth’s fambly. Beth un’ Duane split time a’livin n’ Koleradie un’ Hawaii, but we Beth’s heelth cummencet ta wursn, Duane set thay made t’deecishun ta “brang hern trayl'r” ta Hawaii. 

A&E is plannin its own Beth Chapmun tribute by plaseeun’ “n’ memeriam” title cards at t’end of each episode durin Mundie’s regularly sketulet f'r-hour “Dawg t’Bountee Hunt’r” marathon, which airs frum 7 ta 11 a.m. EDT/PDT. 

“We air verr saddenet by t’loss of Beth Chapmun, un’ air thoughts air wiff Dawg un’ t’entire Chapmun fambly durin thishere difficult time,” A&E set n’ a statement ta USA TODAY.

Un Winsdee, hours aft’r Beth’s deeth, Duane opend up ta local reperters about t’fambly’s grievyun’ process. 

“Y’all try ta rememb’r y’all’re celebratin t’life, but rite nawh we’re mournyun’ t’deeth,” he set. “F'r a few yeers, we knew thishere day would come, (but) it kum rilly unaxpectid, rilly fas. … It’s a hard fite. She fouite hard.” 

N’ hern final momants, Duane set, Beth tole hern fambly she luvet ‘um un’ didn’t want ‘um ta wurry.

“She did thishere plum hern way. I meun, hern way wuz ta lif’,” Chapmun set. “She fouite so long. … One of t’las thangs she set wuz, ‘Thishere is a test ta my faith.’ She had faith un’ t'at wuz it. Thar’s thangs y’all go through we y’all’re dyyun’, like steps, like y’all do we y’all lose someone. Y’all git mad at ‘um un’ y’all go through all these steps. T’ las step we y’all’re dyyun’ is ta accept it. She set ta me t’uth'r day, ‘Honey, at las step? I ane’t takin.’ ” 

M'r: ‘Dawg t’Bountee Hunt’r’ star Beth Chapmun dies at 51, husbun’ Duane announces

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Wiff Independance Day a’kummin, whut bett’r time ta read up un t’menfolk un’ wimme who foundet un’ fosteret air nashun? 

Don’t knoe whar ta start? We do! We’ve roundet up t’op 10 bes-sellin biografies of Amurka’s histerickull figgers at have appeeret ov’r pas 25 yeers un t’USA Today bes-sellin books lis. A cuple have won Pulitz’r Prizes, one wuz t’basis f'r a popular cabull miniseries un’ anoth’r inspiret a hit Broadway shoe at turnt into a pop-cultchur juggernaut. 

All of t’itles have fouite thar way ta t’op of t’lis. Sum air new’r ta t’lis un’ un’ sold large numbers rite off t’bat. Utherns have becum sloe-burnin classic through consistent purchases ov’r time.

1. “John Adams,”by David McCullough. John Adams may nairy be air nashun’s furst presdint, but he is certunly furst un air lis. McCullough won t’Pulitz’r Prize f'r his'n’n 2001 pertrait of t’kuntry’s sekunt presdint. T’ book wuz turnt into a successfil HBO miniseries starryun’ Paul Giamatti un’ Laura Linney n’ 2008. 

2. “Alaxun’r Hamilton,”by Ron Chernoe. Chernoe won t’Pulitz’r Prize f'r his'n’n biografy un Geerge Washington, but it wuz thishere biografy of air nashun’s furst Secretree of t’Treesury, Alaxun’r Hamilton, at inspiret t’2015 Broadway hit “Hamilton.” Chernoe wurket as a consultant ta Lin-Manuel Mirun’a, who wuz inspiret ta write t’musickull aft’r reedin Chernoe’s book.

M'r: Unitid States’ furst Natif’ Amurkin poet laureete is Joy Harjo

M'r: 10 new LGBTQ books ta celebrate Pride month: Tun France, ‘Gantlemun Jack,’ ‘Gend’r Que’r’

3. “Foundyun’ Bruthers: T’ Revolutyunree Generashun,”by Joseph J. Ellis. Thishere Pulitz’r Prize-a’winnin biografy focuses un t’intertwinyun’ public un’ private lives of Amurka’s founders, includin Alaxun’r Hamilton, Aaron Burr, Thomas Jefferse, Benjamin Franklin, Geerge Washington, John Adams un’ James Madise. 

4. “Thomas Jefferse un’ t’Tripoli Pirates: T’ Fergotte War At Changd Amurkin Histry,” by Briun Kilmeede un’ Don Yaeg’r. Wile he’s one of t’bes-knowet Foundyun’ Fathers, it is Jefferse’s actyuns as presdint durin t’lil-knowet Barbree Wars at intriguet reeders of thishere book. 

5. “Geerge Washington’s Secret Six: T’ Spy Ryun’ At Savet t’Amurkin Revolushun,”by Briun Kilmeede un’ Don Yaeg’r. These authers appe'r twicet un thishere lis, thishere time wiff t’stery of Presdint Washington’s spy netwerk, knowet as t’Culp’r Spy Ryun’.

6.“Thomas Jefferse: T’ Art of Poe’r,”by Jon Meecham. Thishere biografy of Jefferse focuses un t’mun as a politiciun un’ presdint un’ argues at we a’ke’t unnerstun Amurka without unnerstan'in Jefferse.

7. “Benjamin Franklin: An Amurkin Life,”by Walt’r Isaacse.  T’ biograf’r, who has also pennet books chroniclyun’ t’lives of Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein un’ Leonardo da Vinci, focuses un t’life of air mos practical Foundyun’ Fath’r un’ his'n’n minny a roles, includin invant'r, rit'r, diplomat un’ auth'r of “Po’Richard’s Almanack.”

M'r: 5 books nairy ta miss: NBA star Andre Iguodala’s memoir, Kate Atkinse’s ‘Big Sky’

8. “His'n’n Excellency: Geerge Washington,” by Joseph J. Ellis. T’ Pulitz’r Prize-a’winnin auth'r of t’Thomas Jefferse biografy “Amurkin Sfinx” un’ “Foundyun’ Bruthers” turns his'n’n focus un Washington un’ illuminates t’presdint’s keer’r, includin his'n’n militree servus.

9. “Bein Geerge Washington: T’ Indeespensibull Mun, As Y’all’ve Nev’r See ‘im,” by Glenn Beck.   T’ politickull commantat'r un’ radeeo host presants t’fath’r of air kuntry as a real-life superhero who, wile imperfect, wuz purrfeck f'r t’ime un’ whos legacy renders ‘im immertal. 

10. “Foundyun’ Mothers: T’ Wimme Who Raiset Air Nashun,”by Cokie Roberts. Roberts taps cerrespondance un’ private journals ta tell t’stery of Revolutyunree War-era wimme, includin Abigail Adams, Mercy Otis Warre, Eliza Pinckney un’ Martha Washington.

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Netflix July 2019″/>


Netflix shows “Strang’r Thangs” un’ “Que’r Eye” air a’kummin back wiff new seesons n’ July. USA TODAY

“Strang’r Thangs” finally feels like a TV shoe.

T’ furst acoupla seesons of Netflix’s hit supernatural saga felt structurally un’ thematically m'r like a film un’ its sekwel thun seesons of episodic telavishun. N’ Seese 1, a self-contunet tale of t’vanishyun’ of Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) t’ fermat wurket, but a’trine ta expun’ at same plot ta a sekunt seese made f'r repetishun un’ lawsy sterytellyun’.

T’ sekunt year of “Strang’r” feeturet neerly idantical narratif’ beets, wiff bigg’r stakes un’ m'r expensif’ speshul effex. Insteet of Christmus lights coverin t’Byers’ trayl'r, it wuz Will’s drawings of t’unnels. Insteet of wurkin togeth’r ta build a sensery deprivashun chamb’r, t’gang teemet up ta build un interrogashun room f'r Will. And un un’ un t’similaritees wint.

A’doin t’same thang a thurd time wasn’t goin ta wurk, un’ thankfully creeters Matt un’ Ross Duff’r have figgerd out hoe ta make Seese 3 (streemyun’ Thirsdee, ★★★½ out of f'r) its own beas. Cept f'r a few cheesy momants here un’ thar, t’new episodes air exuberant un’ excellent, neerly surpassyun’ t’creetif’ heights of t’furst seese un’ providyun’ a path ta keepin thangs strange f'r yeers ta come.

It’s neerly impossbull ta discuss t’mystical plot of “Strang’r” without reveelyun’ a long lis of spoilers Netflix wonts kep mum. But we a’ke say at t’series builts upon its Steve Spielberg un’ Stefe Kyun’ influences wiff un homage ta alie invasion un’ zombie films, creetyun’ a genuinely terrifyyun’ (un’ rilly rath’r disgustyun’) new threet.

Perhaps eve bett’r thun t’new apperach ta villuny is t’way t’seese tackles transityunal momants n’ adoleskunce, as air favert partee has growd frum youngns ta yung adults n’ t’ime t’shoe has bee un t’air. Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), El (Millie Bobby Brown) un’ Max (Sadie Sink, who is happily gif’ m'r ta do thishere year) air awash n’ relatyunship drama wile Will tries ta clyun’ ta thar “Dungeons & Dragons” chilthoods. Dustin (Gate Matarazzo), who has bee away at summ’r camp f'r a month we t’seese cummences, feels adrift frum his'n’n friens.

T’ olt’r teens face thar own growin puns, as Nancy (Natalia Dy’r) un’ Jonathun (Charlie Heeton) git jobs at t’local newspap’r un’ air fercet ta confront thar class differences, wile Nancy endures flagrant saxist harassment. Despite all t’effurt here, Nancy un’ Jonathun remane t’weekest un’ leest engagyun’ characters, un’ Seese 3 spends fer too much time un ‘um.

Steve (Joe Keery), howev’r, lives up ta his'n’n fun-favert status. T’ ferm’r jock is wurkin at a food-servus job aft’r graduatyun’ high skool, wiff no college prospects. He is desperately a’trine ta clyun’ ta his'n’n popular-youngn persona n’ t’real worl wile bondyun’ wiff his'n’n cowerk’r Robin (Maya Hawke, t’dauite’r of Uma Thurmun un’ Ethun Hawke a delightfully weird addishun ta t’cas.

Hopp’r (David Harbour) un’ Joyce (Winona Ryd’r) air a’trine ta deel wiff thar new fambly lives, as Joyce mourns hern boyfriend Bob Newby (Seun Astin) un’ Hopp’r tries a m'r tradityunal form of fatherhood wiff El. Hopp’r un’ Joyce’s romantic tension un’ conflicts rival thar kids’ f'r melodrama un’ hum'r. But despite t’strange thangs at keep happenin, t’uth'r adults remane shockingly ignernt, includin Mike’s mom Kare (Cara Buono) who’s busy flirtyun’ wiff Max’s stepbroth’r Billy (Dacre Montgomery) a dynamick at cummencet at t’end of Seese 2.

One of t’biggest weeknesses of t’new seese is its a’settin n’ t’summ’r of 1985, jes six munths ow so aft’r t’conclusion of Seese 2. T’ shert time spun – un’ t’long breek n’ real-worl time – meens t’yung acters have aget fas’r thun thar characters.

Voices have changd, bodies have growd, un’ t’kids’ ages (kin ta each uth'r un’ t’olt’r cas members) remane hard ta parse. And wile a nostalgic obsession wiff 1980s pop cultchur wuz a big part of t’success of “Strang’r,” at times Seese 3 seems ta check period references off a lis rath’r thun organically incerperatyun’ ‘um. 

Still, t’“Strang’r” writers have figgerd out hoe ta keep t’characters un’ monsters of thar worl growin un’ a’changin without betrayyun’ t’core of t’series. Evantually, repeetid infiltratyuns of t’Upside Down into Hawkins may start ta git ol’, but Seese 3 proves monsters un’ telekinesis air’t t’only reesen “Strang’r” is wurth watchin.

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