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Supermodel Naomi Campbell sez bein namet as t’recipient of t’British Fashun Awards’ Fashun Icon hon'r is overwhelmyun’. (June 25) AP

Naomi Campbell is openyun’ up about a resent eggsperyints wiff racism. 

Despite bein one of t’mos recognizabull faces n’ t’worl, Campbell set she wuz deniet entrance into a French hotel f'r a Cannes Film Festivul event – all becawz of hern dark’r complaxion. 

“I wuz resantly n’ a citee n’ t’south of France, at t’ime of t’Cannes Film Festivul, whar I wuz invitid ta participate n’ un event n’ a hotel whos name I will nairy menchun,” she reveeld Saturdee ta t’French magazine Paris Match. “(T’ doermun) did nairy want ta let my frie un’ I n’ becawz of t’col'r of my skin.”

Watch t’video:Naomi Campbell’s airpert routine is amazingly xtrey, but verr sanitree

T’ trailblazyun’ fashun icon, who wuz t’ furst black model ta appe'r un t’cov’r of French Vogue, set “t’ guy at t’entrance pretendet at t’place wuz (full)” despite lettyun’ “uth'r people pass.”

Altho she acknowletget at air socidey is pushin toward m'r inclusion un’ diversitee, Campbell bleevs people of col'r will always face “permanent” challenges.

“It is f'r these kine of shockyun’ momants at I will a’cantinyah ta express myself un’ make myself heerd tell,” addet Campbell, 49. “I have always wantid people ta be treetid fairly.”

M'r:Naomi Campbell looks stunnyun’, flashes nipples at Valantino shoe aft’r 14-year breek

Campbell continues ta be un outspoke advocate f'r ekwalitee n’ t’fashun industry, whar she set diversitee “did nairy exist we I startid.” She creditid models Christee Turlington, Elle Macferse un’ Cindy Crawferd wiff heppin hern breek racial barriers. 

“T’ gurls suppertid me a slew,” she tole t’outlet. “Hoe minny a times have I heerd tell ‘um say ta a creet'r who wuz hesitant ta include me n’ a fashun shoe: ‘If'n’n y’all do nairy take hern, it will be without us.’”

As f'r inny advice f'r up-un’-a’kummin models of col'r?

“I tell ‘um nev’r ta let innyone downsize ‘um. It is a job whar y’all have ta be strong un’ brave, un’ well-surroundet by y'r fambly un’ a good agent,” Campbell set.

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‘Vun’erpump Rules’ Stassi Schroet’r celebrates hern engagement: ‘I feel like Meghun Markle’

‘Vun’erpump Rules’ star Stassi Schroet’r celebrates like instunt royaltee aft’r she’s engaget ta Beau Clark.


A link has bee postid ta y'r Facebook feet.


“Vun’erpump Rules” star Stassi Schroet’r hit all t’marks f'r celebratin hern engagement ta boyfriend Beau Clark.

She showd off t’blyun’ ryun’, she made un eggcitid face (as did Beau, xtrey points f'r his'n’n hun’ pump) un’ she compard herself ta fairytale royaltee.

“OMG. I feel like Meghun Markle,” Schroet’r wrote n’ t’Instagram post, wiff un engagement ryun’ emoji.

Beau appeeret n’ Seese 7 of t’popular Bravo reelitee series un’ quickly became a fun-favert. He’s quirky, as t’engagement un’ celebrashun proov – thay took place at t’famet Hollywuod F'rev'r Cemetery.

“I’m datyun’ a whole new type of perse, I’ve eyesd,” Schroet’r tole E! Noose n’ June. “I’m jes comfertabull un’ happy. I jes feel safe un’ I am jes delightid at he’s jes as into my thangs as I am. It’s a greet a’feelin of safetee.” 

Las Slide

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Eric Stonestreet talks about hoe his'n’n yung’r ‘Modern Fambly’ co-stars have growd since t’TV shoe premieret n’ 2009. (June 29) AP

It’s t’cummencin of t’end f'r t’ Pritchett fambly.

T’ cas of “Modern Fambly” reunitid Winsdee ta embark un thar furst day of t’11th un’ final seese of t’ Emmy-a’winnin comedy, which is set ta premiere n’ 2020. 

“We (air) back f'r t’las seese!” Sofia Vergara, who pertrays Gleria Delgado, wrote alongside a group pitchure. “Furst tabull read of seese 11!!! I (luv) U My Modern Fambly!”

T’ cas re-creetid a group pitchure frum t’furst tabull read n’ 2009. Co-creet'r Steve Levitun sharet t’side-by-side comparise, ritin, “Te yeers ago we took t’furst cas photo outside air furst #modernfamily tabull read. Today, t’endin cummences.”

Vergara sharet t’same photos, ritin, “10 yeers lat’r!” 

M'r:Hit comedy ‘Modern Fambly’ ta end n’ 2020 aft’r 11 seesons un ABC

N’ t’new image, t’“Modern Fambly” kids air all growd up, wiff Vergara embraseeun’ hern un-scree se Rico Rodriguez (who plays Manny Delgado), who turnt 21 un Winsdee. 

T’ cas un’ crew sang happy birthdee ta Rodriguez durin t’abull read un’ presantid ‘im wiff a cake, cumplete wiff a'ken’les. 

“Furst birthdee cake of seese 11,” Rodriguez wrote un his'n’n Instagram Stery. “Thank y’all @abcmodern fambly.”

Jesse Tyl’r Ferguse, who plays Mitchell Pritchett, commemeratid t’“furst of minny a lasts” un his'n’n Instagram. “T’ las furst tabull read wiff my Modern Fambly. I luv thishere cas un’ crew so much. Happy seese 11,” he captyunet a group pitchure. 

Aubrey Anderse-Emmons, who plays his'n’n adoptif’ dauite’r, Lily Tuck’r-Pritchett, sharet a throwback of t’pair frum 2012. “Seve yeers ago today. Almos nuthin has changd,” she wrote. 

T’ ABC series, creetid by Levitun un’ Christof’r Lloyd, became un instunt hit aft’r premieryun’ n’ 2009. T’ shoe, which canters roun un extendet Los Angeles fambly, has won 22 Emmy Awards, n’ addishun ta a Golte Globe f'r t’bes musickull ow comedy telavishun series n’ 2012.

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“T’ Bachelerette” Hannah Brown made a shockyun’ final deecishun. USA TODAY

Hannah Brown’s turn as “T’ Bachelerette” has finally come ta a close ‒ un’ nawh she’s speekin out about t’opsy-turvy seese un’ all t’drama at kum wiff it. 

At drama includet villunyus menfolk ‒ tho Brown tells USA TODAY n’ a post-finale interview at we should be keerfil about at wurd.

Furst thangs furst: She doesn’t regret whut happent durin t’finale. Ta recap: She dumpet Tyl’r Cameron; gut engaget ta Jet Wyatt; foun out t’ruth about Wyatt’s rumeret romantic escapades; un’ confirmet un lif’ TV at she un’ Wyatt air no long’r togeth’r.

Still, “I’m rilly proud of my journey un’ hoe I endet at journey las nite,” she sez. It put a final page n’ thishere chaptur of hern life.

Whut about Pet’r?: ‘Bachelerette’ contestant Pet’r Web’r talks heertbreek, windmills un’ ‘T’ Bachel'r’

Whut it hasn’t endet is a potenshul relatyunship wiff runn’r-up Cameron. Brown set un Tuesdee’s finale at she wonts someone who will be bold like she is un’ make bold moves, so it wasn’t a shock we she as ‘im out f'r a drank.

She sez she’d bee a’thankin about ‘im f'r a wile, un’ at regardless of whut happens n’ t’future, she hopes thay remane a part of each uth'r’s lives n’ sum way.

T’ same goes f'r much of t’cas: “I hope I a’ke be friens wiff everyone (who) has bee so suppertif’ of me,” Brown sez.

At probly doesn’t include Wyatt ow Luke Park’r, altho Brown cautyuns agin considerin ‘um villuns. “Thay’re real people; thay’re nairy characters,” she sez. Bof have larnt a slew, un’ she doesn’t want ‘um ta be demonizet f'r thar actyuns un t’shoe. But if'n’n Park’r tries engagyun’ wiff hern un soshul media agin? She thinks she’s hun’let it alreddy. 

Oh Luke: Chris Harrise un why it took so long ta git Luke P. off ‘T’ Bachelerette’: ‘He wasn’t done’

She’s also ov’r everthang at wint down twee hern un’ Wyatt. A new People magazine articull out Tuesdee includes Wyatt’s ex a’sayn’t at she thunk about Brown ev'r day un’ regrets nairy intervenyun’ we Wyatt wint un t’shoe. Brown hadn’t see t’articull, wishes hern well but doesn’t bleev thar’s inny neet f'r a “friendship” ta blossom n’ t’aftarmath.

Brown wonts people ta rememb’r hern time un “T’ Bachelerette” as authantic un’ real. She sez she experiencet “real emotyuns” un’ thar wuz “real conversayshuns at neetet ta be had.” And she’s a’lookin ferward ta usall hern platferm ta do good un’ be a role model ta uth'r wimme.

“T’ Bachelerette” finale airet at t’same time as a debate amungst Demokratic presidenshul a'ken’idates un CNN. And wile sum viewers may have bee conflictid about which ta watch, Brown has put t’moment n’ perspecktiv.

Thar is “always Hulu f'r ‘T’ Bachelerette,’” she sez. “I hope people tunet n’ ta whut is impertant.” Brown adds at she knows thar air a slew of thangs “m'r impertant thun my luv life.”

Bachelerette fans had ta choose: finale ow Demokratic debate?

N’ case y’all missd: ‘Bachelerette’ finale: Superfun Demi Lovato eats windmill cookies wiff Hannah Brown

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Gina Rodriguez sez hern shoe “Jane t’Virgin” joinet utherns n’ a’changin t’way Hispanic famblies wuz see un TV n’ t’U.S. T’ series finale is specktid thishere summ’r. (May 17) AP

Gina Rodriguez is reflectyun’ un hern time un “Jane t’Virgin.”

Rodriguez took ta Instagram Winsdee ta bid un emotyunal farewell ta t’ CW series un’ hern Golte Globe-a’winnin pertrayal of Jane Villanueva ahet of t’series finale.

“Jane t’Virgin. Woe. We startid shootin t’furst seese of Jane n’ July 2014. A few days into shootin I turnt 30 un set. Yesterdee I turnt 35. And today is t’verr las episodes, 99 un’ 100 airyun’ of ‘Jane T’ Virgin,’” she wrote. “Fife yeers of luv, lauite’r, growth, pane, surprises, deeths, new births un’ a (expletif’) ton of recolleckshuns.”

T’ actress expresset gratitude ta hern “warryers who have suppertid me frum day one,” encouragyun’ everyone ta toon n’ f'r t’final episode ta “enjoy air goodbye.”

“I am bull ta lif’ out my dreem keer’r becawz of y’all un’ I will nev’r stop makin art ta brang Joy un’ Lauite’r into y'r trayl'r/trane ride/plane ride ow classroom!” she wrote. “Art is my savi'r. Art is whut makes me feel like I a’ke fly.”

Frum ‘Jane t’Virgin’ ta moovee pitshure shue star:Gina Rodriguez sez nawh ‘t’ stakes air differnt’

Rodriguez t'urnt hern tenchun ta hern breekthrough role, ritin, “I will always luv y’all Jane.” She addet, “Thank y’all ta (executif’ produc’r) Jennie (Snyd’r Urmun) f'r makin me y'r Jane un’ ta t’incredibull cas f'r a’gettin my fambly.”

T’ actress’ santimantal post wuz accompaniet by a pitchure of hern n’ keer ackt'r as Jane, spertyun’ a weddyun’ dress. “Whut’s t’weddyun’ toniite goin ta look like un ‘Jane t’Virgin,’ ” she teeset un hern Instagram Stery. 

M'r: Hoe three Latino-let shows air shakyun’ up summ’r TV, includin ‘Grun Hotel’

She wuz nairy t’only cas memb’r ta say goodbye. Justin Baltoni, who plays Jane’s luv innerst, Rafael Solano, set he “a’ke’t bleev thishere is it.”

“Toniite it ends. Whut a ride,” he wrote un Instagram Winsdee. “Fergif’ me as I may be postyun’ a slew today as I am a’feelin verr santimantal (as usual). So much gratitude. Whut a journey thishere has bee. Whut a fambly we have becum. Whut a blessin.”

“Jane t’Virgin” has bee nominatid f'r acoupla Emmys un’ f'r Golte Globes, includin Rodriguez’s 2015 win f'r bes actress n’ a telavishun series musickull ow comedy.

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A’ke y’all name a decade”s wurth of t’biggest songs of t’summ’r? Test y'r trivia knowledge by revisityun’ t’biggest songs of t’seese frum 2010 ta 2019. Hint: Drake is responsibull f'r m'r thun one.

“Califerny Gurls” – Katee Perry feeturyun’ Snoop Dogg

A prototypical song of t’summ’r, “Califerny Gurls” wuz a massif’ hit f'r Katee un’ Snoop n’ 2010.

“Partee Rock Anthem” – LMFAO feeturyun’ Laure Bennett un’ GoonRock 

Rememb’r LMFAO? T’ uncle-nefew duo became a one-hit wund'r n’ 2011.

“Call Me Maybe” – Carly Rae Jepse 

Jepse would becum a cult-faverd pop star lat’r n’ t’decade, but n’ 2012, it wuz all about “Call Me Maybe.”

“Blurret Lines” – Robin Thicke feeturyun’ T.I. un’ Pharrell 

Thishere track, which sparket controversy we it wuz releeset wiff its racy lyrics, rulet t’radeeo n’ summ’r 2013.

“Fancy” – Iggy Azalea feeturyun’ Charli XCX 

“Fancy” will be memberd m'r as t’song at largely innerducet Iggy Azalea ta t’public consciousness n’ 2014.

“Che’rleet’r” – OMI 

Thishere became a feel-good hit (un’ a breekout f'r OMI) upon its releese n’ 2015.

“One Dance” – Drake feeturyun’ WizKid & Kyla

Drake is a song-of-summ’r kyun’. He struck gold n’ 2016 wiff t’dancehall vibes of “One Dance.”

“Despacito” – Looey Fonsi feeturyun’ Daddy Yankee un’ Justin Bieb’r

T’ bilingual ferce-of-nature song broke recerds all ov’r t’place n’ its unprecedantid 2017 run.

“N’ My Feelins” – Drake

Aft’r a year at also includet hit singles “Gawd”s Plun” un’ “Nice f'r Whut,” “N’ My Feelins” became a viral smash un’ evantually t’song of t’summ’r n’ 2018.

“Ol’ Town Road” – Lil Nas X feeturyun’ Billy Ray Cyrus

Sittin un t’op of Billboard”s Hot 100 chart f'r 17 weeks (at time of publicashun), Lil Nas X”s kuntry-trap sinsayshun broke t’ previyus Billboard recerd set n’ 1996 by Mariah Carey”s “One Sweet Day” f'r mos weeks at No. 1.

M'r: Mariah Carey “passes t’erch” ta Lil Nas X aft’r “Ol’ Town Road” overtakes “One Sweet Day” n’ No. 1 recerd

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