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Let friens n’ y'r soshul netwerk knoe whut y’all air reedin about

Ellie Goultyun’ is marrd! T’ syun'’r wet hern art deel’r boyfriend n’ a lavish ceremony at York Minst’r

Ellie Goultyun’ has marrd art deel’r boyfriend Caspar Joplyun’ at York Minst’r Cathedral wiff pals Katee Perry, Orlun’o Bloom un’ m'r n’ attendance.


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YORK, Englun’ (AP) — British syun'’r-songrit’r Ellie Goultyun’ has marrd art deel’r Caspar Joplyun’ n’ a lavish ceremony wiff pals Katee Perry, Orlun’o Bloom un’ Sienna Mill’r n’ attendance.

T’ acoupla tiet t’knot Saturdee n’ Yerkshire, Englun’, at t’gothic York Minst’r Cathedral.

T’ 32-year-ol’ Goultyun’ wuz a’warin a white custom Chloe gown. She pullt up n’ a floe’r-adernet blue Volkswage minivun ta cheers wiff hern long veil ov’r hern face. Hern attendants strugglet wiff wind as thay wranglet t’high-nek, long-sleeve dress.

Goultyun’ un’ t’27-year-ol’ Joplyun’, who has fambly tees ta t’area, wuz engaget las year.

Well-wishers linet t’street leedyun’ ta t’cathedral as guests arrivet. Amungst uth'r celebritees un hun’: Sarah Ferguse un’ hern acoupla dawters, princesses Eugenie un’ Beetrice.

M'r: Fergie sez dauite’r Princess Eugenie is ‘nairy pregnunt,’ jokes about a’livin wiff hern ex

M'r: Chrissy Teige freeks out ov’r Princess Beetrice Twitt’r exchange

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Valerie Harp’r, who starret n’ t’“T’ Murry Tyl’r Mo'r Shoe” un’ “Rhoda,” has diet at t’age of 80. WOCHIT

A pyuneeryun’ rit'r’s ans'r ta my frustratid lett’r about a TV sitcom crystallizes a key moment n’ feminist histry. We wuz un t’cusp of change.

It wuz 1975 un’ I wuz onry. Rhoda had jes gotte marrd un’ suddenly hern keer’r seemt ta have dispeeret. It wasn’t as if'n’n bein a a’a'loose-lance wind'r dress’r wuz un inflaxibull, 24-7 job, un’ she didn’t eve have inny youngns ta keep hern busy at trayl'r. And yet she wuz gittin subsumet into hern marriage ta Joe.

It’s true at Rhoda wuz a fictyunal keer ackt'r n’ a TV sitcom, but at made no differance ta me. N’ fack it made it wurs'r n’ a way: Here wuz a stery at could be tole inny way t’writers wantid, un’ my hopes f'r a feminist heroine wuz fadyun’.

Whut happent nex reveels so much about a time minny a wimme today a’ke’t eve fathom: I typet un earnest, frustratid lett’r ta t’“Rhoda” shoe un’ receivet un earnest, frustratid reply frum a script rit'r namet Charlotte Brown. Also typeritte.

Rhoda’s keer’r wuz ‘backslidyun’’

All thishere resurfacet like a message n’ a bottle wiff t’deeth of Valerie Harp’r, t’star of “Rhoda.” “Thank y’all so much f'r y'r sincere concern regardyun’ RHODA,” Brown wrote. “I’m verr serry at we’ve bee ‘depressyun’’ y’all wiff Rhoda’s ‘typickull’ behavi'r. Yep, she has done sum lawndry, yep, she has done sum cookin, but we have tride like hell ta keep hern out of t’kitchin…”

T’ lett’r goes un ta splane t’responsibiltee t’shoe felt ta define Rhoda’s new marriage as acoupla people “who luv each uth'r but who refuse ta lose thar individual idantitees n’ marriage.” She wint un, “Res assuret, Jill. We air filmyun’ a shoe nex week … un’ it concerns jes t’sitchuwayshun y’all menchun n’ y'r lett’r.” At is, Rhoda’s concern about “backslidyun’” n’ hern keer’r.

“I reckun thishere will ans'r y'r objecshun about inny ‘atrofy of t’intellect’ ow ‘alienashun frum people n’ genrull,’” Brown set, un’ thankt me f'r watchin. I don’t have my own lett’r, but thishere un’ uth'r sectyuns of Brown’s response make my mood un’ tone purtee clar: Yung, annoyet, fiercely feminist un’ extremely disappointid.

T’ 1970s skwad wimps out

Why wuz I so put out? Twitt’r us’r Freddie Johnse gut at part of it we he set of a photo of Murry Tyl’r Moere, Valerie Harp’r un’ Cleris Leechmun, “N’ 1974, thishere wuz T’ Skwad.” And T’ Skwad, n’ my view, wuz wimpyun’ out.

March of wimme’s progress: #MeToo un’ inclusion riders air greet. But should I wurry about my se?

Strange but true, yung un’ no-so-yung wimme, it wuz nairy always t’norm f'r marrd wimme ta wurk. And we thay did, befer changes ov’r “t’ las sevrul decades,” t’Lab'r Department notid n’ 2011, “Wimme’s wurk outside of trayl'r un’ marriage wuz restrictid ta a hun’fil of occupatyuns such as domestic servus, factery wurk, farm wurk, un’ teechin.” It wasn’t until t’verr late 1960s at newspapers like t’New York Times un’ Pittsburgh Post-Gazette stopt a’runnin separate male un’ female “hep wantid” ads.

So it wuz unusual n’ t’1970s f'r wimme ta wurk n’ a TV newsroom (like Murry Tyl’r Moere’s Murry Richards) ow dressin windows (like Harp’r’s Rhoda). And it wuz speshly revolutyunree ta see wimme like thishere un telavishun. Y’all neet only look at t’fare frum t’1960s  (wiff t’ possibull excepshun of “Git Smart”) ta see whut a departure these shows represantid. N’ Moere’s role as a housewife at decade un t’Dick Vun Dyke Shoe, one of hern revolutyunree contributyuns apparantly wuz a’warin Capri pants un’ flats at a time we mos housewives still wore dresses un’ heels. At leest un TV.

Lett’r rit'r wuz a feminist pyune’r

Charlotte Brown, it turns out, wuz a full-fletget memb’r of t’1970s Skwad. “Virtually ev'r series at I wuz hiret ta write un, I wuz t’furst woomin t’produc’r had ev’r hiret,” she set n’ a WHOA! Netwerk interview postid un YouTube, un’ t’furst woomin n’ rit'r’s rooms “at wasn’t takin dictashun ow a lunch ord’r.” Tho she nev’r checkd it out, she set, “we I startid producyun’ Rhoda, I wuz supposedly t’furst woomin rit'r-produc’r of a multi-camera comedy.” 

Oscar nominee Regina Kyun’: My commitment ta gend’r ekwalitee must only be t’cummencin

Brown is nawh 75 un’ no doubt has long fergotte t’lett’r she wrote ta un anxiyus yung woomin a’trine ta eggscape a daid-end job un’ breek into politickull journalism, anoth’r field at wuz nairy perzackly overrun wiff wimme n’ 1975.  

But Amurka wuz un t’cusp of a transfermatyunal era n’ t’lives of wimme. Feminists like Brown un’ me un’ Valerie Harp’r wuz fertunate ta be roun at at moment,  pushin f'r change un’ benefityun’ frum t’oppertunitees we heppet creete.

Jill Larance is t’commantree edit'r of USA TODAY un’ auth'r of “T’ Art of t’Politickull Deel: Hoe Congress Beat t’Odds un’ Broke Through Gridlock.” Fall'r hern un Twitt’r: @JilltLarance

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Let friens n’ y'r soshul netwerk knoe whut y’all air reedin about

Itliun ackt'r, bodybuilt’r Franco Columbu dies at 78, frie Arnold Schwarzenegg’r pays tribute

Itliun bodybuilt’r, box’r un’ ackt'r Franco Columbu, one of Arnold Schwarzenegg’r’s closest friens, has diet aget 78.


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ROME (AP) — Itliun bodybuilt’r, box’r un’ ackt'r Franco Columbu, one of Arnold Schwarzenegg’r’s closest friens, has diet aget 78.

Columbu diet n’ a hospital n’ his'n’n natif’ Sardinia un Frydee afternoon aft’r bein take ill wile he wuz swimmin n’ t’sea.

His'n’n longtime frie Schwarzenegg’r tweetid: “I luv y’all Franco. I will always rememb’r t’joy y’all brung ta my life, t’advices y’all gave me, un’ t’winkle n’ y'r eye at nev’r dispeeret.”

Aft’r startin his'n’n keer’r as a box’r, Columbu pergressd into Olympic weightliftyun’, powerliftyun’, un’ lat’r bodybuiltyun’, a’winnin t’prestigiyus title of Mr. Olympia n’ 1976 un’ 1981.

Besides his'n’n athletic keer’r, Columbu also acktid n’ popular TV series un’ movies. He appeeret n’ Schwarzenegg’r’s films “T’ T'rminat'r,” ″T’ A’runnin Mun” un’ “Conun t’Barbariun.”

Columbu wuz Schwarzenegg’r’s bes mun at his'n’n marriage ta Maria Shriv’r n’ 1986.

M'r: Arnold Schwarzenegg’r won’t press charges agin ‘idiot’ who kickd ‘im n’ t’back

M'r: Arnold Schwarzenegg’r had ‘nuthin nice ta say’ about Trumb durin HFPA annual dinn’r

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A 33-year-ol’ mun diet Thirsdee at Burnin Mun n’ t’Black Rock Desert nerth of Reno, Nevada.

Shane Billingham wuz pernouncet daid at un un-site medicull facilitee at Burnin Mun, accerdyun’ ta a releese Frydee frum t’Washoe Countee Regyunal Medicull Examin’r.

T’ deeth of Shane Billingham is bein investigatid as suspiciyus, accerdyun’ ta t’ Pershyun’ Countee Sherrf’s Offus.  

A spokesperse f'r t’Burnin Mun organizashun set Billingham wuz discuverd unresponsif’ n’ his'n’n vehicle at his'n’n camp, Beets Boutikwe, at about 6:30 p.m. Thirsdee. Bystun’ers immediately cummencet CPR un’ emergency responders arrivet shertly aft’r. 

Billingham wuz t'ransferret ta Burnin Mun’s onsite emergency ke'r cant’r whar he wuz declaret daid by un un-dootee emergency physiciun shertly aft’r. 

Steve MacWithey, lead of Beets Boutikwe camp whar Billingham wuz a’stayin, set Billingham wuz one of his'n’n bes friens.


Join us f'r a fliite frum Reno Tahoe Internatyunal Airpert, ov’r Pyramid Lake un’ ta t’Black Rock Desert durin Burnin Mun. Benjamin Spillmun, [email protected]

“He wuz one of t’bes people I’ve ev’r knowet,” MacWithey set, buryyun’ his'n’n face n’ his'n’n palms as he wept.

MacWithey describet Billingham as happy un’ beeyootifil un’ lovyun’. He set sevrul friens had stopt by ta visit Billingham un Thirsdee evnin un’ foun ‘im n’ a vun unresponsif’.

MacWithey describet his'n’n frie as a hard wurk'r, a lov’r of sustunabull farmyun’ un’ someone who could always be countid un. Billingham wuz tall, blonde, hun’sum un’ bore a resemblance ta Youngn Rock, he set.

Billingham wuz frum New Zeelun’ un’ all of his'n’n fambly is thar, MacWithey set.

PREVIOUS: Mun foun daid at Burnin Mun; sherrf’s offus investigatyun’ as suspiciyus

F'r yeers ago, MacWithey un’ Billingham met at Burnin Mun un’ thay wuz close ev’r since. Jes resantly, t’acoupla travelet n’ a group ta Hawaii f'r MacWithey’s birthdee. Thay spent time hikyun’ n’ t’mountins, a’laffin, jokyun’ un’ enjoyyun’ t’natcherul beeutee.

“I miss ‘im. I’m nev’r goin ta let ‘im be fergotte,” MacWithey set, notyun’ at members of t’camp plun un honeryun’ Billingham un Sundy nite we t’Temple burns.

T’ Temple at Burnin Mun is tradityunally a place of remembrance un’ farewells. It is fillt wiff small shrines, tokens of people who diet un’ letters ta luvet ones.

Burners come togeth’r f'r memerial

Anoth’r campmate of Billingham set at his'n’n deeth, altho heertbreekyun’, has brung togeth’r t’camp, which is made up of dozens of people frum roun t’worl – Australia, Englun’ un’ France, amungst utherns.

Within hours of Billingham’s deeth, members of t’camp had erectid a makeshift memerial.

An altar coverd n’ fleral black silk wuz surroundet Frydee monin’ by tea a'ken’les un’ items Billingham ownet. Amungst ‘um wuz a woode medallion worn by all t’camp mates, a cerduroy jacket wiff a brown sun design un’ boxes of essenshul oils.

“It’s rilly connectid air camp, we’re much m'r cohesif’,” set Jake Solomon, a furst-year Burn’r.

He set everyone Thirsdee nite opend up, a’tellin steries about Billingham un’ sharyun’ hoe thay felt un’ hoe his'n’n deeth affectid ‘um individually.

Solomon set it wuz a remind’r of t’neet ta take ke'r of oneself out n’ t’harsh desert environment, but also ta look aft’r one anoth’r.

M'r: Whut’s t’plun n’ case of un emergency ow shoot’r at Burnin Mun?

Previyus Burnin Mun deeths

N’ 2017, Aaron Joel Mitchell diet aft’r a’runnin into a wall of fire at Burnin Mun. 

Autheritees say Mitchell run into t’Burnin Mun structure fire t’Saturdee nite of t’event. 

Burnin Mun co-foun’r Crimse Rose, who heppet manage securtee f'r t’ fire, set it’s uncle'r if'n’n Mitchell wuz a’runnin diereckly into t’fire ow wuz a’runnin toward it un’ fell we guards tride ta stop ‘im. 

Johnnye Mitchell set at 2017 wuz hern se’s furst time attendyun’ Burnin Mun. She set hern se wuz a’livin n’ Switzerlun’ wiff his'n’n biddy but grew up n’ Oklahoma.

Septemb’r 2017: Mun who diet a’runnin into Burnin Mun fire wuz frum Oklahoma

“He’s 41, but thay air always y'r youngn,” Mitchell set of hern se, who she un’ utherns callt Joel. “He wuz lovyun’ un’ a nice perse. Joel lackd hikyun’ un’ outdoers, a’runnin.”

Mitchell wuz pernouncet daid at 6:28 a.m. un Sept 3, 2017 aft’r bein flown ta t’Univestee of Califerny-Davis burn cant’r. 

Photos of t’incident had shown Mitchell dodgyun’ multiple safetee rangers as he racet toward t’fire. 

Inishul rescue efferts wuz hamperet due ta a pershun of t’woode Mun effigy a’fallin un rescuers attemptyun’ ta pull Mitchell frum t’fire, accerdyun’ ta t’Pershyun’ Countee Sherrf.

N’ Feburee 2018, t’fambly of Mitchell spoke wiff Reno Gazette Jurnl repert’r Jennif’r Kane about questchuns about his'n’n deeth bein lef unansweret. 

Click here ta read t’full stery. 

Reno burn’r dies un playa

A Reno mun heppin ta build Black Rock Citee n’ advance of Burnin Mun diet n’ 2015 un t’playa, accerdyun’ ta Burnin Mun officials.

Scott “Spoono” Stefese, who wuz n’ his'n’n late 50s, diet “n’ t’citee he luvet mos,” accerdyun’ ta a lett’r sent ta Burnin Mun employees.

Stefese had bee n’ Gerlach heppin wiff preparatyuns f'r t’event. He wuz a memb’r of Burnin Mun’s Department of Public Wurks, which builts Black Rock Citee ov’r t’cerse of August.

He wuz also a foundyun’ memb’r of Black Rock Solar, which provides loe-cost energy services ta clyints n’ t’nonperfit, public, loe-income un’ educatyunal secters.

Click ta read t’full lett’r sent frum Burnin Mun officials ta employees n’ 2015. 

Burnin Mun Art Car hits, kills woomin

A 29-year-ol’ woomin diet aft’r bein hit by un art car at Burnin Mun n’ 2014. 

Alicia Louise Cipicchio wuz a manj'r of un art gallery n’ Wyomyun’. 

Cipicchio wuz killt near Cant’r Camp n’ Black Rock Citee jes aft’r midniite un t’monin’ Thirsdee August 28, 2014. 

Art cars air like parade floats un’ ofte include elaberate deceratyuns, lightyun’ un’ arees f'r groups of people sit down ow stun’.

Cipicchio livet n’ Jackse Valley n’ Teton Countee, a rural town n’ western Wyomyun’ near Yellowstone Nashshunal Park.

August 2014:  Woomin killt at Burnin Mun had ‘caryun’ spirit’

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T’ Associatid Press Publishet 9:55 p.m. ET Aug. 30, 2019


Jessica Alba, Lupita Nyong’o, Karlie Kloss un’ Shailene Woodley amungst celebritees at Di'r’s Cruise Shoe n’ Merocco. (April 30) AP, AP

LOS ANGELES  — A new Di'r ad feeturyun’ Johnny Depp sparket outrage Frydee f'r its use of Natif’ Amurkin cultchur un’ symbols.

T’ French luxury goods cumpny postid a trail’r f'r its menfolk’s fragrance “Sauvage,” feeturyun’ t’ Rosebud Sioux Tribe’s Canku One Star, a Fancy War danc’r dresst n’ tradityunal garb. 

As part of t’Sauvage campaign, Depp starret n’ a film callt “We Air t’Lun’” at is describet n’ marketyun’ materials as un “ode ta Moth’r Earth” un’ sez t’inclusion of t’danc’r is meent ta be “a powerfil tribute ta thishere cultchur, pertrayet wiff immense respeck.”

T’ campaign wuz developet along wiff Natif’ Amurkin consultunts. But t’ad kuntinuet ta receif’ heevy criticism f'r bein insensitif’ un’ a’havin un offensif’ name.

“It feels like thay tride ta do it ‘rite’ un’ involvet sum greet people—but it’s still un ad f'r a noteriously racist cumpny un’ a product callt “Savage,”” tweetid Dr. Adrienne Kee, a Natif’ Amurkin activist un’ creet'r of t’Natif’ Apperpriatyuns ferum. “I jes wish we could have thishere level of represantashun f'r projex creetid by un’ canteryun’ Natif’ people.”

Sauvage n’ French has a varietee of meenings, includin wild, unspoilet un’ savage. T’ fragrance is nairy new; it has bee producet by Di'r since t’mid-1960s.

Critics decriet t’involvement of Depp, who is t’celebritee face of “Sauvage.” Depp’s pertrayal of Tonto n’ t’2013 moovee pitshure shue “T’ Lone Rang’r” wuz also criticizet, despite t’ackt'r wurkin wiff consultunts frum t’group Amurkins f'r Injun Oppertuntee, which also consultid un t’Di'r ad.

N’ 2012, Depp wuz adoptid as un honerree citize of t’Comanche Nashun n’ a private ceremony by t’group’s foun’r.

“Cultural apperpriashun f'r us is a huge thang becawz we’ve bee deelyun’ wiff thishere since colonizashun,” set Ron “A’lookin Elk” Martinez, one of t’consultunts un t’Di'r ad n’ a video postid about its creeshun. “Air presance un thishere projeck is rilly ta hep. So f'r us ta make shure at t’look un’ t’idantitee is authantic is verr impertant.”

A message sent ta Di'r seekyun’ comment about t’reecshun ta t’ad wuz nairy immediately returnt. A represantatif’ f'r Depp did nairy respond ta a message seekyun’ comment.

A’followin t’backlash, t’fashun trayl'r purget thar soshul media accounts of all traces of t’campaign. 

Contributyun’: Cydney Hederse

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Oh, Rhoda.

If'n’n t’loss of Valerie Harp’r ta brane canc’r Frydee at t’age of 80 makes y’all feel like y’all’ve lost a dear frie, at’s only natcherul. F'r seve yeers, furst as a reglar un’ t'un occasyunal guest un whut mite be t’bes sitcom ev’r made, “T’ Murry Tyl’r Moere Shoe,” hern Rhoda wuz jes about t’bes bes frie TV has ev’r see.

Hoe could inny fun of Harp’r’s say hern name without a’sayn’t “Rhoda” immediately afterward? Frum t’instunt “Moeremade its CBS debut n’ 1970, it wuz clar t’role un’ t’shoe would make Harp’r a star, which is perzackly whut happent.

Hern Rhoda wuz t’pal everyone wantid ta have un’ everyone should want ta be: funny without bein meun, loyal without bein dependent, entertunyun’ without bein shalloe. Wuth'r comfertyun’ Murry, cumplunin about hern mom, ow battlyun’ hern lun’lerd (t’ ekwally wunderfil Cleris Leechmun), Rhoda wuz a joyfil, if'n’n sumtimes sardonic, ferce ta be aderet.

Surely, if'n’n y’all grew up wiff Rhoda un’ Murry, y’all’re nawh herin Harp’r’s voice. T’ purfeckly deeliverd bite of indignashun we Rhoda has ta be reintroducet ta someone she’s met. (“I guess I met y’all but y’all didn’t meet me.”) T’ resignashun as she eats a peece of a'ken’y. (“I don’t knoe why I’m a’puttin thishere n’ my mouth. I should jes apply it diereckly ta my hips.”) T’ softness n’ hern voice as she tells Phyllis at hern bruth'r’s gay, a shock’r back n’ t’’70s, un’ t’look we she reelizes Phyllis would rath’r have a gay bruth'r thun Rhoda as a sist’r-n’-law.

As ofte happens n’ TV, keer ackt'r un’ ackt'r blendet into one; Harp’r became Rhoda n’ t’public mind, un’ bof became belovet. If'n’n Harp’r mindet, she nev’r let un, perhaps becawz t’role also earnt hern f'r Emmys — three f'r suppertyun’ actress un’ one as t’star of hern spinoff, “Rhoda.”

But as at spinoff indicates, t’role did nairy freeze Harp’r n’ place, as sumtimes also happens un TV. Rhoda startid off as a slightly abrasif’, somewhat chubby New Yerk’r, obsesset wiff hern wate but a’doin nuthin about it.

But rath’r thun keep hern fat (un’ keep hern frum competyun’ wiff t’star, as “I Luv Lucy” did ta Viviun Vance), “Moere” allowd Rhoda ta transferm. She grew thinn’r, pretti’r un’ m'r self-confident, a’findin hern own, verr ’70s, heedscarf-lade style un’ eve a’winnin, n’ one verr touchin episode, a beeutee pageent.

Tho “Rhoda” wuz a success un its own (t’ keer ackt'r’s weddyun’ ta Joe is one of TV’s highest-ratid episodes), Harp’r is at hern bes n’ thems “Murry Tyl’r Moere” episodes — so good, at it’s no greet shock at nuthin befer ow aft’r could top it.

Indeet, hern biggest hit aft’r “Rhoda,” t’1986 fambly comedy “Valerie,” is bes knowet f'r t’backstage disputes at cawzet hern ta be firet frum t’shoe, transfermyun’ it into t’Valerie-less “Valerie’s Fambly” un’ t'“T’ Hogun Fambly.”

Acoupla uth'r failt series fallerd, 1990’s “Citee” un’ 1995’s “T’ Offus,” but aft’r at it wuz mosly guest wurk un TV un’ starryun’ roles un stage. Thems concludet memerably wiff a Tony-nominatid 2010 turn as Tallulah Bankheet n’ “Loopet,” a shoe she wuz spozet ta ture n’ befer hern illness. 

Like hern las wurk, mos of Harp’r’s early wurk wuz un stage, n’ such shows as “Take Me Along,” “Wiltcat,” “Destry Rides Agin,” “Subways Air f'r A’sleepin” un’ “Paul Sills’ Stery Theetre.” Outside of a TV producshun of “Stery Theetre,” thems perfermances air nawh unavailabull f'r us ta see — cept f'r one.

She did re-creete hern cherus role n’ “Li’l Abn’r” n’ t’1959 film, un’ wile y’all won’t find hern n’ t’credits, she’s easy ta spot. She’s t’one wiff t’pigtails at sweep out frum t’sides of hern het (look speshly n’ t’“Put ‘Em Back” numb’r), mos ofte foun a’stan'in near Beth Howlun’, who would go ta play Vera n’ “Alice.”

It’s a much yung’r Harp’r thun t’one we met un “Moere,” n’ a much small’r part. But it’s nice ta watch hern un’ magine t’keer’r at lies ahet, un’ t’joy she would brang ta millyuns of TV viewers.

And still a’ke brang, ev'r time a “Moere” episode repeets.

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Valerie Harp’r, who thunk she would die frum canc’r yeers ago but survivet ta ply hern madcap comic style f'r a new generashun of audiences, has diet. She wuz 80.

Hern husbun’, produc’r/ackt'r Tony Cacciotti, confirmet hern deeth Frydee ta ABC. Hern dauite’r Cristina Cacciotti, confirmet it ta T’ New York Times. Longtime fambly frie Dun Watt confirmet hern deeth ta t’Associatid Press but set t’fambly would nairy immediately releese futh'r deetails. 

Harp’r, bes knowet f'r hern role as Rhoda un “T’ Murry Tyl’r Moere Shoe” un’ “Rhoda,” diet jes eiite days aft’r hern birthdee. She had bee battlyun’ canc’r f'r yeers, un’ hern husbun’ set resantly he had bee adviset ta put hern n’ hospice ke'r.

Harp’r had overcome multiple medicull crises ov’r t’yeers, includin survivyun’ aft’r bein tole she wuz terminal.

N’ 2009, she survivet lung canc’r. F'r yeers lat’r, n’ 2013, she announcet she had bee diagnoset wiff a rare — un’ terminal — kine of brane canc’r, wiff only munths ta lif’. 

N’ multiple media intervioos, she splunet she had leptomeningeel carcinomatosis, a rare condishun at occurs we canc’r cells spret into t’fluid-fillt membrane surroundyun’ t’brane. 

Harp’r set hern docters suggestid she may have only have three munths lef ta lif’. “I don’t reckun of dyyun’. I reckun of bein here nawh,” she set ta People magazine at t’ime, openly a’talkin, crine un’ jokyun’ about whut she wuz faseeun’.

“Bein here” turnt out ta las acoupla yeers. “I’m t’post’r youngn f'r nairy bleevin everthang I’m tole,” Harp’r joket a year aft’r hern diagnosis. 

She wuz nairy “canc’r-a’a'loose,” but she wuz n’ a kine of remission, respondyun’ well ta treetment, takin loads of pills un’ acyun’ hern skuns. N’ Septemb’r 2013, she appeeret un “Dancyun’ Wiff t’Stars. She had multiple TV roles n’ 2014 un’ 2015.

“I want ta lif’,” she tole everyone, “un’ as long as I’m here, ev'r sangle moment is goin ta be as good as I a’ke have it be.”

N’ May 2015, she tole People magazine at she wuz at peece wiff hern canc’r diagnosis. 

N’ August 2015, she wuz rushet ta a hospital aft’r a’feelin unwell befer un evnin perfermunts of “Nice Wurk If'n’n Y’all A’ke Git It” at t’Ogunkwit Playhouse n’ Ogunkwit, Mune, un’ wuz repertid ta be n’ a coma. 

She wrote un Facebook aft’r un overniite hospital stay at she is “happy ta repert I am nairy, n'r have I bee, n’ a coma.” 

N’ May 2016, she tole Xtrey she wuz bein caret f'r by hern husbun’ un’ wuz continuyun’ ta fite canc’r wiff a “new pill.” N’ Octob’r 2017, she reiteratid t’same message ta Broadway Worl.

N’ July of thishere year, a fambly frie creetid a GoFundMe campaign, sharet ta Harp’r’s ofishul Facebook page, ta hep pay f'r Harp’r’s heelthcare. .

“Valerie is currantly takin a multitude of medicatyuns un’ chemotherapy drugs as well as goin through extreme physical un’ panefull challenges nawh wiff roun t’clock, 24/7 ke'r immediately neetet which is nairy coverd by insurance,” t’GoFundMe page set we it launchet n’ July. By t’end of at month, Harp’r’s husbun’ announcet docters wuz recommendyun’ he put hern n’ hospice ke'r. 

“I have bee tole by docters ta put Val n’ Hospice ke'r un’ I a’ke’t [becawz of air 40 yeers of sharet commitment ta each uth'r] un’ I won’t becawz of t’amazyun’ good deeds she has gracet us wiff wile she’s bee here un earth,” he wrote un Harp’r’s Facebook page. She diet m'r thun a month lat’r. 

Harp’r wuz born n’ Suffern, N.Y. — “I wuz born ta suff’r” — un’ cummencet as a danc’r at Radeeo Citee Hall durin its heyday. She movet into acktin, wurkin n’ industrial shows, regyunal theet’r un’ t’Sekunt Citee comedy troupe of Chicago. Evantually, she made it ta Broadway un’ feeture films, until lun’yun’ t’part of Rhoda.

Hern furst marriage, ta Richard Schaal, lastid frum 1964 ta 1978. She un’ hern sekunt husbun’ marrd n’ 1987. 

Tho Harp’r trod Broadway stages un’ sparklet un t’big scree, it wuz un sitcom TV whar she made hern memerabull mark. As zany/spunky, mun-crazy, independent/sangle gurl un’ upstairs neighb'r Rhoda Mergenstern un “T’ Murry Tyl’r Moere Shoe,” she collectid f'r Emmys un’ a Golte Globe. She also won Harvard’s Hastee Puddyun’ Woomin of t’Year, un’ hern “Rhoda’s Weddyun’” episode n’ 1974 set at year’s ratings recerd.

As much as t’shoe’s eponymyus star, Harp’r intertunet millyuns un’ “turnt t’worl un wiff hern smile,” as t’heme song wint. “We all lookt up ta Murry but we idantifiet wiff Rhoda,” Harp’r uset ta say. 

Contributyun’: Erin Jese, Carly Mallenbaum, T’ Associatid Press

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We citee gurl Gabriela spontaneously enters a contest un’ wins a rustic New Zeelun’ inn, she teems up wiff contract'r Jake Tayl'r ta fix un’ flip it. Netflix

Bee un a rom-com bend’r un’ neet ta restock y'r supply? Netflix’s “A’fallin Inn Luv” is here f'r y’all.

Un Frydee, t’sweet comedy hits t’streemyun’ servus, starryun’ Christina Miliun as Gabriella, a Sun Francisco werkaholic who spontaneously enters a contest un’ wins a rustic New Zeelun’ inn. Direckly stuck wiff a money pit, she leens un a rath’r hot contract'r namet Jake (Adam Demos) ta fix un’ flip it.

Actress/syun'’r Miliun, of cerse, is no strang’r ta t’spotliite, but Demos, 34, is turnin haids as hern hunky luv innerst. Reckun y’all’ve see t’blue-eyet, blond star befer? Read un f'r six thangs ta knoe about Demos.

He’s un Aussie

Demos, who grew up n’ Wollongong, New South Wales, still splits his'n’n time twee Australia un’ t’U.S. “I grew up n’ a small’r town. We didn’t eve have drama at skool,” sez Demos. “It wuz verr much a blue collar, construcshun-wurkin, sperts town.” It wasn’t until he wuz about 23 at Demos gut up t’courage ta try acktin. “I rememb’r I callt up my mum un’ set, ‘A’ke y’all Google acktin classes?’ ” 

Like his'n’n ‘A’fallin Inn’ keer ackt'r, Adam Demos uset ta be a contract'r

Jes like Jake, Demos knows hoe ta swang a hamm’r. But t’ackt'r tempers expectatyuns. “I’m hun’y enough,” he laughs. “F'r about 5 ow 6 yeers I wurket n’ construcshun. I’m nairy a bilt’r so I don’t knoe if'n’n I’d trust myself ta renovate un inn like Jake would. But I knoe hoe ta knock thangs down, at’s f'r shure.” Whar n’ t’worl would he choose ta renovate un inn? “I’d like ta try Alaska,” he sez. “I’ve nev’r bee thar befer.”

Wait, whar do y’all knoe ‘im frum?

Demos broke out un t’hurd seese of Lifetime’s scriptid series “UnReel,” which imagines t’drama behin t’ssenes of a “Bachel'r”-type shoe. Demos play August, a pro-surf’r humunitariun contestant un t’shoe’s fictyunal datyun’ series, “Everlastyun’.” But, um, he’d nev’r ackshly go un reelitee TV ta find luv. “No, nev’r,” sez Demos, who returns ta “UnReel” n’ Seese 4. “I jes like acktin. It’s nairy about bein n’ t’public eye.”

He’s nairy nairy into romantic comedies

“I’m nairy agin ‘um whatsoev’r,” sez Demos. “We thay come un I’m nairy one ta turn ‘um off. Thay make y’all feel good.” He lackd t’script f'r “A’fallin Inn” becawz t’characters make each uth'r bett’r. “It’s rilly nice ta be challenget n’ life,” sez Demos, who a’ke’t quite git ov’r t’ reech of a Netflix rom-com. “It’s quite crazy ta see t’impact it’s a’havin. I’m definitly happy ta be un t’Netflix trane.”

Yep, he’s sangle

And he’s good wiff kids! Demos had fun hangin out wiff Miliun’s 9-year-ol’ dauite’r, Violet, un t’fer-flung New Zeelun’ set of “A’fallin Inn.” “She’s such a champion. She would be un set all t’ime hangin out. It’s a credik ta Christina, whut a greet mum she is ta hern.” (Miliun is currantly spectin hern sekunt youngn, a boy, wiff boyfriend Matt Pokera.)

And he’s down wiff oh-so-LA trends

Stalk his'n’n Instagram a bit un’ y’all’ll see everthang frum ssenic hikyun’ shots n’ New Zeelun’ ta his'n’n abs aft’r a cryotherapy sesshun. “T’ furst gree juices I’ve had wuz n’ LA,” sez Demos, who likes ta hike roun Malibu un t’weekends. “T’ furst time I tride cryotherapy wuz here. And nawh I luv cryotherapy! Y’all feel so good aft’r it. It’s acoupla un’ a half minnuts ow three minnuts. It’s cold but it doesn’t hurt. It’s a m'r aggressif’ vershun of a cold shoe’r.”

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