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‘Age is jes a numb'r’: Tom Brady wowet by Mark Wahlberg’s totally rippet shirtless photo

Mark Wahlberg, 48, cawt t'enchun of Tom Brady wiff a new photo at shows t'ackter has gunet sum seriyus muscle.


A link has bee postid ta yer Facebook feet.


Eminem sez he lost 80 pounds by replaseeun' his'n addicshun ta punkillers wiff un addishun ta intense exercise. Krystin Goodwin (@krystingoodwin) has t'deetails un t'rapp'r’s extreme transfermashun. Buzz60

Y'all knoe y'all’ve gut a kill'r fitness routine wen Tom Brady is impressd. 

Mark Wahlberg, 48, sharet a shirtless photo Frydee showyun' off sum seriyus muscle gane at has wowet fans an' uther celebritees alike. 

“We air a'lookin fer sum skill players,” t'New Englan' Patriots quarterback commantid un Wahlberg’s post. 

“Shoe em whut fellas n' thar 40’s air all about!” addet TV host an' “Savet by t'Bell” alum Mario Lopez. “Y'all look awesome bro!!”

T' “Instunt Fambly” ackter creditid cleen eatin an' “no wine” fer 54 days, along wiff fitness netwerk F45 Tranen, fer his'n success. He resantly appeeret un t'cov'r of t'Septemb'r issue of Australiun Menfolk’s Heelth, recountyun' his'n fitness journey fer un issue all about strangth. 

Wahlberg sharet a new werkout update Sundy, postyun' a video of hissef liftyun' sum purty huge dumbbells. 

“Inspiret ta be bett'r,” he captyunet t'Instagram post. 

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