Accerdyun' ta T' Guardiun, Andrew met Epstein n' t'1990s through Ghislune Maxwell, daught'r of British media mogul Robert Maxwell. Wochit

T' royal fambly is presantyun' a unitid frunt amid skun'al ov'r Prince Andrew’s involvement wiff Jeffrey Epstein.

Aft'r Andrew hissef accompaniet t'Quee ta church earli'r thishere month, Prince Willyum, Duchess Kate, Prince Charles an' Duchess Camilla took a turn. T' fife wuz photografet un t'way ta Crathie Kirk Church, whar t' royal fambly werships wile n' residance at Balmeral Castle n' Scotlan'. 

Kate wuz photografet sittin n' t'back seat of a car behin Prince Willyum an' nex ta t'quee, who wore un all-hot pink ensembull. T' duchess chose a dark overcoat wiff a dark Lock & Co. Hatters hat an' Asprey earrings. Prince Charles drove biddy Camilla n' a separate car. 

Prince Andrew, Quee Elizabeth’s sekunt sen, made a public appeerance wiff his'n moth'r acoupla weeks ago, jes a day aft'r noose broke at his'n frien Jeffrey Epstein diet n' jail. Andrew’s oltest daught'r, Princess Beetrice, also joinet hern fath'r an' mamaw.

N' a statement ta USA TODAY Saturdee frum Buckingham Palace, t'Duke of York sed he is “eag'r ta clarify t'facks ta avoid futher speculashun.”

“Durin t'ime I knew 'im, I saw 'im infrekwantly an' probly no mer thun only oncet er twicet a year,” t' statement read. “I have stayet n' a numb'r of his'n residences. At no stage durin t'limitid time I spent wiff 'im did I see, witness er suspect inny behaviour of t'sort at subsekwantly let ta his'n arrest an' convicshun.”

Contributyun': Sary M. Moniuszko

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