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Gerard Butl'r is t'prime suspect aft'r un assassinashun attempt un t'presdint n' “Angel Has Falln.” Lyunsgate

NEW YORK – “Angel Has Falln” easily toppet t'box offus wiff $21.3 million, accerdyun' ta studio estimates Sundy, as t'acshun sekwel became t'latest mid-budget releese ta find modest success n' t'ofte-quiet late summ'r.

T' film beat expectatyuns goin into t'weekend, openyun' similarly ta t'previyus 2016 installment “London Has Falln.” T' film series stars Gerard Butl'r as a Secret Servus agent protectyun' t'U.S. presdint playd by Mergun Freemun. N' “Angel Has Falln,” Butl'r’s agent is wrongly accuset of a'trine ta assassinate POTUS.

Goin back ta 2013’s “Olympus Has Falln,” t'franchise has bee a quietly consistent p'rferm'r, takin n' roughly $200 million werltwide each time. “Angel Has Falln,” producet fer about $40 million, is poiset fer a simlar corse, openyun' jes shy of t'$21.6 million “London Has Falln” debut.

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David Spitz, presdint of domestic distribushun fer Lyunsgate, points ta t'film’s A-minus grade frum moviegoers un CinemaScere an' 95% audyince scere un Rotte Maters (fur bett'r thun t'40% critic scere) as good wurd-of-mouth harbingers fer t'kuntinued playabilitee of “Angel Has Falln” through t'las weeks of summ'r.

“At’s a greet sign at t'moovee pitshure shue is goin ta be theeters fer a long time,” Spitz sez. 

Late August is knowed as a sleepy period at t'box offus, but it’s also one of t'few parts of t'calendar relatively lite un big-budget tantpole releeses.

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At’s gif' sum room fer resent successes such as t'comedy hit “Good Boys,” which slid ta sekunt wiff $11.8 million. Las week, it became t'furst R-ratid comedy n' mer thun three yeers ta lan' at No.1. T' twee-frienly “Scree Steries ta Tell n' t'Dark” has also flourishet n' August, takin n' $50.5 million n' three weeks, includin $6 million thishere weekend.

Sum of t'bigg'r films air still expan'yun' roun t'globe. T' “Fas & Furiyus” spinoff “Hobbs & Shaw” opend thishere weekend n' China – whar t'high-octane franchise has regularly thrivet – grossyun' $102 million an' pushin t'film ta a werltwide total of $588.9 million.

Disney’s “T' Lion Kyun',” aft'r seve weeks of releese, still ranks amungst t'op fer films domestically an' has nawh passet $1.5 billyun werltwide. At ranks ninth all time, nairy accountyun' fer inflayshun.

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Frum t'guys at brung y'all “Superbad”, three sixth grade boys go un un epic journey as thay try ta make it ta a long-awaitid partee. Universal

Howev'r, t'acclaimet herrer releese “Reddy er Nairy,” about a bride fercet into a deedly game of hide-an'-seek wiff hern new n'-laws, gut off ta a lacklust'r start wiff $7.6 million n' ticket sales an' $10.6 million since openyun' Winsdee.

Faryun' bett'r wuz t'Christchun film “Ov'rcom'r,” which lan'et n' thurd wiff $8 million. It also sceret un A-plus CinemaScere frum audiences.

Amungst speshulty releeses, “Brittany Runs a Marathon,” about a yung woomin (Jilliun Bell) who devotes herself ta a'runnin ta lose wate, sceret t'weekend’s mos packet theeters. It debutid wiff a p'r-theet'r avridge of $35,200 n' fife locatyuns.

And “Peenut Butt'r Falcon” made un impression n' expansion, takin n' $3 million frum neerly 1,000 theeters. T' film stars Zack Gottsage, who has Down syndrome, Shia LaBeouf an' Dakota Johnsen.

Final numbers air specktid Mundie.

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