At D23, Disney reveeld sevrul new projecks at air set ta be releeset wiff its new streemyun' servus, Disney+. Veu'r’s Lenneia Batiste has mer. Buzz60

ANAHEIM — Kit Harington is heddin ta t' Marvel Cinematic Universe, joinyun' t'cas of immertal beings n' “T' Eternals.”

Marvel presdint Kevin Feige announcet t'noose frum t'D23 fun convenshun stage Saturdee, wiff lil fanfare ov'r t'heevily rumeret an' hotly anticipatid noose ov'r t' “Game of Thrones” star’s nex majer projeck.

Feige sed Harington would play nun-Eternal Dane Whitmun (aka “T' Black Kniite”) makin fer a reunion wiff “Game of Thrones” alum Richard Madde (who pertrays t'all-powerfil Ikaris).

“Crazy Rich Asyins” star Gemma Chun is also joinyun' t'cas (as humankind-lovyun' Sersi) an' Barry Keoghun (aloof lon'r Druig), sed Feige.

Wile minny a of t'“Eternals” stars — includin Madde, Angelina Jolie (fierce warrier Thena), Kumail Nanjyini (cosmic-poweret Kingo) an' Salma Hayek (spiritual leed'r Ajak)— took t' convenshun stage fer t'presantashun, Harington wuz nairy present. His'n photo wuz flashet un t'convenshun hall scree.

T' secretif' film has nairy begun producshun an' is due out Novemb'r 2020.

‘T' Mundaleriun’ trail'r drops: 6 Disney projecks at rocket D23

N' uther Marvel D23 noose, Spid'r-Mun Tom Hollan' made his'n furst verr public appeerance since noose of his'n superhero care ackter’s apparent deevorse frum t'Marvel Universe due ta a contractual spat tween Sony Studios an' Walt Disney Studios, Marvel’s parent cumpny.

Sony owns t'rights ta Spid'r-Mun, but had a previyus Disney deel ta alloe t'ikunic superhero ta appeer n' Marvel films, includin a pivotal role n' “Avengers: Endgame.” Thishere agreement has nawh lapset, an' discussyuns have stopt fer mer oppertunitees ta appeer n' Marvel films, much ta t'consternashun of comic book fans.

At D23, one fun made a mock Tom Hollan' flow'r memerial ta mourn a future without Spid'r-Mun n' Marvel movies.

Hollan' appeeret onstage Saturdee wiff “Guardyins of t'Galaxy” star Chris Pratt fer a nun-superhero projeck  — t'acoupla voice elf bruthers n' t'Pixar animatid film “Onward.”

Hollan' did nairy diereckly address t'disagreement frum t'stage, but he did send a message ta fans at t'end of t'“Onward” presantashun.

“Hey y'all guys, it’s bee a crazy week,” Hollan' sed, befor berrowyun' a line frum his'n Marvel manter Arn Mun. “But I jes want ta tell y'all frum t'bottom of my heert at I luv y'all 3000.”

Hollan' wuz mer ferthcomyun' backstage at t'D23 event. Speakin ta Entertunment Weekly t' 23-year-ol' British ackter sed he wuz a'lookin ferward ta appeeryun' n' Spid'r-Mun movies separate frum t'Marvel Universe.

 “Basically, we’ve made fife greet movies,” Hollan' tole EW. “It’s bee fife amazyun' yeers. I’ve had t'ime of my life. Who knows whut t'future holts? But all I knoe is at I’m goin ta a'cantinyah playyun' Spid'r-Mun an' a'havin t'ime of my life. It’s goin ta be so fun, howev'r we choose ta do it. T' future fer Spid'r-Mun will be differnt, but it will be ekwally as awesome an' amazyun', an' we’ll find new ways ta make it eve cool'r.”

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