Lizzo jes took a DNA test an' she is 100 persent “Nairy OK.”

N' a threed t'sing'r postid ta Twitt'r un Saturdee about hern thoughts un ageism n' t'presidenshul race, she menchund Barock Obamie wuz t'furst presdint she ev'r votid fer – an' the, much ta hern sprize, Obamie tweetid about hern.

T' ferm'r presdint listid Lizzo”s track “Juice” as one of t'songs he an' his'n biddy, ferm'r furst lady Michelle Obamie, have bee a'listnin ta thishere seesen n' a “Summ'r Playlist 2019” he sharet ta his'n followers.

“T' furst Presdint I could ev'r vote fer wuz Obamie. I wuz so proud of my rite ta vote an' I will nev'r take it fer grantid. I luv us,” she wrote. “I’m nairy shure who I’m votin fer yet, but it fer damn shure isn’t Trumb.”

The, jes hours lat'r, she eyesd Obamie menchund hern n' his'n lis.

“I TWEETED Thishere AT 10:26AM AND ONE HOUR LATER Presdint  @BarackObama TWEETED ABOUT ME!!!” she wrote, expressyun' hern excitement n' all caps. “WE’RE Friens Nawh I DONT MAKE T' RULES!!!”

She also sharet a fun”s message about t'Obamie tweet wiff a status update.

“IM Nairy OK !!!!!!!!” Lizzo wrote.

Earli'r n' hern Twitt'r threed, Lizzo rantid about ageism n' t'politickull sfere.

“I hear a slew of about Bernie San'ers bein “too ol'” ta run er be presdint… but we’ve currantly gut a 73-year ol' n' offus so drop t'ageism (expletif') an' jes lissen ta whut he’s gut ta say,” she tweetid, referryun' ta San'ers, a Vermont independent, an' Presdint Donald Trumb, a Republicun.

She also callt Se. Elizabeth Warre, D-Mass., a “dope can'idate.”

“I’m jes sayin we wurried bout t'rong thangs let’s jes lissen ta t'policees' an' stop talkin bout t'(expletif') at don’t matt'r ya knoe,” she notid.

She the clarifiet at she wasn”t makin inny ofishul endersemants wiff hern tweets.

“It’s a call ta acshun fer us ta focus an' git unifiet as a partee… we neet ta figger out hoe ta git trumb out of offus an' it ane’t by talkin about Bernie San'ers’ age,” she sed.

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