Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, t'newest of Disneylan'’s parks, lets guests immerse thayselves n' t'worl of “Star Wars.” USA TODAY

ANAHEIM — It’s ofishul. Walt Disney Studios is brangin back “Star Wars” legendree Jedi Obi-Wun Kenobi, wiff Ewun McGreger donnyun' t'robes fer a Disney+ streemyun' scriptid series.

McGreger made at sprize appeerance at t'end of Frydee’s panel at t'D23 Expo ta make t'announcement wiff Kathlee Kennedy, t'presdint of LucasFilms.

“Aft'r secrets an' fibs an' nairy bein ta talk about it, I’m thrillet ta brang out a belovet memb'r of t'Star Wars fambly,” sed Kennedy, innerducin McGreger, who appeeret ta wild applause frum t'fans.

T' acoupla wastid no time gittin ta t'discusshun at han'.

“A'ken y'all pleese ast me if'n I’m goin ta play Obi-Wun agin?” ast McGreger.

“Ewun, air y'all goin ta play Obi-Wun Kenobi agin?” Kennedy ast.

“Yep,” kum his'n simple reply, sendin t'audyince into mer roars. 

Whar’s Luke?: Ever ‘Star Wars’ questchun we neet answeret at D23

McGreger sed it’s bee fer yeers of denyyun' er a'puttin off questchuns about reprisyun' t'yung Obi-Wun he playd n' t'hree “Star Wars” prekwels “T' Phantom Menace,” “Uhtack of t'Clones,” an' “Revenge of t'Sith.”

Alec Guinness playd t'olt'r care ackter n' 1977’s “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope,” whar he wuz killt n' a lightsab'r battle wiff Darth Vad'r. Guinness still appeeret n' “T' Empire Strikes Back” an' “T' Return of t'Jedi.”

No futher deetails about t'new series wuz gif'. But Kennedy sed “t' scripts air writte, an' we cummence shootin nex year. We a'ken’t wait ta start producshun. And we have air Obi-Wun.”

T' fun expo wuz fillt wiff “Star Wars” noose as Disney ramps up its streemyun' servus launch un Nov. 12.

Kennedy announcet at t'animatid “Clone Wars” series would return, an' will arrif' un t'streemyun' servus Febuwary 2020.

“We heerd tell frum y'all, t'plea ta brang t'series back,” sed Kennedy.

She also confirmet a new, still unnamet spy series feeturyun' acoupla characters frum “Star Wars: Rogue One.” At series will star Diego Luna, who plays Cassiun Ander, joinet oncet agin by Alun Tudyk, as t'droid K2SO. 

Finally, produc'r an' riter Jon Favreeu showcaset t'furst trail'r fer t'highly anticipatid series “T' Mundaleriun.” Starryun' Pedro Pascal as a gunsling'r existyun' n' a lawless time a'followin t'fall of t'Empire, t'series debuts wiff t'fall launch of Disney+.

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