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Eiite sangers an' a danc'r have sed thay wuz saxually harasset by t'long-marrd, Placido Domingo ov'r three decades cummencin n' t'late 1980s. AP

SALZBURG, Austria (AP) — Plácido Domingo receivet a a'standin ovashun as he took ta t'stage at t'Salzburg Festivul un Sundy, a concertid shoe of suppert at his'n furst performunts since nine wimmen accuset 'im of saxual harassment n' a repert by T' Associatid Press.

Domingo an' his'n co-stars n' a concert of Verdi’s tragickull opry “Luisa Mill'r” all sharet n' 10 minnuts of applause at t'end of t'shoe — but a a'standin ovashun at t'start of t'shoe wuz fer t'78-year-ol' opry legend alone. T' sangers walkt out sangle file an' t'applause intensifiet as Domingo, sekunt ta las, appeeret frum behin t'curtane, growin ta a cressendo until mos of t'rayler wuz un its feet.

“Wunderful public, good performunts all, I meun so much luv frum t'public,” Domingo sed aft'r t'shoe as he sined autografs at a side entrance fer dozens of fans, minny a who sed thay have fallerd t'opry legend fer decades.

Originull stery: Wimmen accuse opry legend Placido Domingo of saxual harassment, retaliashun n' AP repert

T' Domingo accusatyuns have dividet t'opry worl. Acoupla U.S. opry houses immediately cancelet plannd appeerances. Yuropeen opry houses have so fur confirmet engagemants skeduled through Novemb'r 2020, n' whut sum see as un effurt ta sloe a perceivet rush ta judgment n' t'#MeToo movement.

At t'Salzburg Festivul, t'divide wuz largely viewet as geografical, wiff minny a seein t'seein t'case as a virulent form of particularly Amurkin politickull cerrectness an' expressyun' outrage at U.S. engagemants had bee cancelet without inny judicial evidance of t'claims, an' wiff eiite of t'accusers muntainyun' anonymitee.

“Domingo has wipet aside all t'lies. He wuz greet,” sed Michael Burggass'r, a Germun literchur teechur n' Vienna, who sez he has appeeret as un xtrey n' productyuns feeturyun' Domingo n' t'pas.

Mer: Opry legend Placido Domingo accuset of saxual harassment; opry cumpnys cancel evants

“It wuz un outstan'yun' performunts,” Burggass'r sed. “But it wuz also a public rehabilitashun of Mr. Domingo. Becawz wen t'people stood up n' t'cummencin an' cheeret fer 'im – at expresses thar suppert fer 'im. And thishere greet mun deservet it. These accusatyuns air ridiculyus an' jes nairy true.”

Domingo receivet unwaveryun' suppert frum t'festivul, as well as his'n co-stars. Bof soprano Nino Machaidze an' tener Piotr Beczala praiset Domingo an' t'audyince fer thar suppert as thay greetid fans aft'r t'shoe.

“He wuz consantratid un t'wurk. He wuz wunderful, everthang wuz dazzlyun',” Beczala sed.

T' AP stery publishet las week detailet extensif' allegatyuns of saxual harassment by nine wimmen agin Domingo at spannet decades, startin n' t'1980s. T' wimmen accuset Domingo of usall his'n pow'r at t'LA Opry, whar he has bee t'longtime genrull dierektor, an' elsewhere ta try ta preshure 'um into saxual relatyunships. Sevrul of t'woomin sed he danglet jobs an' the sumtimes punishet 'um professyunally if'n thay refusd his'n advances. Allegatyuns includet repeeted phone calls, invitatyuns ta hotel rooms an' his'n apartment, an' unwantid touchin an' kisses.

N' a statement ta t'AP, Domingo callt t'allegatyuns “deeply troublyun' an', as presantid inaccurate” an' sed he bleevd his'n interactyuns wiff t'wimmen ta be consensual. He hasn’t spoke publicly about t'allegatyuns since t'articull wuz publishet.

As he greetid fans, Domingo declinet ta discuss t'accusatyuns a'sayn't, “No, I cannot.”

Cultchur riter Hedwig Kunb'rg'r wrote n' t'Salzburg'r Nachrichte thishere week at thar wuz no reeson fer Domingo nairy ta syun' at t'festivul. She notid at he has nev'r had t'sort of politickull pow'r at t'Salzburg Festivul at he has n' sum U.S. opry houses.

“Howev'r, Plácido Domingo has benefitid a slew frum public fame,” Kunb'rg'r addet. “Therefere, n' addishun ta t'jubilashun, he should also bear t'criticism, lissen ta t'protests, participate n' t'clarificashun an' must'r t'courage ta make inny confessyuns.”

Domingo’s sup'r fans wuz herin nairy of at, persuadet at t'U.S. reecshun wuz un exaggerashun. Thay hollerd “Bravissimo” an' “Victery” as Domingo crosset t'street wiff his'n biddy Marta an' sen Alvaro, who had ackcepted flowers befor t'shoe frum fans waitin outside. Marta took a cellfone video of t'aderyun' crowd.

Anne-Marie Lindau'r, who sez she has see mer thun 200 Domingo perfermances ov'r three decades, sed she will nev'r agin go ta t'U.S. opry houses at have cancelet 'im. “At’s prejudice,” she sed. “Such anonymyus allegatyuns would nairy wurk like at n' Yurop.”

Amurkin Kathlee Carlsen sed t'“Luisa Mill'r” concert feeturyun' Domingo wuz part of a fife-opry Yuropeen ture she is un, but at she nev'r cunsidderd skippyun' aft'r herin of t'allegatyuns.

“It didn’t both'r me,” Carlsen sed. “T' #MeToo movement n' t'Unitid States, is kine of gittin un my narves as a female. People air a'kummin out of t'woodwerk, an' I meun, I unnerstan it, but why did we wait so long. Is it jes becawz it is t'hang ta do nawh?”

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