Tayler Swift droppet hern highly anticipatid album “Lov'r,” which includes a collaberashun wiff t'Dixie Chix an' sum juicy lyrical references. USA TODAY

Tayler Swift had a soberyun' anser ta a seemingly innocuyus questchun about hern trayler life. 

N' un interview wiff CBS Sundy Monin', t'“Lov'r” sing'r wuz ast hoe she splits hern time tween residences n' Nashvull, New York, Rhode Islan' an' London. 

“I try nairy ta ev'r rilly say whar I am, since all my addresses air un t'innernets,” she sed, referryun' ta sevrul resent cases of stalkers bein arrestid at er near hern trayler as “dudes at reckon we have un imaginree marriage.”

T' pop star, 29, previously opend up n' un essay fer Elle about t'fack at she carries army-grade ban'age dressin “fer gunshot er stab wounds.” Speakin ta CBS, she made it clar she regularly considers t'wurse-case ssenario. 

“I’ve had a slew of stalkers shoe up ta t'rayler armet. So we have ta reckon at way,” she addet.

Tayler Swift’s ‘Lov'r’: T' juiciest lyrical references, frum Kanye West ta Leonardo DiCaprio

N' t'March essay, Swift also discusset hoe t'Manchest'r Arena bombyun' aft'r un Aryina Gran'e concert an' Las Vegas kuntry musick festivul shootin made hern “plum terrifiet” ta hed out un ture.

“I didn’t knoe hoe we wuz goin ta keep 3 million fans safe ov'r seve munths,” she wrote. “Thar wuz a tremendyus amount of plannin, expense an' effurt put into keepin my fans safe. …  Ever day, I try ta remind myself of t'good n' t'worl, t'luv I’ve witnesset an' t'faith I have n' humanitee. We have ta lif' bravely n' ord'r ta truly feel alif', an' at meens nairy bein rulet by air greetest feers.”

‘Direckly Y'all’ll Git Bett'r’ is one of Tayler Swift’s saddest songs ev'r

Swift’ sevanth studio album, “Lov'r,” unveilet Frydee, largely tells t'stery of t'pop star n' luv. But thar’s one song, writte about a sick fambly memb'r, at Swift tole CBS she “cant eve rilly hear er lissen ta.” 

“I don’t reckon I have writte a song quite like at befor. It’s jes a tough one,” Swift sed. Tho she hasn’t explicitly confirmet who t'song is about, she’s previously bee ope about hern moth'r’s battle wiff canc'r. Andrea Swift wuz diagnoset wiff canc'r n' 2015 an' Tayler sed n' 2019 at it had returnt.

“It’s jes nairy sumthin at we deel wiff until we have ta, until we see it, until someone close ta us experiences sumthin at. So ritin at wuz rilly emotyunal an' I’m jes goin ta stop a'talkin about it nawh,” she sed, teeryun' up.

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‘Lov'r’ East'r aigs: Which fun theeries wuz rite an' which wuz way off?

Whut’s nex fer Swift nawh at “Lov'r” is out? Sloe down, thar: T' pop star gits stresset out a'thankin about t'future mer thun six munths n' advance. 

“At puts me into whut I call, like, a panic spiral. I’ve nev'r bee bull ta do at. It jes freeks me out, wen I zoom out too fur,” she sed, addyun' at she isn’t “takin a sangle day fer grantid.” 

She concludet: “It’s rilly ungratefil ta assume y'all have 20 yeers. Jes be stoket y'all have today.”

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