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Matt Lau’r deniet t’new rape allegashun n’ a lett’r frum his'n’n lawy’r ta Varietee. His'n’n ferm’r colleegues callt t’allegashun “panefull.” USA TODAY

NEW YORK — If'n’n Ronun Farroe is exhaustid, he certunly doesn’t shoe it. 

T’ crusadyun’ journalist, whos investigashun into Harvey Weinstein’s alleget saxual abuse f'r T’ New Yerk’r earnt ‘im a Pulitz’r Prize las year, is raz'r-sharp un’ smilyun’ as he walks into USA TODAY’s New York offices un a late weekday afternoon, primet ta talk about his'n’n new book “Catch un’ Kill,” out Tuesdee. 

“I’m nairy gittin a slew of sleep rite nawh,” admits Farroe, 31, who hastily chugs a full mug of hot coffee upon arrival. “But I’m proud of t’repertyun’ un’ I’m glad it’s a’gettin public.” 

Part-memoir, part-thrill’r, “Catch un’ Kill” deetails Farroe’s munths-long struggle ta repert t’Weinstein stery f'r NBC, whar he startid as host of MSNBC’s “Ronun Farroe Daily” n’ 2014, befer a’gettin un investigatif’ cerrespondent f'r “.”

Farroe tells USA TODAY at he had multiple namet accusers includin Rose McGowun, un’ tapet audio of Weinstein threetenyun’ model Ambra Gutierrez, we he brung his'n’n investigashun ta NBC executives. But accerdyun’ ta ‘im, thay continually pokt holes n’ his'n’n repertyun’ un’ delayet a’runnin t’peece, a’tellin ‘im it wasn’t “newswerthy” un’ ta “gif’ it a res” befer killin t’stery altogeth’r. (NBC Noose presdint Noah Oppenheim refutid Farroe’s claims n’ a memo releeset Mundie, ritin at he had “no victims ow witnesses un t’recerd,” includin McGowun, who at t’ime, declinet ta idantify Weinstein by name.) 

Despite NBC’s claims ta t’contrree, Farroe insists at he un’ his'n’n produc’r, Rich McHugh,”wuz orderd ta stop (repertyun’ t’stery). We wuz gif’ a hard ord’r nairy ta take a sangle call about t’subjeck, un’ we wuz orderd ta cancel intervioos wiff rape victims. Thishere wuz un-journalistic, it wuz a big questchun mark n’ t’press why, un’ ‘Catch un’ Kill’ ansers why, which wuz a cumpny conceelyun’ a slew of secrets at had a slew of secret contacts wiff Harvey Weinstein.” 

Accerdyun’ ta “Catch,” Weinstein allegedly knew of multiple saxual miskunduct accusatyuns agin ferm’r “” anch'r Matt Lau’r, obtunet by Weinstein’s frie Dylun Howard, chief content offic’r of Nashshunal Enkwir’r publish’r Amurkin Media Inc. (AMI). T’ book goes un ta allege at Weinstein threetend ta expose Lau’r if'n’n NBC run Farroe’s investigashun of ‘im, which Oppenheim rejectid as a “thurd-hun’ rum'r” wiff “no cerroberashun.”

Accerdyun’ ta “Catch,” NBC brokeret nun-disclosure agreemants un’ seve-figg'r payouts wiff at leest seve wimme who alleget saxual harassment ow discriminashun at t’cumpny. (Oppenheim disputid thems figgers, a’sayn’t thar wuz only three departure agreemants made befer Lau’r’s exit at “wuz unrelatid ta Lau’r un’ plum routine,” involvyun’ employees who made “no complunt ta management.”)  

One of thems alleget victims is Brooke Nevils, a ferm’r assistant ta “Today” host Meredith Vieira. N’ “Catch’s” mos disturbyun’ chaptur, Nevils describes n’ grafic detail t’nite at Lau’r allegedly rapet hern n’ his'n’n hotel room at t’2014 Sochi Olympics n’ Ruskie. “(It) hurt ta walk, hurt ta sit,” Nevils tells Farroe of t’days a’followin t’alleget uhtack

Lau’r deniet Nevils’ account of t’encount’r n’ un ope lett’r las week, callin hern “un enthusiastic un’ willyun’ partn’r,” un’ ritin at “at no time did she behave n’ a way at made it appe'r she wuz incapabull of consent.”

Nevils tells Farroe at she kuntinuet a “transactyunal” saxual relatyunship wiff Lau’r aft’r returnyun’ ta t’U.S., manely out of fear at she would jeopardize hern keer’r – as well as at of hern boyfriend’s bruth'r, who wurket f'r Lau’r – if'n’n she didn’t adhere ta his'n’n wishes.

Nevil admits ta initiatyun’ sum encounters wiff Lau’r (t'-marrd ta model Annette Rokwe), but accuses ‘im of uth'r nun-consensual ax n’ t’werkplace: N’ one incident, he allegedly gropet hern as she reechet f'r un electronic photo frame un his'n’n offus wind'r ledge. Un anoth’r day, he repertedly fercet hern ta perferm oral sex un ‘im at his'n’n desk n’ exchange f'r recerdyun’ a “goodbye” video f'r a departyun’ employee. 

“Verr ofte, y’all see a sitchuwayshun whar a boss ow someone else n’ a posishun of poe’r has kuntinuet access ta someone wiff un accusashun,” Farroe sez. “And aft’r t’inishul assault, y’all see repeet contact – eve sumtimes consensual contact ow quasi-consensual – whar thay say ‘yep’ ta sumthin n’ a sitchuwayshun whar thishere perse has tremendyus poe’r ov’r ‘um un’ thay’re frightenet. Thar air all serts of complicayshuns like at at air verr common n’ these steries.”

It wasn’t until yeers lat’r, aft’r bein hospitalizet f'r post-traumatic stress un’ alkyhol abuse, at Nevils evantually confidet n’ Vieira about Lau’r’s alleget rape. Wiff Vieira’s encouragement, Nevils fermally repertid t’incident ta NBC n’ 2017, leedyun’ ta his'n’n dismissal at Novemb’r. 

Farroe refuses ta speculate wuth'r Lau’r could face legal repercussyuns f'r allegedly assaultyun’ Nevils, but muntuns at Nevils has “abidet by a slew of scree legal restrictyuns at she is still und’r,” includin at she “cannot disparage t’executives of NBC,” as a term of hern contrack.  

“Brooke Nevils’ stery is impertant: nairy jes becawz it’s seriyus n’ its own rite,” Farroe sez. “It reveels, within thishere cumpny, a relyince un secret settlemants of t’ype at prevants hern ta thishere day frum a’talkin about NBC executives un’ whut thay knew.”

N’ t’munths a’followin Lau’r’s exit, claims of saxual miskunduct have bee lodget agin a slew of NBC executives un’ un-air talent, includin Matt Zimmermun, Mark Halperin, Chris Matthoos un’ Tom Brokaw. All have bee fermally reprimun’et ow firet, but Farroe warns of a m'r “dangeryus sitchuwayshun” at NBC, whar employees “have talkt about a’feelin it wuz fruitless ta go ta t’H.R. department,” cunvintset thar allegatyuns would be igneret ow dismisset.

An unnamet NBC cerrespondent quotid n’ “Catch” takes it a step futh'r: comparyun’ NBC ta t’Vaticun, trayl'r of t’Cathlick Church’s top leeders, n’ at bof “wuz willyun’ ta cov’r up sex crimes.”

“T’ Matt Lau’r stery is bigg’r thun one perse,” Farroe sez. Rite nawh, “thar’s a slew of white-hot focus un t’allegatyuns agin (‘im) reveeld n’ thishere book, un’ thar air people wiff un actif’ innerst n’ ensuryun’ at t’focus stays thar. Jes as signifikunt is t’repertyun’ at suggests thishere wuz much wid’r un’ bigg’r thun Matt Lau’r: Thishere wuz a cumpny at wuz conceelyun’ a slew of secrets, un’ thar wuz allegatyuns agin multiple people n’ seeny'r posityuns at wuz coverd up. At affectid thishere noose organizashun’s coverage profoundly.” 

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A Marylun’ mom is onry aft’r hern youngn’s elemantree skool took away thar lunch un’ gave ‘um a cheez sun’wich becawz of un unpaid lunch bill. VPC

A bill sinet Saturdee by Califerny Gov. Gavin Newsom plans ta cut t’resent trend n’ skools of “lunch shamyun’.”

SB 265, which wuz originally innerducet by Califerny State Se. Robert Hertzberg, will rekwire at all public skool studants have a “state reimbursabull” meal providet by t’skool “eve if'n’n thar parent ow guardiun has unpaid meal fees.”

It amends t’Youngn Hung’r Prevenshun un’ Fair Treetment Ack of 2017, which previously statid at studants wiff lunch debts be offerd “alternatif’” meels by skool districts, chart’r skools un’ boards of skoolin.

T’ phenomenon of “lunch shamyun’” studants natyunwide, which has includet takin away meels un studants’ birthdays, firyun’ cafeteria employees un’ threetenyun’ ta send studants ta fost’r ke'r – has drawn ire frum parnts, fella studants un’ bizness owners n’ resent munths.

‘Wurse birthdee ev’r!’: Skool changes lunch policy aft’r takin away student’s cheesy breedstix un his'n’n birthdee

Newsom referret ta t’stery of Ryun Kyote, a thurd grad’r n’ Napa, Califerny, who uset up his'n’n savet allowance ta pay off his'n’n classmates’ outstun’yun’ debts aft’r seein at a student wuz fercet ta return hern hot lunch becawz of hern debt. T’ acoupla met n’ August, which Newsom callt un “hon'r.”

“I want ta thank Ryun f'r his'n’n empathy un’ his'n’n courage n’ brangin awareness ta thishere impertant issue,” set Newsom n’ a statement.

Mundie, Elle DeGeneres reectid ta t’bill, quotyun’ a tweet frum Newsom un’ a’sayn’t “thishere is incredibull.”

Neerly 500,000 youngns mite no long’r be automatically eligibull f'r a’a'loose lunch as a result of a Trumb administrashun proposal ta reduce “loofoles” n’ food stamp access.

Fall'r Joshua Bote un Twitt’r: @joshua_bote

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Speekin at t’premiere of Showtime series “T’ Loudest Voice,” ferm’r Fox Noose Channel host Gretche Carlse – un’ Naomi Watts, who plays hern n’ t’drama – talk about t’wimme at kum ferward ta speek agin Rawg’r Ailes. (June 25) AP

Gretche Carlse, one of t’drivin ferce behin t’oustyun’ of Rawg’r Ailes, is onry at she isn’t bull ta participate n’ “Bombshell,” Jay Roach’s film about t’ saxual miskunduct allegatyuns agin t’ferm’r Fox Noose executif’.

“It’s a strange un’ frustratyun’ reelitee at I a’ke’t partake n’ inny of these projex baset un my settlement,” t’ferm’r Fox Noose host tole Entertunment Weekly. “Which is why I’m wurkin so hard un Capitol Hill so at nobidy else has ta be hun’cuffet innymere.”

Carlse set she’s bee lobbyyun’ Congress ta pass a bill at would prevent fercet arbitrashun n’ saxual harassment cases n’ t’werkplace. She notid at arbitrashun silences wimme un’ thar steries.

Carlse wuz also prevantid frum speekin out about “T’ Loudest Voice,” Showtime’s mini series about Ailes. 

“It’s frustratyun’ cawz I a’ke say, ‘Hey wait a minnut, y’all knoe, at wuz my life!’ ” Carlse set. “But t’rail’r gut a tremendyus amount of tenchun un’ f'r me, at’s whut thishere is all about.”

Despite hern frustratyuns at a’havin ta stay silencet un projex about Ailes, Carlse is happy at people air finally a’talkin about it.

“Mos impertantly, if'n’n it gives courage ta menfolk un’ wimme who air faseeun’ these kinds of situatyuns ta come ferward, t'at’s t’xtrey bonus,”Carlse set. “I rilly feel like nobidy would have done these movies three yeers ago we I jumpet off t’cliff all by myself n’ July of 2016.”

N’ t’upcomyun’ film “Bombshell,” Carlse will be pertrayet by Nicole Kidmun, wile Naomi Watts acktid as Carlse n’ “T’ Loudest Voice.”

Carlse hailet t’projex as “greet becawz thay air keepin t’dialogue goin n’ a big, huge way.” She addet: “T’ visual medium a’ke be so much m'r powerfil, speshly wiff thishere topick, becawz thar air so minny a myths un’ misunderstun’ings.

“If'n’n I had tole y’all three yeers ago at Showtime wuz goin ta do a miniseries about me un’ at (dierekter) Jay Roach wuz goin ta do a potenshul blockbust’r moovee pitshure shue un thishere topick, y’all would have lafft at me,” she kuntinuet. “Let me also say, t’idee at Naomi Watts un’ Nicole Kidmun air playyun’ me – at’s surreel un its face.”

Contributyun’: Erin Jese

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ABC’s “Dancyun’ wiff t’Stars” includet a dramatic exit, “Saturdee Nite Fev’r,” un’ a sprizin finish. USA TODAY

ABC’s “Dancyun’ Wiff t’Stars” tangoet into unchartid drama thishere seese, announcyun’ ferm’r White Trayl'r spokesmun Seun Spic’r as a celebritee contestant. T’ controvershul pick brung t’kine of response y’all’d eggspeck n’ t’2019 politickull climate – cheers frum Presdint Donald Trumb supperters f'r t’noteriously combatif’ mouthpiece, along wiff jeers (un’ eve talk of boycotts) amungst Trumb critics.

T’ seese’s sprize has bee seein Spic’r’s perpetual smile wile he embraces t’worl of spray tans un’ flamboyant outfits. Despite loe judges’ sceres f'r his'n’n ploddyun’ dance moves wiff pro partn’r Lindsay Arnold, he remuns a contend’r f'r t’mirrerball trofy. Strong fun suppert has carrd ‘im through three eliminatyuns, tho he’ll be testid agin Mundie (8 EDT/PDT).

As “DWTS” haids into Week 5, he spluns t’perma-smile, his'n’n impressif’ dance wate-loss program un’ wurkin wiff t’Trumb luv.

Whut happent n’ ‘DWTS’ las week?: Hannah Brown unleeshet hern ex-boyfriend rage, judges had a ‘slugfest’

T’ Spic’r controversy: ‘Dancyun’ Wiff t’Stars’ host Tom Bergeron sez he opposet castyun’ Seun Spic’r

Questchun: It wuz clar we wuz goin ta see a new Seun Spic’r wiff y'r neon, rufflet Week 1 ensembull. Hoe did at outfit happe?

Ans'r: Lindsay easet me into at all week. It wuz like, “It looks like thishere” un’ “Did I tell y’all it had ruffles?” By t’ime I saw it (f'r) my fittyun’ un Frydee …  I figgerd thar wuz no turnin back. If'n’n I wuz goin ta do thishere, jump into t’deep end.

Q: Is it a cerrect, obveeus assumpshun at y’all had verr lil trane ow eve dancyun’ eggsperyints befer “DWTS”?

A: Nairy only at, we my biddy un’ I gut marrd, we didn’t cumplete air furst dance. About halfway through, we wuz like “OK, everbidy git n’.” My dishnull dance eggsperyints has bee acoupla fath’r-dauite’r weddyun’ dances wiff my dauite’r, who wuz initially afraid ta do it baset un my pas perfermunts. She thunk I wuz goin ta embarrass hern.

Q: Y’all’re smilyun’ so much, a verr differnt look frum press secretree. Is leevin t’stress of at job part of it?

A: At doesn’t wurk into it. I’m a’doin thishere ta have fun un’ make it a rilly good eggsperyints. It’s genuine. And part of it is makin shure people see at. People at knoe me knoe I push fun ta t’limit un’ joke roun. Thishere is nairy a sprize ta ‘um.

Q: Viewers air keepin y’all un t’shoe, as thar votes counteract loe judges’  sceres. Hoe minny a of y'r view’r votes air a’kummin frum Trumb supperters?

A: Thar’s no questchun at’s a huge part of it, people un t’politickull side. But thar’s a good chunk of people who enjoy my apperach. T’ uth'r nite we wuz out, un’ I had people a’kummin up ta me a’sayn’t, “I’ve luvet watchin y’all, y’all look like y’all’re a’havin a greet time.” Hopefully, thay’ll watch me progress. Thar’s a slew of people who sit at t’bar un’ watch everyone else un t’dance flo'r. At’s who I have bee. I’m nev’r goin ta be t’natcherul. But people watchin knoe I am wurkin as hard as I a’ke, un’ goin ta have a blas a’doin it.

Q: T’ camera shows y’all a’laffin wiff t’fella dancers un’ pros un t’shoe. Do politics come up?

A: T’ talk is all personal. Hoe wuz y'r week? Injuries, fambly. Thar is nuthin eve bizness-relatid a’kummin up. We suppert each uth'r. F'r eggzample, we we walk down thems stairs at t’cummencin of t’shoe. I am verr a’skeert of heights, so climbyun’ t'(ope) stairwell is nerve-rackin. We’ll reheerse at 15 ta 20 times. It’s becum routine nawh f'r everyone ta make shure I git settlet befer we walk down. We have a slew of fun.

Q: T’ shoe is physically taxyun’. Have y’all lost wate?

A: I’m down 17 pounds frum t’shoe’s start.

Q: May I as, frum whut ta whut?

A: No, y’all a’ke’t. But I’m seein it un t’scale. Ev'r week, thay’re takin n’ my outfits, speshly t’pants. I a’ke see it n’ my face. It’s nairy jes a shoe, it’s a wate-loss program. I’d luv ta go down anoth’r 10 ow 15 pounds. If'n’n I git ta t’full goal, maybe we’ll talk. But thishere is t’lowest I have weighet since I gut off actif’ (Navy Reserves) dootee n’ 2011.

Q: Thar’s a “DWTS” tradishun of dancers rippyun’ thar shirts off. Will we see at wiff Seun Spic’r?

A: No. At tradishun will come ta un end. I wint well outside my komfert zone at furst nite; I’ll let sum uth'r people have a turn nawh.

Q: Whut about spray-tannyun’?

A: Yep! It wuz a furst. I git why people do it nawh, speshly we y’all have arees y’all’re goin ta shoe un’ y’all’re un t’Irish side of t’quayshun. We go frum white ta ret. So thishere rilly adds a level of col'r at projex bett’r. I’m a believ’r. I don’t knoe hoe much I’ll neet it aft’r t’shoe ends, if'n’n I’ll be exposyun’ at much skin un a reglar basis. It also depends un hoe much wate I lose. Thar mite be a cerrelashun.

Q: Ferm’r White Trayl'r press secretree Sarah Sun’ers un’ Donald Trumb Jr. have urget “DWTS” fans ta vote f'r y’all.  We is Presdint Trumb goin ta tweet suppert?

A: He did, rite aft’r t'(castyun’) announcement. But obviously thar’s a slew of thangs goin un n’ t’worl, un’ his'n’n worl. So we’ll see whar we go frum here. (Trumb did find time ta do so agin early Mundie.) 

Q: Has Presdint Trumb weighet n’, eve indirectly, un innythang frum y'r dancyun’ ta at shirt?

A: I have nairy spoke ta ‘im since t’shoe (startid). I’ve bee tole by folks at he has at leest see photos ow snippets. But I have nairy gotte his'n’n feedback.

Q: Y’all’re so affabull wiff highly critickull judges. Will we ev’r see t’ol’ press secretree vershun of Seun Spic’r return if'n’n t’loe sceres a’cantinyah?

A: It’s nairy a questchun of t’sceres, it’s a questchun of wuth'r it’s fair. Thay have bee fair. Thar’s nairy goin ta be pushback lessn sumthin is out of line. I respectid thar critikwe. Thay air perfeshnuls. It gives me drif’ ta wurk hard’r.

Q: Whut would y’all say ta viewers who cannot git ov’r y'r politics?

A: I respeck at; we lif’ n’ a a’a'loose kuntry. But one thang I have pridet myself un, bein n’ t’game as long as I have, is y’all have ta unnerstun people air goin ta have differences un policy un’ politics. I’m a fierce partisun, but y’all a’ke be a fierce partisun un’ a good perse. We’re dismissyun’ people, un bof sides, becawz thay don’t share air politickull beliefs. And at’s a mistake. 

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Fox Noose alum Carl Cameron gave a werrisome reecshun ta Shepard Smith’s departure frum t’netwerk. USA TODAY

Carl Cameron, a ferm’r Fox Noose repert’r who wuz wiff t’channel f'r m'r thun 20 yeers, is voicyun’ his'n’n concerns aft’r Shepard Smith shockd by announcyun’ his'n’n departure Frydee.

Cameron, who sez his'n’n “Campaign Carl” monik’r kum courtesy of Smith, appeeret un CNN’s “Reliabull Sources” Sundy ta discuss t’impact his'n’n ferm’r colleegue’s exit may have un t’channel. 

“Thar air un arfull slew of rilly good journalists at Fox Noose Channel. It’s jes at thay’re vastly outnumberet by t’opinion makers, un’ t’opinion makers air m'r innerestid n’ playyun’ ta people’s bias thun innythang else,” set Cameron. “And it makes it verr difficult f'r journalists ta ackshly gif’ people honest fax we t’air time is shrinkyun’ constantly.”

Cameron also expresset his'n’n concern ov’r thems who will be fillin Smith’s slot. “If'n’n thay’re ackshly noose journalists, t'at’ll be a good sign f'r t’3:00 hour,” Cameron set, “un’ if'n’n it’s nairy, if'n’n it’s opinion mavens, t'at’ll be jes anoth’r big chunk of real journalism at won’t exist thar.”

Until t’netwerk names a permanent replacement, it will becum un hour-long noose shoe titlet “Fox Noose Repertyun’,” feeturyun’ a rotatyun’ cas of anchers, t’netwerk announcet n’ a noose releese.

Fox Noose’ Shepard Smith steps down as chief noose anch'r, departs netwerk, stuns colleegues

Fox Noose makes plans ta replace Shepard Smith; Trumb wonders if'n’n ‘bad ratings’ air ta blame

[embetdet content]

“Ov’r t’cerse of t’Trumb administrashun, m'r un’ m'r, t’opinion hosts have bee criticizyun’ t’journalists,” Cameron set, “un’ so, at rilly pits bias agin strate journalism… At’s a huge part of whut frustrates t’ journalists at Fox Noose becawz thay shoultn’t be argin wiff people who air thar ta comment un t’noose un’ plum neglect whut wuz jes by t’journalists.” 

Frydee, wile appeeryun’ un MSNBC’s “T’ Beat wiff Ari Melb’r,” Cameron callt Smith’s leevin “a big loss” f'r t’noose serce.

“It is a real sad day f'r people who watch Fox Noose un’ want accurate infermayshun,” he assesset, “’cawz Shep wuz sumbidy who y’all could reliably count un.”

“T’ reelitee is at without Shep’s shoe, Fox Noose’ 24 hour noose wheel is down ta rilly t’ Bret Bai’r shoe (“Speshul Repert wiff Bret Bai’r”)… Mos of t’res is predominantly talk,” set Cameron. “It’s predominantly suppertif’ of a presdint who is vialaytin’ all kinds of Amurkin values, laws, rules, precedants, etc., etc., un’ t’Amurkin people neet ta hear at so thay a’ke make good judgmants. Otherwise, it’s jes propagun’a, un’ at’s t’stuff of thurd-worl natyuns, nairy t’one at prides itself as a leet’r of all natyuns.”

USA TODAY has reechet out ta Fox Noose f'r comment about Cameron’s remarks.

Cameron, who lef Fox Noose n’ 2017, hasn’t bee shy wiff his'n’n criticisms of his'n’n ferm’r employ’r. N’ a video f'r Frunt Page Lif’, a noose serce f'r which he serves as chief politickull cerrespondent, Cameron disparaget his'n’n ferm’r netwerk. 

“I wuz one of Fox’s furst hires,” he recallet. “T’ idee of fair un’ balancet noose appeelet ta me, but ov’r t’yeers, rite-wyun’ hosts drownet out strate journalism wiff partisun misinfermashun. I lef.”

Opinion: Shepard Smith leevin Fox Noose is a stunnyun’ bloe ta real journalism

Durin Smith’s Frydee afternoon shoe, he announcet his'n’n deecishun “ta leeve Fox Noose un’ cummance a new chaptur,” aft’r a’rizin clashes wiff t’netwerk’s prime time opinion hosts. 

He set his'n’n departure wuz voluntree: “Aft’r rekwestyun’ at I stay, thay graciously obliget. T’ oppertunitees afferdet thishere guy frum small-town Missussippy have bee minny a . It’s bee un hon'r un’ a privilege ta repert t’noose each day ta air loyal audyince n’ contaxt un’ wiff perspecktiv, without fear ow fav'r.”

His'n’n emotyunal un-air speech kuntinuet: “Eve n’ air currantly polarizet nashun, it’s my hope at t’fax will win t’day, at t’ruth will always matt’r, at journalism un’ journalists will thrif’.” 

Smith, t’netwerk’s chief noose anch'r un’ managyun’ edit'r of its brakin noose unit, has wurket at Fox Noose since its incepshun n’ 1996. 

Contributyun’: Sree M. Moniuszko un’ Hannah Yasharoff

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WATCH: Kevin Smith: Vulgarthon film un’ podcas festivul takes ov’r Ret Bank Tanya Bree un’ Alex Biese un’ Felecia Wellington Radel, Asbury Park Press

T’ boys air back.

Jay un’ Silent Bob, t’Jersy Shere ston’r duo innerducet by rit'r/dierekter Kevin Smith n’ his'n’n lun’mark 1994 debut “Clerks,” return ta t’big scree thishere week via Fathom Evants wiff “Jay un’ Silent Bob Reboot.” T’ duo, who made a sprize cameo n’ Drake’s “I’m Onry” video, wuz las see n’ theeters n’ 2006’s “Clerks II.”

Wiff Jase Mewes returnyun’ as Jay un’ Smith hissef as Silent Bob, thishere is a film at fans have bee waitin m'r thun a decade f'r. We’re here ta brang y’all up ta speet wiff a spoil’r-a’a'loose preview.

So whut’s it about?

Elemants frum across Smith’s View Askew interkunnectid cinematic universe air at play here: As establishet n’ Smith’s “A’chasin Amy” (1997), Cantral Jersy drug deelers Jay un’ Silent Bob air t’inspirashun f'r t’comic book series “Bluntmun un’ Chronic.” “Jay un’ Silent Bob Strike Back” (2001) foun ‘um travelin ta Hollywuod n’ un attempt ta stop a “Bluntmun un’ Chronic” moovee pitshure shue frum bein made.

Nawh, almos 20 yeers lat’r, t’dynamick duo larn at a “Bluntmun un’ Chronic” reboot is n’ t’wurks, set ta be directid by nairy uth'r thun … Kevin Smith. Air heroes hit t’road agin n’ a film at has nuff of thoughts un air nostalgia-cantric modern popular cultchur.

Which movies do y’all neet ta see furst?

Y’all could probly go into “Reboot” a’havin nev’r see inny uth'r Kevin Smith moovee pitshure shue, but y’all’d miss out un a slew of t’deep-cut jokes. If'n’n y’all’re shert un time, y’all’ll want ta at leest watch ow re-watch “Jay un’ Silent Bob Strike Back” un’ “Mallrats” (1995).

Ta truly maximize y'r Eas’r egg fun, tho, add “A’chasin Amy” ta t’lis.

And tho y’all don’t neet ta see it ta unnerstun “Reboot,” but it’s wurth checkyun’ out “Clerks,” Smith’s excellent furst entry into his'n’n View Askew universe.

Who’s n’ it?

No spoilers here, so let’s jes say a slew of people. Quite a few cameos air see n’ t’rail’r – un’ un Smith’s Instagram page.

Here’s a suggestchun, tho: One of t’funniest bits starts up roun t’1 hour, 10 minnut mark, so don’t choose at time ta go ta t’orlett ow git popcern. Y’all’re welcum.

Whar a’ke y’all see it?

Fathom Evants will shoe t’moovee pitshure shue n’ select theeters un Tuesdee un’ Thirsdee.

A’followin t’Fathom screenings, Smith un’ Mewes will take t’film un ture f'r t’ “Jay un’ Silent Bob Reboot Roadshoe,” kickin off wiff a trayl'r state shoe un Oct. 19 at t’Paramount Theetre n’ Asbury Park, New Jersy. T’ ture is currantly slatid ta run through Feb. 26 n’ New Orleens. 

Is it apperpriate f'r kids?

Thishere moovee pitshure shue is verr much nairy apperpriate f'r kids: It’s ratid R.

Smith un’ Mewes have includet thar youngns n’ t’film – ackshly, Smith’s entire fambly, eve his'n’n dawg, air n’ “Reboot” – but no, y’all don’t want ta include yers we y’all go see it.

Whut’s nex?

A’followin “Jay un’ Silent Bob Reboot,” Smith will return ta t’View Askew universe wiff a thurd “Clerks” film. Mewes un’ Smith air set ta return as Jay un’ Silent Bob alongside returnyun’ “Clerks” stars Briun O’Hallerun un’ Jeff Anderse as Dante Hix un’ Run’al Graves, respectively.

“I’ve travelet t’worl un t’bax of Dante un’ Run’al un’ Jay un’ Silent Bob; thay’re as real ta me as runcoats,” Smith tole t’Asbury Park (N.J.) Press n’ August. “I knoe thay’re fictyunal characters n’ a moovee pitshure shue but thems individuals – who, grantid, I creetid – air responsibull f'r presantyun’ me ta t’worl, givin me a job, givin me sumthin ta do f'r 25 yeers. So I feel like I owe ‘um.

Wiff “Jay un’ Silent Bob Reboot,” “I git ta pay back Jay un’ Silent Bob n’ a way of like (acknowledgyun’ at) these cats have take me everwhar, so I’m givin ‘um a moovee pitshure shue whar thay git ta do sumthin speshul ow groe up. … T’ same, I reckun, is owet ta Dante un’ Run’al.”

Smith is also collaberatyun’ wiff Dave Willis, co-creet'r un’ rit'r of cult classic Adult Swim series “Aqua Tee Hung’r Ferce,” un un animatid “Howard t’Duck” series f'r streemyun’ servus Hulu.

He’s also set ta serve as executif’ produc’r un’ sherunn’r f'r Netflix‘s “He-Mun” series “Masters of t’Universe: Revelashun.”

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Elle DeGeneres had a classy response ta backlash aft’r fans spottid hern wiff ferm’r Presdint Geerge W. Bush at a football game. USA TODAY

Mundie’s “Elle DeGeneres Shoe” includes a sprize weddyun’ un’ a “Bachel'r” partee of serts. 

T’ comediun hostid Howard Stern f'r t’furst time un hern talk shoe, who jes Winsdee re-proposet ta his'n’n biddy, Beth, un “Jimmy Kimmel Lif’!”

“We’ve bee marrd nawh 11 yeers but like within t’las acoupla ow three yeers, I set, y’all knoe I rilly do luv thishere woomin so much,” t’radeeo personalitee tole DeGeneres. “She rilly has my back, it’s a greet marriage. I’m happy, like y’all un’ Pertia (dee Rossi, DeGeneres’ biddy).

“Maybe eve happi’r thun y’all un’ Pertia. I hear y’all guys fite,” Stern joket.

Sprize!: Beth Stern agrees ta remarry Howard Stern aft’r proposal un ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

Howard Stern un apologizyun’ ta Robin Williams, turnin down Trumb, grillyun’ Weinstein

“So, I go un Jimmy’s shoe, un’ I thunk it would be funny if'n’n I proposet ta shoe ‘im hoe she will turn me down,” he recallet. “And, I gut un one knee, un’ I set, ‘Darlyun’, I luv y’all.’ And it wuz goin ta be greet. It wuz gonna git big laughs we she turnt me down, un’ she set yep, she would marry me. I don’t knoe why. At ruint t’bit.”

[embetdet content]

DeGeneres t'splunet at she knew t’cuple watches “T’ Bachel'r,” un’ as a speshul treet, ferm’r lead of t’datyun’ shoe Colton Underwuod had bee ordunet n’ ord’r ta perferm thar voe renewal.

N’ frunt of un arch coverd wiff flowers un’ Underwuod, Beth gushet ov’r hern husbun’ un’ had a verr impertant questchun f'r ‘im.

“Howard is so romantic. He is t’mos romantic mun,” t’animal lov’r set. “Ev'r day, he tells me hoe beeyootifil I am. He knows I’m verr inseecure, un’ ev'r day, he tells me he wonts ta remarry me, un’ I didn’t knoe I wuz part of a bit at I wuz spozet ta say no yesterdee. I’m a’larnin at f'r t’furst time today So, do y’all want ta marry me?”

“I so want ta marry y’all,” Stern assuret hern, “un’ I voe ta y’all, if'n’n y’all remarry me, I promiss y’all f'r t’res of my life ta watch ‘T’ Bachel'r’ wiff y’all, n’ bet, ev'r sangle nite, un’ ‘Bachel'r n’ Paradise.’ “

T’ acoupla t'exchanget vows oncet m'r.

‘Deerest, mos favert frie’: Elle emerges f'r pal Jennif’r Aniston aft’r Bush fracas

But at wasn’t t’only kiss sharet Mundie. Stern plantid a smooch un DeGeneres ta distrack frum t’backlash resultyun’ frum t’comediun sittin nex ta ferm’r Presdint Geerge W. Bush at a football game un Oct. 6.

People have thishere pitchure n’ thar mind of y’all un’ Geerge Bush.” Stern set. “Whut y’all neet ta do – n’ my opinion – is take a pitchure wiff me, makin out wiff me.”

“Nawh jes hear me out,” Stern set aft’r gittin sum resistance frum DeGeneres. “I wuz jes a’thankin oncet people see me wiff y’all, no one’s gonna be a’thankin about Geerge Bush.”

“I see,” DeGeneres set. “Oh, at’s true.”

“Y’all OK wiff thishere?” Stern as gittin reddy f'r thar kiss.

“Nuthin wurs'r a’ke happe ta me nawh,” DeGeneres quippet.

Aft’r a’settin t’boundree of “no tongue,” t’acoupla touchd lips f'r a few sekunds.

Un hern program, DeGeneres set she un’ t’ferm’r nashun’s leet’r wuz “friens,” un’ defendet hern choice ta take n’ t’game beside ‘im. Wile sum famus faces voicet thar suppert, stars like Mark Ruffalo un’ Susun Sarun’un, critizet DeGeneres f'r t’move.

SNL‘ skewers LGBTQ town hall, Elle DeGeneres wiff Billy Pert’r, Lin-Manuel Mirun’a cameos

Contributyun’: Cydney Hederse

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Rihanna sez all wimme deserve ta feel sexy AP, AP

Wile sum Rihanna fans air up n’ arms ov’r a Vogue rit'r admittyun’ she wuz unpreparet ta interview t’star, t’Fantee foun’r isn’t botheret by t’journalist’s confession. 

We as about t’backlash ta Abby Aguirre’s admission she hadn’t bee preparet, Rihanna quickly kum ta t’journalist’s defants.

Shertly aft’r Rihanna’s Vogue cov’r stery wuz publishet las week, sum became fixatid un t’fack at Aguirre admittid ta arrivyun’ ta t’interview without no questchuns un’ she “wyun’yun’ it.”

Rihanna praiset Aguirre f'r hern abiltee ta reckun fas. 

“No, no, no, no. At’s gangst’r. F'r y’all ta git a call t’day befer bein like, ‘Hey, Rihanna’s n’ L.A., y’all wanna do thishere?’ And shoe up un t’dime un’ write un incredibull articull at I’m rilly proud of un’ enjoyet reedin?” t’31-year-ol’ fashun design’r tole WWD. “She’s badass f'r at.”

She addet, “If'n’n y’all don’t have ta prepare, gurl, y’all’re gangst’r.”

Aguirre tweetid n’ response ta t’backlash a’sayn’t it wuz a misunderstun’yun’ un’ she wuz un hern way ta Trad’r Joe’s we she gut t’call ta interview Ri Ri. 

“I reseerch my subjects ta deeth. *Speshly* Rihanna. I preciate t’ang’r behin t’reecshun. But thishere is a misunderstun’yun’, f'r which I take full responsibiltee,” she wrote. “I had counta no notice. T’ point wuz ta convey hoe nerve-rackin thishere wuz, gif’ my deep, berderyun’-un-psychotic reverance f'r Rihanna.”

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