Capn Amurka (Chris Evans) an' utherns salute Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) aft'r his'n sacrifice n' un ‘Avengers: Endgame” exclusif' deletid ssene. USA TODAY

If'n thar’s un all-female Marvel moovee pitshure shue ta be had, Capn Marvel will lead t'charge.

N' un interview wiff Varietee, Brie Larsen sed she an' “a slew” of t'uther actresses frum t'superhero franchise have apperachet Marvel Studios presdint an' hed honcho Kevin Feige about teemyun' up down t'line n' t' growin cinematic universe.

“We wuz like, ‘We air n' thishere togeth'r, we want ta do thishere,’ ” Larsen tole Varietee. “I’m nairy n' charge of t'future of Marvel, but it is sumthin at we’re rilly passyunate about an' we luv, an' I feel like if'n enough people out n' t'worl talk about hoe much thay want it, maybe it’ll happe.”

Feige has n' t'pas expresset innerst n' un all-female Marvel fim an', compard ta whar t'comic-book saga startid n' 2008 wiff “Arn Mun,” t'future is definitly a'lookin verr female.

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Larsen starret n' las year‘s “Capn Marvel” – as well as 2019’s huge hit “Avengers: Endgame” – an' is line fer a sekwel, an' Scarlett Johanssen, t'long-tenuret actress who suitid up as a suppertyun' care ackter n' “Arn Mun 2” an' t'“Avengers” films, gits hern own “Black Widoe” solo spinoff nex year. N' addishun, Angelina Jolie will heedline un upcomyun' “Eternals” film an' Natalie Pertmun is slatid ta wield Ther’s magickull hamm'r n' “Ther: Luv an' Thund'r.”

Larsen recallet filmyun' un “Endgame” sekwance n' t'climactic finale at feeturet Capn Marvel fitin alongside t'res of Marvel’s superheroines.

“Ta git ta be wiff all of thems wimmen fer t'day … it felt like we wuz a part of thishere like cove wurkin togeth'r fer thishere goal,” Larsen sed. “It wuz un oppertuntee fer us ta share an' hang out. And as minny a people knoe, a slew of t'ime wimmen are’t wurkin togeth'r. It’s kine of bee thishere new breth of fresh air fer us n' air industry at thar’s mer female ensembull films, which has allowd us t'oppertuntee ta rilly communicate wiff one anoth'r.”

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