Matt Lau'r deniet t'new rape allegashun n' a lett'r frum his'n lawy'r ta Varietee. His'n ferm'r colleegues callt t'allegashun “panefull.” USA TODAY

Matt Lau'r broke his'n silance Winsdee aft'r new deetails of a rape allegashun emerget agin t'ferm'r “Today” shoe ancher. 

Varietee repertid late Tuesdee at Ronun Farroe’s Oct. 15 book “Catch an' Kill” reveels a new allegashun frum Brooke Nevils, t'previously unnamet ferm'r NBC Noose employee whos inishul complunt let ta Lau'r gittin firet frum “Today” n' Novemb'r 2017. Varietee reperts at t'book includes a claim he rapet hern at t'2014 Sochi Olympics. 

N' a lengthy lett'r providet by his'n lawy'r ta Varietee, Lau'r deniet t'allegatyuns an' puntid t'pitchure of un accusashun full of contradictyuns. He sed he has shiet away until nawh frum speakin out un t'“false an' salaciyus allegatyuns” agin 'im ta protect his'n youngns. 

“I have nev'r assaultid innyone er fercet innyone ta have sex. Period,” Lau'r wrote. “My silance has bee a mistake. Ol' steries air bein recyclet, titillatyun' deetails air bein addet, an' a dangeryus an' defamatery new allegashun is bein made. All air bein spred as part of a promotyunal effurt ta sell a book. It’s outrageyus. So, aft'r nairy speakin out ta protect my youngns, it is nawh wiff thar full suppert I say ‘enough.'”

Lau'r deniet Nevils’ allegatyuns as “categerically false.” He cerroboratid Varietee’s repert un Farroe’s book at t'acoupla had a “saxual encount'r” at t'2014 Sochi Olympics but muntainet thar relatyunship wuz “extramarital, but consensual.” He sed at nite at t'Olympics cummenced a munths-long affair baset un mutual consent an' includet a saxual encount'r n' his'n dressin room at t'“Today” shoe. 

“T' stery Brooke tells is fillt wiff false deetails intendet only ta creete t'impression thishere wuz un abusif' encount'r,” Lau'r wrote. “Nuthin could be futher frum t'ruth. Thar wuz absolutely nuthin aggressif' about at encount'r. Brooke did nairy do er say innythang ta object. She certunly did nairy cry. She wuz a fully enthusiastic an' willyun' partn'r. At no time did she behave n' a way at made it appeer she wuz incapabull of consent.”

Lau'r sed he lat'r “endet t'affair poerly” an' “simply stopt communicatyun'” wiff Nevils. He sed he furst larnt of inny complunt frum hern frum un NBC atterney un t'day befor “Today” shoe anchers reveeld he had bee firet. 

“I answeret all questchuns openly an' honestly fer mer thun un hour,” Lau'r wrote. “At at meetin I wuz nev'r tole at Brooke claimd air encount'r n' Sochi wuz nun-consensual. Had I bee, I would have defendet myself immediately.”

At sevrul points n' t'lett'r, he slammet Nevils fer goin public as a “promotyunal effurt ta sell a book.” 

“She sed she wantid ta remane anonymyus, yet she wuz repertedly a'trine ta sell a book within year aft'r filyun' hern complunt,” he wrote. “She sed she jes wantid NBC ta ‘do t'rite thang,’ yet she souite a monetree payment, an' acoupla yeers aft'r I wuz firet, she is steppin ferward ta do mer damage.

USA TODAY has reechet out ta ta Nevils’ lawy'r an' Lau'r’s represantatif' fer futher comment. 

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Matt Lau'r is speakin out about t'saxual miskunduct allegatyuns at let ta his'n terminashun frum NBC’s “Today” shoe Time

N' a somb'r segment Winsdee monin' un t'“Today” shoe, co-anchers Savannah Guthrie an' Hoda Kotb addresset t'new allegatyuns agin Lau'r, expressyun' ta viewers at NBC staff members air “disturbet ta air core” an' wurkin ta process t'latest revelatyuns. 

“I feel like we owe it ta air viewers ta pause fer a moment,” Guthrie sed, noticeebly emotyunal. “Thishere is shockyun' an' appallyun'. I honestly don’t eve knoe whut ta say about it. I want ta say I knoe it wasn’t easy fer air colleegue Brooke ta come ferward the, it’s nairy easy nawh an' we suppert hern an' inny wimmen who have come ferward wiff claims. And it’s jes verr panefull fer all of us at NBC an' who air at t'‘Today’ shoe. It’s verr, verr, verr difficult.”

Ferm'r “Today” journalist Ann Curry tweetid hern suppert of Nevils Winsdee afternoon, a'sayn't she is “is a credibull yung woomin of good care ackter. She kum ta NBC Noose un eag'r an' guileless 20-sumthin, brimmyun' wiff talent. I bleev she is a'tellin t'ruth. And at breeks my heert.”

Guthrie announcet at t'op of “Today” un Nov. 29, 2017, at Lau'r, un NBC monin' ancher since 1997, had bee firet ov'r saxual harassment allegatyuns. Un Winsdee, co-host Hoda Kotb, who has since permanantly replacet Lau'r, noticet strikyun' similaritees tween thar latest broadcas an' t'one thay facet neerly acoupla yeers ago.

“I’m a'lookin at y'all an' a'havin a weird moment: We wuz sittin here jes like thishere acoupla yeers ago,” she tole Guthrie. “Truth be tole, Savannah an' I did a lil pray'r upstairs befor, jes ta sort of sort out whut we wuz goin ta do. I reckon y'all feel like y'all’ve knowed someone fer 12 yeers. I don’t knoe if'n y'all guys have ev'r felt like at. Y'all knoe someone, y'all feel like y'all knoe 'um inside an' out, an' the all of a sudde a doer opens up an' it’s a part of 'um y'all didn’t knoe.”

Kotb kuntinued: “We don’t knoe all t'facks un all of thishere, but thar air nairy allegatyuns of un affair, thar air allegatyuns of a crime. I reckon at’s shockyun' ta all of us here who have sat wiff Matt fer minny a , minny a yeers. So I reckon we’re goin ta jes sort of a'cantinyah ta process thishere part of thishere herrific stery an' as y'all sed, air thoughts air wiff Brooke. It’s nairy easy whut she did, ta come ferward. It’s nairy easy at all.”

A represantatif' fer NBC referret USA TODAY ta t'statement providet ta “Today” un behalf of NBC Noose: “Matt Lau'r’s conduck wuz appallyun', herrific an' reprehensibull, as we sed at t'ime. At’s why he wuz firet within 24 hours of us furst a'larnin of t'complunt. Air heerts breek agin fer air colleegue.” 

NBC Noose chairmun Andy Lack addet: “Air highest pryeritee is ta ensure we have a werkplace environment whar everyone feels safe an' protectid. We air absolutely committid ta makin thishere a reelitee – thar a'ken be no excepshun.”

N' un internal memo ta employees, Lack pushd back agin claims at NBC Noose had inny knowledge of Lau'r’s inapperpriate behavier befor his'n terminashun. 

“T' furst moment we larnt of it wuz t'nite of Novemb'r 27, 2017, an' he wuz firet n' 24 hours,” Lack sed n' t'memo, obtunet by USA TODAY. “Inny suggestchun at we knew prier ta at evnin er tride ta cov'r up inny aspect of Lau'r’s conduck is absolutely false an' offensif'.”

He kuntinued: “A'followin Lau'r’s firyun', NBCU’s legal team did un exhaustif' investigashun of availabull recerds an' conductid dozens of intervioos of pas an' present staff. Thay uncoveret no claims er settlemants associatid wiff allegatyuns of inapperpriate conduck by Lau'r befor he wuz firet. Only a'followin his'n terminashun did NBCU reech agreemants wiff acoupla wimmen who had come ferward fer t'verr furst time.”

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