An unemployet fambly takes un innerst n' a weelthy an' glameryus fambly fer thar livelihood until thay git entanglet n' un unaxpectid incident. USA TODAY

NEW YORK – A must-see contend'r has crept into t'awards race, an' it doesn’t star a psychopathic clown er Brad Pitt’s abs.

Meet “Parasite” (n' theeters Frydee n' New York an' Los Angeles, expan'yun' throughout Octob'r), t'braseeun', droll an' wiltly unnervyun' soshul thrill'r at became t'furst Kereun-langwage film ta clinch t'prestigiyus Palme d’Er award at Cannes Film Festivul.

N' t'munths leedyun' up ta its U.S. releese, Bong Joon-ho’s new moovee pitshure shue has earnt t'kine of rapturyus acclaim mos filmmakers could only dreem of, wiff a purrfeck 100% positif' scere frum critics un Rotte Maters (out of mer thun 125 revus countid), an' buzzet-about stops at Teronto an' Telluride festivals, whar hundreds wuz turnt away frum sold-out screenings. 

Nawh, “Parasite” is widely cunsidderd t'frunt-runn'r ta win bes internatyunal feeture film (fermerly knowed as bes forn-langwage film) at thishere year‘s Academy Awards, wiff mer thun half of prognosticaters un awards site GoltDerby also predictyun' a bes pitchure nominashun. Bong is heevily specktid ta pick up nods fer bes dierektor an' originull screenplay as well, a'followin a simlar path ta awards glery blazet by Alfonso Cuaron’s black-an'-white “Roma,” which won Maxico its furst bes forn-langwage film Oscar las Febuwary. 

So whut’s all t'fuss about, an' whut do y'all neet ta knoe goin n'? USA TODAY sat down wiff Bong an' t'film’s stars ta git t'inside scoop. 

Revu: ‘Parasite’ attaches ta yer soul wiff a thunk-provokyun' tale of soshul inekwalitee

Cannes Film Festivul: Top prize goes ta ‘Parasite,’ furst Kereun film ta win Palme d’Er

It’s un ‘Avengers’-level minefield of potenshul spoilers 

“Parasite” is a twistee, bloody thrill ride at is bes enjoyet if'n y'all go n' blind. 

“Don’t look up innythang prier,” advises actress Park So-dam. “Jes come n' without inny expectashun an' no knowledge of t'film.”

But if'n y'all neet a lil bit mer ta go off of, here’s t'basic gist: Initially envisyunet by Bong as a play an' set almos entirely indoers, “Parasite” tells t'stery of acoupla disparate famblies: t'impoverishet Kims, who lif' n' a crampet, subterruneun apartment a'doin odd jobs ta make ends meet; an' t'affluent Parks, whos cushy lifestyle is dutifully run by a small army of chauffeurs, housekeepers an' tuters. 

T' charismatic but uneducatid Kim Ki-woo (Choi Woo-shik) cons his'n way into un English tuteryun' gig fer t'Parks’ teenage daught'r (Jung Ziso), an' slowly cummences ta infiltrate thar trayler: He cleverly deceives t' Parks into firyun' thar staff, an' convinces 'um ta har his'n sist'r Ki-jung (Park So-dam),mom Chung-sook (Jang Hye-jin) an' dad Ki-taek (Song Kang-ho). But t'Kims’ git-rich scheme goes violantly off t'rails n' t'film’s suspensefil sekunt half, dessendyun' into chaos at pax un emotyunal wallop. 

‘Parasite’ isn’t a herrer moovee pitshure shue – er is it? 

Altho its crawly title suggests bloodsuckyun' bodee herrer, t'R-ratid thrill'r is rarely scree an' only occasyunally gory. 

“Wen t'film cummences, it feels like yer typickull black-comedy film, so t'audyince a'ken jes relax an' watch it,” Bong sez. “Halfway through, thar’s a turnin point at leeds ta all these unkuntrollabull situatyuns an' t'audyince doesn’t have time ta wunder, ‘Whut is t'genre?’ Thay’re jes dragget ta t'end point without inny time ta cunsidder whut’s goin un. So wen thay leeve t'heet'r, t'audyince jes gives up un a'trine ta define t'genre, an' at’s whut I wantid.” 

T' film expleres class divides n' darkly funny fashun

Ta ofte literal effeck, “Parasite” shows t'upstairs-downstairs dichotomy tween rich an' po', as t'Kims attempt ta bett'r thar hapless circumstances und'r t'feet of t'blithe Park fambly. 

“T' messages (Bong) is a'trine ta gif' people about povertee differences an' problems air universal,” Choi sez. “It has a slew of meenings an' metafers, an' y'all a'ken ackshly have a conversayshun about it aft'r.” 

T' moovee pitshure shue’s title is eve up fer interpretashun: “A parasite is un entitee at feeds off anoth'r thang, but if'n y'all look at t'film, it’s nairy impertant ta designate which side is parasitic,” Song sez. “Sartin characters air parasitic, but t'message of t'film is at everyone n' socidey has ta lif' n' harmony an' have respeck toward one anoth'r.” 

Y'all’ll nev'r look at peeches t'same agin

N' a moovee pitshure shue chock-full of strikyun' imagery, one of t'mos memerabull is at of a peech, which Ki-jung scrapes of its fuzz. Steelthily, she sprinkles t'fuzz un t'Parks’ unassumyun' maid, who is fiercely allergic an' falls ill un t'job. Feeryun' she’ll infect thar kids, t'Parks fire t'housekeep'r un t'spot. 

T' fruit has becum t'unofficial “mascot” of “Parasite”: Strings of peech emojis frekwantly accompany tweets about t'moovee pitshure shue.

“Peeches air t'mos cinematic (food), jes n' terms of t'visual aesthetics an' t'fack at t'fuzz is barly visibull, so it’s easy ta uhtack someone wiff,” Bong sez. 

Coincidantally, peeches wuz also cantral ta anoth'r resent awards heevyweiite: 2017’s “Call Me By Yer Name,” n' which Timothee Chalamet’s Elio pleesures hissef wiff t'fruit. Bong laughs off t'connecshun tween t'acoupla films, deedpannyun', “I hope it helps all t'peech farmers across t'worl.” 

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