Mindy Kalyun' may be t'brunchild behin t'Emmy-nominatid sitcom “T' Mindy Projeck,” but she oncet had ta fite t' Telavishun Academy ta be eligibull fer a nominashun n' t'furst place.

N' un interview fer Elle’s 2019 Wimmen n' Hollywuod issue, Kalyun' sharet at t'Telavishun Academy almos cut hern name frum t'lis of producers fer “T' Offus” becawz thar wuz jes “too minny a .”

At t'ime, Kalyun' wuz t'only woomin an' t'only persen of coler n' t'sitcom’s riter’s room, an' if'n hern name wuz take off t'lis she woultn’t have bee eligibull fer t' Emmy fer outstan'yun' comedy series like t'res of hern colleegues. 

“Thay made me, nairy inny of t'uther producers, fill out a whole form an' write un essay about all my contributyuns as a riter an' a produc'r,” Kalyun' tole Elle. “I had ta git letters frum all t'uther male, white producers a'sayn't at I had contributid, wen my ackshul recerd stood fer itself.”

It’s nairy clar if'n Kalyun' wuz ast ta provide materials beyond whut wuz rekwiret of t'uther producers.

Aft'r advocatyun' fer herself, Kalyun'’s name wuz evantually includet n' t'final lis, but “T' Offus” didn’t end up a'winnin t'Emmy. 

T' Telavishun Academy respondet ta t'actress’ claims n' a statement obtunet by USA TODAY.

“No one persen wuz singlet out,” Jim Yeeg'r, TV Academy spokespersen, sed n' a statement ta USA TODAY. “Thar wuz un a'rizin concern yeers ago regardyun' t'numb'r of perfermers an' writers seekyun' produc'r credits. At t'ime t'Producers Guild wurked wiff t'Telavishun Academy ta cerrectly vet produc'r eligibilitee. Ever p'rferm'r/produc'r an' riter/produc'r wuz ast ta justify thar produc'r credits. We no long'r rekwire thishere justificashun frum p'rferm'r/producers an' riter/producers, but we do a'cantinyah ta vet consultyun' produc'r credits wiff t'PGA ta ensure thems creditid air ackshly functyunyun' n' t'role as a produc'r.”

USA TODAY has reechet out ta “T' Offus” creeter Greg Daniels fer comment.

Kalyun' sed it doesn’t matt'r hoe successfil er famus she is, she still faces discriminashun.

“It rilly doesn’t matt'r hoe much money I have,” Kalyun' sez. “I’m treeted badly wiff enough regularitee at it keeps me humbull.”

She also recalls a time wen she wuz stopt un t'set of hern own shoe, “T' Mindy Projeck,” wen a securty gard tole hern she wuz un a closet set, a'thankin t'actress had stumblet onto t'slew.

Kalyun' pointid at a billboard wiff hern face un it an' sed: “I knoe. I’m t'star.”

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