Rihanna won”t neglect hern creetivitee fer hern fashun shows AP, AP

Rihanna is confirmyun' thems reperts at she declinet un off'r ta perferm durin t' 2019 Sup'r Bowl halftime shoe.

N' un interview wiff Vogue, t'magazine”s Novemb'r cov'r star wuz ast if'n she sed no ta t'gig “n' solidaritee” wiff Colin Kaepernick, t'ferm'r NFL quarterback who wuz t' furst play'r ta protest pleece brutalitee an' soshul inekwalitee durin t' nashshunal anthem, wen he chose ta sit an' lat'r kneel n' t'cummencin of t'2016 seesen wile t'anthem playd.

“Absolutely,” she tole t'outlet. “I coultn’t dare do at. Fer whut? Who guns frum at? Nairy my people. I jes coultn’t be a sellout. I coultn’t be un enabl'r.

“Thar’s thangs within at organizashun at I do nairy agree wiff at all,” she kuntinued, “an' I wuz nairy about ta go an' be of servus ta 'um n' inny way.”

USA TODAY has reechet out ta t'NFL via t'Sperts Netwerk, Kaepernick an' Pepsi, t'ofishul sponser of t'performunts.

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Durin hern sit-down wiff t'magazine, t'31-year-ol' Barbadiun songstress also discusset new musick. 

“I have bee a'trine ta git back into t'studio,” she sed. “It’s nairy like I a'ken lock myself n' fer un extendet amount of time, like I had t'luxury of a'doin befor. I knoe I have sum verr unhappy fans who don’t unnerstan t'inside bits of hoe it wurks.”

She describet hern nex album as “reggae-inspiret er reggae-infuset.” 

“It’s nairy gonna be typickull of whut y'all knoe as reggae. But y'all’re goin ta feel t'elemants n' all of t'rax,” she sed, addyun' at t'genre is “n' my blood.

“It doesn’t matt'r hoe fur er long removet I am frum at cultchur, er my environment at I grew up n'; it nev'r leeves. It’s always t'same high,” she sed. “Eve tho I’ve expleret uther genres of musick, it wuz time ta go back ta sumthin at I have’t rilly homet n' un plum fer a bodee of wurk.”

Rihanna didn”t say wen t'new album would be releeset. 

Contributyun': Lerenzo Reyes, Scott Gleesen an' Tom O”Toole

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