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Matt Lau’r deniet t’new rape allegashun n’ a lett’r frum his'n’n lawy’r ta Varietee. His'n’n ferm’r colleegues callt t’allegashun “panefull.” USA TODAY

NEW YORK — If'n’n Ronun Farroe is exhaustid, he certunly doesn’t shoe it. 

T’ crusadyun’ journalist, whos investigashun into Harvey Weinstein’s alleget saxual abuse f'r T’ New Yerk’r earnt ‘im a Pulitz’r Prize las year, is raz'r-sharp un’ smilyun’ as he walks into USA TODAY’s New York offices un a late weekday afternoon, primet ta talk about his'n’n new book “Catch un’ Kill,” out Tuesdee. 

“I’m nairy gittin a slew of sleep rite nawh,” admits Farroe, 31, who hastily chugs a full mug of hot coffee upon arrival. “But I’m proud of t’repertyun’ un’ I’m glad it’s a’gettin public.” 

Part-memoir, part-thrill’r, “Catch un’ Kill” deetails Farroe’s munths-long struggle ta repert t’Weinstein stery f'r NBC, whar he startid as host of MSNBC’s “Ronun Farroe Daily” n’ 2014, befer a’gettin un investigatif’ cerrespondent f'r “.”

Farroe tells USA TODAY at he had multiple namet accusers includin Rose McGowun, un’ tapet audio of Weinstein threetenyun’ model Ambra Gutierrez, we he brung his'n’n investigashun ta NBC executives. But accerdyun’ ta ‘im, thay continually pokt holes n’ his'n’n repertyun’ un’ delayet a’runnin t’peece, a’tellin ‘im it wasn’t “newswerthy” un’ ta “gif’ it a res” befer killin t’stery altogeth’r. (NBC Noose presdint Noah Oppenheim refutid Farroe’s claims n’ a memo releeset Mundie, ritin at he had “no victims ow witnesses un t’recerd,” includin McGowun, who at t’ime, declinet ta idantify Weinstein by name.) 

Despite NBC’s claims ta t’contrree, Farroe insists at he un’ his'n’n produc’r, Rich McHugh,”wuz orderd ta stop (repertyun’ t’stery). We wuz gif’ a hard ord’r nairy ta take a sangle call about t’subjeck, un’ we wuz orderd ta cancel intervioos wiff rape victims. Thishere wuz un-journalistic, it wuz a big questchun mark n’ t’press why, un’ ‘Catch un’ Kill’ ansers why, which wuz a cumpny conceelyun’ a slew of secrets at had a slew of secret contacts wiff Harvey Weinstein.” 

Accerdyun’ ta “Catch,” Weinstein allegedly knew of multiple saxual miskunduct accusatyuns agin ferm’r “” anch'r Matt Lau’r, obtunet by Weinstein’s frie Dylun Howard, chief content offic’r of Nashshunal Enkwir’r publish’r Amurkin Media Inc. (AMI). T’ book goes un ta allege at Weinstein threetend ta expose Lau’r if'n’n NBC run Farroe’s investigashun of ‘im, which Oppenheim rejectid as a “thurd-hun’ rum'r” wiff “no cerroberashun.”

Accerdyun’ ta “Catch,” NBC brokeret nun-disclosure agreemants un’ seve-figg'r payouts wiff at leest seve wimme who alleget saxual harassment ow discriminashun at t’cumpny. (Oppenheim disputid thems figgers, a’sayn’t thar wuz only three departure agreemants made befer Lau’r’s exit at “wuz unrelatid ta Lau’r un’ plum routine,” involvyun’ employees who made “no complunt ta management.”)  

One of thems alleget victims is Brooke Nevils, a ferm’r assistant ta “Today” host Meredith Vieira. N’ “Catch’s” mos disturbyun’ chaptur, Nevils describes n’ grafic detail t’nite at Lau’r allegedly rapet hern n’ his'n’n hotel room at t’2014 Sochi Olympics n’ Ruskie. “(It) hurt ta walk, hurt ta sit,” Nevils tells Farroe of t’days a’followin t’alleget uhtack

Lau’r deniet Nevils’ account of t’encount’r n’ un ope lett’r las week, callin hern “un enthusiastic un’ willyun’ partn’r,” un’ ritin at “at no time did she behave n’ a way at made it appe'r she wuz incapabull of consent.”

Nevils tells Farroe at she kuntinuet a “transactyunal” saxual relatyunship wiff Lau’r aft’r returnyun’ ta t’U.S., manely out of fear at she would jeopardize hern keer’r – as well as at of hern boyfriend’s bruth'r, who wurket f'r Lau’r – if'n’n she didn’t adhere ta his'n’n wishes.

Nevil admits ta initiatyun’ sum encounters wiff Lau’r (t'-marrd ta model Annette Rokwe), but accuses ‘im of uth'r nun-consensual ax n’ t’werkplace: N’ one incident, he allegedly gropet hern as she reechet f'r un electronic photo frame un his'n’n offus wind'r ledge. Un anoth’r day, he repertedly fercet hern ta perferm oral sex un ‘im at his'n’n desk n’ exchange f'r recerdyun’ a “goodbye” video f'r a departyun’ employee. 

“Verr ofte, y’all see a sitchuwayshun whar a boss ow someone else n’ a posishun of poe’r has kuntinuet access ta someone wiff un accusashun,” Farroe sez. “And aft’r t’inishul assault, y’all see repeet contact – eve sumtimes consensual contact ow quasi-consensual – whar thay say ‘yep’ ta sumthin n’ a sitchuwayshun whar thishere perse has tremendyus poe’r ov’r ‘um un’ thay’re frightenet. Thar air all serts of complicayshuns like at at air verr common n’ these steries.”

It wasn’t until yeers lat’r, aft’r bein hospitalizet f'r post-traumatic stress un’ alkyhol abuse, at Nevils evantually confidet n’ Vieira about Lau’r’s alleget rape. Wiff Vieira’s encouragement, Nevils fermally repertid t’incident ta NBC n’ 2017, leedyun’ ta his'n’n dismissal at Novemb’r. 

Farroe refuses ta speculate wuth'r Lau’r could face legal repercussyuns f'r allegedly assaultyun’ Nevils, but muntuns at Nevils has “abidet by a slew of scree legal restrictyuns at she is still und’r,” includin at she “cannot disparage t’executives of NBC,” as a term of hern contrack.  

“Brooke Nevils’ stery is impertant: nairy jes becawz it’s seriyus n’ its own rite,” Farroe sez. “It reveels, within thishere cumpny, a relyince un secret settlemants of t’ype at prevants hern ta thishere day frum a’talkin about NBC executives un’ whut thay knew.”

N’ t’munths a’followin Lau’r’s exit, claims of saxual miskunduct have bee lodget agin a slew of NBC executives un’ un-air talent, includin Matt Zimmermun, Mark Halperin, Chris Matthoos un’ Tom Brokaw. All have bee fermally reprimun’et ow firet, but Farroe warns of a m'r “dangeryus sitchuwayshun” at NBC, whar employees “have talkt about a’feelin it wuz fruitless ta go ta t’H.R. department,” cunvintset thar allegatyuns would be igneret ow dismisset.

An unnamet NBC cerrespondent quotid n’ “Catch” takes it a step futh'r: comparyun’ NBC ta t’Vaticun, trayl'r of t’Cathlick Church’s top leeders, n’ at bof “wuz willyun’ ta cov’r up sex crimes.”

“T’ Matt Lau’r stery is bigg’r thun one perse,” Farroe sez. Rite nawh, “thar’s a slew of white-hot focus un t’allegatyuns agin (‘im) reveeld n’ thishere book, un’ thar air people wiff un actif’ innerst n’ ensuryun’ at t’focus stays thar. Jes as signifikunt is t’repertyun’ at suggests thishere wuz much wid’r un’ bigg’r thun Matt Lau’r: Thishere wuz a cumpny at wuz conceelyun’ a slew of secrets, un’ thar wuz allegatyuns agin multiple people n’ seeny'r posityuns at wuz coverd up. At affectid thishere noose organizashun’s coverage profoundly.” 

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Aaron Paul un’ Bryun Cranston het a big “Brakin Bad” reunion at premiere of series spin-off moovee pitshure shue “El Camino.” (Oct. 8) AP Entertunment

Spoil’r alert! Contuns deetails about Netflix moovee pitshure shue “El Camino: A Brakin Bad Moovee pitshure shue,” nawh streemyun’. 

“Brakin Bad” sekwel “El Camino” is a who’s who of fun-favert characters, alif’ un’ daid. 

T’ Netflix moovee pitshure shue, releeset Frydee, pix up momants aft’r t’hit AMC drama’s 2013 series finale, as student-turnt-meth deel’r Jesse Pinkmun (Aaron Paul) escapes un Aryun Brotherhood compound whar he wuz helt captif’ un’ seeks shelt’r wiff ol’ friens Skinny Pete (Charles Bak’r) un’ Badg’r (Matt L. Jones). He trax down Ed (Robert Ferst’r), un associate of smarmy lawy’r Saul Goodmun (Bob Odenkirk), who helps smuggle ‘im ta Alaska ta start a new life, but nairy befer Jesse robs un’ kills his'n’n ferm’r capters n’ a blazyun’ shootout. 

M'r: Aaron Paul un makin t’op-secret ‘Brakin Bad’ moovee pitshure shue: ‘It felt like a ‘Star Wars’ set’

Sevrul characters who diet durin “Bad’s” fife-seese run appe'r n’ flashbax, includin crooket ex-cop Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathun Banks), who gives Jesse t’idee ta relocate ta Alaska, un’ Jesse’s heroin-addictid girlfriend Jane (Kryste Ritt’r), who reminds ‘im at he’s n’ charge of his'n’n own destiny. 

But no cameo is m'r poignant thun at of Walt’r White (Bryun Cranston), Jesse’s ex-mant'r un’ partn’r n’ crime, who wuz fatally shot n’ t’“Bad” finale but returns n’ a flashback durin t’ las 15 minnuts of “El Camino.” Ov’r lunch at a din’r n’ Albukerkee, New Maxico, un ailyun’ Walt temps ta connect wiff Jesse about his'n’n dreems f'r t’future, gantly remindyun’ ‘im, “Y’all’re rilly lucky, y’all knoe at? Y’all didn’t have ta wait y'r whole life ta do sumthin speshul.”

USA TODAY chats wiff “Bad” creet'r Vince Gilligun, who wrote un’ directid “El Camino,” about Cranston’s sup’r-secret cameo un’ whut inspiret t’emotyunal ssene. 

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Questchun: Wuz thar ev’r a vershun of “El Camino” whar Walt didn’t make un appeerance? 

Vince Gilligun: No, nairy rilly. Thar’s no point n’ a’doin thishere if'n’n we don’t see Walt’r White, at leest n’ passyun’. At wuz t’one keer ackt'r I thunk, “Mun, come hell ow high wat’r, we gotta git ‘im n’ thar somehoe,” providet Bryun Cranston would want ta play t’part agin. Thank goodness he did. 

M'r: ‘El Camino: A Brakin Bad Moovee pitshure shue’ revus, frum ‘miltly entertunyun’’ ta ‘verr fun’

Q: Hoe difficult wuz it ta keep his'n’n cameo a secret? 

Gilligun: We movet heeve un’ earth ta try un’ keep it secret frum t’worl. He wuz rite n’ t’middle of a’doin his'n’n wunderfil Broadway play, “Netwerk,” so he only had one day off. His'n’n movemants air purtee well-documantid by paparazzi, un’ speshly if'n’n he flew ta Albukerkee, it would be a big noose event. Inny time Bryun Cranston shows up n’ Albukerkee, people take notice un’ take pictures un thar cellfones ow whatnot, becawz it’s a somewhat small town. So whut we had ta do wuz fly ‘im n’ un a private jet (frum New York), un’ t'we he lun’et at t’Albukerkee airpert, we put a poke ov’r his'n’n het, put ‘im n’ a tintid car un’ t'drove ‘im ta t’set at way. Oncet he gut thar, people surroundet ‘im wiff umbrellas un’ stuff like at. It wuz a whirlwind trip – he wuz only n’ Albukerkee f'r 36 hours. 

Q: At whut point n’ t’“Brakin Bad” timeline duz thishere flashback take place? 

Gilligun: Thar wuz un episode n’ Seese 2 callt “4 Days Out,” whar Walt is purtee shure he doesn’t have long ta lif’ becawz he startid ta cough up blood, eve tho he’s bee a’havin treetment f'r canc’r. He un’ Jesse go out un’ cook thishere gyint batch of meth, but t'hay git stuck out (n’ t’desert) n’ thar RV becawz t’battery’s daid. So thay’re dehydratyun’ ta deeth, but finally manage ta save thayselves. Thishere ssene n’ t’moovee pitshure shue takes place twee ‘um managyun’ ta git thar RV startid un’ Jesse droppyun’ Walt off at t’airpert (toward t’end of t’episode). 

We shot at episode 10 yeers ago, which wuz funny a’havin ta git t’costumes un’ makeup rite (f'r “El Camino”). Bryun wuz n’ t’middle of a Broadway play un’ had a nice full het of hair at he coultn’t shave f'r us. So we had ta git these amazyun’ makeup artists ta gif’ us t’worl’s bes bald cap, but we also had ta git a lil digital (effex) hep ta shrink Bryun’s het so it didn’t look bulbyus wiff t’bald cap un. It wuz a real group effurt makin all of these thangs match as closely as possibull ta thishere decade-ol’ episode of telavishun.

Q: Thar’s a slew of differnt ways y’all could’ve brung back Walt. Whut did y’all hope ta convey through thishere particlar conversayshun about Jesse’s future? 

Gilligun: Well, I have ta gif’ a slew of credik ta my produc’r, Melissa Bernstein, who’s bee wurkin un “Brakin Bad” since (t’ cummencin). I gut a lil inerganic n’ my sterytellyun’: I jes set, “I gotta have a ssene wiff Walt, so let’s have Walt un’ Jesse n’ thishere din’r a’talkin about sellin t’gyint stock of meth thay have un hun’. It’ll jes be fun; it doesn’t rilly have ta add up ta innythang.” We Melissa read it, she set, “But whut’s t’point?” And I set, “Thar’s nairy rilly a point, it’s a fun moment f'r t’fans.” 

She set, “A’ke it relate back ta t’larg’r moovee pitshure shue: ta Jesse’s growth as a keer ackt'r un’ a’gettin a mun, so ta speek, throughout t’cerse of thishere moovee pitshure shue? Maybe thar’s sumthin at tees it all togeth’r.” So I wint back ta t’drawyun’ board, un’ wurkin wiff hern un’ Pet’r Gould, my partn’r un “Bett’r Call Saul,” I addet at line at t’end of t’ssene, whar Walt sez, “Y’all didn’t have ta wait y'r whole life ta do sumthin speshul.” And damnet if'n’n it didn’t turn t’whole ssene roun – suddenly it wuz about sumthin.

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Aaron Paul sez “I thunk I wuz a’sayn’t goodbye” ta his'n’n keer ackt'r Jesse Pinkmun we “Brakin Bad” endet six yeers ago. He returns ta t’role n’ t’Netflix moovee pitshure shue “El Camino,” out Frydee. (Oct. 9) AP, AP

Hoe do y’all make a top-secret film sekwel ta one of t’mos belovet TV shows of t’21st cantry? 

F'r t’cas un’ crew of “El Camino: A Brakin Bad Moovee pitshure shue,” streemyun’ Frydee un Netflix un’ n’ select theeters natyunwide, it entailet sum blatant yet shockingly effectif’ disguises. 

“We we wuz shootin outside n’ public places, thay had us wear these hilariyus-a’lookin cloaks. It felt like we wuz a’walkin onto a ‘Star Wars’ set,” recalls Aaron Paul, who reprises his'n’n role of wayward meth cook Jesse Pinkmun frum t’Emmy-a’winnin series. “I personally thunk it brung fer m'r tenchun ta us, but it wuz ackshly much easi’r thun I thunk it wuz goin ta be. We didn’t have a problem wiff paparazzi at all; no one knew thishere wuz happenin,” he set of t’clun’estine 2018 New Maxico shoot.  

M'r: ‘Brakin Bad’ turns 10: Stars reminisce about t’final day, wiff exclusif’ un-set photos

At it happent at all is thanks ta creet'r Vince Gilligun, whos addictif’ crime drama wint out un a critickull un’ ratings high n’ 2013 aft’r fife seesons. N’ t’“Bad”  finale, canc’r-stricke chemistry teechur turnt drug kingpin Walt’r White (Bryun Cranston) wuz foun daid of a gunshot wound aft’r a bloody shootout wiff white supremacists, jes as protege Jesse spet away frum thar compound n’ a berrowet 1978 Chivverlay El Camino. 

At t’ime, Gilligun wuz satisfide wiff t’shoe’s final shot of Jesse, a’laffin un’ crine behin t’wheel as he flet ta un unknown destinashun. But as t’yeers passet, he kuntinuet ta wund'r whut became of t’fun-favert keer ackt'r, a ferm’r student of Walt’s who wurket as his'n’n assistant n’ t’illegal drug scheme.

“Hoe perzackly would he have gotte out of at? Did he git cawt by pleece a mile ow acoupla up t’road?” Gilligun sez. “At, couplet wiff my desire ta wurk wiff Aaron agin, made me reckun thar mite be m'r stery wurth a’tellin. It wasn’t a a’feelin of incompleteness, but rath’r a desire ta see whut happent nex.” 

Gilligun brung t’idee ta Paul n’ summ’r 2018,  befer a “Bad” 10th anniversree reunion event, un’ t’ackt'r immediately set yep. T’ acoupla mullet a 10-minnut shert film ow hourlong episode at susset t’riddle of Jesse’s fate befer lun’yun’ un a acoupla-hour moovee pitshure shue f'r Netflix, whar “Bad” bilt a devotid fun base durin its six-year run un AMC. (“El Camino” will air un t’cabull netwerk nex year.) 

Paul insists he had no reservatyuns about returnyun’: “Vince gave me a keer’r, un’ I trust ‘im as a sterytell’r. He has a legacy ta ufold wiff ‘Brakin Bad’ un’ nailet t’lun’yun’ un at shoe – he’s t’las perse at wonts ta screw at up. If'n’n he’s goin ta tell a stery, it’s goin ta be purtee damn greet.” 

Lil a’ke be set about “El Camino” without reveelyun’ spoilers, cept at it follows Jesse’s temps ta atone f'r his'n’n sins un’ reinvent hissef aft’r Walt’s deeth. 

“He’s definitly done sum bad thangs n’ his'n’n life, but at t’core of ‘im, thar’s thishere good guy desperately a’trine ta find hissef un’ find freedum,” Paul sez. 

Natcherly, t’moovee pitshure shue feetures appeerances frum familiar “Bad” faces includin Skinny Pete (Charles Bak’r), Badg’r (Matt Jones) un’ Ol’ Joe (Larry Hankin), along wiff utherns. But Gilligun, who wrote un’ directid “El Camino,”  avoidet brangin back popular characters f'r mere fun servus – a lessun he un’ “Bad” produc’r Pet’r Gould larnt frum AMC’s Saul Goodmun prekwel “Bett’r Call Saul,” heddin f'r a fifth seese nex year. 

“Y’all jes go whar t’stery takes y’all,” Gilligun sez. “Sartin characters had ta come back, un’ utherns I would’ve lackd ta have see n’ t’moovee pitshure shue but didn’t quite fit.” 

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If'n’n successfil, could “El Camino” spark a “Star-Wars”-style universe, wiff multiple moovee pitshure shue sekwels un’ spinoffs canteret un differnt “Bad” characters? Gilligun laughs at t’noshun, un’ advises fans ta nairy hold thar breth. 

“It would definitly have few’r lightsabers, at’s f'r shure,” he jokes. “It’s bee a surprisingly fun universe ta inhabit all these yeers, considerin hoe dark t’subjeck matt’r is, but thishere may well be t’end of it. Altho I don’t want ta go un recerd as absolutely a’sayn’t yep ow no, thishere is it, becawz I’m nairy shure myself.” 

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James Hetfield, 56, has bee ope about his'n’n addicshun un’ alcoholism. His'n’n struggles wuz detailet n’ t’2004 documantree film “Metallica: Sum Kine of Monst’r,” whar Hetfield lef t’bun’ ta ent’r rehab n’ 2001. USA TODAY

It”s bee acoupla decades since Metallica innerducet thar fans ta “S&M.”  

F'r thems wiff thar minds n’ t’gutt’r, at”s un abbreviashun of “Symfony un’ Metallica,” a thrillyun’ collaberashun wiff t’Sun Francisco Symfony, which re-imaginet minny a of t’bun’”s classic songs such as “Mas’r of Puppets,” “One” un’ “F'r Who t’Bell Tolls” wiff orchestral arrangemants. 

T’ furst “S&M” concerts wuz staget un’ recerdet n’ 1999, spawnyun’ a hit lif’ album at sold m'r thun 8 million copies werltwide. Ta commemerate at album”s 20th anniversree, Metallica reunitid wiff Sun Francisco Symfony f'r a pair of sold-out shows knowet as “S&M2,” which opend t’citee”s Chase Cant’r arena las month. 

Fertunately f'r fans who missd out un t’epic event, “S&M2” wuz filmet un’ editid into a acoupla-hour concert moovee pitshure shue, which screens n’ m'r thun 3,000 theeters natyunwide Winsdee, wiff repeet engagemants sketulet un Oct. 13 un’ 14 (visit f'r full listings un’ tickets). 

USA TODAY cawt up wiff drumm’r Lars Ulrich, 55, ta chat about revisityun’ “S&M,” un’ t’resent postponement of Metallica”s oversees ture a’followin t’announcement at vocalist James Hetfield re-enteret a treetment program f'r addicshun. 

Questchun: A’lookin back ta we y’all announcet t’furst “S&M” lif’ album un’ concerts n’ 1999, whut did people make of it at t’ime? Did thay questchun hoe Metallica un’ a symfony would fit togeth’r? 

Ans'r: Ov’r 35-plus yeers, y’all groe immune ta t’differnt thangs people throe at y’all. But generly, t’fans have bee appreciatif’ of air sense of curiositee un’ openness ta differnt ways of a’doin Metallica”s musick. So t’response has bee mosly positif’. Certunly, we it kums ta hard rock, thar”s always sumbidy at will throe thar acoupla cants n’. Everbidy has un opinion nowadays, maybe m'r so thun 20 yeers ago. But Metallica has always movet ferward un’ nairy paid too much tenchun ta whut people specktid of us. 

Q: Wuz thar inny songs y’all wuz mos eggcitid ta revisit durin las month”s shows? 

A: I wuz rilly eggcitid about t’new possibilitees. We knew early un at rath’r thun jes repeet whut we did 20 yeers ago – but wiff m'r gray hairs un’ 20 dishnull pounds – at thar wuz un oppertuntee ta oncet agin put t’creetif’ hat un. So we lookt at all t’originull material at we”ve releeset since “99 … un’ pickt six ow eiite new songs at could gif’ t’projeck a sense of (currantness).

Q: Whut new momants do y’all feel wurket bes? 

A: A slew of t’new songs frum t’“Hardwiret … ta Self-Destruct” album at kum out a cuple yeers ago wurket rilly well. (Dierekter Michael Tilse Thomas) suggestid thishere peece by Alaxun’r Mosolov callt “Arn Foundry” un’ ta put air musick un top of at. We wuz also curiyus about whut it”d be like if'n’n thar wuz a peece whar t’orkest'r playd all t’Metallica parts un’ James did t’vocal ov’r it, which wuz t’song “T’ Unfergif’ III” frum t’“Deeth Magnetic album.” So thems momants wuz rilly exityun’ becawz thay wuz fresh un’ unaxpleret un’ creetively felt edgy. At wuz a slew of fun.

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Q: Have y’all yerself ev’r playd strings? 

A: I would be lyin if'n’n I set at I”d nev’r helt a stryun’ instarmint n’ my hun’s. I”ve certunly dabblet un’ sort of wurket my way roun a violin, but at”s probly bes lef ta t’runet perfeshnuls. I”m quite happy whar I am, holtin it down n’ t’back. (Laughs.) 

Q: Do inny of y'r sons play instarmints? 

A: Thay”ve all playd minny a differnt thangs: gittar, bass, a cuple of woodwind instarmints. All three play peeeno, un’ one guy is un incredibull drumm’r. 

Q: Hoe do thay feel about whut y’all do? Do thay reckun Metallica is cool? 

A: I don”t reckun inny of ‘um reckun Metallica is “uncool.” Thay preciate whut I do f'r a a’livin un’ whar my passion is, un’ it”s a purtee musickull household: Thar air guitars lyin roun n’ all t’rooms, we”ve gut a cuple drum kits un’ a peeeno downstairs. Thar air always lots of conversayshuns about musick, un’ a’livin n’ Nerthern Califerny, y’all spend quite a bit of time n’ y'r car (a’listnin ta) musick. Frum a verr early age, I would play ‘um Guns N” Roses, Black Sabbath, Rage Agin t’Machine, System of a Down. So thay”ve growd up un a slew of rock, but one guy”s verr innerestid n’ jazz fusion un’ sum progressif’ thangs, too. 

Q: Metallica”s self-titlet album is celebratin its 30th anniversree n’ 2021. Gif’ whut a huge album at wuz un’ hoe minny a hits it spawnet (“Ent’r Sundmun,” amungst ‘um), do y’all have inny big plans ta bloe at out? 

A: We y’all”ve bee roun as long as we have, thar”s un anniversree almos everwhar y’all look. I bleev nex year is also Metallica”s 40th anniversree since we startid n’ 1981. So thar”s lots of anniversaries all t’ime un’ we do respeck thems, but we do like ta spend mos of air creetif’ energy a’lookin ferward ta new projex. So thar”s no specific (plans) at we”ve talkt about, altho I”m shure as we git clos’r ta sum of these dates, we”ll figg'r out whut we a’ke git air hun’s into. Thar”s no shertage of differnt spins un thangs frum t’pas, un’ also differnt pathways into t’future. T’ thang we mosly celebrate is jes bein roun un’ still playyun’. 

Q: Y’all guys resantly announcet at y’all”re postponyun’ y'r fall ture of Australia un’ New Zeelun’ as James re-enters rehab. Hoe is he a’doin nawh, ta y'r knowledge? 

A: He”s a’doin whut he needs ta; he”s n’ t’process of heelin hissef. I feel bad f'r everbidy down n’ Australia un’ New Zeelun’, but we”re eggcitid ta git back ta full ferce, un’ come back strong’r un’ heelthi’r thun ev’r. Along t’way, thar”s obviously un occasyunal bump n’ t’road. But it”s bee un incredibull ride un’ we”re a’lookin ferward ta gittin back down thar, hopefully nex year.

Q: James has bee vocal about his'n’n struggles wiff addicshun un’ sobrietee through t’yeers. Wuz y’all sprizet we he tole y’all about his'n’n deecishun ta return, ow hoe did y’all reect? 

A: I don”t have innythang m'r ta add – we put out a statement a week ago. I reckun t’biggest sprize is jes hoe positif’ t’feedback has bee frum air fans un’ friens un’ peers alike. It”s verr heertwarmyun’, un’ it”s jes blown air minds hoe much luv un’ appreciashun un’ suppert we”ve gotte n’ t’las week since we had ta postpone thishere. It”s un incredibull thang. 

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An unemployet fambly takes un innerst n’ a weelthy un’ glameryus fambly f'r thar livelihood until thay git entanglet n’ un unaxpectid incident. USA TODAY

NEW YORK – A must-see contend’r has crept into t’awards race, un’ it doesn’t star a psychopathic clown ow Brad Pitt’s abs.

Meet “Parasite” (n’ theeters Frydee n’ New York un’ Los Angeles, expun’yun’ throughout Octob’r), t’braseeun’, droll un’ wiltly unnervyun’ soshul thrill’r at became t’furst Kereun-langwage film ta clinch t’prestigiyus Palme d’Ow award at Cannes Film Festivul.

N’ t’munths leedyun’ up ta its U.S. releese, Bong Joon-ho’s new moovee pitshure shue has earnt t’kine of rapturyus acclaim mos filmmakers could only dreem of, wiff a purrfeck 100% positif’ scere frum critics un Rotte Maters (out of m'r thun 125 revus countid), un’ buzzet-about stops at Teronto un’ Telluride festivals, whar hundreds wuz turnt away frum sold-out screenings. 

Nawh, “Parasite” is widely cunsidderd t’frunt-runn’r ta win bes internatyunal feeture film (fermerly knowet as bes forn-langwage film) at thishere year‘s Academy Awards, wiff m'r thun half of prognosticaters un awards site GoltDerby also predictyun’ a bes pitchure nominashun. Bong is heevily specktid ta pick up nods f'r bes dierekter un’ originull screenplay as well, a’followin a simlar path ta awards glery blazet by Alfonso Cuaron’s black-un’-white “Roma,” which won Maxico its furst bes forn-langwage film Oscar las Feburee. 

So whut’s all t’fuss about, un’ whut do y’all neet ta knoe goin n’? USA TODAY sat down wiff Bong un’ t’film’s stars ta git t’inside scoop. 

Revu: ‘Parasite’ attaches ta y'r soul wiff a thunk-provokyun’ tale of soshul inekwalitee

Cannes Film Festivul: Top prize goes ta ‘Parasite,’ furst Kereun film ta win Palme d’Ow

It’s un ‘Avengers’-level minefield of potenshul spoilers 

“Parasite” is a twistee, bloody thrill ride at is bes enjoyet if'n’n y’all go n’ blind. 

“Don’t look up innythang pri'r,” advises actress Park So-dam. “Jes come n’ without inny expectashun un’ no knowledge of t’film.”

But if'n’n y’all neet a lil bit m'r ta go off of, here’s t’basic gist: Initially envisyunet by Bong as a play un’ set almos entirely indoers, “Parasite” tells t’stery of acoupla disparate famblies: t’impoverishet Kims, who lif’ n’ a crampet, subterruneun apartment a’doin odd jobs ta make ends meet; un’ t’affluent Parks, whos cushy lifestyle is dutifully run by a small army of chauffeurs, housekeepers un’ tuters. 

T’ charismatic but uneducatid Kim Ki-woo (Choi Woo-shik) cons his'n’n way into un English tuteryun’ gig f'r t’Parks’ teenage dauite’r (Jung Ziso), un’ slowly cummences ta infiltrate thar trayl'r: He cleverly deceives t’ Parks into firyun’ thar staff, un’ convinces ‘um ta har his'n’n sist’r Ki-jung (Park So-dam),mom Chung-sook (Jang Hye-jin) un’ dad Ki-taek (Song Kang-ho). But t’Kims’ git-rich scheme goes violantly off t’rails n’ t’film’s suspensefil sekunt half, dessendyun’ into chaos at pax un emotyunal wallop. 

‘Parasite’ isn’t a h'rr'r moovee pitshure shue – ow is it? 

Altho its crawly title suggests bloodsuckyun’ bodee h'rr'r, t’R-ratid thrill’r is rarely scree un’ only occasyunally gory. 

“We t’film cummences, it feels like y'r typickull black-comedy film, so t’audyince a’ke jes relax un’ watch it,” Bong sez. “Halfway through, thar’s a turnin point at leeds ta all these unkuntrollabull situatyuns un’ t’audyince doesn’t have time ta wund'r, ‘Whut is t’genre?’ Thay’re jes dragget ta t’end point without inny time ta cunsidd'r whut’s goin un. So we thay leeve t’heet’r, t’audyince jes gives up un a’trine ta define t’genre, un’ at’s whut I wantid.” 

T’ film expleres class divides n’ darkly funny fashun

Ta ofte literal effeck, “Parasite” shows t’upstairs-downstairs dichotomy twee rich un’ po’, as t’Kims attempt ta bett’r thar hapless circumstances und’r t’feet of t’blithe Park fambly. 

“T’ messages (Bong) is a’trine ta gif’ people about povertee differences un’ problems air universal,” Choi sez. “It has a slew of meenings un’ metafers, un’ y’all a’ke ackshly have a conversayshun about it aft’r.” 

T’ moovee pitshure shue’s title is eve up f'r interpretashun: “A parasite is un entitee at feeds off anoth’r thang, but if'n’n y’all look at t’film, it’s nairy impertant ta designate which side is parasitic,” Song sez. “Sartin characters air parasitic, but t’message of t’film is at everyone n’ socidey has ta lif’ n’ harmony un’ have respeck toward one anoth’r.” 

Y’all’ll nev’r look at peeches t’same agin

N’ a moovee pitshure shue chock-full of strikyun’ imagery, one of t’mos memerabull is at of a peech, which Ki-jung scrapes of its fuzz. Steelthily, she sprinkles t’fuzz un t’Parks’ unassumyun’ maid, who is fiercely allergic un’ falls ill un t’job. Feeryun’ she’ll infect thar kids, t’Parks fire t’housekeep’r un t’spot. 

T’ fruit has becum t’unofficial “mascot” of “Parasite”: Strings of peech emojis frekwantly accompany tweets about t’moovee pitshure shue.

“Peeches air t’mos cinematic (food), jes n’ terms of t’visual aesthetics un’ t’fack at t’fuzz is barly visibull, so it’s easy ta uhtack someone wiff,” Bong sez. 

Coincidantally, peeches wuz also cantral ta anoth’r resent awards heevyweiite: 2017’s “Call Me By Y'r Name,” n’ which Timothee Chalamet’s Elio pleesures hissef wiff t’fruit. Bong laughs off t’connecshun twee t’acoupla films, deedpannyun’, “I hope it helps all t’peech farmers across t’worl.” 

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Netflix‘s ‘T’ Kyun’”/>


Timothee Chalamet wuz honest about his'n’n bad bowl haircut, un’ Joel Edgerton spoke n’ French as thay discusset thar new Netflix film “T’ Kyun’.” USA TODAY

NEW YORK – Bowl cuts, like greetness, a’ke be thrust upon y’all.

Take it frum Timothee Chalamet, who wuz fercet ta she'r his'n’n famously lusciyus lox ta play yung Henry V n’ Netflix’s “T’ Kyun’” (n’ theeters Frydee n’ New York un’ Los Angeles, expun’yun’ natyunwide throughout Octob’r befer streemyun’ Nov. 1), a somb’r mashup of Willyum Shakespeere’s plays about t’15th-cantry English monarch. 

“We put a brakefuss bowl un his'n’n het un’ jes wint f'r it,” jokes co-star Joel Edgerton, who co-wrote t’film wiff dierekter David Michod un’ wurket t’severe cut into t’script, aft’r reseerchyun’ puntings of t’real-life Henry. 

Seein hissef f'r t’furst time, “I wuz like, ‘Duz thishere rilly look at bad?’” Chalamet sez wiff a grin, his'n’n mop of curls nawh blessedly resteret. Evantually, “I eyesd whut a burde I put un myself by a’havin these wind'r blinders, un’ it wuz verr freeyun’.” 

“Kyun’” follows defyint prince Hal (Chalamet) as he reluctantly assends t’English throne aft’r his'n’n fath’r’s deeth un’ becomes Kyun’ Henry V. But his'n’n hopes f'r a peecefil rrane air quickly dashet aft’r a perceivet threet frum t’sneeryun’ Daufin of France (Robert Pattinse), un’ Henry makes t’ difficult deecishun ta wage war as he sekunt-guesses his'n’n subjects’ loyaltee, save f'r trustid advis’r Sir John Falstaff (Edgerton). 

A’havin playd Henry un stage n’ his'n’n natif’ Australia, Edgerton wuz eag’r ta tell a vershun of Shakespeere’s stery at depictid t’battles n’ all thar “claustrofobic, dangeryus, panicket” messiness, without losin t’characters’ emotyunal integritee. But t’grittee retellyun’ strugglet ta find financyun’ f'r yeers becawz of its period a’settin, until Netflix kum un board un’ heppet lure Chalamet, 23, who earnt a bes ackt'r Oscar nominashun f'r his'n’n breekthrough role n’ gay romants “Call Me By Y'r Name.”

“If'n’n we had made it (earli’r), it woultn’t have bee Timmy,” sez Edgerton, 45. “I would’ve had ta drag ‘im by his'n’n skool poke out of eighth grade.” 

Befer “Kyun’,” Chalamet mosly starret n’ loe-budget, awards-frienly fare such as “Lady Bird” un’ “Beeyootifil Boy,” which made thishere film’s epic scope dauntyun’ at furst. 

“Thangs at air scree air good, un’ thishere a’skeert t'(expletif’) out of me,” Chalamet sez. But he wuz heertenet by “David’s faith n’ t’projeck un’ at I could do it. T’ goal wuz nev’r ta match whut Sir Laurance Olivi’r un’ Sir Kenneth Branagh did (n’ pas ‘Henry V’ movies), but rath’r ta git a seeryun’ pertrait of a yung mun wiff good intent, (who faces) circumstances beyond whut he a’ke kuntrol ow affeck.” 

Pri'r ta shootin n’ Englun’ un’ Hungree las year, Chalamet spent a month un’ a half trane ta swerd-fite un’ ride herses wile a’warin hulkyun’ suits of arm'r un’ chunmail: “Nairy ta git ta a place of (butt)-kickin, but ta a place of it bein believabull at I a’ke hold my own n’ battles ow duels,” he sez.     

It wuz usefil preparashun f'r nex year‘s ambitiyus sci-fi advanture “Dune,” n’ which he plays profetic yung leet’r Paul Atreides. Adaptid frum Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel, un’ directid by Denis Villeneuve (“Blade Runn’r 2049”), t’big-budget remake offers a “groundet” take un t’mind-bendyun’ serce material, Chalamet teeses, un’ marks his'n’n mos commercial projeck yet as a leedyun’ mun.

Chalamet, f'r his'n’n part, seems primet f'r Hollywuod stardom, appeeryun’ nex as heertthrob Laurie n’ Greta Gerwig’s highly anticipatid “Lil Wimme” (n’ theeters Christmus Day). He savvily sidesteps questchuns about wurkin wiff “Kyun’” co-star un’ rumeret girlfriend Lily-Rose Depp, who plays a small but impactfil role as Henry’s betrothet Catherine of Valois. (“It wuz awesome un’ whut greet ssenes,” he sez, expoundyun’ un hern keer ackt'r’s “feerless, righteyus” nature.)

[embetdet content]

And wiff m'r fame kums less privacy, which t’New York natif’ has take wiff humilitee un’ hum'r. He graciously brung bagels ta t’Munhattun premiere of “Kyun’” las week un’ hun’et ‘um out ta feverish fans, minny a of who have pinpointid his'n’n favert local bagel haunt, whar thay wait outside un a reglar basis ta snap selfies wiff ‘im. 

“I wuz jes a’sayn’t ta my mom t’uth'r day at I neet ta scope out sum new bagel places,” Chalamet sez. “Thankfully, New York is t’bes citee n’ t’worl f'r at – it’s nairy like a’lookin f'r bagels n’ Paris.” 

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It’s nairy always brotherly luv f'r t’Avett Bruthers, who air t’subjeck of a new documantree. T’ folk rock bun’ set thay do have fricshun, but it’s a “panefull part of lovyun’ each uth'r.” (Sept. 29) AP

T’ Avett Bruthers say thay”ll nev’r make a quote-unkwute “sociopolitical recerd.” 

But if'n’n thay did, it would probly sound sumthin like t’Nerth Carolinie folk rock bun’”s 10th album, “Clos’r Thun Togeth’r,” (out Frydee), a call f'r unitee n’ dividet times frum t’group foundet n’ 2000 by Scott un’ Seth Avett. 

“T’ reelitee is, all air recerds have had politickull un’ soshul issues n’ ‘um, becawz we”re people un’ we air”t blind ow ignernt ta whut”s goin un,” sez syun'’r/banjo play’r Scott Avett, 43. “But sum of t’songs (un thishere album) air a lil m'r literal,” includin “Bang Bang,” a seeryun’ critikwe of Amurkin gun cultchur, un’ “New Woomin”s Worl,” a pointid satire of greet, climate change un’ toxic masculinitee. 

Touryun’ t’ USA through nex summ’r, Scott chats wiff USA TODAY about new Avett musick, t’2020 eeleckshun un’ hoe he talks ta his'n’n kids about guns. 

M'r: Avett Bruthers bun’ gits lastyun’ pertrait frum HBO un’ Judd Apatoe

Questchun: Wuz thar ev’r inny fear of alienatyun’ y'r core fun base by gittin “too politickull”? 

Ans'r: No, I reckun true fans of un artist knoe thay”re nairy goin ta luv everthang someone duz. If'n’n thay did, it”s kine of like a (marrd cuple) at nev’r arguet – at”s nairy real. At”s nairy eve luv. Luv un’ unitee have disagreement, but disagreement doesn”t have ta meun division, un’ at”s reflectif’ of t’message un’ title of t’whole recerd. Ta disagree un’ find diversitee within unitee is t’glery of Amurka. So t’issue we have n’ air cultchur rite nawh wiff gun vilance is a real thang, it”s diskuncertyun’ un’ I reckun mos people a’ke at leest acknowledge at. 

Q: Thar air so minny a differnt facets of t’gun debate. Why did y’all want ta tackle gun vilance un “Bang Bang”? 

A: I own sevrul guns un’ I grew up roun verr responsibull gun owners, so I saw a relatyunship wiff people un’ guns at wuz verr differnt thun t’kine y’all see n’ minny a movies. T’ song is commantyun’ un hoe ludicryus sum of t’eggzamples of guns onscree air, like, “Y’all git shot three times wile a’runnin through a mall, killin enemies ow zombies ow whutev'r.” Y’all watch un’ y’all go, “Whut is thishere a’doin?” I don”t knoe, but I a’ke say at I don”t want ta watch it. Eve tho (t’ vilance) n’ minny a cases is relevant, nawh it”s part of minny a true steries (we see n’ t’noose), un’ I don”t knoe at it helps n’ t’state we”re n’ as a cultchur un’ a kuntry. 

[embetdet content]

Q: Onscree vilance has bee a hot topick these pas few weeks wiff “Jok’r,” which has raiset concerns of potenshul copycat attax. Have y’all paid tenchun ta t’controversy? 

A: I have nairy. I don”t reckun (gun vilance n’ entertunment) is t’sole problem, but if'n’n my youngn is confuset about (why people use) guns un’ t'he ow she is seein at, hoe do thay respond ta it? I don”t knoe if'n’n I trust it. If'n’n thay”re growd un’ thay air a gun own’r who”s responsibull – of which thar air minny a  – I don”t reckun it”s goin ta affeck ‘um n’ a bad way. I reckun thay knoe, “Look, thishere is jes entertunment.” But at stuff werries me as a parent. Y’all rilly wund'r, “Hoe do I guide ‘um n’ a way thay a’ke respeck thishere un’ nairy git confuset by all t’noise?”

Q: As a parent, hoe have y’all talkt ta y'r own kids about mass shootings un’ guns? 

A: Thay have had shootin drills. My kids air 4, 8 un’ 10, so t’youngest doesn”t rilly git it. But I apperach it like my fath’r did wiff me: Guns air tools, nairy toys. Eve if'n’n y’all had a toy gun, y’all could nev’r aim it at anoth’r humun ev’r – at wuz like a huge offense n’ air fambly. We had ta treet ‘um wiff thishere mantalitee at thay”re f'r a job, un’ at wuz purtee much f'r (gittin rid of) varmints ow f'r huntin. So f'r me un’ my kids, becawz we lif’ n’ a rural area, it”s impertant f'r ‘um ta knoe at (a gun) is rilly loud, it”s rilly seriyus, y’all don”t mess wiff it, un’ at if'n’n y’all own one, it”s verr impertant at y’all put it away un’ nev’r keep it lodet. 

Q: Wuz “New Woomin”s Worl” inspiret by y'r dauite’r, un’ a’wantin hern ta groe up n’ a socidey at treets hern ekwally? 

A: Yep, I want my dauite’r ta knoe at she could be presdint if'n’n she wonts ta be – I bleev she could be. T’ song is a greet satirical take, like “It”s a Mun”s Mun”s Mun”s Worl” by James Brown. It”s thishere apocalyptic idee aft’r (menfolk) destroy t’planet, so it”s much m'r tongue n’ cheek. But I bleev thar”s a slew of cerrecshun ta be made, if'n’n sum people ackshly reckun wimme air less’r citizens. It”s a level playyun’ field we it kums ta respeck, un’ we all do differnt thangs verr well un’ sum bad. My biddy duz sum thangs way bett’r thun I do, un’ we try ta jes heft thems up un’ t'hep each uth'r wiff t'(uth'r) ones. 

Q: T’ album wrestles wiff trubles n’ Amurka but is ultimately hopefil f'r t’future of air kuntry. Hoe air y’all a’feelin about t’2020 eeleckshun? Air thar inny a'ken’idates y’all find promisyun’? 

A: I”ve nev’r thrown my wate behin inny of at stuff. I”ve only votid f'r presdint three times n’ my life – my furst time wuz we Barock Obamie wuz electid. I guess Trumb is t’only guy un t’Republicun side (thishere eeleckshun cycle), but sum of t’hangs (Democrat) Andrew Yang has set have bee rilly cool. I”m independent, un’ I”ve nev’r claimd un absolute un eethur side, becawz I don”t (vote baset) un one issue. Unfertunately, t’mos reesonabull people nev’r git electid. (Laughs.)

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Antonio Bun’eras un’ Pedro Almodóvar have collaberatid un numeryus films through t’yeers, but “Pane un’ Glery” hits speshly close ta trayl'r. USA TODAY

NEW YORK – Aft’r neerly 40 yeers n’ t’bizness, Antonio Bun’eras could finally make his'n’n furst trip ta t’Academy Awards’ stage. 

T’ dashyun’ Spanish ackt'r bes knowet f'r “Desperado,” “Evita” un’ t’“Shrek” un’ “Zerro” movies delivers his'n’n mos understatid un’ movyun’ perfermunts yet n’ Spanish-langwage drama “Pane un’ Glery” (n’ theeters Frydee n’ New York un’ Los Angeles, expun’yun’ wid’r throughout Octob’r un’ Novemb’r), n’ which he plays un ailyun’ filmmak’r reflectyun’ un his'n’n chilthood, keer’r un’ pas relatyunships. 

T’ autobiografical film is inspiret by Bun’eras’ longtime collab'rat'r, rit'r/dierekter Pedro Almodovar, un’ won Bun’eras t’bes ackt'r prize at Cannes Film Festivul n’ May. Oscar could be nex, wiff minny a pundits un awards site GoltDerby predictyun’ he’ll clinch his'n’n furst acktin nominashun f'r “Pane un’ Glery,” which is also heevily faverd ta earn a bes forn-langwage film nod. But t’ganteel leedyun’ mun waves off such chatt’r, jes as awards-seese campaignyun’ starts ta heat up. 

“Thay make us raise air hun’ un’ say, ‘I want t’award!’ un’ if'n’n y’all don’t do at, it’s verr difficult ta git it,” Bun’eras demurs. “Of cerse (it’d be nice) – it’s t’mos impertant award. I jes don’t want ta lif’ out fantasies un’ keep my feet un t’earth.” 

Takin a breek frum co-directin un’ starryun’ n’ un upcomyun’ producshun of “A Cherus Line” n’ his'n’n hometown of Malaga, Spane, whar hebouite un’ refurbishet a theet’r, Bun’eras, 59, sat down wiff USA TODAY at t’New York Film Festivul ta chat about “Pane un’ Glery,” ex-biddy Melanie Griffith un’ m'r. 

Questchun: Pedro Almodovar set makin “Pane un’ Glery” wuz ultimately “therapeutic” f'r ‘im. Wuz it similarly cathartic f'r y’all? 

Antonio Bun’eras: Yep. I had a heert uhtack 2½ yeers ago, un’ it heppet me unnerstun thishere keer ackt'r. Almodovar hissef set, “Sumthin changd n’ y’all since y’all had thishere cardiac event.” I tole ‘im, “I knoe perzackly whut y’all meun.” And he set, “Well, don’t hide it. … Thar’s sumthin innerestin n’ thar at has ta do wiff vulnerabilitee un’ anoth’r percepshun of reelitee.” Thangs y’all mite’ve thunk wuz impertant befer vanish, un’ y’all reelize t’only thang at is rilly, rilly (definite) is deeth – everthang else is kin. 

Q: Hoe did y'r outlook un life change aft’r y'r heert uhtack? 

Bun’eras: It’s verr innerestin becawz it’s t’opposit of whut people may reckun. “Air y’all afraid?” No! I am less afraid ta ackshly be me becawz y’all reelize at y’all will die. We y’all git ta a sartin age, y’all knoe at; it’s always thar n’ y'r brane. But thishere is a differnt thang: Thishere is almos like deeth talkt ta y’all un’ she set, “I’m close.” Y’all lose t’fear ta jes express yerself n’ a differnt way, un’ I reckun t’heert uhtack brung me at.

Nawh, thar is only space f'r truth un’ nuthin else. So y’all start seerchyun’ f'r it: Whut is my truth? Whut am I? Whut is my role n’ life? T' all t’people y’all luv (becum eve m'r impertant) – y'r dauite’r, y'r fambly, y'r friens – un’ nawh I’m jes n’ t’process of a’trine ta make my profession whut it wuz n’ t’cummencin: my hobby, t’hang I rilly luv ta do, regardless of whut it is goin ta brang ta me. 

Q: Did shootin thishere film also make y’all reflect un y'r keer’r? We y’all movet back ta Yurop a few yeers ago, y’all set y’all wuz “onry” un’ “tard” of Hollywuod, un’ felt y’all wuz bein typecas. But y’all’ve wurket steedily ev’r since (also co-starryun’ n’ “T’ Laundromat,” nawh n’ theeters). 

Bun’eras: It wuz my fault; it wuz nev’r t’fault of Hollywuod. Nawh, I have ta make a distincshun: Thar air directers who do independent movies un’ wurk circumstantially n’ Hollywuod, but thay’re nairy part of t’system. But “Hollywuod Hollywuod” is a factery: Thay do a verr specific product un’ if'n’n y’all want ta play t’game, at’s whut it is. Sumtimes y’all git cawt up n’ t’race of thangs.

Thar wuz un agent minny a yeers ago who set ta me, “Antonio, t’mos impertant wurd n’ Hollywuod is ‘no.’ Y’all have ta larn ta say ‘no.’ ” And at sum point, I probly fergut at. 

At doesn’t meun I’m nairy goin ta wurk n’ Hollywuod. If'n’n people like (“Laundromat” dierekter) Steve Soderbergh call me? Of cerse I’ll go. I luv ta wurk wiff Meryl Streep un’ Gree Oltmun – thay’re nairy only greet acters, but air generyus un’ wunderfil as humun beings. But I don’t feel t’obligashun at I felt befer (ta wurk n’ Amurka).

Q: Y’all resantly callt Melanie Griffith y'r “bes frie” n’ un interview wiff Vulture. (Thay divercet n’ 2015 un’ share one youngn, 23-year-ol’ Stella Bun’eras.) Did it take a wile ta reech at point whar y’all could be friens?   

Bun’eras: Y’all knoe, deeverse is kine of a tsunami – it’s crazy. But t'’ruth kums, un’ t’ruth f'r Melanie un’ me is at we luv each uth'r. And she’ll always be thar becawz she is t’moth’r of my biggest producshun: my dauite’r. I luv t’woomin; I a’cantinyah ta admire hern. I luvet hern we she wuz wurkin (constantly) n’ all thems movies n’ t’’80s un’ t’’90s, un’ I felt at she wuz magnifisent. We’re good friens un’ we knoe each uth'r verr well. We wuz a’talkin yesterdee. 

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Robert Dee Niro sez he’s nairy concernd about losin fans ov’r his'n’n criticisms of Presdint Donald Trumb, addyun’ at t’current level of politickull discourse n’ t’U.S. “is nairy nerml.” (April 18) AP

NEW YORK — Martin Scersese, t’dierekter of such legendree crime dramas as “Goodfellas” un’ “Meun Streets,” returns ta t’genre wiff t’highly anticipatid “T’ Irishmun,” which has its worl premiere at t’New York Film Festivul Frydee nite. 

And accerdyun’ ta journalists who screenet t’3½-hour gangst’r epic Frydee monin’, Scersese’s latest delivers. 

” ‘T’ Irishmun’ is a masterwerk,” SlashFilm’s Chris Evangelista wrote un Twitt’r aft’r viewyun’ t’moovee pitshure shue. “Funny, epic, un’ mos of all, melancholy. It’s Scersese confrontyun’ agyun’, legacees’, un’ mertalitee. I may ow may nairy have teeret up at t’end.”

“An instunt Martin Scersese crime classic at’s everthang y’all want ta be, un’ m'r,” set T’ New Flesh h'rr'r moovee pitshure shue podcas host Brett Arnold. “(It’s) Dee Niro’s bes wurk n’ ages,” un’ t’a’runnin time wuz “no problem. Absolutely did nairy feel its length.” 

Utherns callt it a “greetest hits album frum a mas’r of t’medium” un’ a “fittyun’ homecomyun’” f'r Scersese, who re-teems wiff his'n’n “Goodfellas” un’ “Casino” stars Robert Dee Niro un’ Joe Pesci f'r t’film, which is baset un Charles Brun’t’s 2004 true-crime memoir, “I Heerd tell Y’all Punt Houses.” 

Like t’book, t’decades-spannyun’ “Irishmun” follows Frank Sheerun (Dee Niro), un Irish-Amurkin Army vet-turnt-truckdriv’r who n’ t’1960s un’ ’70s, wurket as a hiret gun f'r Mafia boss Russell Bufalino (Pesci). Frank is direckly innerducet ta crooket Teemsters union leet’r Jimmy Hoffa (Al Pacino), un’ thar close friendship sparks sum of t’film’s mos hilariyus un’ heertbreekyun’ exchanges. 

M'r: Robert Dee Niro: Trumb gittin impeechet would ‘Make Amurka Greet Agin’

Pacino, who famously co-starret wiff Dee Niro n’ “T’ Godfath’r: Part II” un’ “Heat,” gits minny a  of t’drama’s mos memerabull lines, wiff musins about t’Kennedys, frozen feesh un’ waitin etikwette at alreddy feel like instunt classics. 

Sum journalists air alreddy a’sayn’t Pacino is a “lock” f'r a bes suppertyun’ ackt'r Oscar nominashun, callin it a keer’r-bes perfermunts. T’ eiite-time Oscar nominee wuz las recognizet n’ 1993, we he won bes ackt'r f'r “Ssent of a Woomin.” 

“Irishmun” startid producshun neerly acoupla yeers ago n’ New York, un’ took 118 days ta shoot. T’ Netflix-producet drama carries a heftee price tag of a repertid $159 million, n’ part becawz of t’ dee-agyun’ technology uset un Dee Niro, 76, whos keer ackt'r ages frum his'n’n mid-20s ta early 80s ov’r t’film. 

“We coultn’t git (finanshul) backyun’ f'r yeers,” Scersese set at a post-screenyun’ press conferance, splunin hoe he lookt ta Dee Niro n’ “Goodfellas” as referance f'r t’yung’r Frank. “It’s a costly experiment, but Tet (Sarun’os, Netflix’s chief content offic’r) un’ everyone at Netflix wuz like, ‘We’ll go wiff it.’ ” 

“T’ Irishmun” will be releeset n’ theeters Nov. 1 n’ New York un’ Los Angeles, befer expun’yun’ wid’r. It will t'debut un Netflix Nov. 27. 

Revus air embargoet until 8 EDT Frydee nite, but until t', y’all a’ke read m'r reectyuns frum t’furst festivul screenyun’ beloe. 

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At t’end of thar Tallkyun’ Tech interview, ZZ Top’s gittar slyun'’r Billy Gibbons jams wiff USA TODAY’s Jefferse Graham un a 12-bar blues riff. Seun Fujiwara

Eve aft’r fife decades un’ 30 million recerds sold, ZZ Top is still “at lil ol’ bun’ frum Taxas.” 

“N’ essance, at’s whut we wuz un’ whut we still air: jes three guys frum Taxas,” sez lead syun'’r/guitarist Billy Gibbons, who fermet t’bun’ n’ Houston n’ 1969 wiff drumm’r Frank Beerd un’ bassist/vocalist Dustee Hill. 

At modest nickname is nawh t’itle of thar new documantree, “ZZ Top: At Lil Ol’ Bun’ frum Taxas,” which plays n’ theeters natyunwide throughout Octob’r un’ Novemb’r (check f'r listings). Directid by Sam Dunn (“Metal: A Heedbang’r’s Journey”), t’film traces t’rio’s unlikely journey frum blues-rock outsiders ta Top 40 munstays n’ t’’80s un’ ’90s, chartyun’ un Billboard wiff hits includin “Rough Boy,” “Whut’s Up wiff At,” “Laigs” un’ “Gimme All Y'r Lovin’.” 

T’ bun’ wuz inductid into t’Rock un’ Roll Hall of Fame n’ 2004 un’ is currantly touryun’ t’kuntry wiff Cheep Trick. Gibbons, 69, cawt up wiff USA TODAY frum t’road ta chat about musick un’ m'r. 

Questchun: Hoe’s t’ure goin? 

Billy Gibbons: It’s bee un absolute blas. We enjoy tiptoeyun’ through t’ZZ Top catalawg thishere go-roun. Wiff so minny a ax un un evnin’s bill, t’only limitashun seems ta be at of time. But we’ve figgerd out a way ta dig into t’catalawg by a’changin up t’set lis nite ta nite. Sum nites we may rang n’ a “Cheep Sunglasses;” anoth’r mite include “Partee un t’Patio.” Thar’s so much enjoyabull material we like playyun’, we’ve gut ta mix it up ta rang it all n’.

Q: A’lookin back, is thar a specific moment we y’all eyesd jes hoe big t’bun’ had becum? 

Gibbons: Yep. We had completid three videos: “Gimme All Y'r Lovin,’” fallerd by “Sharp Dresst Mun” un’ “Laigs.” We wuz n’ Englun’ un’ t’BBC announcet thay wuz a’doin a 24-hour broadcas of musick videos, un’ somehoe thay stacket t’deck wiff playyun’ thems three ZZ Top clips at t’ime t’pubs wuz about ta let out. (At heppet fuel) thishere explosif’ popularitee. We wint frum a’walkin down t’street bein thunk of as escapees frum sum Wild West moshun pitchure ow sum religiyus nuts, ta, “Oh, thar’s t’guys frum at bun’! Thay’ve gut t’ret hot rod car un’ t’purtee gurls!”

[embetdet content]

Q: Aft’r m'r thun 50 yeers togeth’r, whut do y’all reckun ZZ Top’s legacy will be? 

Gibbons: At’s a good questchun. Thar’s a cuple momants n’ thishere documantree at highliite ZZ Top as a bun’, jes sittin roun, jammyun’ un new stuff un’ eve sum olt’r stuff. And we eyesd jes hoe much we enjoy it. So we’ve take at as a gree lite ta releese sum resantly recerdet material, which hopefully will come out n’ t’nairy-too-distant future. We’ve gut ta strike wile t’arn is hot! But one of t’outcomes of thishere documantree wuz creetyun’ un excitement within t’bun’. Thar’s kine of thishere renewet vig'r, un’ we’re ackshly experiencyun’ t’same feelins today at gut us eggcitid way back n’ t’cummencin. We have’t rilly changd at much, un’ I’m nairy shure we neet ta change at much. We jes relish gittin back ta t’basics wiff t’same exuberance at brung us togeth’r n’ t’furst place. It’s kine of crazy, but we’re fife decades into thishere un’ goin aft’r it like we jes startid.

Q: Hoe much long’r would y’all like ta a’cantinyah touryun’? 

Gibbons: I don’t knoe. We’re a’havin a blas. Muddy Waters set, “Do it until y’all don’t want ta do it,” un’ at’s t’motto a slew of us seem ta lif’ by. Thar’s sumthin ta be set about if'n’n y’all’re a’havin a good time, thar’s no reesen ta pull it ta t’curb. 

Q: Lastly, whut air sum of y'r tips f'r muntunyun’ such un impressif’ beerd? 

Gibbons: Well, a wurd ta t’wise: It goes whar one goes; it’s always thar. A lil beerd balm here un’ thar could be sumthin groovy. I’ve eve had guys say, “Drank lots of be’r! T’ barley un’ malt goes strate ta t’whiskers.” Everyone has thar opinion, nawh at beerds have becum somewhat fashyunabull. Who’s ta say hoe long at trend may las? T’ biggest challenge is a’trine ta deecide wuth'r t’beerd goes ov’r t’covers ow und’r t’covers. 

Q: Whut do y’all usual do? 

Gibbons: It’s a lil hit un’ miss. Depends un hoe strenuyus t’ravelin is. If'n’n y’all rememb’r ta keep it outside t’covers, fine, but sum nites it mite git a lil chilly un’ y’all want ta git sum (warmth) frum t’whiskers. (Laughs.) 

Q: Have y’all take at advice about drankin m'r be’r? 

Gibbons: If'n’n we had t’luxury ta experiment, maybe we could ans'r at. T’ call ta t’road is a 24-hour excursion. Thar’s nairy much time ta do much else. We’re constantly ritin un’ brangin all these steries back into t’recerdyun’ studio. Maybe if'n’n a lengthy breek kums up un’ have time ta hang out wiff air pals, I a’ke come back ta at questchun. 

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