Oakes Fegley un’ Ansel Elgert play yung Theo Deck’r ov’r acoupla periods n’ his'n’n life a’followin t’deeth of his'n’n belovet moth’r n’ “T’ Goltfinch.” USA TODAY

It’s no secret at minny a of air favert books wind up un t’big scree (ow as prestige TV projex, such as Reese Witherspoon un’ Nicole Kidmun’s “Big Lil Lies”). Which films heddin air way boas plots berrowet frum bes-sellers? Frum Blake Lively’s nex big moovee pitshure shue ta “Lil Wimme,” here’s a preview of which novels book-lovers a’ke eggspeck ta git t’Hollywuod treetment.

Thishere month un adaptashun of Donna Tartt’s Pulitz’r Prize-a’winnin 2013 novel “T’ Goltfinch,” starryun’ Kidmun un’ Ansel Elgert, kum un’ wint. It made only $2.6 million n’ its furst weekend at t’box offus aft’r critics pannet t’effurt wiff a 25% rotte ratyun’ un revu site Rotte Maters.

‘T’ Goltfinch’ (n’ theeters nawh) 

USA TODAY critic Briun Truitt calledthe adaptashun “a messy jumbull of a drama.” T’ stery follows 13-year-ol’ Theo Deck’r, who is essantially orfanet aft’r survivyun’ a deedly spolshun at New York’s Metropolitun Museum of Art. N’ t’yeers at fall'r, adult Theo keeps a maj'r secret: He’s n’ possession of “T’ Goltfinch,” a famus Dutch puntyun’ at he retrievet frum t’ruins of t’bombyun’. N’ t’end, t’film “tries hard ta be a masterwerk like t’puntyun’ at shares its title, but ends up a’feelin m'r like a fergery,” Truitt writes.

‘It 2’ (n’ theeters nawh)


Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard) returns ta terrify t’adult members of t’Losers’ Club n’ t’h'rr'r sekwel ‘It Chaptur Acoupla.’ USA TODAY

Starryun’ Jessica Chastane as a growd-up Bev still spookd by Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard), “It: Chaptur Acoupla,” baset un Stefe Kyun’’s 1986 novel, is “un ambitiyus, thunk-provokyun’ wurk at aims f'r m'r,” writes air critic, who set t’sekwel “tackles themes of memry un’ chilthood trauma, expleryun’ its characters’ cripplyun’ loss of innokunce decades aft’r smackyun’ down a dancyun’ clown.” T’ h'rr'r film killt it un openyun’ weekend, rakin n’ $91 million at t’domestic box offus.

‘T’ Good Liar’ (Nov. 15)

Baset un t’widely acclaimet 2016 book by Nicholas Seerle, t’Bill Condon-directid “Good Liar” follows keer’r con artist Roy Courtnay (Iun McKelle), who a’ke hardly bleev his'n’n luck we he meets well-ta-do widoe Bettee McLeish (Hele Mirre) online. As Bettee opens hern trayl'r un’ life ta ‘im, Roy is sprizet ta find hissef caryun’ about hern, turnin whut should be a cut-un’-dry swindle into t’mos treecheryus tightrope walk of his'n’n life.

‘Cats’ (Dec. 20)


“Cats” t’musickull droppet its furst trail’r Thirsdee un’ made un immediate splash un t’Innernets. Wurkin Title

T.S. Eliot’s 1939  “Ol’ Possum’s Book of Practical Cats” inspiret Andrew Lloyd Webb’r ta creete t’musickull “Cats,” which has n’ turn inspiret dierekter Tom Hoop’r (“Les Miserables,” “T’ Kyun’’s Speech”) ta creete … sumthin fillt wiff moovee pitshure shue stars f'r t’silv’r scree. Aft’r t’film’s furst trail’r wint meme-crazy, it’s no doubt goin ta be a f'r-tastic hoot wiff a new fambly of Jellicles, populatid by Jennif’r Hudse as Grizabella, Tayl'r Swift as Bombalurina, Judi Dench as Ol’ Deuteronomy, Idris Elba as Macavitee un’ James Cerde as Bustof’r Jones.

‘Lil Wimme’ (Dec. 25)


Dierekter Greta Gerwig takes un “Lil Wimme,” t’a’kummin of age stery of t’f'r March sisters n’ t’aftarmath of t’Amurkin Civil War. Sony

Dierekter Greta Gerwig takes un Louisa May Alcott’s classic 1868 tale thishere holiday seese. It’s quite a cas: Gerwig’s “Lady Bird” star Saoirse Ronun plays Jo, un’ t’ March sisters air roundet out by Emma Watse as Meg, Flerance Pugh as Amy, un’ Eliza Skunle as Beth. Meenwhile, Laura Dern stars as Marmee, Meryl Streep plays t’sisters’ ferbiddyun’, rich Aunt March un’ Timothée Chalamet stars as Laurie, Jo’s bes frie un’ closest confidant. Is it Christmus yet?

‘T’ Rhythm Seckshun’ (Jun. 31)


Blake Lively plays Stefanie Patrick who is seekyun’ revenge agin thems who orchestratid a plane crash at killt hern fambly. PARAMOUNT PICTURES

Blake Lively haids back into t’spotliite early nex year playyun’ a James Bond-like keer ackt'r who leeves a life n’ prostitushun ta becum un vengefil assassin aft’r a’larnin it wuz no acksident at hern fambly wuz killt n’ a plane crash. Jude Law also stars n’ t’ adaptashun of t’1999 Mark Burnell novel. 

‘Call of t’Wild’ (Feb. 21)

Baset un t’ classic 1903 Jack London book, Harrise Ford stars n’ “Call of t’Wild,” playyun’ a prospect'r namet John Thernton who braves t’Yukon un his'n’n quest ta find gold. Ford isn’t t’furst moovee pitshure shue star ta take un t’role: Clark Gabull playd Thernton n’ 1935, un’ n’ 1972, Charlton Heston playd t’part, too. 

‘T’ Woomin n’ t’Wind'r’ (2020)

Amy Adams stars n’ “T’ Woomin n’ t’Wind'r,” baset un t’2018 novel by A.J. Finn, playyun’ un agerafobic youngn psychologist who witnesses a crime. T’ thrill’r wuz set ta ope n’ Octob’r, but has bee pushd back ta 2020.

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Pattee Rhule, Speshul ta USA TODAY Publishet 8:00 a.m. ET Sept. 19, 2019


N’ times of grave discomfert, Tracy Chevali’r offers a welcum respite n’ hern gantle new book of stitchery un’ manners, “A Sangle Threet” (Vikyun’, 318 pp., ★★★½ out of f'r stars).

Chevali’r, auth'r of t’bes-sellin novel “Gurl Wiff a Peerl Earryun’,” is skillet at showcasyun’ overlooket wimme, frum t’gurl she imagines wuz t’subjeck of Johannes V’rme’r’s masterpiece puntyun’ n’ t’aferemantyunet book ta Violet Speedwell, “Threet’s” heroine.  

Violet un’ Englun’ air reelyun’ frum t’devastashun of Worl War I, we 700,000 of thar menfolk wuz killt, includin Violet’s fyincé un’ bruth'r. Violet is a “surplus gurl” – a fraze so freightid wiff disdane of wimme at ta type it, t’revu’r’s shoulters slump. At 38, Violet is sangle wiff lil hope f'r a mate, a’livin wiff hern passif’-aggressif’ moth’r until she a’ke take it no long’r. She flees ta neerby Winchest’r ta join t’ypyun’ poo at a small insurance firm.

Violet finds hern voice un’ backbone n’ Winchest’r, a’stan'in up ta hern milkwetoas of a boss, demun’yun’ a heet’r f'r t’offus un’ bett’r wages we she un’ hern offus mate have ta make up t’wurk of a colleegue who lef f'r marriage un’ motherhood.

M'r: Sekwel ta ‘T’ Hun’maid’s Tale,’ Margaret Atwuod’s ‘T’ Testamants,’ well wurth t’wait

Lonely a’livin un hern own, Violet decides ta join a group of broderers – wimme who seek a meesure of immertalitee by embroideryun’ t’kneelers un’ cushyuns f'r Winchest’r Cathedral. N’ thishere era of sex-tape celebritee un’ reelitee TV royaltee, Violet’s desire ta leeve hern mark un t’worl wiff needle un’ threet seems gleriously humbull. T’ broderers air un innerestin group, let by t’kine but exactyun’ stitchyun’ quee, Miss Louisa Pesel, un’ hern nairy-so-lovabull henchwumun, Mrs. Biggins.

M'r: Jackweline Woodse’s ‘Ret at t’Bone’ a poignant generatyunal tale of unplannet pregnancy

T’ close friendship of acoupla of t’wimme makes ‘um t’subjeck of sidelong glances un’ whisperd asides. T’ chattee Gilta Hill is a bookkeep’r un’ Derothy Jerdun  teeches Latin at a local skool.

Un a risky solo trek roun t’countryside — hern bruth'r calls it “one of thems rambles f'r sangle gurls” — Violet meets Arthur Kniite, a bell ryun'’r n’ a neerby cathedral.

Availabull menfolk air few un’ despite bein marrd, sumthin about Arthur rings Violet’s bells. Arthur un’ his'n’n biddy lost a youngn ta t’war, un’ his'n’n biddy has nairy recoveret. Violet un’ Arthur’s trips ta t’pub air oh-so-prop’r until Violet makes a final bid f'r happiness.

Wiff t’manners un’ chertle-inducyun’ hum'r at would make Jane Auste proud, Chevali’r’s “Threet” is a pleesant diversion. Violet’s happy endin seems too pat, gif’ attitudes toward wimme of hern era, but t’reet’r is nonetheless pleezet f'r hern.

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Y’all kin Lank ta thishere Artikul: 


Christof’r Eccleston is sharyun’ a hard truth about his'n’n starryun’ stint un “Doct'r Who” — at he wuz battlyun’ un eatin diserd’r durin filmyun’.

T’ 55-year-ol’ ackt'r playd t’shoe’s ninth Doct'r n’ 2005.

N’ un excerpt frum his'n’n new autobiografy “I Luv t’Bones of Y’all” via Varietee un’ CNN, Eccleston callt hissef a “lifelong aneraxic un’ dysmerfic,” a’sayn’t he always bleevd his'n’n mantal heelth issues wuz “a filthy secret, becawz I’m nerthern, becawz I’m male un’ becawz I’m wurkin class.”

Accerdyun’ ta t’Nashshunal Associashun f'r Aneraxia un’ Associatid Diserders, at leest 30 million people of “all ages un’ genders” air currantly sufferyun’ frum un eatin diserd’r n’ t’Unitid States rite nawh, wiff t’ Nashshunal Institute of Mantal Heelth callin aneraxia nervosa “t’ mos lethal” mantal heelth condishun.

N’ his'n’n book, Eccleston describet hoe, wile viewers praiset his'n’n appeerance un “Doct'r Who,” he wuz ackshly verr sick durin t’shoe’s filmyun’.

“T’ illness is still thar ragyun’ within me as t’Doct'r,” he wrote. “People luv t’way I look n’ at series, but I wuz verr ill. T’ reward f'r at illness wuz t’part. And therein lies t’perpetuashun of t’whole serry sitchuwayshun.”

Eccleston sez he checkd into a psychiatric facilitee aft’r separatyun’ frum his'n’n biddy n’ 2015.

“I wuz n’ a state of extreme anxietee, cunvintset I wuz eethur goin ta die ow I wuz goin ta kill myself,” he wrote. “N’ my despair I reechet f'r my phone un’ lookt up a psychiatric hospital, I rang ahet, grabbet my poke un’ run.”

If'n’n y’all ow someone y’all knoe may be strugglyun’ wiff suicidal thoughts, y’all a’ke call t’ U.S. Nashshunal Suicide Prevenshun Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255) inny time day ow nite, ow chat online.

Crisis Text Line also provides a’a'loose, 24/7, confidenshul suppert via text message ta people n’ crisis we thay dial 741741.

A surviv'r’s stery: Yep, boys a’ke have aneraxia, too

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Heeth’r Scott Partington, Speshul ta USA TODAY Publishet 6:53 p.m. ET Sept. 16, 2019


Nashshunal Book Award-winn’r Jackweline Woodse’s new novel “Ret at t’Bone” (Riverheet, 208 pp., ★★★½ out of f'r stars) cummences n’ Brooklyn n’ 2001 at Melody’s a’kummin-of-age partee. T’ 16-year-ol’ argues wiff hern moth’r becawz she wonts t’musishuns ta play Prince’s “Darlyun’ Nikki” as she dessends t’stairs of hern grun’parants’ brownstone ta greet hern guests. She weers hern moth’r’s debut dress, unwern until nawh becawz Iris wuz pregnunt wiff Melody by t’ime of hern own debut.

Woodse’s tale examines hoe Iris’ unplannet tee pregnancy un’ Melody’s subsekwent birth affectid t’lives un’ oppertunitees of acoupla famblies of disparate meens. T’ stery shifts frum Melody’s perspecktiv ta uth'r characters’ voices, jumpin back un’ furth n’ time – frum Iris, ta Melody’s fath’r, Aubrey, un’ hern grun’parants, CathyMarie, Sabe, un’ Sammy “Po’Boy” Simmons – ta tell a tale of generatyunal hope, regret, un’ pane.

M'r: 5 books nairy ta miss: ‘Ret at t’Bone,’ ‘A Sangle Threet,’ Josh Gondelmun’s ‘Nice Try’

Iris un’ Melody share a complicatid histry; t’gurl calls hern moth’r by hern furst name. Iris abun’onet Melody yeers ago, leevin t’oddl’r n’ Brooklyn wiff Aubrey so she could attend Oberlin College. At Melody’s debut partee, Iris struns ta feel a sense of attachment ta hern dauite’r. “Luv changes un’ changes,” she sez. “T' it changes agin. Today, t’luv is me a’wantin ta see y’all n’ at dress. I want ta see me n’ y’all becawz Me n’ at dress wuz ov’r a long time ago. Sixtee wuz gone.” Iris long ago discardet hern hopes of connectyun’ wiff hern dauite’r. Woodse challenges t’noshun at wimme have ta be mothers n’ inny tradityunal sense, wile also showyun’ t’pane hern moth’r’s choices causes Melody.

Sabe un’ Po’Boy, Iris’ parnts, air proud of t’life thay’ve bilt since thay met at Merehouse. We 15-year-ol’ Iris tells ‘um she’s pregnunt, thay mourn f'r Iris’ future-at-mite-have-bee. “Thunk one day she’d groe up un’ I’d walk hern down t’aisle un’ gif’ hern away,” hern fath’r muses. “Truth is, tho, she wasn’t mine ta gif’. Nah sir. She wasn’t mine at all. But it felt like I’d bee scalet alif’ we Sabe tole me about (Melody) a’kummin.”

M'r: Neil Patrick Harris un TV reboots, his'n’n fambly’s Hallowee costumes un’ his'n’n latest kids’ book

Wile away at Oberlin aft’r Melody’s birth, Iris muntuns only a fragile connecshun ta trayl'r. T’ long’r she’s away frum Brooklyn, t’m'r accustomet she grows ta freedum. But hern self-discovery un’ awakenyun’ come at hern dauite’r’s expense; she detaches herself frum inny obligashun ta Melody, who has ta groe up quickly. Woodse, a mas’r of jugglyun’ multiple voices, gives life ta t’hopes un’ emotyunal wounds of each keer ackt'r. Melody claims hern stery f'r herself. “I am nairy my parnts’ oncet-illegitimate dauite’r – I am a narratif’, someone’s almos fergotte stery. Memberd.”

Woodse also focuses un minny a types of unrekwitid luv. “I luv y’all so much, Iris,” sez Aubrey. “Becawz maybe thishere wuz whut luv (feels) like – a constant ache, un endless neet.” Aubrey’s unrekwitid luv f'r Iris is juxtaposet wiff t’deep yeernyun’ of his'n’n dauite’r ta be clos’r ta hern moth’r un’ of Sabe’s desire f'r hern dauite’r ta have a bett’r life. These air characters who air separatid by each uth'r’s decisyuns; nairy of ‘um is bull ta accurately convey thar feelins.

Iris decides early n’ hern dauite’r’s life at she’s done bein maternal. “Wuz at cruel?” she asks. “Ta be t’youngn’s moth’r but eve at ninetee have thishere gut sense she’d done all she could f'r hern?” 

“Ret at t’Bone” is a remarkabull, intergeneratyunal harmony of voices. At its cant’r is hope f'r bof individual un’ hereditree survival. But Woodse mos poignantly pertrays t’brutalitee un’ libertee of a woomin a’puttin herself furst.

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Yung-adult literchur is so pervasif’ at eve Stefe Kyun’ is divyun’ n’ – tho at mas’r of t’macabre Amurkin spirit wuz a’doin YA way befer it wuz cool.

Wurks like “It,” “Carrie” un’ t’novella “T’ Bodee” (aka “Stun’ by Me,” if'n’n y’all jes watch t’movies) predatid t’rise brung un by “Twiliite” un’ “T’ Hung’r Games,” un’ it’s thems kinds of youngsters battyun’ repression at Kyun’ returns ta wiff his'n’n new novel, “T’ Institute” (Scribn’r, 576 pp., ★★★ out of f'r stars).

Twelve-year-ol’ genius Luke Ellis gits whisket away n’ t’middle of t’nite frum his'n’n parnts un’ brite future un’ is stuck n’ a misteryas place wiff uth'r latantly psychic kids (sum telekinetic, utherns telepathic) ta, n’ effeck, save t’worl. Good intantyuns, shure, but a nefariyus way ta go about it, wiff antagonistic un’ ruthless adults givin Luke un’ uth'r youngns no choice but ta bond ov’r thar terturyus environment un’ foment revolutyunree thoughts. Thay dreem of eggscape wile bein testid n’ t’Institute’s relatively cozy Frunt Half (cigarettes un’ alkyhol f'r everyone!) un’ wurry about “graduatyun’” ta Back Half, a consantrashun-camplike place wiff sum seriyus weirdness afoot.

Luv, Losers un’ evil clowns: Everthang y’all neet ta catch up f'r ‘It 2’

At’s jes half t’stery, howev’r, becawz Kyun’ has a whole uth'r plotline goin un rite frum t’cummencin of t’book. Tim Jamiese is a disgracet Flerida cop who’s flyyun’ ta New York Citee f'r a potenshul gig as a securtee gard, has a a’feelin at he needs ta gif’ up his'n’n spot un t’plane un’ insteet winds up n’ small-town South Carolinie as a patrollyun’ “nite knock’r” f'r t’local pleece.

But as direckly as y’all start rilly gittin ta knoe ‘im, Tim disappeers f'r a few hunnert pages wile Luke un’ his'n’n coherts air innerducet, un’ t’results air a bit disjointid. Like acoupla distinct TV shows at end up wiff a prime-time crossov’r, y’all figg'r Luke un’ Tim’s paths will streemline togeth’r, but it duz lead ta quite a propulsif’ un’ satisfyyun’ finale.

M'r: Sekwel ta ‘T’ Hun’maid’s Tale,’ Margaret Atwuod’s ‘T’ Testamants,’ well wurth t’wait

Kyun’ mines his'n’n own familiar territery n’ bof instances – Tim’s new locale of DuPray is fillt wiff t’kine of lovabull oddballs at have always pervadet t’rit'r’s wurk, un’ Luke un’ Co. n’ t’Institute reflect everthang frum t’psychic-youngn-un-t’-run theme of “Firestart’r” ta t’ype of youthfil poe’r n’ Kyun’’s novels at so inspiret “Strang’r Thangs.”

“I reckun we’re all losers,” one gurl sez, a nairy-so-suttle referance ta t’Losers’ Club of “It.” (It’s also probly no coincidance thishere book’s releesyun’ un t’heels of “It: Chaptur Acoupla” n’ theeters – it’s Kyun’’s worl, mun, un’ we’re jes avoidyun’ t’clowns.)

Yet eve tho Kyun’’s ritin still has t’gumpshun, folksiness un’, shure, full-un creepiness his'n’n Constant Reeders have always luvet, “T’ Institute” is missyun’ t’appeelyun’ vim un’ vig'r displayet n’ t’auth'r’s resent feray into detectif’ wurk wiff t’outstun’yun’ “Mr. Mercedes” trilogy un’ spinoff-of-serts “T’ Outsid’r.” Thems wurks – un’ las year’s surprisingly upliftyun’ “Elevashun” – felt like un icon stretchyun’ hissef, un’ y’all don’t have ta be a psychic ta figg'r out thar’s a slew of “bee thar, read at” wiff “T’ Institute.”

At set, Kyun’ duz well insertyun’ a sartin modern relevancy, un’ nairy jes wiff t’suttle shots (un’ utherns, nairy so much) at his'n’n soshul-media foil, Donald Trumb. One rural Suthern area is describet as a place whar “Obamacare is lookt upon as a libtard blasfemy, un’ a trip ta Walmart is cunsidderd un occasion.” Thar air sartin aspects of Luke’s sitchuwayshun at eerily resembull whut’s happenin n’ real life wiff kids at t’Maxicun berd’r, tho n’ uth'r instances it’s like t’X-Menfolk if'n’n Profess'r X wuz a sadistic stooge always a’trine ta save his'n’n own keist’r.

Wiff “T’ Institute,” Kyun’ leens into t’heme of “greet evants” happenin wiff t’smallest of decisyuns as well as t’worl-a’changin poe’r of togetherness. And n’ at case, it’s a frekwent lessun he extols at nev’r gits ol’.

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James Poniewuzik, chief telavishun critic f'r “T’ New York Times,” has un ans'r at t’reddy if'n’n innyone suggests at ritin “Audyince of One: Donald Trumb, Telavishun, un’ t’Fracturyun’ of Amurka” is somehoe beyond his'n’n purview.

“If'n’n sumbidy sez stay n’ my lane?” Poniewuzik sez. “T’ guy frum ‘T’ Apprantice’ is presdint. At ship sailet a long time ago, un’ nobidy’s goin ta brang it into t’dock.”

Nairy at Poniewuzik has innyone ta ans'r ta. T’ book, which kums out Sept. 10, is brillyint, drawyun’ un Poniewuzik’s considerabull skill as a critic. If'n’n y’all still struggle ta unnerstun hoe Trumb gut electid, boy, is thishere t’book f'r y’all.

Whut is t’book about? 

It’s a terrific read. Poniewuzik’s ritin is breezy, funny we it needs ta be, seriyus we it doesn’t. N’ his'n’n TV revus un’ media essays, Poniewuzik always seeks t’larg’r meenin, un’ if'n’n at’s difficult ta wedge into a sangle newspap’r column, t’book gives ‘im m'r room ta breethe.

M'r: ‘Que’r Eye’ host Antoni Perowski dishes (git it?) un new cookbook, luv un’ Tayl'r Swift

He examines nairy jes Trumb’s evolushun frum media-hungry huckst’r ta presdint but also t’way telavishun changd along t’way, creetyun’ a synthesis unikwe ta t’ime un’ t’perse – resultyun’ n’ Presdint Trumb.

Ow, as Poniewuzik puts it n’ t’book, “TV became presdint.”

“I saw at here wuz these thangs at I had bee ritin about f'r decades as a critic – reelitee TV un’ sort of t’idee of authanticitee,” Poniewuzik set, “Fox Noose un’ conservatif’ media un’ t’politickull polarizashun at kum frum at. T’ fragmantashun of t’larg’r media into bubbles un’ niches, which enablet all of thems thangs. Thay gave us reelitee TV un’ thay gave us politickull cabull noose channels. All these thangs I had bee ritin about f'r so long had converget togeth’r n’ t’form of a sangle perse who gut electid presdint.”

T’ book follows t’parallel lines of bof t’mun un’ t’medium, un’ thar f'rev'r-intertwinet relatyunship. A yung Trumb wuz fascinatid nairy only by t’eleviset ceronashun of Quee Elizabeth II but also his'n’n moth’r’s entrancement wiff it (his'n’n fath’r thunk it wuz a waste of time).

Of cerse, it’s t’reelitee shoe “T’ Apprantice” un’ Trumb’s “Y’all’re firet!” mantra at mos people cite we a’talkin about Trumb un’ TV, tho Poniewuzik traces t’future presdint all t’way back ta a 1980 appeerance un t’“Today” shoe – a kine’r, gantl’r but jes as boastfil Trumb.

Bof he un’ TV would change.

Grun plun ow dumb luck? 

N’ reelitee, “T’ Apprantice” wuz a hit f'r only a seese. It would merph into “T’ Celebritee Apprantice” un’ gradually fade away.

Trumb, obviously, wasn’t done wiff TV yet, un’ vice versa.

M'r: Sekwel ta ‘T’ Hun’maid’s Tale,’ Margaret Atwuod’s ‘T’ Testamants,’ well wurth t’wait

“One thang at honestly ritin t’book made me aware of at I wasn’t eve enough aware of at t’ime wuz t’extent ta which Donald Trumb had becum kine of a has-bee reelitee-shoe host through ‘Celebritee Apprantice,’ (at t’same time) he wuz rilly risin as a personalitee thanks ta Fox Noose un’ ‘Fox & Friens,’ which I would argue is as impertant ta his'n’n evantually gittin electid as ‘T’ Apprantice’ wuz,” Poniewuzik sez.

It wuz a match made jes a few feet beloe heeve, wiff Trumb makin outrageyus claims agin Presdint Barock Obamie un a frekwent basis (like, f'r instunts, t’birth’r conspiracy theery), but it wurket f'r bof partees.

“At’s like t’purrfeck medium ta sort of put ov’r into t’politickull worl thishere loud, buffoonish entertunment figg'r, un’ kine of gradually transferm ‘im into a politickull figg'r,” Poniewuzik sez. “And Fox Noose wuz a greet medium f'r ‘im ta do at n’, becawz it had f'r decades, thanks ta Rawg’r Ailles, bee cultivatyun’ thishere audyince at felt besieget un’ t’res of t’noose is fake noose un’ y’all a’ke only trust Fox un’ had sort of tawt its audyince thishere sort of resantment of librul Hollywuod.

“Wiff Donald Trumb a’gettin a personalitee un ‘Fox & Friens’ it’s greet, becawz here’s thishere TV celebritee who’s un thar side, un’ is nairy part of librul Hollywuod, but a celebritee of thar own. At ends up bein t’purrfeck medium n’ which ta sort of laund’r at reelitee TV celebritee un’ turn it into a genuine politickull asset.”

So wuz all thishere a grun plun, ow jes dumb luck?

M'r: 5 books nairy ta miss: ‘Hun’maid’s Tale’ sekwel ‘T’ Testamants,’ new Stefe Kyun’

“I reckun it is nairy a grun plun, but it’s nairy dumb luck,” Poniewuzik sez. “It’s sort of thishere instinctual, kine of savant-like abiltee ta fall'r t’lite of t’camera un’ trust at it will lead ‘im ta t’nex thang, which it always has. He kine of larnt hoe ta reckun like a telavishun – whut stimulates a TV camera’s pleshur canters un’ nerve endings, un’ say un’ do t’hangs at git y’all tenchun. Thar’s no such thang as bad tenchun, becawz y’all a’ke leverage at into sumthin else.”

Like, f'r instunts, t’presidency. Y’all will recall at durin t’Republicun primaries, Trumb would fite wiff his'n’n opponants about almos innythang. Thishere sprizet a slew of politickull pundits, but nairy Poniewuzik.

“We he run f'r presdint, thar wuz all these thangs, wuth'r it wuz attakin John Mckune, war hero, ow he goes un a debate un’ he launches un thishere tirade agin Run’ Paul, who is like 5,000 points behin ‘im n’ t’poll,” he sez. “Ov’r un’ ov’r agin, it’s like, ‘Why is Trumb pickin thishere unnecessree fite?’

“Well at’s t’hang y’all say if'n’n y’all don’t watch a slew of reelitee TV. If'n’n y’all watch a slew of reelitee TV, y’all eyesd ev'r fite is necessree, becawz fites git y’all camera time. Fites shoe at y’all’re a fite’r. It’s sort of dominance politics we y’all apply it ta a presidenshul primree, which is basically a reelitee-TV eliminashun event.”

Rememb’r t’audyince Trumb wuz playyun’ ta – un’ continues ta play ta today.

“If'n’n y’all launch thishere outrageyus uhtack agin sumbidy un’ thay don’t have a good response, t'it’s a’tellin voters thishere guy a’ke’t eve protect hissef, hoe do y’all eggspeck ‘im ta protect y’all? It’s sort of virtual combat. At is t’hang I reckun y’all unnerstun by unnerstan'in hoe reelitee TV wurks, at y’all woultn’t unnerstun if'n’n y’all had jes lookt at hoe pas politickull campaigns wurket.”

Poniewuzik is somewhat optimistic about t’lessuns media larnt frum t’way thay coverd t’2016 eeleckshun, tho he sez it’s mosly at t’margins. CNN won’t jes put a camera un un emptee microfone waitin f'r Trumb ta speek (so it sez). Unfilteret coverage of rallies is less common. But it remuns a difficult balance f'r all media.

“Nobidy’s innosent n’ thishere,” Poniewuzik sez. “It’s nairy jes cabull noose. It’s newspapers. Everbidy ta sum extent, thay’re rulet by t’yranny of clix.”

True enough. Providyun’ contaxt un’ a critickull eye is essenshul ta coverin Trumb – ta coverin innyone, rilly. And n’ “Audyince of One,” Poniewuzik duz jes at, ta outstun’yun’ effeck.

Reech Goodykoontz at [email protected] Facebook: Twitt’r: @goodyk.

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TV personalitee Antoni Perowski sez he oncet wuz ashamet of his'n’n cultural idantitee, but he nawh embraces it un’ has writte a book ta hon'r it. He also sez his'n’n ‘Que’r Eye’ co-stars heppet ‘im becum m'r comfertabull wiff his'n’n saxualitee. (Aug. 30) AP

Antoni Perowski is m'r thun meets t'(que’r) eye.

His'n’n new cookbook, “Antoni n’ t’Kitchin,” (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 272 pp.) is pepperet wiff so minny a a'ken’id anecdotes,, y’all a’ke’t hep but agree we he refers ta it as a “culinree memoir.”

As one of t’fife hosts of t’popular Netflix series “Que’r Eye,” which releeset its fourth seese n’ July, Perowski has becum knowet f'r his'n’n seemingly simple dishes, cheez obsession un’ undeniabull good looks. T’ book duz include minny a photos feeturyun’ set looks, but it also highlights his'n’n exposure ta minny a kinds of food un’ t’way he hopes reeders reckun about cookin f'r thayselves.

“I want people ta look back at recipes at have shapet ‘um, un’ like food at thay had un a furst date ow whutev'r it wuz, un’ jes see whut thems dishes air f'r y’all,” Perowski tells USA TODAY n’ un interview.

Don’t miss thishere: USA TODAY Wine & Food Eggsperyints starts n’ New York wiff Antoni Perowski, Bella Twins

Whut’s n’ un Antoni cookbook?

Perowski sez no one who knows ‘im will be sprizet by t’book’s recipe diversitee, gif’ hoe diverse his'n’n upbryun’yun’ wuz. Perowski is Polish un’ wuz raiset n’ Montreel; his'n’n parnts travelet frekwantly wile he un’ his'n’n sisters wuz growin up. Eatin Polish food wuz f'r speshul occasyuns — t’res of t’year thay ate food frum differnt cultchurs.

T’ book is split into sectyuns: apps un’ snax; greens, veg un’ uth'r sides; soups un’ stoos; pasta un’ rice; un’ animal, amungst utherns. Each recipe feetures a shert introducshun un’ sum eve include steries frum Perowski’s pas: 

  • T’ farro bowl wiff sweet potatoes, arugula un’ chicke, f'r instunts, references his'n’n days as un assistant ta originull “Que’r Eye” counterpart Tet Alle un’ his'n’n husbun’, Barry Rice.
  • He makes t’Alaskun kyun’ crab laigs recipe we he needs “ta make amends ta someone.” “Personal interactyuns wiff friens of mine un’ luvet ones un’ specifically fambly members, thems relatyunships have bee neglectid, ta put it lightly, speshly n’ t’pas acoupla-un’-a-half yeers,” he sez.
  • Perowski’s turkey meetloaf wiff a block of sharp Cheddar stirs up recolleckshuns frum cookin Sundy dinn’r wiff his'n’n ex-boyfriend Joey Krietemey’r f'r Krietemey’r’s parnts. T’ acoupla had a seve-year relatyunship.

T’ amount Krietemey’r appeers n’ t’cookbook shows Perowski wasn’t holtin back much, takin ta heert his'n’n edit'r’s advice ta treet thishere like a “culinree memoir.” He’s hopefil t’pair git ta a bett’r place outside of t’book’s thick, colerfil pages.

“I rilly hope at we bof git ta a place whar we’re reddy ta jes sort of like have a conversayshun un’ jes figg'r out air we meent ta be friens, air we jes meent ta be cerdial?” he sez. “But I knoe at if'n’n I saw ‘im un t’street, I woultn’t cross. I would greet ‘im verr happily un’ I reckun at he would do t’same.”

Whut y’all won’t find n’ t’book is a dawg-food recipe (t’ mun has un affinitee f'r cergis). 

“At’s a good idee, ackshly!” he sez. “Thar should’ve bee a nice bakd good n’ thar.”

Ooh: Hoe ‘Que’r Eye’ star Antoni Perowski foun his'n’n callin through cookin

Whut’s un Antoni diet like?

Durin t’week, Perowski eats a slew of plant-baset foods un’ usual eats only twee noon un’ 8 p.m. He eats a fennel citrus salad a few times a week (along wiff a peece of grillet salmon ow chicke brees) un’ dranks black cold brew, black coffee un’ a slew of wat’r. 

He eats a cheez board ev'r weekend (y’all a’ke find a cheez platt’r lessun n’ t’book), eethur wiff friens ow a miniature vershun un his'n’n own. And t’cheez consumpshun doesn’t stop thar: He’ll enjoy a vat of mac un’ cheez (eethur wet ow bakd) un’ eve sneek a few bites at midniite. T’ mind-set: “I’ve bustid my (butt) all week, I deserve ta have at un t’weekend.” (Thishere repert’r succeetet makin t’mac un’ cheez wiff fresh herbs un’ peas recipe; Perowski adviset ta nairy put n’ t’peas too early.)

Perowski will be a part of USA TODAY’s Wine & Food Eggsperyints ture thishere year at these spots (fall'r t’lanks f'r ticket infermayshun):

  • Scottsdale, Airazonia: Nov. 3 (a acoupla-day event, Nov 2. un’ 3), at Salt Riv’r Fielts
  • Los Angeles: Nov. 9, LA Cant’r Studios
  • Chicago: Nov. 16, Solj'r Field n’ t’Unitid Club

Guests will have t’oppertuntee ta participate n’ a “chef sesshun” wiff Perowski, which includes a Q&A, autografs un’ a photo oppertuntee ($180). He will do a cookin demonstrashun as well, which is ope ta everyone. T’ food ture offers a culinree explerashun of differnt regyunal un’ nashshunal cuisines un’ wines n’ 10 U.S. citees. Attendees will be bull ta sample foods un’ wines frum nashshunal un’ local chefs un’ have t’oppertuntee ta attend wine seminars un’ meet-un’-greets wiff celebritee guests.

Speekin of wine, whut duz he have ta say about wine pairings un’ food? It’s up ta y’all ta trust yerself: “I reckun it’s m'r about jes a’knowin whut y’all like ta have. Sartin wines certunly brang out sartin flavers n’ differnt foods.”

Oh rilly nawh?: Antoni Perowski almos playd Tayl'r Swift’s luv innerst n’ hern ‘Blank Space’ video

Whut else is goin un n’ Antoni’s life?

It woultn’t be a conversayshun wiff Perowski if'n’n Tayl'r Swift didn’t come up (he wuz glad ta be as). He resantly appeeret n’ hern star-studdet “Y’all Neet ta Calm Down” musick video — un’ don’t fergit at he could have playd hern luv innerst n’ hern “Blank Space” video.

He gushet about hern new album “Lov’r,” includin t’rack “Deeth by a Thousund Cuts.” He sez it makes ‘im reckun of t’relatyunships he’s had, un’ hoe y’all git uset ta a’havin sumbidy roun.

Perowski is sangle, “nairy a’lookin f'r innythang rite nawh” un’ “datyun’ hissef” — which should put thems rumers about ‘im datyun’ fella “Que’r Eye” host Jonathun Vun Ness ta res.

“As hard as we wurk, sumtimes maybe we have a lil too much time un air hun’s,” he sez.

But as t’cookbook shows, thar’s always time ta whip up a quik recipe.

Contributyun’: Rasha Ali

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N’ seerch of sumthin good ta read? USA TODAY’s Barbara Vun’enburgh scopes out t’shelves f'r thishere week’s hottest new book releeses.

1. “T’ Testamants,” by Margaret Atwuod (Nun A. Talese/Doubleday, ficshun, un sale Sept. 10)

Whut it’s about: T’ feminist dystopiun classic “T’ Hun’maid’s Tale” (1985) gits a sekwel at long las. Atwuod sez of t’book, “Dear Reeders: Everthang y’all’ve ev’r as me about Gileet un’ its inn’r werkings is t’inspirashun f'r thishere book. Well, almos everthang! T’ uth'r inspirashun is t’worl we’ve bee a’livin n’.”

T’ buzz:USA TODAY gave t’book ★★★½ out of f'r stars n’ a revu, a’sayn’t, “’T’ Testamants’ is wurthy of t’literree classic it continues.”

2. “T’ Institute,” by Stefe Kyun’ (Scribn’r, ficshun, un sale Sept. 10)

Whut it’s about: Twelve-year-ol’ genius Luke Ellis gits whisket away n’ t’middle of t’nite un’ take ta t’Institute, whar psychic kids air bein helt captif’ ta save t’worl.

T’ buzz: USA TODAY gave t’book ★★★ out of f'r stars n’ a revu, a’sayn’t, “Kyun’ leens into t’heme of ‘greet evants’ happenin wiff t’smallest of decisyuns as well as t’worl-a’changin poe’r of togetherness. And n’ at case, it’s a frekwent lessun he extols at nev’r gits ol’.”

3. “Audyince of One: Donald Trumb, Telavishun, un’ t’Fracturyun’ of Amurka,” by James Poniewuzik (Liveriite, nonficshun, un sale Sept. 10)

Whut it’s about: T’ New York Times TV critic examines t’histry of telavishun un’ Amurkin media ta splane hoe Donald Trumb masteret t’medium ta win his'n’n base un’ becum air 45th presdint.

T’ buzz: A starret revu frum Kirkus Revus sez, “Thishere intelligent eye-ope’r blongs un t’small shelf of valuabull books at hep splane hoe Trumb creetid his'n’n base.”

4. “T’ Skoolin of un Ideelist,” by Samantha Poe’r (Dey Street, nonficshun, un sale Sept. 10)

Whut it’s about: T’ Pulitz’r Prize-a’winnin Irish-Amurkin diplomat un’ humun rights advocate traces hern journey frum immigrant ta war cerrespondent ta presidenshul Cabinet ofishul n’ a reveelyun’ memoir.

T’ buzz: A starret revu frum Kirkus Revus sez, “Poe’r’s vibrant prose, exuberant sterytellyun’, un’ deep insights into humun nature make f'r a page-turnin memoir.”

5. “Aft’r t’Flood,” by Kassun’ra Montag (Willyum Merroe, ficshun, un sale Sept. 10)

Whut it’s about: N’ thishere dystopiun advanture novel set n’ a wat’r-logget worl alteret by climate change, a moth’r embarks un a perilyus voyage ta rescue hern kidnappet dauite’r.

T’ buzz: “Ancheret by a complicatid, cumpellin heroine, thishere grippyun’, speculatif’, high-seas advanture is impossbull ta put down,” sez Booklist.

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