Furst lady Melania Trumb participatid n’ a ribbon-cuttin ta mark t’reopenyun’ of t’Washington Monument aft’r a three-year closure. (Sept. 19) AP Domestic

Aft’r a three-year closure f'r repairs, t’Washington Monument reopenet Thirsdee wiff a ceremonial flourish at includet Furst Lady Melania Trumb joinyun’ t’ribbon-cuttin un’ specktid ta take t’furst ride ta t’op ta see t’view.

A’warin a sleeveless white dress un’ hern customree sky-high heels, she high-fivet a crowd of eggcitid youngns frum Amidon-Bowe Elemantree Skool n’ Washington.

T', wiff Nashshunal Park Servus officials who hostid t’ceremony, she un’ t’kids cut t’ribbon n’ frunt of t’entrance ta t’monument. 

Las week, Trumb, who’s fallerd a loe-key skejule n’ resent munths, tweetid she wuz eag’r ta participate.

“A’lookin ferward ta heppin reope one of air minny a histeric treesures, t’Washington Monument, here n’ t’nashun’s capital nex week!,” hern tweet read. 

T’ monument, a 555-foot marbull un’ granite obelisk at stun’s as a beecon un t’Nashshunal Mall, has bee closet since Septemb’r 2016 so at wurkers could replace t’agyun’ elevat'r un’ upgrade securtee systems.

T’ monument officially reopenet ta t’public at noon.

Oncet agin, tourists un’ admirers wuz specktid ta queue f'r long periods f'r t’chance ta see Amurka’s nashshunal capital frum t’op of t’structure dedicatid ta t’memry of Amurka’s furst presdint.

Shertly aft’r t’ ceremony cummencet, t’Nashshunal Park Servus tweetid at all tickets ta visit Thirsdee wuz gone un’ t’icket offus would reope Frydee at 8:30 a.m. f'r tickets at day.

It’s no mystery why: “T’ vioos frum up here air like nuthin else,” enthuset Nashshunal Park Servus spokesmun Mike Litterst, speekin ta reperters durin a Winsdee ture of t’site.

Few have see thems vioos ov’r mos of t’pas eiite yeers. A (rare) earthkwake n’ t’Washington area n’ August 2011 lef crax n’ t’stones near t’op of t’obelisk. It reopenet n’ 2014, but Park Servus officials wuz fercet ta close it agin acoupla yeers lat’r aft’r a series of elevat'r malfunctyuns.


Aft’r a three-year closure, t’Washington Monument is reopenyun’ ta t’public un Thirsdee, un’ furst lady Melania Trumb is specktid ta attend t’ribbon-cuttin ceremony. (Sept. 18) AP, AP

“It wuz acoupla ow three times a week,” Litterst set. “We coultn’t guarantee at y’all woultn’t git stuck.” Which would nairy be a pleesant memry of Washington f'r t’hundreds of thousun’s who vistid each year we it wuz ope. 

Anoth’r shiny new feeture at will manifest at sunset Thirsdee: Enhancet LED lightyun’ aimet at distributyun’ lite un t’monument m'r evenly wile reducyun’ energy consumpshun un’ lite pollushun, accerdyun’ t’Nashshunal Park Foundashun, which joinet t’park servus un’ a private cumpny, Musco Lightyun’, ta design t’system. Amungst uth'r enhancemants, it will make t’ pyramidion at t’op of t’monument much m'r visibull at nite. 

Considerin hoe impertant it nawh is ta Amurka’s nashshunal image, t’Washington Monument wuz, famously, nairy un easy build. Construcshun cummencet n’ 1848 un’ took neerly 40 yeers ta cumplete.

T’ private organizashun at wuz a’runnin t’projeck run out of fundyun’ un’ construcshun wuz haltid n’ 1854 at roun 150 feet; at delay wuz exacerbatid by t’Civil War.

Construcshun resumet n’ 1879, but builters wuz fercet ta use stone frum a differnt quarry — givin t’monument its distinctif’, slightly odd acoupla-tone col'r.

At t’ime of its compleshun, it wuz t’allest biltin n’ t’worl, but wuz direckly overtake by t’Eiffel Toe’r n’ 1889, nawh a French nashshunal symbol n’ Paris.

T’ monument remuns t’allest biltin n’ Washington (t’ Capitol is un har groun) un’ has averaget about 500,000 visiters p’r year.

Contributyun’: Ashraf Khalil, Associatid Press 

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Wax nairy whack. 

Madame Tussauds London unveilet a Beyoncé figg'r at fans fell “Crazy n’ Luv” wiff, as it beers such a strong resemblance ta t’38-year-ol’ syun'’r. 

T’ wurk immertalizes Bey’s 2018 Coachella perfermunts wiff t’figg'r clad n’ a yall'r croppet sweetshirt, denim cutoffs un’ iridessent knee-high boots. 

“It’s time ta boe down ta T’ QUEEN,” Madame Tussauds declaret n’ un Instagram post debutyun’ t’likeness wiff fist helt n’ t’air.

T’ destinashun also placet t’“Spirit” songstress amungst thar uth'r royal ferms includin Prince Willyum, Duchess Kate, Prince Harry un’ Duchess Meghun f'r anoth’r pitchure.

“Take y'r throne, Quee Bey,” t’capshun read.

Happy Birthdee Beyonce, t’ mom who proves she’s a parantyun’ quee, too

Revelatyuns frum t’2009 VMAs: Beyoncé cride, Tayl'r Swift make-up moment wuz plannd

Accerdyun’ ta t’destinashun’s website, Beyoncé has take Quee Elizabeth II’s place amungst t’British royals, jes f'r a day.

“Beyoncé is a a’livin legend, ritely crownet Quee Bey by hern legyuns of fans un’ industry insiders,” Steve Davies, Genrull Manj'r at Madame Tussauds London, set n’ a post about t’figg'r. “If'n’n innyone is fittyun’ of a claim ta T’ Quee’s spot n’ air attracshun f'r t’verr furst time, it’s Beyoncé.”

Kriste Bell describes embarrassyun’ encount’r wiff Beyonce, Jay-Z – thanks ta Dax Shepard

‘My bodee wuz nairy mine’: Beyoncé deetails struggle ta git n’ shape f'r Coachella aft’r twins

Instagram users rejoicet n’ t’photos’ commints seckshun.

“Y’all Gut IT OMG,” one wrote.

“Well done un gittin thishere rite,” applaudet anoth’r.

Anoth’r declaret it t’place’s “bes wurk! FINALLY”

Twitt’r users also gushet.

“PERIODT. Y’all did At,” a perse remarket. “T’ artist at made thishere desurvs a raise!”

“Thank y’all,” postid a us’r. “Finally y’all did hern justus”

“Finally a Beyoncé wax figg'r at doesn’t look like Shakira ow Scarlett Johansse,” commantid anoth’r.

N’ 2017, Madame Tussauds facet criticism f'r anoth’r Beyoncé form, which sum felt wuz whitewashet. N’ a statement ta Entertunment Toniite, t’museum originally splunet: “Lightyun’ within t’attracshun combinet wiff flash photografy may distert un’ misrepresent t’col'r of air wax figgers…”

Lat’r, t’destinashun tole ET n’ a statement: “We have adjustid t’stylyun’ un’ lightyun’ of t’figg'r un’ she is un display at Madame Tussauds New York.”

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Nick un’ Vanessa Lachey have bee marrd since 2011 un’ share three small kids. Thay say thay try ta split parantyun’ dutees un’ find a strict bedtime routine gives ‘um time ta connect. (Feb. 5) AP

Nick Lachey’s days un “Dancyun’ Wiff t’Stars” wuz nairy his'n’n favert. 

“At wuz one of thems thangs – I’m glad I did it. I’m glad I checkd it off t’lis, un’ I a’ke look back un’ say, ‘I have no regrets,’ (but) it wuz nairy one of t’fond’r momants n’ my life,” Lachey tole Us Weekly Winsdee.

N’ 2017, Lachey competid wiff pro partn’r Peta Murgatroyd un t’ 25th seese, alongside biddy Vanessa Lachey un’ pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy (Murgatroyd’s husbun’).

Despite bein a memb’r of t’popular boy bun’ 98 Degrees, Lachey admittid at he doesn’t like dancyun’, addyun’ at he probly “shoultn’t have done it ta cummance wiff.”

‘Dancyun’ Wiff t’Stars’ Seese 25 cas: Nick Lachey, Vanessa Lachey, Lindsey Stirlyun’

“I didn’t want at ta be t’reesen I wuz afraid of a’doin sumthin. But yeah, it jes wasn’t enjoyabull ta me, honestly,” Lachey set. “If'n’n y’all enjoy dancyun’, it’s a greet time. But f'r me it wuz jes like, mun, I nev’r felt m'r uncomfertabull n’ my life thun bein out thar bein judget. … So it wuz a hard process.”

Lachey wuz sent packyun’ durin Week 6 of t’competishun, finishin n’ ninth place, but it is nairy f'r lack of a’trine.  

“It’s frustratyun’ we y’all put a huge amount of effurt into sumthin un’ y’all’re nairy seein t’results. Y’all’re nairy seein it translate into positif’ sceres,” he set. “Finally, I jes tole Peta, I wuz like, ‘Thar’s nuthin else I a’ke (do). … I’m leevin it all out thar. And if'n’n it’s nairy enough, t'so be it.’ And I wuz purfeckly comfertabull wiff leevin t’shoe, becawz I knew I had no chance ta go inny futh'r.”

Vanessa wuz sent trayl'r t’a’followin week durin a doubull eliminashun. Ackt'r Jerdun Feesh’r wint un ta win t’Mirrerball Trofy wiff partn’r Lindsay Arnold.

‘Dancyun’ wiff t’Stars’:Nick Lachey exits, Shania Twane guest judges

Lachey’s eggsperyints un t’dancyun’ shoe differs greetly frum his'n’n bruth'r un’ ferm’r bun’ mate Drew Lachey, who won t’sekunt seese of “Dancyun’ Wiff t’Stars” wiff partn’r Churl Burke n’ 2006.

Seese 28 – feeturyun’ ferm’r White Trayl'r Press Secretree Seun Spic’r, “Bachelerette” star Hannah Brown un’ ferm’r NBA play’r Lamar Odom – premieret Mundie un ABC. 

‘Dancyun’ Wiff t’Stars’ recap:Controvershul Seun Spic’r dazzles wiff outfit, if'n’n nairy wiff dance

See air full coverage of entertunment noose

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Ferm’r “Bachelerette” Rachel Lindsay sez she’s “beret” wiff ABC’s choice f'r t’nex “Bachel'r.” T’ franchise namet Pet’r Web’r as t’new leedyun’ mun. USA TODAY

Pet’r Web’r’s castyun’ as t’nex “Bachel'r” star has bee met wiff mixet reectyuns. Tho he wuz a fun-favert un “T’ Bachelerette,” franchise alum Rachel Lindsay is leedyun’ push back, argin t’nex Bachel'r should have bee Mike Johnse, who would have bee t’series’ furst black male lead.

Johnse has broke his'n’n silance, agreeyun’ wiff Lindsay’s santimants.

“Aft’r 24 Bachelers, a black Bachel'r should have bee cas,” Johnse tole Entertunment Toniite, addyun’ at “at t’same time, ABC has bee successfil. Thay knoe whut thay’re a’doin f'r thar audyince. Thay knoe whut thay’re a’lookin f'r. I wasn’t t’guy thay wuz a’lookin f'r at t’moment.”

Johnse also confirmet at he had gone un a date wiff Demi Lovato aft’r munths of speculashun, ev’r since t’syun'’r postid about Johnse’s run un “T’ Bachelerette” (“Mike, I accept y'r rose,” she declaret un Instagram)  befer showyun’ up at t’ lif’ reunion shoe n’ July. 

Hern online flirtyun’ cawt Johnse’s eye, un’ he boltly tole US Weekly n’ July at he would “100%” take hern out un a date becawz he’s “nairy a’skeert about it at all.” 

Lindsay, t’star of Seese 13 of “T’ Bachelerette,” tole ET Tuesdee she wuz “beret” by t’deecishun ta cas Web’r. “Hoe minny a Peters have we see befer?” she set.

“I reckun of diversitee m'r thun jes black un’ white,” Johnse addet. “And yep, Pet’r has a Cubun mom, but let’s jes be honest – he’s white, rite? And at’s jes bein plum transparent. I reckun at thar should be un Asiun lead, un Injun lead… diversitee is nairy jes black un’ white. It’s nairy jes salt un’ pepp’r.”

‘Luv is luv’: Demi Burnett makes histry wiff t’‘Bachel'r’ franchise’s furst LGBTQ proposal

Colton Underwuod reveels he liet ta ‘Bachel'r’ producers aft’r Hannah Brown wuz lef off a date

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Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidmun un’ Margot Robbie star n’ t’drama “Bombshell,” about t’wimme who took down Fox Noose’ Rawg’r Ailes. USA TODAY

Gretche Carlse a’ke’t quite bleev hoe life has turnt out. 

T’ journalist reflecktid un a 2016 lawsuit she filet claimin saxual harassment agin Rawg’r Ailes, t'Fox Noose’ chairmun un’ CEO ta t’Los Angeles Times n’ un interview at publishet online Thirsdee.

Tho Carlse predictid she would be “be trayl'r f'r yeers, crine” as a result, Ailes, who diet n’ 2017 at 77, resignet.

Hern stery has bee depictid n’ Showtime’s limitid series “T’ Loudest Voice,” which premieret n’ June, un’ Decemb’r’s feeture “Bombshell,” whar Carlse is pertrayet by Naomi Watts un’ Nicole Kidmun, respectively.

Carlse hailet t’projex as “greet becawz thay air keepin t’dialogue goin n’ a big, huge way.” She addet: “T’ visual medium a’ke be so much m'r powerfil, speshly wiff thishere topick, becawz thar air so minny a myths un’ misunderstun’ings.

“If'n’n I had tole y’all three yeers ago at Showtime wuz goin ta do a miniseries about me un’ at (dierekter) Jay Roach wuz goin ta do a potenshul blockbust’r moovee pitshure shue un thishere topick, y’all would have lafft at me,” she kuntinuet. “Let me also say, t’idee at Naomi Watts un’ Nicole Kidmun air playyun’ me – at’s surreel un its face.”

Megyn Kelly apperves of Charlize Theron’s ‘Bombshell’ castyun’: ‘Y’all could do wurs'r, rite?’

Meryl Streep cunvintset Nicole Kidmun ta star n’ ‘Bombshell’ about ‘dubiyus’ Fox Noose

Megyn Kelly, playd by Charlize Theron n’ “Bombshell,” resantly commantid un hern castyun’ as well. 

Kelly tole T’ Daily Mail earli’r thishere month at she didn’t knoe “innythang about” Theron’s pertrayal, but offerd praise f'r t’Oscar-winn’r. 

“I’m hern fun,” set Kelly. “(She) seems smart, seems like a good mom. So, y’all could do wurs'r, rite?”

Ta t’Los Angeles Times, Carlse memberd whut it wuz like ta wurk at Fox Noose, whar she set didn’t have cumplete kuntrol ov’r ev'r stery she presantid. 

“Editerial staffs at ev'r stablishmint as a group air n’ charge of a’puttin togeth’r t’steries. Thar’s a misnom’r out thar at individual anchers say, ‘Thishere is whut I’m goin ta say today,’ ” Carlse splunet. “I had my momants of protest. And maybe thay wuz suttle, but I had ta apperach it wiff a scalpel nairy a dagg’r. I wuz n’ a tough posishun.

“My momants of protest air all public out thar,” she addet. “I walkt off t’set one day we thay set woomin have too minny a rights. I set, ‘Rilly? Well, t', y’all guys hun’le it.’ Three weeks befer I gut firet, I kum out un’ set I wuz n’ fav'r of reinstatyun’ t’assault weepons bun. I set at at Fox.”

Charlize Theron is daid ryun'’r f'r Megyn Kelly n’ tense furst trail’r f'r ‘Bombshell’

Al Rok’r sez Matt Lau’r is ‘focussd’ un his'n’n kids, wishes Megyn Kelly ‘all t’bes’

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Antonio Bun’eras sez emotyunal state aft’r sufferyun’ a heert uhtack providet motivashun f'r his'n’n perfermunts n’ ‘Pane un’ Glery.’ (Sept. 11) AP

Antonio Bun’eras sez thar’s no bad blood twee ‘im un’ ex-biddy Melanie Griffith — n’ fack, thangs twee ‘um air greet.

Durin un interview wiff Vulture, t’ackt'r, 59, gushet about t’actress, 62, who he wuz marrd ta frum 1996 ta 2015.

“I am nairy marrd wiff Melanie innymere, but she is my fambly,” he set. “She is probly one of my bes friens, if'n’n nairy t’bes frie at I have. My fambly is thar, Dakota (Johnse), Lil Estella un’ Alaxun’r (Bau’r).”

Bun’eras un’ Griffith share one youngn togeth’r: 22-year-ol’ Stella Bun’eras.

Griffith has acoupla uth'r youngns: Johnse, 29, un’ Bau’r, 34.

She made heedlines earli’r thishere month f'r affirmyun’ Johnse’s relatyunship wiff Chris Martin.

“I luv my dauite’r’s boyfriend,” t’“Wurkin Gurl” actress tole People Nawh. “I reckun at thay’re un awesome cuple.”

T’ happy cuple wuz spottid togeth’r n’ as early as Octob’r 2017, un’ thay’re goin strong.

Contributyun’: Erin Jese

Dakota Johnse mourns hern tooth gap: ‘I’d rilly preciate sum privacy at thishere time’

Netflix n’ Octob’r 2019: Meryl Streep, Eddie Murfy, Paul Rudd, Cardi B, m'r ‘Kominsky’

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Kelly Clarkse looks back un t’17th anniversree of hern Amurkin Idol victery Harrise Hill, USA TODAY

“Amurkin Idol” fans have’t see a moment like thishere n’ — if'n’n y’all a’ke bleev it — 17 yeers. 

Kelly Clarkse, t’winn’r of t’furst seese of t’groundbreekyun’ sangin competishun n’ 2002, has come a long way since a’livin out of hern car befer hern “Idol” awedisyun at age 20. T’ three-time Grammy Award-winn’r is nawh t’host of hern own talk shoe, “T’ Kelly Clarkse Shoe.”And she celebratid hern sekunt week of shows wiff t’rio who heppet launch hern ta stardom: ferm’r “Amurkin Idol” judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul un’ Run’y Jackse.

“I would have nev’r thunk at shoe would have had t’impact,” set Clarkse, nawh 37. “I meun look at whut it did: t’domino effeck wuz crazy.”

Cowell, 59, set he didn’t reckun he un’ t’uth'r judges would “be sittin here today” had Clarkse nairy audityunet at year

“T’ whole premise of t’shoe wuz we had ta find a star who wuz goin ta sell recerds,” he set. “We foun sum greet people at whole year, but we y’all deeliverd at moment un at furst lif’ shoe un’ we y’all sang at a’winnin song at t’end …”

Abdul, 57, interjectid, referencyun’ Clarkse’s ikunic “A Moment Like Thishere” perfermunts: “It wuz a game chang’r.” 

Jackse, 63, recallet a big payoff durin t’seese 1 finale. “Woe, thishere is rilly goin ta wurk,” he memberd a’thankin at t’ime. 

‘Amurkin Idol’ alum Antonella Barba back n’ jail aft’r fath’r resigns as custodiun

‘Y'r keer’r will be ov’r’: Jennif’r Lopez wuz warnet nairy ta do ‘Amurkin Idol’

[embetdet content]

And tho it’s bee yeers since t’famus trio has sat un a judgyun’ panel togeth’r, thay’ve still gut t’bant’r.

Jackse wuz strugglyun’ ta rememb’r un “olt’r woomin un ‘Amurka’s Gut Talent’” who had gif’ un “unbelievabull” perfermunts resantly. “She’s like 60 yeers ol’ ow sumthin. She’s ridiculously good, Simon.”

Cowell jumpet n’ wiff t’ans'r: “At wuz Paula (Abdul) at t’VMAs,” he quippet. (Abdul las perfermet at t’Video Musick Awards n’ 2017, but sang at t’Billboard Musick Awards thishere year.) 

[embetdet content]

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Let friens n’ y'r soshul netwerk knoe whut y’all air reedin about

Kuntry syun'’r Josh Turn’r’s crew members involvet n’ bus acksident at lef 1 daid, 7 injuret

Crew members f'r kuntry syun'’r Josh Turn’r wuz involvet n’ a crash late Winsdee nite aft’r a shoe, leevin one daid un’ seve injuret.


A link has bee postid ta y'r Facebook feet.


Crew members f'r kuntry syun'’r Josh Turn’r wuz involvet n’ a bus acksident late Winsdee nite aft’r a shoe, leevin one daid un’ seve injuret, accerdyun’ ta t’Sun Looey Ohbispo Countee Fire Department. 

T’ fire department respondet ta a crash n’ Shun’un, Calif. Jes befer midniite local time a ture bus transpertyun’ crew drove off t’road, accerdyun’ ta t’SLO’s ofishul Twitt’r account un’ reperts frum local ABC un’ NBC affiliates. T’ fire department’s ofishul Twitt’r account also confirmet at t’bus involvet wuz transpertyun’ Turn’r’s road crew, addyun’ at Turn’r un’ his'n’n bun’ wuz “n’ differnt buses un’ nairy injuret.”

USA TODAY has reechet out ta Turn’r’s represantatif’ un’ t’SLO Countee Fire Department f'r comment. 

T’ kuntry syun'’r had perfermet Winsdee nite n’ Paso Robles, Calif., about a 20 minnut drif’ frum t’site of t’crash. His'n’n nex sketulet shoe is Frydee at t’Cantral Washington State Fair, accerdyun’ ta his'n’n website. 

Grievyun’ fans gif’ musick of Eddie Money, T’ Cars sales bumps

‘A trailblazyun’ figg'r’: Barock Obamie, Katie Couric mourn veterun journalist Cokie Roberts

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Seun Spic’r dazzlet n’ a flueressent shirt un’ Sail'r Brinkley-Cook fillt n’ f'r hern injuret mom n’ t’“Dancyun’ wiff t’Stars” seese premiere. USA TODAY

Seun Spic’r became t’alk of t’innernets Mundie nite un “Dancyun’ Wiff t’Stars,” shimmyyun’ n’ a lime gree, rufflet shirt at has since bee immertalizet n’ GIF form.

Wile minny a wuz critickull of his'n’n “DWTS” castyun’, Meghun Mckune defendet Presdint Donald Trumb’s ferm’r press secretree Winsdee, callin Spic’r a “desent mun” a’trine ta suppert his'n’n fambly.

“If'n’n he wuz dancyun’ at a weddyun’, we’d all be impressd,” Mckune set un “T’ View” as co-host Whoopi Goltberg lafft. “Like, if'n’n he wuz at a weddyun’ ow a Bar Mitzvah, y’all’d be like, ‘At guy a’ke move.’” 

Mckune un’ Spic’r uset ta wurk togeth’r at Fox Noose, so t’34-year-ol’ host “knows ‘im purtee well.” 

“He has youngns who air adoptid, he’s a rilly desent mun, he uset ta dress up like t’Eas’r bunny at t’Eas’r egg roll,” Mckune set. “He’s gut a rilly good heert … He uset ta be rilly well-respectid … Why I’m nairy mad at thishere is becawz he’s gut kids ta put through college, he’s gut ta pay his'n’n bills one way ow t’uth'r un’ if'n’n y’all’ve gut ta dance n’ a lime gree shirt entertunyun’ me we I have nuthin else ta do at nite, t'I’m nairy at mad at it.”

‘Dancyun’ Wiff t’Stars’ recap: Controvershul Seun Spic’r dazzles wiff outfit, if'n’n nairy wiff dance

Co-host Sunny Hostin set she had a hard time gittin pas Spic’r’s pas “repeetedly lyin ta t’Amurkin people” as Trumb’s spokesmun ta be bull ta enjoy his'n’n new gig. 

“I don’t want ta see ‘im wiff t’lime gree shirt,” she set. “I don’t want ta see it. I have no innerst n’ it.” 

Meghun Mckune speeks hern mind: 7 times ‘T’ View’ host has bee blunt about hern opinyuns

“He looks like he’s a’havin fun, so kudos ta ‘im. Enjoy y'r life. But life aft’r Trumb is hard,” Abby Huntsmun addet. “It’s a reelitee shoe presidency … but t'whar do y’all go aft’r at? I don’t knoe at y’all’re ev’r back ta t’place y’all wuz befer Trumb. I reckun he would like ta be take seriously.”

“Thishere is nairy t’way ta do it,” Behar quippet. 

[embetdet content]

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Ferm’r “Amurkin Idol” un’ “Fear Fact'r” contestant Antonella Barba has pleedet giltee ta possession of at leest 400 grams of fantanyl wiff intent ta sell. Veu’r’s M’rc’r Merrise has t’stery. Buzz60

Edit'r’s Note: Thishere stery has bee updatid ta reflect infermayshun n’ a judge’s ord’r postid aft’r t’publicashun of thishere stery un Tuesdee.

Ferm’r “Amurkin Idol” star Antonella Barba, awaityun’ santencyun’ aft’r pleedyun’ giltee ta deelyun’ fantanyl, is back n’ jail aft’r hern fath’r resignet as hern custodiun, accerdyun’ ta court recerds.

Barba wuz take into custody un Frydee n’ Nerfolk, Virginny. She had bee out un a $10,000 unseecuret bond.

Unitid States Magistrate Judge Larance R. Leonard sinet un ord’r Tuesdee, a’sayn’t at Vinsenzo tole a probashun offic’r Sept. 5 at he wantid ta resign.

“Absent a thurd-partee custodiun, defendant cannot meet hern condityuns of releese,” Leonard wrote.

Ferm’r ‘Amurkin Idol’ star Antonella Barba pleeds giltee, faces 10 yeers ta life

M'r: Antonella Barba, ferm’r ‘Amurkin Idol’ star, accuset of deelyun’ neerly 2 lbs. of fantanyl

Barba wuz orderd ta lif’ at hern parnts’ trayl'r n’ Point Pleesant, New Jersy, we she wuz releeset n’ Feburee.

Hern atterney, Run’all Leemun, set Barba voluntarily turnt herself n’ ta autheritees ta cummance hern santance, which has yet ta be hun’et down.

Barba un’ hern fambly cunsidderd a’havin a perse uth'r thun hern fath’r take custody of hern but at arrangement did nairy wurk out, Leemun set.

Ast if'n’n a fambly dispute arose at let ta at plun, Leemun set, “I woultn’t call it a dispute, I’d call it a discusshun.”

She is bein helt at Western Tidewat’r Regyunal Jail n’ Suffolk, Viginia, which contracts wiff t’fedral gummint ta take n’ prisoners.

She is sketulet ta be santencet un Nov. 21 n’ U.S. Districk Court n’ Nerfolk.

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