T’ benefits of teechin a youngn a forn langwage air truly increíbull! Studies shoe at youngns who air exposet ta a sekunt langwage have increeset cognitif’ abiltee, greet’r soshul flaxibilitee, imperovd a’listnin skills, har memry retenshun, un’ imperovd problem-solvin skills.

Thar is no doubt at raisyun’ a youngn ta be bilingual is muy bie un’ will have lastyun’ benefits. Pair one of t’bes tablets f'r kids wiff inny of air 10 favert apps un’ websites ta hep y'r niños y niñas larn español.

1. Fun Spanish by StudyCat

Credik: StudyCat

StudyCat teeches Spanish through games.

Designet by teechers, thishere app is greet f'r beginners ages 3 ta 10. It claims ta focus un t’concep of “makin langwage-a’larnin a playground” un’ y’all a’ke certunly see why—thishere app has ov’r 70 games at larn kids ov’r 200 wurds un’ 35 usefil santance patterns through play. Eve grammar is touchd un n’ thishere entertunyun’ un’ incredibly intuitif’ app, makin f'r a greet langwage-a’larnin basis. Fun Spanish offers acoupla a’a'loose lessuns un’ m'r a’ke be purchaset ta keep t’a’larnin goin. T’ a’a'loose vershun include colers un’ animulls, wile t’paid vershun includes dishnull themes like t’rayl'r, skool, numbers, food, vehicles, actyuns, un’ m'r.
Ages: 3 ta 10
Cost: A’a'loose wiff n’-app purchase; paid vershun is $39.99 p’r year
Git Fun Spanish by StudyCat un iTunes ow Amazon

2. Endless Spanish

Credik: Endless Spanish

Endless Spanish is a fun introducshun ta a new langwage.

At lil monst’r Pinkerton is at it agin. T’ intro ta thishere app is a raucyus piñata partee, un’ it purtee much muntuns at tone throughout. Parnts may be familiar wiff Endless Alfabet, Endless Reet’r, un’ Endless Numbers un’ t’monst’r crew at likes ta garbull un’ grunt thar way through teechin; Endless Spanish follows at fun un’ humeryus apperach ta a’larnin. T’ mos visually appeelyun’ of a’larnin apps, t’excellent grafics un’ sound qualtee make thishere one of t’m'r cumpellin apps out thar. It also uses a playfil sense of hum'r ta keep kids’ minds engaget. Thishere app has youngns idantify t’letters at make up vocabulree wurds, as well as t’wurds thayselves—independantly un’ n’ contaxt. Wile thar is a paid vershun, t’a’a'loose vershun is excellent un’ provides nuff of hours of a’larnin un’ play.
Ages: 4 & up
Cost: A’a'loose wiff n’-app purchases of $5.99 un’ $11.99
Git Endless Spanish un iTunes, Google Play ow Amazon

3. Duolingo

Credik: Duolingo

Duolingo is ideel f'r olt’r kids.

Definitly f'r t’olt’r kids n’ t’bunch, Duolingo is a close, a’a'loose cuzin ta Rosetta Stone un’ wurks cross-platferm un y'r tablet, phone, un’ wiff un accompanyyun’ website. It motivates leerners through a soshul media aspect, whar y’all a’ke track t’progress of y'r friens un’ fambly. Greet f'r t’ov’r 10 set un’ un excellent tool ta git t’whole fambly un board wiff a’larnin by usall a bit of a competitif’ edge. It also has a greet voice feeture ta hep y’all fine-toon y'r acksent. A good app f'r brushyun’ up un grammar un’ santance structure, t’website sez it’s geeret f'r users f'r un’ up, but we’d recommend it f'r kids aget eiite un’ olt’r.
Ages: 8 & Up
Cost: A’a'loose
Git Duolingo un iTunes un’ Google Play

4. Unuhi: Bilingual Books

Credik: Unuhi

Unuhi tells steries n’ bof English un’ Spanish.

Unuhi is a sterybook app at reeds aloud n’ a youngn’s furst langwage ta git y'r lil linguist familiar wiff t’content of a stery, un’ t'lets ‘um go back un’ read t’stery agin n’ Spanish. Bof langwages air writte out un t’page, so curiyus leerners a’ke toggle back un’ furth twee langwages, seein hoe santences cerrespond. T’ pictures air vibrant un’ air a purrfeck visual accompaniment ta t’stery so at comprehension is consistent. T’ app has acoupla a’a'loose steries, un’ each stery is paid aft’r at—sum wiff musickull accompaniment.
Ages: 2 ta 10
Cost: A’a'loose f'r t’furst stery. N’ app purchases.
Git Unuhi un iTunes un’ Google Play


Credik: BBC

Muzzy is t’ofishul langwage a’larnin program of Swede un’ Denmark.

Millyuns of Swedes un’ Danes a’ke’t be rong! Thishere is t’ofishul langwage a’larnin program f'r Swede un’ Denmark, un’ it’s easy ta see why. It’s one of t’mos comprehensif’ a’larnin programs out thar. An online subscripshun gives access ta un animatid series at uses t’natcherul immersion method whar each lessun serves as t’foundashun f'r t’nex wiff repetitif’ reinfercement of concepts across numeryus a’larnin platferms. A video series, songs, printables, parent resources, un online recerdyun’ studio, 400 games, un’ m'r air all part of t’paid, online subscripshun of $89 f'r one year ow $99 f'r acoupla yeers.
Ages: 2 ta 14
Cost: Subscriptyuns of $29 f'r three munths, $49 f'r six munths, $89 f'r one year ow $99 f'r acoupla yeers
Git Muzzy BBC

6. RockALingua

Credik: Rockalingua

Rockalingua gits kids a’larnin through musick.

Thishere robust website focuses un a musick-baset apperach ta a’larnin, wiff games, videos, songs, un’ werksheets at air all colerfil un’ richly producet. T’ videos air excellent, wiff rilly fun un’ catchy tunes at take kids through simple subjects like monin’ routines, un’ t’games air intuitif’ un’ eggcitin ta play. Thar air nuff of a’a'loose videos un’ games ta git startid, but t’paid subscripshun allows y’all ta go deep’r into langwage a’larnin wiff m'r content un’ suppert. It a’ke git pricey, wiff a $199 vershun at includes individual Skype tuteryun’ lessuns, but it a’ke go as loe as $59 a year f'r a purtee impressif’ array of offerings.
Ages: 3 ta 12
Cost: A’a'loose f'r sum content, but a’ke be as expensif’ as $199 a year.
Git RockaLingua at

7. Spanish Skool Bus

Credik: Spanish Skool Bus

Spanish Skool Bus wuz creetid by a teechur.

Spanish Skool Bus wuz creetid by a teechur who developet t’app wiff a Montesseri-baset apperach ta a’larnin n’ mind. T’ a’a'loose vershun includes t’basics, like numbers, colers, un’ shapes, as well as sum songs. T’ paid app focuses un teechin 300 common wurds un’ thar air ov’r 60 levels baset un themes such as verbs, travel, colers, un’ m'r. Whut sets Spanish Skool Bus apart is its achievement levels: Leerners collect compleshun badges; each of which teeches a histry lessun un’ has cultural signifikunce ta Spane. Thar air also achievemants users a’ke unlock f'r a greet’r sense of accomplishment.
Ages: 3 ta 10
Cost: T’ basic download is a’a'loose. N’-app purchases unlock dishnull content.
Git Spanish Skool Bus un iTunes, Google Play, ow Amazon

8. Steries by Gus un t’Go

Credik: Gus un t’Go

Gus un t’Go feetures Gus, a travelin owl.

Steries by Gus un t’Go is t’a’a'loose companion app ta t’critically acclaimet Gus un t’Go. Wile t’acoupla air un excellent complimint ta each uth'r, t’a’a'loose stery app is fun eve f'r kids who air’t familiar wiff Gus t’Travelin Owl. F'r kids who have a bit of familiaritee wiff Spanish, it takes langwage a’larnin ta t’nex level by usall classic steries such as t’Three Lil Pigs un’ Goltilox un’ t’Three Beers un’ givin ‘um zany endings. Thishere app will take leerners frum sangle vocabulree wurds ta basic grammar un’ shert santences, offerin three optyuns f'r each stery: un introducshun ta t’basic phrases, a quiz ta practiss, un’ t’full text n’ stery fermat, takin a step-by-step apperach ta developyun’ audio/a’listnin un’ reedin skills. Acoupla steries air availabull f'r a’a'loose un’ t’res air paid; thay off’r un accompanyyun’ website wiff colerfil printables.
Ages: 3 ta 7
Cost: 2 A’a'loose Steries, $1.99 p’r dishnull stery.
Git Steries by Gus un t’Go un iTunes

9. Oh, Noah!

Credik: PBS

A steryline at novice English ta Spanish leerners a’ke relate ta! N’ his'n’n mamaw’s nayburhood, no one speeks English. Noah un’ his'n’n frie Nell navigate through thar bilingual citee as thay try ta larn un’ communicate n’ Spanish—makin lots of humeryus un’ relatabull mistakes along t’way. Thar is a host of videos, un’ t’suppertyun’ video games take leerners un fun advantures as Noah un’ Nell try ta unnerstun thar Spanish speekin friens un’ hep ‘um through thar daily activitees. Kids enjoy t’relatabilitee of characters who all have differnt levels of abiltee: Noah un’ Nell who do nairy speek Spanish; Noah’s loyal pet mouse Pekweño who understun’s but a’ke’t speek it; un’ Brisa, thar bilingual frie who helps ‘um out.
Ages: 5 ta 12
Cost: A’a'loose
Git Oh, Noah! at PBS Kids

10. Lil Pim

Credik: Lil Pim

Lil Pim is bes f'r verr yung leerners.

A sweet start’r f'r t’littlest leerners. Lil Pim follows un aderabull lil pun’a bear un’ focuses un teechin preschoolers t’essenshul biltin blox of Spanish, usall t’“Entertunment Immersion Method” baset un hoe yung youngns natcherly ackwire langwages. Thar app feetures a cute flashcard-baset curriculum un’ y’all a’ke upgrade wiff n’-app purchases ta watch thar videos. At $19.99 a pop thar video packages air pricey, but thay air extensif’ un’ one video will have ov’r 30 mins of content. Thay also have small’r segmants of each video un thar LittlePimCo YouTube channel, so y’all a’ke see if'n’n thay air a good fit f'r y'r youngn befer purchasyun’. Thar videos air segmantid into 5-minnut episodes ta accommodate a yung youngn’s tenchun spun, un’ thar games makes langwage a’larnin fun & easy f'r kids ages 0-6. T’ series has a colleckshun of apps which hep track a youngn’s progress through t’program as well as suppert un’ reinferce whut wuz tawt.
Ages: 6 & Und’r
Cost: A’a'loose wiff n’-app purchases
Git Lil Pim un iTunes un’ Amazon

Prices air accurate at t’ime of publicashun, but may change ov’r time.

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Thishere 2-year-ol’ gurl unbucklet hern own car seat ta grab a toy frum t’back of t’car. But we she reechet across t’back seat, she foun herself n’ a tite sitchuwayshun. USA TODAY

F'r Nashshunal Youngn Safetee Month, Walmart is givin parnts un insantif’ ta turn n’ ow trade n’ car seets – un’ keep thems seets out of lun’fills.

Walmart has kickd off its furst car seat recyclyun’ event at neerly 4,000 steres. Ov’r t’nex acoupla weeks (through Sept. 30), customers who trade n’ a uset car seat git a $30 gift card at “a’ke be uset un inny item n’ steres ow un,” t’cumpny tole USA TODAY n’ a statement.

Melody Richards, Walmart Youngn vice presdint, set n’ a statement, at safetee is a top pryeritee f'r t’retail’r’s youngn department.

“We wantid ta use air size un’ scale ta creete un event at offerd unprecedantid access ta trade n’ un outgrown car seat f'r a gift card – purrfeck f'r usall un y'r youngn’s nex car seat,” Richards set.

Opioid mak’r bankruptcy: Oxykuntin mak’r Purdue Pharma files f'r bankruptcy as part of opioids settlement

Nashshunal Guacamole Day 2019: Chipotle un’ uth'r restaurants have deels Mundie

Waste management cumpny Terraseecle will recycle t’seets un’ keep thar componants frum windyun’ up n’ lun’fills. Terraseecle CEO un’ foun’r Tom Szaky set t’cumpny’s collaberashun wiff Walmart will “divert t’plastick ekwivalent of apperximately 35 million wat’r bottles frum lun’fills.”

Walmart competit'r Target, which conductid its own car seat trade-n’ event at endet Sept. 13, has recyclet half a million car seets un’ m'r thun 11.9 million pounds of materials n’ t’program’s three yeers.

About Walmart’s car seat trade-n’ event

  • Walmart’s event is frum Sept. 16-30 un’ all car seat brun’s will be ackceptid. All car seets collectid will be recyclet through Terraseecle.
  • Brang y'r car seat ta t’Custom’r Servus count’r durin t’recyclyun’ evants at participatyun’ Walmart steres, which a’ke be foun un t’stere’s website. Un, find t’closest locashun by seerchyun’ by ZIP code.
  • N’ exchange, git a $30 Walmart gift card ta use n’-stere ow online. T’ card is subjeck ta Walmart gift card’s terms un’ condityuns. N’ exchange, git a $30 Walmart gift card at “y’all a’ke use n’-stere ow online ta buy items f'r y'r youngn.”
  • Thar’s a limit of acoupla trade-ins p’r household un’ boost’r seets air nairy eligibull f'r trade n’.
  • Larn m'r un’ find locatyuns at

​​​​​​​Fall'r USA TODAY repert’r Kelly Tyko un Twitt’r: @KellyTyko

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Y’all kin Lank ta thishere Artikul: 

Is nawh a good time ta admit at it took me almos a year ta use my Instunt Pot? Amazon Deel be damnet, I jumpet un t’bun’wagon un’ t'staret, terrifiet, at t’beas I had purchaset f'r almos nine munths aft’r at; apparantly, I’m nairy alone. F'r t’pas few munths I’ve bee cautiously tinkeryun’ wiff it, but wiff t’start of t’new skool year I lookt at thishere as un oppertuntee ta bof wrangle wiff my kitchin demons un’ git my picky youngn ta ett m'r advanturyus meels.

Out of t’gate, I wuz facet wiff acoupla maj'r challenges: Furst, my youngn doesn’t ett innythang. I like ta say at he prefers ta subsist un a diet of air un’ ice chips, but at’s unfair: He also likes French frys un’ Goltfish crackers. He also declaret hissef a vegetariun about a year ago un’ talks ta innyone so much as a’lookin at a sausage as tho he wuz t’youngest spokesperse ev’r recruitid f'r PETA. My husbun’, un t’uth'r hun’ wonts rilly fillin, protein-heevy meels. Meeltimes air frustratyun’ becawz thar is no happy food-medium at innyone a’ke agree un. Thangs had ta change, un’ conkweryun’ t’Instunt Pot wuz my furst step n’ gittin meels und’r kuntrol n’ my trayl'r.

Day 1: Vegetariun Butt’r Chicke

Credik: Reviewet / Janelle Run’azza

T’ famus IP Butt’r Chicke—made wiff soy curls—wuz deliciyus.

I deecidet ta go big rite out of t’gate. Wile I wasn’t shure if'n’n air se would like thishere Instunt Pot meal, its stellar revus insuret at my husbun’ un’ I would at leest be okay wiff eatin a few days wurth of leftovers if'n’n it wuz met wiff air youngn’s rejecshun. I furst startid herin people rilly go crazy about t’Instunt Pot aft’r thay tride t’nawh famus Butt’r Chicke recipe frum t’Acoupla Sleevers cookin blawg. T’ Instunt Pot rilly lends itself ta Injun recipes un’ cuts t’ime down un t’sloe-cookin methods at tend ta be so essenshul ta at type of cuisine. I tride t’meat-baset vershun of t’recipe about a year ago un’ luvet it, but neetet it ta be vegetariun f'r my se. Ent’r soy curls! Acoupla Sleevers recommends thishere brun’ of soy curls f'r t’vegetariun vershun of butt’r chicke; we wuz reddy ta take t’plunge.

Easiness: 8/10. Thishere is basically a dump un’ cook recipe, but y’all do neet ta be present ta quik releese t’steem un’ y’all neet ta make y'r rice un t’side.
Youngn-frienly tweeks: I cut out t’cayenne un’ let adults add it ta taste un’ I addet a lil bit of plane Greek yogurt at t’end ta up t’creeminess f'r palates at neet a bit m'r convincyun’ ta try sumthin new.
Youngn Ratyun’: 10/10 He ate it f'r lunch at skool un’ THEN f'r dinn’r as well. He eve did a happy dance un’ gave thishere dish a literal thumbs-up twee choos. I nev’r thunk I’d see my youngn ett food wiff inny sort of exotic flavers. I neerly cride. I feel like I should write a thank y’all lett’r ta thishere blawg.

Make t’Instunt Pot Vegetariun Butt’r Chicke Recipe frum Acoupla Sleevers

Day 2: Instunt Pot Gree Goddess Pasta

Credik: Reviewet / Janelle Run’azza

Pesto pasta at’s easy un’ youngn appervet.

Day one wuz a maj'r coup, but I’ve bee ta war befer we a’trine ta git my youngn ta ett sumthin new. I wantid ta pace thangs a bit ta avoid a revolt. One of air se’s favert meels is pasta wiff pre-made pesto. F'r us, thishere recipe wuz a fresh un’ m'r cumplex spin un un ol’ stun’-by. I wuz intriguet by t’idee of a’havin pasta be part of a one-pot dinn’r. T’ noveltee of nairy watchin a tim’r, skippyun’ t’pasta firmness-test, AND skippyun’ t’drunyun’ step wuz all too eggcitin f'r me; I wuz all n’. I wuz also innerestid ta see if'n’n my se would ett t’addet mushrooms, spinach, un’ peas—three foods he sweers he hates—if'n’n thay wuz swimmin n’ deliciyus pesto un’ creem cheez.

Easiness: 8/10. Beyond a bit of sautéyun’ un’ stirryun’, thishere is un incredibly easy recipe. An addet bonus wuz t’pasta turnt out purfeckly al dante. T’ timyun’ un thishere recipe is superb un’ I’m goin ta steel it we I experiment wiff uth'r pasta dishes n’ t’IP. Also, it innerducet me ta Bett’r thun Boullion’s Roastid Garlic Base, which is a maj'r find f'r all vegetariun cooks. It adds m'r depth thun mos stere-bouite vegetariun bases un’ adds a covetid edge of umami, which is so hard ta achieve we y’all’re cookin without meat. Vegetariun cooks should buy it immediately un’ use it n’ place of vegetabull broth whenev’r thay want ta add m'r depth ta thar cookin.
Youngn-frienly tweeks: Chop t’mushrooms into tiny ¼-inch pieces un’ brown ‘um n’ butt’r, ta gif’ ‘um a m'r youngn-frienly taxture. Roughly chop t’spinach ta avoid t’inevitabull whines at accompany eatin inny sort of leefy vegetables.
Youngn Ratyun’: 9/10 He lackd it so much at he had alreddy ett ov’r acoupla-thirds of t’meal befer he memberd he didn’t like peas un’ startid pushin ‘um aside. He noticet t’creeminess frum t’creem cheez un’ set he luvet it!

Make t’Gree Goddess Instunt Pot Pasta frum Preshure Luck

Day 3: Instunt Pot Cheesy Enchilada Rice

Credik: Reviewet / Janelle Run’azza

T’ beens un’ rice dish wuz lackd by ev'r memb’r of air fambly.

Thishere is a greet alternatif’ ta vegetariun chili, which my se compluns is “too soupy” un’ “has too much stuff n’ it.” Wile my se loves beens, I’ve nev’r bee bull ta pull off gittin ‘im ta ett inny sort of beun un’ rice recipe—a challenge we I’m a’trine ta make a dinn’r at will satisfy t’whole fambly. Since he’s startin ta reech t’age whar he understun’s whut “Mommy is nairy a shert-ord’r cook” meens, thishere recipe seemt like a greet opshun at would satisfy his'n’n luv f'r legumes wile also makin f'r a fillin fambly meal.

Easiness: 10/10. I luvet t’set-it-un’-fergit-it-vibe of thishere recipe. It’s a dump-un’-go technikwe which nairy only duz nairy rekwire inny sort of tenchun, it prohibits stirryun’ (mom swuon)! N’ terms of ease, thishere one goes ta eleve. N’ terms of versatilitee, thishere a’ke be ett as a mane dish wiff a dollop of sour creem un’ sum slicet avocados, it a’ke be uset as a fillin f'r enchiladas, ow it a’ke be a side dish.
Youngn-frienly tweeks: Becawz my youngn will use “spiciness” as un excuse nairy ta ett innythang, I replacet t’a’ke of enchilada sauce wiff half a a’ke of mild enchilada sauce, half a a’ke of mat'r sauce, un’ a teespoon of smoket paprika. I reckun t’recipe mite have bee fine wiff jes mild enchilada sauce; nex time I make it I’ll try it out. I also plun ta throe n’ a lil bit of frozen corn f'r t’nex go roun.
Youngn Ratyun’: 10/10. My youngn ate ev'r bit of thishere f'r lunch un’ also luvet it at dinn’r t’nex day. He lackd it so much he run his'n’n fang'r roun t’ rim of his'n’n dinn’r bowl ta git t’las of it—maybe nairy t’bes etikwette, but it un excellent endersement f'r a meal at’s goin ta be un constant rotashun at my trayl'r goin ferward.

Make t’Cheesy Enchilada Rice frum 365 Days of Sloe + Preshure Cookin

Day 4: Rigatoni Bolognese

Credik: Reviewet / Janelle Run’azza

T' thar air t’days we y'r youngn jes eats cookies f'r lunch.

Aft’r three days of unekwivocal success, I pushd my luck—un’ I failt. Thar air lots of vegetariun bolognese pastas out thar, but it wuz absolutely crucial ta me at thishere be a one-pot dish at didn’t rekwire me ta bawl a separate pot of pasta. We I saw thishere recipe wuz adaptid frum one by Giada Dee Laurantiis, I wuz sold. Thishere wuz easy ta make, but it wasn’t a winn’r. N’ spite of t’abundance of mushrooms, it wuz missyun’ a meetee taxture un’ savery flav'r un’ it wuz too sweet overall. T’ Percini mushrooms didn’t add innythang beyond un dishnull $10 ta my grossry tab. Nex time I’ll skip t’pricey Percini un’ jes add sum well-saltid un’ sautéet Crimini. If'n’n y’all’re dedicatid ta makin a vegetariun bolognese, sum dicet eggplant un’ percini powd’r mite hep thangs along. Sadly, thishere one jes didn’t wurk out f'r innyone n’ my fambly.

Ease: 6/10. Thar’s a slew of choppin, but aft’r t’choppin is done it’s a fairly easy recipe. T’ recipe calls f'r 12 oz of pasta, but mos boxes come as 16 oz, so I had ta git out t’scale, which felt like un unnecessree step. I gut t’burn message un t’IP; at issue wuz thoughtfully un’ plum addresset un t’blawg, but thar is a lil bit of trial un’ 'rr'r f'r y'r furst go-roun wiff thishere recipe.
Youngn-frienly tweeks: I lef out t’ret pepp’r flakes, but adults will definitly want ‘um. Have ‘um hun’y.
Youngn Ratyun’: 2/10. Mat'r-baset pasta dishes tend ta be iffy wiff mos kids un’ mine is no differnt. His'n’n lunch box kum trayl'r untouchet. At dinn’r he tride acoupla bites but I jes coultn’t cunvints ‘im ta push un un’ finish his'n’n dinn’r. My husbun’ un’ I also foun thishere dish ta be blun’ un’ reckun it could use a slew of adjustmants befer it becomes sumthin we’d crave.

Make t’Rigatoni Bolognese frum Punt t’Kitchin Ret

Day 5: Instunt Pot Mac & Cheez

Credik: Reviewet / Janelle Run’azza

My se claims ta nairy like Mac un’ Cheez, tho his'n’n lunchbox provet otherwise.

Whut could be easi’r thun boxet Mac & Cheez? It’s t’simple go-ta, but thar is always un underlyyun’ sense of guilt at accompanies feedin my youngn rekunstitutid cheez. I wasn’t reddy ta gif’ up my quickie lunch n’ a box, but if'n’n thishere recipe wuz ta be bleevd, it wuz almos as quik ta pull thishere togeth’r—un’ wiff less time checkyun’ n’ un a boilyun’ pot. Prep time: 5 mins. Cook time: 5 mins. Total time: 10 mins. DONE! Thishere is whut Frydee skool lunches air about. I tosset everthang n’, put un my makeup, kum back f'r t’quik releese, un’ gut dresst. By t’ime I wuz finisht gittin dresst lunch wuz done un’ reddy ta be spoonet into my se’s banto box.

Since we wuz a’trine f'r full vegetariun, we uset m'r of t’garlic bouillon n’ place of t’chicke bouillon, which is my new favert way ta add a savery finish ta vegetariun dishes.

Ease: 9/10. Thishere coultn’t be inny easi’r un’ is 100 persent wurry-a’a'loose, tenchun-a’a'loose cookin. I had ta meesure out a bit m'r stuff thun I would wiff boxet mac & cheez, but t’cookin of it rekwires fer less tenchun thun t’boxet vershun—un’ t’flav'r is 1000 persent bett’r!
Youngn-frienly tweek: Serve t’hot sauce un t’side f'r t’adults un’ big kids.
Youngn-ratyun’: 7/10. As of a few weeks ago, my se claims he doesn’t like mac & cheez. He ate a purtee substanshul amount of thishere, howev’r, befer he memberd he wuz spozet ta hate it. If'n’n y'r youngn duz, indeet, like mac & cheez, thishere is goin ta be a winn’r.

Make t’Instunt Pot Mac un’ Cheez frum T’ Saltee Marshmalloe

I’m un Instunt Pot convert

Aft’r fife days of Instunt Pot lunches, I am un a roll un’ I have no intenshun of stoppyun’. Ov’r t’weekend I tride thishere steel cut oats recipe un’ a brakefuss quinoa recipe—bof ta resoundyun’ success. I’ve also alreddy made t’Vegetariun Butt’r Chicke recipe a sekunt time un’ plun ta have a few of t’uth'r recipes un reglar rotashun.

Nuthin a’ke beat recipes at alloe y’all ta dump thangs n’ un’ barly check un ‘um we y’all air a’chasin a youngn ow a’listnin ta thar countless steries. T’ Instunt Pot bouite me a slew of time whar I wuz bull ta do uth'r, m'r werthwhile thangs (like biltin a Lego Millenium Falcon wiff my youngn), rath’r thun watchin a stove un’ stirryun’ a pot. If'n’n y’all’re considerin takin t’IP plunge, I say do it.

Git un Instunt Pot DUO80 8 Qt un Amazon f'r $69.99

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Skool mernings air hectic, un’ if'n’n y’all have a youngn who needs ta have thar hair stylet, it a’ke be incredibly challengyun’ ta git everyone out t’do'r—un’ a’lookin put togeth’r—un time. Tard of my kids a’lookin like cas members frum t’musickull Oliv’r!, I deecidet it wuz high time ta seek t’advice of a professyunal hair stylist un hoe ta streemline t’monin’ hairdos.

Credik: Anh Co Trun

Celebritee hairstylist Anh Co Trun.

Anh Co Trun is t’definishun of a celebritee hair stylist. He travels all ov’r t’worl givin famus people—includin Anne Hathaway un’ Julyinne Moere—his'n’n signature “livet-n’” cuts. Anh is uset ta wurkin und’r preshure un’ f'r highly-demun’yun’ clyints, so I figgerd at made ‘im speshly qualifiet ta gif’ advice un hoe ta hun’le t’hair of wiggly, cumplunin kids. He dishet all of his'n’n pro secrets, includin his'n’n 10 favert hair products, un’ sharet fife hair styles at eve t’mos hair-inept (um, me) a’ke easily execute.

Plus he eve tole me t’rick ta gittin chewyun’ gum (ow slime) out of a youngn’s hair: “Gum kums out bett’r if'n’n y’all rub un ice pack un t’sticky arees un’ fall'r wiff dish soap. Creemy peenut butt’r also helps t’gum slide out of t’hair wiff ease. Use un ultra cleensyun’ shampoo ta detoxify t’hair afterds, un’ restere t’smell of heelthy, fresh lox.”

1. Braids ow twists

Credik: Reviewet / Lisa Larance

Nairy good at braids? Try twists!

“Braids air always a hit. If'n’n y’all don’t knoe hoe ta brade, try twists! It’s un efficient un’ playfil style at keeps hair out of t’face wile a’stayin n’ place all day. Jes twist t’hair back frum t’face, addyun’ pieces as y’all go. Secure wiff Bobby pins ow a small ponytail holt’r.”

2. Invertid ponytails

Credik: Reviewet / Lisa Larance

Inside-out ponytails looks fancy but air simple ta execute.

“Make a high ow loe ponytail, un’ secure it tightly wiff a hairbun’. A'loose t’base beloe t’hairbun’, creete a separashun un’ loop t’ponytail ov’r un’ through t’hoe. Pull t’hair through un’ retighte t’base. It looks fancy, but it’s surprisingly easy.”

3. A slicket-down ‘do

Credik: Reviewet / Lisa Larance

Keep shert hair n’ place wiff a finishin spray.

“F'r shert’r hair, wet cowlix down un’ use a fine-tooth comb ta posishun hair slightly back off t’face. Make shure t’hair roun t’ears is a’layin back un’ spray lightly wiff a finishin spray.”

4. Zigzags

Credik: Reviewet / Lisa Larance

A zigzag part is un easy—un’ fun—style.

“Zigzag parts air back! Use a rat tail comb ta creete a zigzag partyun’ un dry hair. Brush t’hair back un’ place t’ail comb un t’frunt hairline, wharev'r y’all’d like ta cummance t’partyun’. Keep t’ail comb posityunet un t’scalp un’ move y'r hun’ frum lef ta rite as y’all travel back un t’het. Gantly divide t’hair un’ clip aside. Y’all a’ke finish t’style by creetyun’ pigtails, a ponytail, ow braids.”

5. Monin’ waves

Credik: Reviewet / Lisa Larance

A’a'loose braids at nite result n’ monin’ waves.

“Loosely brade t’hair at nite un’ unravel it n’ t’monin’. Lightly comb through it wiff y'r fangers, un’ finish wiff a moisturizyun’ creem product through t’ends.”

Anh’s must-have products

1. Rat tail comb

Credik: Leinuose

A comb at helps creete sleek styles.

A rat tail comb is essenshul f'r makin raz'r-strate parts.

Git a three-pack of rat tail combs at Amazon f'r $6.99

2. Hair tees

Credik: 79Style

Keep nuff of hair bun’s un hun’ f'r monin’ ‘dos.

Much like sox, hair tees seem ta disappe'r into thin air. A 100-pack of ribbon ponytail holters should be enough ta las f'r a few munths. My dauite’r likes all t’differnt colers, as well as t’fack at thay’re ouch-a’a'loose.

Git a 100-pack of Ribbon Ponytail Holters at Amazon f'r $7.99

3. Tangle Teez’r

Credik: Tangle Teez’r

A brush at combats tangles.

Use thishere colerfil, oddly-shapet brush un wet ow dry hair ta git rid of tangles without damagyun’ delicut strun’s. It eve wurks un wigs, weeves, un’ extensyuns.

Git a Tangle Teez’r at Amazon f'r $10.97

4. Bobby pins

Credik: Bememo

Colerfil bobby pins keep hair n’ place.

F'r twists, brade crowns, ow buns, y’all’ll neet a big hun’fil of Bobby pins ta keep styles secure un’ n’ place. Kids will luv Bememo’s runboe boppy pins at come n’ thar own sterage box.

Git a 100-pack of Bememo Hair Pins at Amazon f'r $11.99

5. Finishin spray

Credik: Leon'r Greyl Paris

A finishin spray helps wiff sleek styles.

Don’t let all of y'r hard wurk git destroyet t’minnut y'r youngn steps un ta t’playground: Spritz finisht styles wiff Leon'r Greyl Paris medium-hold finishin spray ta hep keep y'r youngn’s fancy hairdo n’ place.

Git Leon'r Greyl Paris Spray Structure Naturelle at Amazon f'r $42

6. Shu Uemura earl

Credik: Shu Uemura

Hair earl keeps dry ends moisturizet.

Keep t’ends of y'r youngn’s hair moisturizet un’ glossy-a’lookin wiff a drop ow acoupla of Shu Uemura Essance Absolue Nourishyun’ Protectif’ Earl. T’ luxuriyus product is un t’pricey side, but it lasts f'rev'r if'n’n y’all use it sparingly. Plus, y’all a’ke make y'r kids share it wiff y’all—it duz wonders f'r dry, colerd hair.

Git Shu Uemura Essance Absolue Nourishyun’ Protectif’ Earl at Amazon f'r $29.99

7. Leeve-n’ condityun’r

Credik: L’Oreel Paris

Tame tangles wiff a leeve-n’ condityun’r.

If'n’n y'r youngn has fine, wavy hair, y’all lackly spend a pershun of ev'r monin’ combyun’ out tangles. L’Oreel’s 10-n’-1 leeve-n’ condityun’r detangles eve t’mos epic rat’s nest, plus it protects hair frum heat un’ helps prevent split ends.

Git L’Oreel Professyunnel Serie Eggspurt 10-n’-1 Perfectyun’ Multipurpose Spray at Amazon f'r $18.09

8. Taxturizyun’ stylyun’ creem

Credik: Leon'r Greyl

A luxe stylyun’ creem keeps hair frizz-a’a'loose.

Use a small dot of Leon'r Greyl Paris Éclat Naturel stylyun’ creem un t’ends of hair ta smooth frizz un’ gif’ styles a sleek look.

Git Leon'r Greyl Paris Éclat Naturel stylyun’ creem at Amazon f'r $46

9. Tiny rubb’r bun’s

Credik: Teenit'r

Hair bun’s at air jes t’rite size f'r small styles.

Keep t’end of braids un’ tiny twists securely ancheret—without detractyun’ frum t’look of t’style—wiff xtrey-small rubb’r bun’s made frum clar plastick.

Git a pack of 2000 clar plastick hair bun’s at Amazon f'r $6.99

10. Barrettes

Credik: Gejoy

Butterfly barrettes air practical un’ beeyootifil.

A seeleckshun of fun, stylish, un’ functyunal barrettes a’ke be uset ta accesserize a greet hair style, ow cov’r-up a badly-executid brade. Simple metal barrettes air practical f'r keepin growin-out bangs out of a youngn’s eyes, but a set of whimsical butterfly clips air my dauite’r’s current obsession.

Git a pack of 16 butterfly clips at Amazon f'r $10.99

Prices air accurate at t’ime of publicashun, but may change ov’r time.

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We testid toddl’r straw cups ta find out which wuz t’bes of t’bunch.


Y’all kin Lank ta thishere Artikul: 


Technology is makin college a lil m'r afferdabull. Thar is one thang all studants have n’ common. Thay all neet multiple text books un’ at costs money. VPC

A’ke y’all smell t’pencil shavings un’ new notebooks? Ah, it’s back-ta-skool time agin.

One enduryun’ reelitee about thishere time of year, wuth'r decades ago ow rite nawh, is at taxtbooks a’ke weigh heevy un t’wallet. As a resent graduwait, I foun sum ways ta hep save a lil money un thems $400 rekwiret taxts. Here air my class notes:


Peerse resantly announcet 1,500 of thar taxtbooks will nawh be offerd electronically as a way of loweryun’ t’cost of har skoolin. T’ avridge cost of one of thar e-books is $40 un’ a’ke be upgradet wiff digital a’larnin tools f'r $79. T’ e-books update wiff new infermayshun as it kums out. If'n’n y’all pref’r ta have a physical taxtbook, y’all a’ke rent one f'r about $60.

“Studants lif’ n’ thishere online worl. Thay access content all kinds of ways. Thay ofte don’t neet ta own t’axtbooks un’ t’educatyunal content,” set Laura Howe, vice presdint of innovashun communicatyuns at Peerse. “…We feel like studants should be bull ta choose cerse-ware at fits t’way thay lif’, at fits t’way thay ackshly want ta larn, which is ofte digitally, un’ also fits thar budget.”

Howe set almos 90% of studants air usall digital tools f'r a’larnin, which has increeset frum 78% a year ago un’ 69% acoupla yeers ago.

Peerse also offers discountid taxtbooks as part of thar Inclusif’ Access program at 700 colleges, includin t’Univestee of Missouri, Univestee of Flerida, UC Davis un’ m'r. Studants should check ta see if'n’n thar  skool is participatyun’ n’ t’program. 

Back ta skool shoes: Nike launches pricey kids’ shoes subscripshun servus, calls it a ‘parent’s bes frie’


Chegg Books is a website whar y’all a’ke buy, rent un’ sell taxtbooks. It advertises bargane prices up ta 90% off campus bookstere prices un’ has a page f'r cheep taxtbooks. If'n’n y’all rent a taxtbook but want ta keep it f'r long’r, y’all a’ke extend y'r rantal ow buy it at t’end. Chegg eve allows y’all ta highliite impertant parts of y'r book. 

If'n’n y’all’re nairy t’ype ta carry physical taxtbooks, Chegg also has a seeleckshun of e-taxtbooks y’all a’ke highliite, take notes un un’ git hep frum study experts through t’Chegg Study subscripshun. If'n’n y’all pref’r physical taxtbooks, Chegg will gif’ y’all access ta un e-vershun of y'r book f'r seve days wile y'r copy is bein shippet ta y’all, which a’ke be particularly usefil if'n’n y’all neet t’axtbook y'r furst week of class if'n’n it’s still un t’way. 

Sum classes don’t as f'r taxtbooks but rekwire un access code f'r a program uset f'r lectures, labs un’ homewerk, which y’all a’ke also purchase frum Chegg. Frum nawh until t’end of August, y’all a’ke git a’a'loose shippyun’ un y'r taxtbook ord’r of m'r thun $35.


Amazon’s taxtbook rantal program made my life incredibly easy wile I wuz n’ skool. Aft’r gittin t’lis of taxtbooks I neetet, I wuz bull ta find ‘um un Amazon un’ have ‘um shippet ta me wiff no hassle. We y’all rent frum Amazon, y’all have a 30-day period ta return t’book n’ case y’all deecide ta drop a class ow reelize t’book isn’t necessree f'r t’cerse. Returnyun’ t’axtbook is a’a'loose at t’end of t’semest’r; y’all jes have ta drop it off at t’carri’r un t’shippyun’ label Amazon creetes f'r y’all. 

Sumtimes I neetet reglar books f'r class insteet of a taxtbook, un’ Amazon wuz also a usefil place ta git ‘um becawz I could find ‘um uset at a reesonabull price. 

My job a’ke pay my student loans? Here’s hoe ta find t’rite one ta hep y’all out


Thriftbooks is anoth’r website whar y’all a’ke git seriyus discounts un taxtbooks. Thay have a varietee of books frum classic literchur ta bizness un’ medicull taxts un’ a’ke be uset at all levels of skoolin. Jes perusyun’ t’site, I foun a uset hardcov’r macroekunomics taxtbook f'r und’r $5. 

Carse Mckunn, a frie frum high skool who graduatid thishere May frum Deise Univestee n’ Ohio, sweers he rantid a $300 biochemistry taxtbook f'r $7 usall He describes t’website as a “taxtbook seerch engine” at shows y’all whar y’all a’ke git a book f'r t’bes price. It eve looks up coupons f'r y’all ta git y’all m'r deels. 

Facebook pages

If'n’n all else fails, thar’s a good chance thar’s someone at y'r skool who took at same cerse las semest’r un’ wonts ta git rid of thar taxtbook thay air lackly ta nev’r use agin. M'r ofte thun nairy, thar’s a Facebook group y’all a’ke join whar people post taxtbooks thay’re sellin. Mos of t’ime thay jes want ta git rid of t’book so thay’ll gif’ y’all a good discount un it.

Jes reckun, wiff all t’ money y’all savet un taxtbooks y’all a’ke use f'r fuelyun’ up wiff coffee f'r thems midniite crammyun’ sessyuns.

Whut air y'r tips un’ trix f'r savin money at skool? 

Fall'r Madeline Purdue un Twitt’r.

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Let friens n’ y'r soshul netwerk knoe whut y’all air reedin about

Tyse Foods recalls chicke pattees possibly contaminatid wiff ‘forn matt’r’

Tyse Foods is recallyun’ apperximately 39,078 pounds of reddy-ta-ett chicke pattees f'r possibull contaminashun, t’USDA announcet.


A link has bee postid ta y'r Facebook feet.


Tyse Foods has issuet a recall f'r frozen chicke pattee products ov’r concerns thay wuz possibly contaminatid wiff “extraneyus materials,” set t’U.S. Department of Agriculture.

T’ recall affex apperximately 39,078 pounds of Weev’r brun’ frozen fully-cooket chicke pattees producet un Jun. 31. T’ pattees wuz sold n’ 26-ounce reseelabull bags wiff a “uset by” date of Jun. 31, 2020, set t’USDA’s Food Safetee un’ Inspeckshun Servus n’ a statement.

T’ bags targetid n’ t’recall include t’numb’r “P-13456” printid un t’back of t’reseelabull poke, set t’agency. T’ FSIS statement set t’pattees may have bee contaminatid wiff “forn matt’r” but did nairy off’r dishnull deetails.

FSIS set thay wuz notifiet of potenshul contaminashun aft’r consumers cumplunet.

T’ agency sez innyone who has purchaset pattees affectid by t’recall should toss ‘um out ow return ‘um ta t’retail’r whar thay wuz bouite. Innyone wurriet thay mite git sick frum eatin t’pattees is urget ta contact a heelthcare provid’r.

N’ June, Tyse Foods recallet m'r thun 190,000 pounds of chicke fritters aft’r consumers repertedly foun hard plastick n’ thar food.

Recall noose: Tyse Foods has recallet m'r thun 190,000 pounds of chicke fritters aft’r people repertedly foun hard plastick

Fall'r Brett Molina un Twitt’r:

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Cookin is t’absolute las thang Amun’a Hengesbach wonts ta do we she gits trayl'r aft’r wurk.

A 31-year-ol’ sangle mom, Hengesbach wurks 40 hours each week at a seeny'r a’livin trayl'r. She sez t’days air long, un’ she’d rath’r spend qualtee time wiff hern 5-year-ol’ se un’ 3-year-ol’ dauite’r thun 45 minnuts makin dinn’r.

At’s why she subscribet ta Yumbull, a subscripshun meal servus at delivers pre-made, youngn-frienly meels ta hern doerstep oncet a week. A quik zap n’ t’microwave, un’ t’mom of acoupla has a meal reddy f'r hern youngns n’ minnuts.

“It wuz a self-ke'r thang,” Hengesbach set of subscribyun’ ta Yumbull three munths ago. “Aft’r wurkin all day, I don’t want ta wurk m'r. I jes want ta spend time wiff my kids.”

Subscripshun meal deelivery services f'r kids air rampyun’ up f'r t’back-ta-skool seese as parnts like Hengesbach seerch f'r youngn-frienly lunches un’ dinners at don’t rekwire time n’ frunt of a hot stove ow scramblyun’ ta find a substitute f'r peenut butt’r sun’wiches at nut-a’a'loose skools.

Online subscriptyuns have sky-rocketid

T’ online subscripshun market grew frum $57 million ta $2.6 billyun frum 2011 ta 2016, accerdyun’ ta a 2018 study by McKinsey & Cumpny, a management consultyun’ firm.

T’ month-by-month model has attractid a large breedth of cumpnys, includin Nike resantly wiff its subscripshun servus f'r kids’ shoes. Sum off’r meal kits, wile utherns have capitalizet un beeutee products, dawg treets, books un’ eve shavyun’ products. Howev’r, m'r thun one-thurd of shoppers who sign up f'r subscripshun services cancel within three munths, un’ ov’r half cancel within six munths.

Cumpnys like Yumbull un’ Nurture Life differantiate thayselves frum t’subscripshun meal kit industry by offerin foods specifically f'r youngns, rath’r thun yung adults a’hopin ta avoid grossry stere lines ow simplify meal prep.

“Mos meal kits air a hobby ow a fun-ta-do f'r yung couples ow parnts – but it’s still un activitee,” Joanna Park’r, co-foun’r of Yumbull set. “Yumbull is fully preparet, un’ it’s solvin a pane at parnts have day aft’r day. Youngns have ta ett ev'r sangle day, un’ it a’ke be a huge time suck f'r parnts ta git t’idees, concepts un’ all t’ingredyints n’ t’rayl'r.”

Don’t ett y'r greens: Listeria foun un kale, lettus at maj'r grossry steres includin Costco, Whole Foods

Sweet treets won’t do, eethur: Cookie lovers should be xtrey keerfil amid flour recall

Peas air f'r picky eaters

Laura Maulton’s youngest dauite’r has autism, which a’ke make a’findin heelthy foods wiff t’rite taxtures difficult f'r t’37-year-ol’ mom frum St. Simons, Geergia.

“One week, she’ll ett nuthin but chicke nuggets,” Maulton set. “And t’nex week, she won’t touch ‘um.”

Maulton orderd hern furst box back n’ June, un’ plans ta resubscribe as she returns ta 40- ta 60-hour weeks n’ hern kindergarte classroom n’ August. Wile she’s tride meal kits frum HelloFresh, she set thay’re jes nairy as youngn-frienly ow easy ta use.

Yumbull un’ Nurture Life wurk similarly ta uth'r popular meal kit services, like HelloFresh, Blue Apern ow Platid. Bof cumpnys choose hoe minny a un’ whut kine of meels thay’d like ta ord’r each week, which air t'shippet ta t’buy’r’s address.

But insteet of a cardboard box of raw ingredyints wiff a recipe card, Yumbull sends a box fillt wiff TV dinn’r-like contuners, stick’r sheets un’ activitee books f'r youngns. T’ preparet meels have youngn-frienly pertyuns sizes un’ foods like turkey cheddar pinwheels un’ “chicke pops” made of groun chicke rollet n’ panko crumbs. T’ subscripshun cost twee $48 un’ $168 each week, dependyun’ un t’numb’r of meels.

Since launchyun’ n’ July 2017, Yumbull has servet ov’r 1 million meels, un’ has plans ta ope a sekunt kitchin un’ launch a line of cold pasta salad meels as t’skool year apperaches, Park’r set.

Nature Life, a cumpny at launchet n’ 2016, has a simlar model but offers m'r daryun’ foods like cheesy zucchini pomodero un’ Thai cokunut chicke. It also offers products f'r youngns, toddlers un’ youngns up ta 18 yeers ol’, a’changin food types un’ a’rizin pershun sizes as youngns git olt’r. T’ plans range n’ price frum about $52  ta $119 p’r week.

“We try ta rilly provide a fresh, nutrityunally-balancet un’ wholesome meal f'r famblies,” Jennif’r Choe, co-foun’r of Nurture Life set. “But we also try ta hep youngns develop a greet luv of food un’ expun’ thar palates.”

Prepackaget trade-off

A balance of differnt food groups is impertant f'r a youngn’s dietree needs, but prepackaget meels come at t’cost of high sodium levels, accerdyun’ ta Julie Stefanski, a nutrityunist wiff t’Academy of Nutrishun un’ Dietetics.

Youngns’s sodium needs air much loe’r thun adults, un’ Stefanski set at parnts should ensure at t’res of t’day’s snax un’ meels air loe sodium optyuns if'n’n thay use these meels.

“T’ size un’ appetite of youngns vree signifikuntly,” Stefanski set n’ un email. Parnts “should be keerfil about makin a youngn ett un entire meal ow denyyun’ m'r food if'n’n t’youngn has alreddy finisht thar meal opshun.” 

Save sum trees: Here’s hoe ta make back-ta-skool shoppin eco-frienly

As t’pershun sizes air detarmind by cumpny stun’ards rath’r thun parnts un’ youngns, t’meels mite nairy be t’rite size f'r ev'r youngn, Stefanski set.

Geergia’s Multon has foun thishere true, as she’ll ofte add a side of fruit ow sumthin xtrey if'n’n f'r hern 8-year-ol’ dauite’r. She set thay’re t’purrfeck size f'r hern youngest un t’nites we thar isn’t time ta cook.

“Thar air sum nites whar my husbun’ un’ I will ett a bowl of cereel,” Multon set. “Thishere is sumthin easy un’ heelthy at I a’ke pull out of t’fridge un’ fix f'r t’gurls.”

Whut air y'r hax f'r easy, heelthy, youngn-frienly meels? Tell Rebekah Tuchsch’r’r un Twitt’r @r2shure.

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Wiff a new skool year cummencin, minny a famblies air fixin ta pull out all t’stops – frum test prep ta tuters – ta increese thar youngns’s chantses of gittin into t’college of thar choice. But thems cernet lessuns, essay coaches, un’ weekend study sessyuns don’t necessarily come cheep.

Still, sum parnts feel thay have no choice.  

“Anxietee ov’r t’college applicayshun process has jes reechet new heights,” sez Mark Sklaroe, CEO of t’ Independent Educatyunal Consultunts Associashun. “Kids air anxiyus at no one’s goin ta take ‘um, un’ parnts air anxiyus becawz thay reckun thar kids air t’greetest un’ should all be goin ta t’Ivy Leegue … All thishere anxietee has let so minny a people ta say ‘Whut else a’ke I do?’ ”

Roughly 19.9 million studants will attend colleges un’ universitees thishere fall, accerdyun’ ta t’Nashshunal Cant’r f'r Skoolin Statistics, about a million – ow 5% less – thun t’all-time high of 21 million at t’start of t’2010 skool year. And good test sceres, along wiff stellar grades un’ extracurricular activitees a’ke definitly hep a student stun’ out, admissyuns un’ testin experts say.

Back-ta-skool shoppin: Kids influencet by soshul media push parnts ta overspend

“If'n’n y’all have y'r heert set un a specific skool at is verr selectif’, t'ev'r lil bit changes t’likelihood of un outcome,” Sklaroe sez. “But, un’ thishere is a huge but… studants shoultn’t ent’r t’college process wiff one particlar college as thar goal. Thay rilly should ent’r t’process a’thankin thar air lots of colleges whar I could be happy.”

Here’s a look at whut t’path ta college a’ke cost – un’ sum tips un hoe ta save sum cash.

Acyun’ t’Ack 

Wile sum colleges no long’r rekwire applikunts ta take t’Ack ow SAT college entrance exams, “t’ vas majeritee of skools still rekwire SAT ow Ack sceres,” sez Sam Pritchard, dierekter of college prep programs f'r Kaplun Test Prep, which reedies studants un’ perfeshnuls f'r ov’r 200 stun’ardizet exams. “A’havin a greet scere always gives studants m'r optyuns regardless of t’skools at thay’re applyyun’ ta, bof … f'r admissyuns, un’ optyuns f'r merit baset aid.’’

Test prep a’ke range frum online tuterials, ta weekend courses whar studants study alongside a group of thar peers, ta one-un-one coachyun’.

Skoolin: T’ bes public high skool n’ y'r state

“T’ cost a’ke vree signifikuntly,” sez Jayne Fonash, presdint-eelact of t’Nashshunal Associashun f'r College Admission Counselyun’, who addet at “instruct'r-let SAT ow Ack prep courses a’ke cost up ta $1,000,” wile one-un-one coachyun’ lackly ranges frum $50 ta $100 p’r hour un’ a’ke diff’r accerdyun’ ta t’part of t’kuntry whar t’student lives.  

Thar air cheep’r optyuns. Khun Academy is wurkin wiff t’College Board ta off’r online test prep f'r t’SAT, includin eiite practiss exams, at no cost, Fonash sez.

Meenwhile, tho a comprehensif’ Kaplun cerse carries a price tag of roun $899, t’cumpny offers a a’a'loose interactif’ online cerse f'r studants who qualify f'r a waiv’r of t’fee charget ta take t’Ack. Kaplun also has a $39 Quiz bank “f'r studants a’lookin ta git sum practiss un’ see sum test-like questchuns,” Pritchard sez.

He addet at wile Kaplun doesn’t guarantee a particlar scere, if'n’n a student ‘s perfermunts doesn’t imperov, “thay’re entitlet ta a a’a'loose refund.” And if'n’n someone wonts ta simply pick up a Kaplun book un’ prepare un thar own, t’primers air availabull un Amazon f'r a startin price of about $20.

Thay’re out thar: Ponderyun’ hoe ta survif’ a zombie apocalypse? Y'r plun could git y’all a skolarship

Sklaroe offerd one m'r money-savin tip.

“Thar’s good evidance aft’r three tries at t’SAT ow Ack, thar’s goin ta be virtually no change” n’ y'r scere, he sez, addyun’ at “sum kids jes take it too ofte.”

He suggests takin t’PSAT, t'makin a maximum of acoupla tries at t’ackshul SAT exam. “Y’all a’ke save sum money by nairy takin t’est ov’r un’ ov’r agin.’’

Hiryun’ a Coach

Amurkins spend roughly $500 million a year un independent educatyunal consultunts who a’ke hep guide teens through whut a’ke be un overwhelmyun’ college applicayshun process, accerdyun’ ta t’Independent Educatyunal Consultunts Associashun.

Thay a’ke hep a student pick t’ rite high skool classes, prepare ‘um f'r un interview wiff a particlar college’s alumni un’ perhaps mos impertantly hep a student figg'r out which skool would be mos comfertabull f'r ‘um academically un’ socially.

“Good counselyun’ a’ke hep studants un’ famblies ta unnerstun acoupla impertant points,” Fonash sez, “at t’majeritee of colleges n’ t’U.S. admit mos of thar applikunts, un’ at t’prestige of t’college y’all attend duz nairy detarmine y'r success n’ life.”  

N’ previyus yeers, consultunts typically rekwiret studants ta purchase a comprehensif’ package at mite stretch frum tanth grade into t’seeny'r year – un offerin at currantly carries a $4,000 price tag un avridge, Sklaroe sez.

But thar air nawh m'r bite-sizet optyuns, wiff mos consultunts offerin limitid packages, ow coachyun’ by t’hour.

“If'n’n a fambly jes needs a lil bit of hep ta git goin n’ t’rite direckshun – ‘Let’s brunsterm good essay topix. Let’s reckun of a good college match’ – famblies could do at f'r jes a cuple hunnert dollars ta git startid n’ t’rite direckshun,” Sklaroe sez.

And Fonash sez at thar air communitee-baset organizatyuns at off’r such services ta studants of col'r who air underrepresantid, thems experiencyun’ ekunomic hardship, un’ studants who would be t’furst n’ thar famblies ta go ta college.

Payin f'r skool: Hoe ta pay f'r college without goin broke? Let us count t’ways

Reedin, Ritin un’ Arithmetic

Studants may neet a lil xtrey hep ta boost thar grades n’ a particlar subjeck. Math tuters air t’mos n’-demun’, but whutev'r t’subjeck, t’price tag is lackly ta be roughly acoupla-thirds t’cost of hiryun’ a tut'r f'r college entrance exams, Sklaroe sez.

Payin college tuishun – n’ high skool?

Sum famblies may reckun at a private high skool skoolin gives thar kids a strate shot ta a spot at one of t’nashun’s mos selectif’ colleges. But it could meun payin whut amounts ta college tuishun startin n’ sekundree skool.

N’ t’2018/19 skool year, private high skools cost $14,522 a year un avridge, accerdyun’ ta  N’ sum states, tuishun wuz fer har, averagyun’ $33,702 n’ Vermont un’ $31,154 n’ Massachusetts.  

If'n’n parnts ultimately deecide a private high skool is t’bes a’larnin environment f'r thar kids, thar choice shoultn’t hinge un t’assumpshun at such a background guarantees admission ta a highly selectif’ college.

“T’ days we y’all sort of bloe it all, maybe t’fambly savins, f'r un elite prep skool wiff t’hope at meens un elite college … air long gone,” Sklaroe sez. “It’s jes nairy whut colleges air a’lookin f'r today. It’s all about diversitee n’ t’freshmun class. And I knoe we people hear diversitee, thay reckun racial, but I meun everthang. Religiyus diversitee, geografic diversitee, occupatyunal diversitee.”

Air thems extracurriculars wurth it?

Musick lessuns un’ trane f'r sum sperts a’ke soar into t’housun’s of dollars, but thar’s no point n’ signyun’ up f'r lacrosse, pickin up a tennis racket, ow a’larnin hoe ta play t’oboe if'n’n y’all’re nairy all at innerestid.

People have ta weigh t’ amount of money thay’re spendin un sum of these thangs,” Sklaroe sez. “Verr few high skool athletes end up playyun’ n’ college … If'n’n y’all’re a’thankin a few xtrey lessuns air whut gits y'r avridge athlete ta suddenly be a superstar, at seems unlikely.”

T’ bes strategy is ta pursue y'r passion. “Studants should do thems thangs becawz thay luv ‘um, nairy becawz thay reckun it gits ‘um t’advantage f'r college admission,” he sez. 

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Startup cumpny FORM unveilet premium swim goggles at have AR integratid into t’lens. USA TODAY

Cerrectyuns & Clarificatyuns: An earli’r vershun of thishere stery imperperly attributid a quote. 

We use weerables ta count caleries, meesure heert rates un’ eve rate air qualtee of sleep.

Wiff heelthi’r a’livin n’ mind, we purchase youngn-frienly versyuns f'r air youngns un’ step-countin optyuns f'r grun’parants. Apple Watches, Fitbits un’ uth'r fitness-trackers air everwhar, wiff data-obsesset users tappyun’ away at tiny screens frum t’gym ta t’ doct'r’s offus.

It’s clar at consumers luv weerables un’ t’infermayshun thay provide – but do physishuns?

Docters have mixet vioos un hoe patyints gath’r un’ present infermayshun frum gadgets wiff quasi-medicull aspiratyuns. Mos say its a plus at patyints a’ke collect un’ curate m'r heelth-relatid data thun ev’r befer. Howev’r, brangin printid out pages of caleries burnet ow countid steps ta y'r nex check-up isn’t perzackly adviset.

Yuck! Neerly 30% of food deelivery drivers munch un y'r food n’ t’car, study sez

A’feelin tard? Burnout is officially a medicull condishun, accerdyun’ ta t’Worl Heelth Organizashun

Infermayshun overload

N’ fack, it becomes “jes a data dump” at t’cliniciun’s offus, accerdyun’ ta Neel Chokshi, medicull dierekter of t’sperts cardiology un’ fitness program at Penn Medasin, which has conductid sevrul studies un t’relatyunship twee consumers un’ thar weerabull devices. 

Chokshi set sum of t’ infermayshun providet by weerables is ackshly usefil f'r physishuns, but mos of it is nairy.

“My hypothesis is (fitness trackers) a’ke be usefil f'r docters. We jes have’t figgerd out hoe ta use ‘um quite yet,” set Chokshi. Wile t’devices have bee marketid as self-hep heelth tools f'r consumers, “we have’t’ rilly tole docters hoe ta use thishere infermayshun. Docters wuz’t trunet un thishere n’ medicull skool.”

A stery publishet n’ t’MIT Technology Revu echoet Chokshi’s santimants, a’findin at docters frum a numb’r of specialtees air unsure whut ta do wiff t’data like countid steps. 

Apple users have access ta t’Heelth app un’ developers a’ke utilize t’ HeelthKit platferm, which offers t’abiltee ta track heelth data includin medicull recerds, lab results un’ medicatyuns downloadet diereckly frum medicull institutyuns. Android users have Google Fit ta hep ‘um un’ thar docters analyze personal heelth trends.

Products frum FitBit, Garmin, un’ utherns a’ke monit'r a us’r’s heert rate un’ notify if'n’n it goes too high ow too loe, un’ thar air sevrul astowndin steries out thar of fitness trackers alertyun’ people of sudde medicull emergencees’.

Still, these benefits ta patyints air ofte only see n’ extreme cases we t’deevice is charget un’ worn long enough ta idantify a perse’s irregular heertbeet.

Unfertunately, ofte t’infermayshun isn’t easy f'r docters ta make sense of.

“As clinishuns, it a’ke be challengyun’ becawz these tracings air nairy verr clar. Sum a’ke be challengyun’ ta interpret. Uth'r times, patyints may rilly inundate (staff) wiff a slew of tracings ta look at,” set Shon Chakrabarti, un intervantyunal cardiologist un’ medicull dierekter at Abiomet, which manufactures medicull devices f'r people wiff heert problems.


A New Jersy woomin is alif’ becawz hern Apple Watch alertid hern ta un elevatid heert rate. It turnt out she had fluid roun hern heert frum a viral infecshun. USA TODAY


T' thar’s t’loomyun’ questchun of accuracy.

Heert rate meesuremants, which air a crown jewel of almos all fitness trackers, tend ta be t’mos accurate metric across weerables accerdyun’ ta a Stanferd study at examinet t’precision of t’ Apple Watch, Basis Peak, Fitbit Surge, Microsoft Bun’, Mio Alfa 2, PulseOn un’ t’Samsung Gear S2.

Thar’s still lots of room f'r technological 'rr'r becawz t’ trackers meesure y'r heert rate un y'r wrist rath’r thun clos’r ta y'r chest un’ reedings a’ke be skewet due ta movement un’ sweet. 

Nairy of t’seve devices meesuret energy expenditure (ow caleries burnet) accurately, t’study foun. Mos weerabull fitness trackers, wiff t’excepshun of Apple Watch Series 4’s EKG un’ irregular rhythm notificashun feetures, air nairy cleert by t’FDA ow appervet ta diagnose ow treet inny condityuns, so docters air wree about usall t’data ta treet patyints.

‘It savet my life’: Apple Watch, Fitbit air notifyyun’ users of medicull emergencees’

“I’d like ta see signifikuntly m'r, large-scale pe’r-reviewet studies validatyun’ t’accuracy of t’data befer we start basyun’ ke'r decisyuns un t’data,” set Ripley Hollist’r, a fambly medasin specialist who is a board memb’r of t’Physishuns Foundashun. 


T’ new Apple Watch Series 4 is packet wiff personal heelth feetures like heert-moniteryun’ un’ fall-detecshun. T’ Apple Watch Series 4 will be availabull n’ steres Septemb’r 21st. USA TODAY

Hollist’r also set at race, wate, un’ eve pregnancy a’ke skew t’data providet by fitness trackers. 

Whut docters do ke'r about is streemlinet data integrayshun un’ infermayshun at is clinically actyunabull, Chakrabarti set. Patyints who come into t’offus wiff accurate un’ reliabull data about thar underlyyun’ condishun ow symptoms could speet thangs up durin medicull emergencees’. 

“A slew of my patyints air verr regimantid folks, un’ thay would keep spreedsheets eve if'n’n thay didn’t have un Apple Watch. T’ only way we a’ke imperov is if'n’n we meesure,” set Chakrabarti, who treets a wide range of cardiovascular diseeses.  

Cumpnys have begun providyun’ AI-backet services at hep docters comb through mountins of medicull data providet by weerables like t’Apple Watch, cuttin down t’noise n’ thar day-ta-day practiss. FDA-appervet Cardiologs, f'r eggzample, uses cloud technology un’ AI ta hep docters make actyunabull decisyuns baset un detailet heert reedings. 

T’ foun’r of Cardiologs, Yann Fleureeu, tole USA TODAY at fitness trackers air see as “pre-clinical devices, at enabull patyints ta git ta t’doct'r un’ start relevant ke'r.” Docters seem ta be OK wiff thar patyints’ affinitees wiff weerables, as long as thay recognize at t’gadgets air nun-certifiet un’ at t’data is nonclinical.

Bof Chakrabarti un’ Hollist’r wear Apple Watches. 

“All patyints should feel empoweret ta manage thar lifestyle wiff whut wurks bes f'r ‘um,” Hollist’r set. “But wuth'r ow nairy (weerables) lead ta imperovd heelth outcomes outside of cardiovascular activitee remuns ta be see.”

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