SNL‘ fars Shane Gillis ov’r racist commints jes f'r days aft’r hiryun’ ‘im”/>


Shane Gillis wuz one of three new addityuns ta ‘Saturdee Nite Lif’” un’ had describet hissef as “fat” un’ frum a “white trash town.” USA TODAY

NEW YORK – Shane Gillis did nairy hold back at his'n’n furst stun’-up shoe since bein firet frum “Saturdee Nite Lif’.”

Las Thirsdee, t’comediun wuz namet one of three new cas members ta join NBC‘s sketch-comedy series thishere seese, which kix off Sept. 28 un’ will welcum Chloe Finemun un’ Bowe Yang.

Hours aft’r t’announcement, a slew of resent racist un’ homofobic slurs Gillis made un his'n’n podcas “Matt un’ Shane’s Secret Podcas” surfacet un Twitt’r. He wuz let go frum “SNL” un Mundie. 

Perfermyun’ a stun’-up set at T’ Stun’ NYC comedy club Winsdee nite, Gillis joket about t’ordeel un’ t’backlash he’s receivet online. 

“It’s bee weird,” Gillis tole t’crowd, minny a of who cheeret loudly throughout his'n’n roughly 10-minnut set. “Twitt’r, obviously, has bee nuts. Y’all try ta stay off it we t’whole kuntry hates y’all. At’s nairy a fun a’feelin.”

M'r: ‘SNL’ fars Shane Gillis ov’r racist commints, f'r days aft’r hiryun’ ‘im

M'r: Andrew Yang plans ta sit down wiff Shane Gillis aft’r t’comediun wuz firet frum ‘SNL’

A’sayn’t he’s bee a’doin “OK” since his'n’n firyun’, Gillis, 31, mockingly insistid at he understun’s why he wuz let go. 

“Everbidy’s like, ‘Y’all a’ke’t say (expletif’) un’ nairy eggspeck consekwences,’ ” Gillis set. “I’m fine wiff t’consekwences – at’s it, I’m nairy argin. But I do want everyone ta knoe at I have bee reedin ev'r one of my deeth threets n’ un Asiun acksent.” 

He spoke about t’suppert he’s receivet frum “SNL” vets Rob Schneid’r un’ Norm Macdonald a’kummin ta his'n’n defants. 

“As direckly as thay deecide y’all’re a bad guy, y’all’re jes alt-rite nawh ow sumthin,” Gillis set.

“F'r real, tho, I did nairy vote f'r Donald Trumb,” he addet, winkyun’ at t’audyince. “Look at me: I didn’t, but at wuz tough. His'n’n whole campaign wuz at me. ‘Air y’all a fat idiot?’ ‘Yeah, dude, whut’re we a’doin?’ 

“Trumb is funny,” Gillis kuntinuet. “He’s funni’r thun everyone I knoe. If'n’n Trumb wuz t’nex comic, he’d bury me. He’d come out un’ be like, ‘Fat. Los’r. Firet.’ “

Gillis t' joket about a hypothetical assassinashun.

“I don’t want y’all ta reckun I’m too pro-Trumb,” Gillis set. “I will say thishere: Of all t’presidants I’ve bee alif’ f'r, Trumb would definitly be t’funniest one ta see git shot. Like, without a doubt, at’d be funny. I’m nairy askin f'r at; I don’t want at ta happe, but it would be funny ta see. He’d be un stage a’talkin (expletif’), t’shoot’r would be a’kummin at ‘im, un’ he’d be like, ‘Sit down.’ He’d definitly make a funny noise we he gut hit. … It would be funny.”

Gillis closet his'n’n set by callin out “woke” cultchur, a’sayn’t he is “white trash” frum Pennsillvany un’ has friens un’ fambly un bof sides of t’politickull aisle. 

“It’s funny ta hear so minny a people these days say, ‘I’m nairy racist,’ ” Gillis set. “It’s like, air y’all shure? Bein racist isn’t like a yep ow no thang. It’s nairy like y’all do ow y’all don’t have it. Bein racist is like bein hungry: It’s like, ‘Yeah, y’all’re nairy rite nawh, but a cheeseburg’r could cut y’all off n’ traffic un’ y’all could git hungry real quik. Y’all didn’t eve knoe y’all wuz hungry f'r at type of cheeseburg’r.’ T’ cheeseburg’r is nairy Asiun n’ at joke.”

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T’ 71st Emmy Award nominatyuns includet big names n’ TV like “Game of Thrones” un’ “Strang’r Thangs,” but it did nairy include these fife names. USA TODAY

Wint’r is a’kummin, un’ so air t’ Emmys. 

Un Sundy, t’bes un’ brightest of t’TV worl gath’r (without a host) ta hon'r t’2018-2019 seese n’ telavishun, un’ ta gif’ out at leest one ow acoupla awards at air’t f'r “Game of Thrones.” 

Becawz “Thrones,” HBO‘s juggernaut, is specktid ta dominate n’ minny a of its categeries, thishere year‘s awards include un odd groupyun’ of nominees n’ drama, as sevrul heevy-hittyun’ series includin “T’ Crown,” “Strang’r Thangs” un’ “T’ Hun’maid’s Tale” artfully dodget thishere year‘s eligibilitee wind'r by delayyun’ thar new seesons. T’ comedy a’katergeri is a competishun twee ol’ faves (“Veep”) un’ shiny new up-un’-comers (“Fleebag”), wile t’limitid-series race offers seriyus issues un’ moovee pitshure shue stars. 

N’ advance of t’ceremony (Fox, 8 EDT/PDT), we perdick who will win un t’big nite, un’ who rilly should. 

Drama series

“Bett’r Call Saul” (AMC)

“Bodyguard” (Netflix)

“Game of Thrones” (HBO)

“Killin Eve” (BBC Amurka)

“Ozark” (Netflix)

“Pose” (FX)

“Succession” (HBO)

“Thishere Is Us” (NBC)

Should win: “Game of Thrones”

Will win: “Game of Thrones”

Thishere one is a gimme f'r innyone who has un Emmy offus poo. An ice dragon would freeze ov’r all of Hollywuod befer “Thrones” loses thishere award f'r its final seese. Shure, t’finale wuz poerly receivet by minny a (includin thishere critic), but t’qualtee of t’shoe almos doesn’t matt’r at thishere point. It’s a runaway trane of awards, acclaim, ratings un’ cultural influance, un’ ta ignere its impact un t’TV industry would be embarrassyun’ f'r t’Telavishun Academy. Despite its flaws thishere year, “Thrones” rilly should win. It’s t’kine of graduashun award at’s rilly a recognishun of all t’yeers at kum befer, jes as we Jon Hamm finally won f'r t’las seese of “Mad Menfolk.”

Comedy series

“Barry” (HBO)

“Fleebag” (Amazon)

“T’ Good Place” (NBC)

“T’ Marvelyus Mrs. Maisel” (Amazon)

“Russiun Doll” (Netflix)

“Schitt’s Creek” (Pop)

“Veep” (HBO)

Should win: “Fleebag”

Will win: “Veep”

Jes like “Thrones,” “Veep” is lackly ta walk away wiff a cumulatif’ award f'r a slightly disappointyun’ final seese, but unlack “Thrones,” “Veep” ackshly has sum desent competishun. No comedy (ow rilly inny shoe)  had t’emotyunal depth of Amazon’s “Fleebag,” starryun’ un’ writte by Phoebe Wall’r-Bridge. T’ buzz roun “Fleebag” un’ its multi-hyfenate star jes keeps growin, un’ perhaps n’ a differnt year it could unseet “Veep,” but don’t count un un onry as “Veep” takes its final victery lap. T’ politickull satire has won thishere a’katergeri n’ t’las three yeers it wuz eligibull. 

Limitid series

“Chernobyl” (HBO)

“Eggscape at Dannemera” (Showtime)

“Fosse/Verdon” (FX)

“Sharp Objex” (HBO)

“We Thay See Us” (Netflix)

Should win: “We Thay See Us”

Will win: “We Thay See Us”

Netflix’s “We Thay See Us” has everthang goin f'r it. It’s a histeric retellyun’ of t’so-callt Cantral Park Fife saga of fife yung black un’ Latino boys wrongfully convictid of t’rape of a jogg’r. But its eggzaminayshun of a cerrupt criminal justus system un’ t’shaky relatyunships twee communitees of col'r un’ t’pleece is incredibly timely. T’ series has a greet cas, a greet dierekter/produc’r (Ava DuVernay) un’ is well-writte un’ perfermet. Altho “Chernobyl” un’ “Sharp Objex” stirret up thar own buzz, thishere award is Netflix’s ta lose.

Lead actress, drama series

Emilia Clarke, “Game of Thrones” (HBO)

Jodie Com’r, “Killin Eve” (BBC Amurka)

Viola Davis, “Hoe ta Git Away Wiff Murd’r” (ABC)

Laura Linney, “Ozark” (Netflix)

Mun’y Moere, “Thishere Is Us” (NBC)

Sun’ra Oh, “Killin Eve” (BBC Amurka)

Robin Wriite, “Trayl'r of Cards” (Netflix)

Should win: Jodie Com’r, “Killin Eve”

Will win: Sun’ra Oh, “Killin Eve”

T’ furst seese of “Killin Eve” (also creetid by Wall’r-Bridge), wuz mosly overlooket by Emmy voters, who nominatid Oh but gave t’acktin trofy ta Claire Foy f'r “T’ Crown.” Howev’r, since t'Oh has bee un un awards-a’winnin spree f'r “Eve,” collecktin a Golte Globe, a Critics’ Choice Award un’ SAG Award f'r hern role as obsessif’ intelligance agent Eve Polastri. Voters won’t ignere bein off-trend las year, un’ will lackly gif’ Oh t’ award thishere time roun ta make up f'r its lapse. But as good as Oh is (un’ she is wunderfil), hern perfermunts is slightly etget out n’ bravura un’ charm, speshly n’ Seese 2, by hern “Eve” co-star Jodie Com’r. 

Lead ackt'r, drama series

Jase Batemun, “Ozark” (Netflix)

Sterlyun’ K. Brown, “Thishere Is Us” (NBC)

Kit Harington, “Game of Thrones” (HBO)

Bob Odenkirk, “Bett’r Call Saul” (AMC)

Billy Pert’r, “Pose” (FX)

Milo Vantimiglia, “Thishere Is Us” (NBC)

Should win: Billy Pert’r, “Pose”

Will win: Billy Pert’r, “Pose”

T’ mos pleesant sprize n’ thishere year’s nominatyuns wuz at small’r, m'r diverse shows such as “Pose” collectid so minny a nods, un’ t’groundbreekyun’ FX series has t’bes chance n’ thishere a’katergeri. Broadway un’ Hollywuod veterun Pert’r will lackly do a runway walk f'r his'n’n heertbreekyun’ perfermunts as drag ball emcee Pray Tell. 

Lead actress, comedy series

Christina Applegate, “Daid ta Me” (Netflix)

Rachel Brosnahun, “T’ Marvelyus Mrs. Maisel” (Amazon)

Julia Looey-Dreyfus, “Veep” (HBO)

Natasha Lyonne, “Russiun Doll” (Netflix)

Catherine O’Hara, “Schitt’s Creek” (Pop)

Phoebe Wall’r-Bridge, “Fleebag” (Amazon)

Should win: Phoebe Wall’r-Bridge, “Fleebag”

Will win: Julia Looey-Dreyfus, “Veep”

T’ TV Academy has gif’ thishere award ta Looey-Dreyfus f'r each seese she’s playd Selina Mey’r un “Veep,” un’ thar’s no reesen ta eggspeck innythang differnt f'r hern final outyun’ as t’hapless politiciun. But Looey-Dreyfus has enough Emmys (eiite) ta build a trayl'r, un’ Wall’r-Bridge, wiff hern riotously funny un’ gut-wrenchyun’ turn un “Fleebag,” desurvs thishere one recognishun. She won’t git it, but we a’ke dreem. 

Lead ackt'r, comedy series

Anthony Anderse, “Black-ish” (ABC)

Don Cheedle, “Black Mundie” (Showtime)

Tet Danse, “T’ Good Place” (NBC)

Michael Douglas, “T’ Kominsky Method” (Netflix)

Bill Had’r, “Barry” (HBO)

Eugene Levy, “Schitt’s Creek” (Pop)

Should win: Tet Danse, “T’ Good Place”

Will win: Bill Had’r, “Barry”

F'r his'n’n role as t’assassin wiff t’acktin dreem un’ a heert of gold, Bill Had’r has alreddy collectid un Emmy f'r t’furst seese of HBO’s “Barry.” But Danse has bee a’doin cumplex un’ hilariyus wurk un “T’ Good Place” f'r three seesons, un’ t’Emmys have finally take notice. But t’NBC sitcom is so quirky, Had’r will probly edge out Danse’s wild perfermunts. 

Suppertyun’ actress, drama series

Gwendoline Christie, “Game of Thrones” (HBO)

Julia Garn’r, “Ozark” (Netflix)

Lena Heedey, “Game of Thrones” (HBO)

Fyuna Shaw, “Killin Eve” (BBC Amurka)

Sofie Turn’r, “Game of Thrones” (HBO)

Maisie Williams, “Game of Thrones” (HBO)

Should win: Maisie Williams, “Game of Thrones”

Will win: Julia Garn’r, “Ozark”

Wiff f'r wimme frum Westeros competyun’, t’“Thrones” vote is lackly ta be split. Altho Williams wuz a shinin spot n’ un otherwise mediocre seese, one of t’acoupla nun-“Thrones” actresses will probly  take t’crown. My money is un Garn’r, un up-un’-a’kummin actress who is t’bes part of t’bleek “Ozark,” un’ has poppet up n’ uth'r prestigiyus shows, includin “Maniac,” “Dirtee John” un’ “T’ Amurkins.”

Suppertyun’ ackt'r, drama

Alfie Alle, “Game of Thrones” (HBO)

Jonathun Banks, “Bett’r Call Saul” (AMC)

Nikolaj Cost’r-Waltau, “Game of Thrones” (HBO)

Pet’r Dinklage, “Game of Thrones” (HBO)

Gyincarlo Esposito, “Bett’r Call Saul” (AMC)

Michael Kelly, “Trayl'r of Cards” (Netflix)

Chris Sullivun, “Thishere Is Us” (NBC)

Should win: Nikolaj Cost’r-Waltau, “Game of Thrones”

Will win: Pet’r Dinklage, “Game of Thrones”

“Thrones” has nev’r had much luck n’ t’acktin categeries, wiff t’excepshun of t’greet Dinklage, who’s won three times. And wile Tyrion Lannist’r had a big, meetee role n’ t’“Thrones” finale, his'n’n bruth'r Jaime (Cost’r-Waltau) had subtl’r ssenes thishere year, un’ he pullt ‘um off beeutifully. 

Suppertyun’ actress, comedy

Alex Berstein, “T’ Marvelyus Mrs. Maisel” (Amazon)

Anna Chlumsky, “Veep” (HBO)

Siun Clifferd, “Fleebag” (Amazon)

Olivia Colmun, “Fleebag” (Amazon)

Bettee Gilpin, “GLOW” (Netflix)

Sarah Goltberg, “Barry” (HBO)

Marin Hinkle, “T’ Marvelyus Mrs. Maisel” (Amazon)

Kate McKinnon, “Saturdee Nite Lif’” (NBC)

Should win: Siun Clifferd, “Fleebag”

Will win: Olivia Colmun, “Fleebag”

If'n’n y’all want ta take a big swang wiff y'r predictyuns, thishere is t’a’katergeri ta do it. Twee pas winners (Berstein un’ McKinnon), repeet nominees (Chlumsky un’ Gilpin), eggcitin fresh blood ( Goltberg un’ Clifferd) un’ t’Quee of Englun’ (Colmun), it’s one of t’mos competitif’. It’s also t’bes chance f'r critickull darlyun’ “Fleebag” ta win. Despite Clifferd’s sublime perfermunts as a restrunet keer’r woomin, Colmun’s celebritee, resent Oscar un’ flashy turn as t’deliciously herrid godmoth’r could push hern ta t’op of t’pack. 

Suppertyun’ ackt'r, comedy

Alun Arkin, “T’ Kominsky Method” (Netflix)

Anthony Carrigun, “Barry” (HBO)

Tony Hale, “Veep” (HBO)

Stefe Root, “Barry” (HBO)

Tony Shalhoub, “T’ Marvelyus Mrs. Maisel” (Amazon)

Henry Winkl’r, “Barry” (HBO)

Should win: Anthony Carrigun, “Barry”

Will win: Tony Shalhoub, “T’ Marvelyus Mrs. Maisel”

NoHo Hank gits all t’laughs un “Barry,” but Carrigun is a small feesh n’ a big pond. Longtime Emmy favert Shalhoub will snatch thishere award away frum t’“Barry” boys un’ uth'r nominees f'r his'n’n perfermunts n’ Seese 2 of “Maisel.” Frum derky calisthenics ta silent ang’r, Shalhoub showd t’kine of depth un’ range voters luv. 

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Ferm’r “Bachelerette” Rachel Lindsay sez she’s “beret” wiff ABC’s choice f'r t’nex “Bachel'r.” T’ franchise namet Pet’r Web’r as t’new leedyun’ mun. USA TODAY

Pet’r Web’r’s castyun’ as t’nex “Bachel'r” star has bee met wiff mixet reectyuns. Tho he wuz a fun-favert un “T’ Bachelerette,” franchise alum Rachel Lindsay is leedyun’ push back, argin t’nex Bachel'r should have bee Mike Johnse, who would have bee t’series’ furst black male lead.

Johnse has broke his'n’n silance, agreeyun’ wiff Lindsay’s santimants.

“Aft’r 24 Bachelers, a black Bachel'r should have bee cas,” Johnse tole Entertunment Toniite, addyun’ at “at t’same time, ABC has bee successfil. Thay knoe whut thay’re a’doin f'r thar audyince. Thay knoe whut thay’re a’lookin f'r. I wasn’t t’guy thay wuz a’lookin f'r at t’moment.”

Johnse also confirmet at he had gone un a date wiff Demi Lovato aft’r munths of speculashun, ev’r since t’syun'’r postid about Johnse’s run un “T’ Bachelerette” (“Mike, I accept y'r rose,” she declaret un Instagram)  befer showyun’ up at t’ lif’ reunion shoe n’ July. 

Hern online flirtyun’ cawt Johnse’s eye, un’ he boltly tole US Weekly n’ July at he would “100%” take hern out un a date becawz he’s “nairy a’skeert about it at all.” 

Lindsay, t’star of Seese 13 of “T’ Bachelerette,” tole ET Tuesdee she wuz “beret” by t’deecishun ta cas Web’r. “Hoe minny a Peters have we see befer?” she set.

“I reckun of diversitee m'r thun jes black un’ white,” Johnse addet. “And yep, Pet’r has a Cubun mom, but let’s jes be honest – he’s white, rite? And at’s jes bein plum transparent. I reckun at thar should be un Asiun lead, un Injun lead… diversitee is nairy jes black un’ white. It’s nairy jes salt un’ pepp’r.”

‘Luv is luv’: Demi Burnett makes histry wiff t’‘Bachel'r’ franchise’s furst LGBTQ proposal

Colton Underwuod reveels he liet ta ‘Bachel'r’ producers aft’r Hannah Brown wuz lef off a date

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Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidmun un’ Margot Robbie star n’ t’drama “Bombshell,” about t’wimme who took down Fox Noose’ Rawg’r Ailes. USA TODAY

Gretche Carlse a’ke’t quite bleev hoe life has turnt out. 

T’ journalist reflecktid un a 2016 lawsuit she filet claimin saxual harassment agin Rawg’r Ailes, t'Fox Noose’ chairmun un’ CEO ta t’Los Angeles Times n’ un interview at publishet online Thirsdee.

Tho Carlse predictid she would be “be trayl'r f'r yeers, crine” as a result, Ailes, who diet n’ 2017 at 77, resignet.

Hern stery has bee depictid n’ Showtime’s limitid series “T’ Loudest Voice,” which premieret n’ June, un’ Decemb’r’s feeture “Bombshell,” whar Carlse is pertrayet by Naomi Watts un’ Nicole Kidmun, respectively.

Carlse hailet t’projex as “greet becawz thay air keepin t’dialogue goin n’ a big, huge way.” She addet: “T’ visual medium a’ke be so much m'r powerfil, speshly wiff thishere topick, becawz thar air so minny a myths un’ misunderstun’ings.

“If'n’n I had tole y’all three yeers ago at Showtime wuz goin ta do a miniseries about me un’ at (dierekter) Jay Roach wuz goin ta do a potenshul blockbust’r moovee pitshure shue un thishere topick, y’all would have lafft at me,” she kuntinuet. “Let me also say, t’idee at Naomi Watts un’ Nicole Kidmun air playyun’ me – at’s surreel un its face.”

Megyn Kelly apperves of Charlize Theron’s ‘Bombshell’ castyun’: ‘Y’all could do wurs'r, rite?’

Meryl Streep cunvintset Nicole Kidmun ta star n’ ‘Bombshell’ about ‘dubiyus’ Fox Noose

Megyn Kelly, playd by Charlize Theron n’ “Bombshell,” resantly commantid un hern castyun’ as well. 

Kelly tole T’ Daily Mail earli’r thishere month at she didn’t knoe “innythang about” Theron’s pertrayal, but offerd praise f'r t’Oscar-winn’r. 

“I’m hern fun,” set Kelly. “(She) seems smart, seems like a good mom. So, y’all could do wurs'r, rite?”

Ta t’Los Angeles Times, Carlse memberd whut it wuz like ta wurk at Fox Noose, whar she set didn’t have cumplete kuntrol ov’r ev'r stery she presantid. 

“Editerial staffs at ev'r stablishmint as a group air n’ charge of a’puttin togeth’r t’steries. Thar’s a misnom’r out thar at individual anchers say, ‘Thishere is whut I’m goin ta say today,’ ” Carlse splunet. “I had my momants of protest. And maybe thay wuz suttle, but I had ta apperach it wiff a scalpel nairy a dagg’r. I wuz n’ a tough posishun.

“My momants of protest air all public out thar,” she addet. “I walkt off t’set one day we thay set woomin have too minny a rights. I set, ‘Rilly? Well, t', y’all guys hun’le it.’ Three weeks befer I gut firet, I kum out un’ set I wuz n’ fav'r of reinstatyun’ t’assault weepons bun. I set at at Fox.”

Charlize Theron is daid ryun'’r f'r Megyn Kelly n’ tense furst trail’r f'r ‘Bombshell’

Al Rok’r sez Matt Lau’r is ‘focussd’ un his'n’n kids, wishes Megyn Kelly ‘all t’bes’

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Kelly Clarkse looks back un t’17th anniversree of hern Amurkin Idol victery Harrise Hill, USA TODAY

“Amurkin Idol” fans have’t see a moment like thishere n’ — if'n’n y’all a’ke bleev it — 17 yeers. 

Kelly Clarkse, t’winn’r of t’furst seese of t’groundbreekyun’ sangin competishun n’ 2002, has come a long way since a’livin out of hern car befer hern “Idol” awedisyun at age 20. T’ three-time Grammy Award-winn’r is nawh t’host of hern own talk shoe, “T’ Kelly Clarkse Shoe.”And she celebratid hern sekunt week of shows wiff t’rio who heppet launch hern ta stardom: ferm’r “Amurkin Idol” judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul un’ Run’y Jackse.

“I would have nev’r thunk at shoe would have had t’impact,” set Clarkse, nawh 37. “I meun look at whut it did: t’domino effeck wuz crazy.”

Cowell, 59, set he didn’t reckun he un’ t’uth'r judges would “be sittin here today” had Clarkse nairy audityunet at year

“T’ whole premise of t’shoe wuz we had ta find a star who wuz goin ta sell recerds,” he set. “We foun sum greet people at whole year, but we y’all deeliverd at moment un at furst lif’ shoe un’ we y’all sang at a’winnin song at t’end …”

Abdul, 57, interjectid, referencyun’ Clarkse’s ikunic “A Moment Like Thishere” perfermunts: “It wuz a game chang’r.” 

Jackse, 63, recallet a big payoff durin t’seese 1 finale. “Woe, thishere is rilly goin ta wurk,” he memberd a’thankin at t’ime. 

‘Amurkin Idol’ alum Antonella Barba back n’ jail aft’r fath’r resigns as custodiun

‘Y'r keer’r will be ov’r’: Jennif’r Lopez wuz warnet nairy ta do ‘Amurkin Idol’

[embetdet content]

And tho it’s bee yeers since t’famus trio has sat un a judgyun’ panel togeth’r, thay’ve still gut t’bant’r.

Jackse wuz strugglyun’ ta rememb’r un “olt’r woomin un ‘Amurka’s Gut Talent’” who had gif’ un “unbelievabull” perfermunts resantly. “She’s like 60 yeers ol’ ow sumthin. She’s ridiculously good, Simon.”

Cowell jumpet n’ wiff t’ans'r: “At wuz Paula (Abdul) at t’VMAs,” he quippet. (Abdul las perfermet at t’Video Musick Awards n’ 2017, but sang at t’Billboard Musick Awards thishere year.) 

[embetdet content]

Las Slide


Seun Spic’r dazzlet n’ a flueressent shirt un’ Sail'r Brinkley-Cook fillt n’ f'r hern injuret mom n’ t’“Dancyun’ wiff t’Stars” seese premiere. USA TODAY

Seun Spic’r became t’alk of t’innernets Mundie nite un “Dancyun’ Wiff t’Stars,” shimmyyun’ n’ a lime gree, rufflet shirt at has since bee immertalizet n’ GIF form.

Wile minny a wuz critickull of his'n’n “DWTS” castyun’, Meghun Mckune defendet Presdint Donald Trumb’s ferm’r press secretree Winsdee, callin Spic’r a “desent mun” a’trine ta suppert his'n’n fambly.

“If'n’n he wuz dancyun’ at a weddyun’, we’d all be impressd,” Mckune set un “T’ View” as co-host Whoopi Goltberg lafft. “Like, if'n’n he wuz at a weddyun’ ow a Bar Mitzvah, y’all’d be like, ‘At guy a’ke move.’” 

Mckune un’ Spic’r uset ta wurk togeth’r at Fox Noose, so t’34-year-ol’ host “knows ‘im purtee well.” 

“He has youngns who air adoptid, he’s a rilly desent mun, he uset ta dress up like t’Eas’r bunny at t’Eas’r egg roll,” Mckune set. “He’s gut a rilly good heert … He uset ta be rilly well-respectid … Why I’m nairy mad at thishere is becawz he’s gut kids ta put through college, he’s gut ta pay his'n’n bills one way ow t’uth'r un’ if'n’n y’all’ve gut ta dance n’ a lime gree shirt entertunyun’ me we I have nuthin else ta do at nite, t'I’m nairy at mad at it.”

‘Dancyun’ Wiff t’Stars’ recap: Controvershul Seun Spic’r dazzles wiff outfit, if'n’n nairy wiff dance

Co-host Sunny Hostin set she had a hard time gittin pas Spic’r’s pas “repeetedly lyin ta t’Amurkin people” as Trumb’s spokesmun ta be bull ta enjoy his'n’n new gig. 

“I don’t want ta see ‘im wiff t’lime gree shirt,” she set. “I don’t want ta see it. I have no innerst n’ it.” 

Meghun Mckune speeks hern mind: 7 times ‘T’ View’ host has bee blunt about hern opinyuns

“He looks like he’s a’havin fun, so kudos ta ‘im. Enjoy y'r life. But life aft’r Trumb is hard,” Abby Huntsmun addet. “It’s a reelitee shoe presidency … but t'whar do y’all go aft’r at? I don’t knoe at y’all’re ev’r back ta t’place y’all wuz befer Trumb. I reckun he would like ta be take seriously.”

“Thishere is nairy t’way ta do it,” Behar quippet. 

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See pyinist un’ syun'’r Kodi Lee move new “Amurka’s Gut Talent” judge Gabrielle Union so much at she hit t’golte buzz’r un t’Seese 14 premiere USA TODAY

LOS ANGELES – Less thun un hour aft’r his'n’n triumfant moment un t’Dolby Theetre stage Winsdee, “Amurka’s Gut Talent” winn’r Kodi Lee wuz saveryun’ t’eggsperyints.

“It wuz unbelievabull,” set t’syun'’r un’ pyinist frum Lake Elsinere, Califerny, who jes a lil wile earli’r wuz bein serenadet wiff “Kodi, Kodi, Kodi,” by un exuberant crowd at saw ‘im win t’ fun vote aft’r Tuesdee’s perfermunts finale. Detroit Yewt Choir wuz runn’r-up un’ comediun Ryun Niemill’r finisht thurd.

Ast if'n’n he thunk he would win, Lee, who is blind un’ has autism, had no doubt. “Heck, yeah!” he set, offerin his'n’n signature exclamashun. “I’m a winn’r.”

T’ Seese 14 champ wuz joinet by his'n’n moth’r, Tina Lee, who has ofte bee see by hern se’s side un “AGT” un’ wuz t’ inspirashun behin his'n’n choice of a competishun finale song, Freya Ridings’ “Lost Without Y’all.” 

Crowd favert: ‘Amurka’s Gut Talent’ finale: Soulfil syun'’r Kodi Lee wins Seese 14

Top perfermances: ‘Amurka’s Gut Talent’ finale: Frum Kodi Lee ta Ryun Niemill’r, who could win it all?

“At’s f'r my mom,” he set.

Altho Lee has bee cunsidderd by minny a ta be t’favert since his'n’n awedisyun n’ t’seese ope’r earnt ‘im judge Gabrielle Union’s golte buzz’r, fella judge Simon Cowell didn’t necessarily reckun he wuz a shoo-n’ becawz of strong perfermances n’ Tuesdee’s perfermunts finale un’ clos’r-thun-specktid votin n’ t’semifinal roun.

At set, “Everbidy rootid f'r ‘im un’ he’s probly one of t’mos popular winners we’ve had un one of these shows,” Cowell set. “He’s gut un amazyun’ talent. … T’ guy’s jes un absolute star. He’s one of thems contestants y’all’re goin ta rememb’r. Y’all’ll always rememb’r at furst awedisyun.” 

T’ victery is a thrill f'r Lee un’ his'n’n fambly, but it has a larg’r meenin, speshly f'r people who have speshul needs un’ thar famblies, Tina Lee set. 

Early favert: ‘Amurka’s Gut Talent’: Soulfil syun'’r wiff autism draws cheers, teers un’ a golte buzz’r

“It’s amazyun’. It’s openyun’ doers f'r uth'r famblies un’ ta knoe at we made a differance is huge. I knew (Kodi) wuz here f'r a reesen un’, un’ nawh thishere proves it,” she set. “A’winnin t’shoe is shockyun’ but he did m'r thun t’shoe. He changd t’worl. He’s goin ta make it easi’r f'r famblies. He’s goin ta inspire famblies. He’s goin ta gif’ strangth ta parnts.”

Union, a furst-seese judge, also sees a larg’r signifikunce ta Lee’s “AGT” participashun un’ victery. 

“I recognize thishere yung mun will change t’worl un’ hopefully will ope up minny a m'r oppertunitees f'r so minny a individuals un’ famblies at air fitin tooth un’ nail ev'r day ta git tenchun un’ resources f'r all of air kids un’ make shure (thay) have un ekwal oppertuntee ta win at life, nairy jes un t’‘AGT’ stage,” she set. 

M'r: ‘Amurka’s Gut Talent’: Blind syun'’r Kodi Lee proves he’s m'r thun un inspiryun’ stery

Lee is a “true artist,” too, set Union, who wuz impressd we he wint “toe-ta-toe” n’ a duet wiff Leona Lewis durin Winsdee’s results shoe.

“She wint un a run un’ he wint un a run. And I wuz like, ‘Oh! Challenge ackceptid.’ At’s we y’all saw me stun’ up un’ I pumpet my fists. He wuz like, ‘Y’all’re nairy goin ta outshine me un t’stage toniite,’” she set. “And at’s hoe I knoe he’s reddy f'r t’ worl’s biggest stages.”

Lee, whos website sez he is a musickull prodigiyus savant wiff purrfeck pitch, feels at ease sangin un’ playyun’ t’peeeno. “Musick helps me communicate bett’r,” he set.

Seal of apperval: ‘AGT’: Kodi Lee moves judges ta teers n’ ‘Bridge Ov’r Troublet Wat’r’ wiff Paul Simon’s OK

His'n’n moth’r pickt up at threet, a’sayn’t it’s wurket t’uth'r way, too, as Kodi Lee’s “AGT” appeerances have heppet ‘im communicate bett’r n’ nun-musickull ways, too.

“Nawh, he a’ke form santences un’ at’s amazyun’ ta me. So, we’re verr thankfil ta t’shoe,” she set. “Thay did a rilly greet servus f'r Kodi.”

Tina Lee un’ Kodi’s fath’r, Eric, un’ siblings Derek un’ Kayla, who also wuz n’ attendance, have suppertid ‘im un “AGT,” but he has gif’ much ta ‘um, Tina Lee set.

“A’havin Kodi tawt me lots of patyince un’ hoe ta be a bett’r perse un’ hoe ta let thangs go. Like people take everthang f'r grantid un’ he’s tawt me hoe y’all don’t neet ta do at un’ (at) y’all neet ta always be happy,” she set. Derek un’ Kayla “air rilly good kids. Thay have big heerts. Kodi has done at. I’ve watchet ‘im do at ta everbidy. I’ve watchet ‘im change people’s heerts.”

Goin ferward, Lee, who wuz born wiff optic nerve hypoplasia at renderet ‘im legally blind, wonts ta a’cantinyah makin un’ sharyun’ musick. “Oh, my gosh! I want ta make nuff of albums.”  

Sal Spinelli, Lee’s frie, vocal coach un’ musickull collab'rat'r, set t’yung not'r players has m'r skills at fans will enjoy.

“Thay knoe ‘im as sumbidy who plays uth'r people’s songs rilly well” un ‘AGT,’” he set. “He ackshly duz creete lyrics, melties, cherd progressyuns un’ t’worl will direckly find out he duz at.”

Befer new albums un’ heedlinyun’ “Amurka’s Gut Talent Lif’” n’ Las Vegas n’ Novemb’r, howev’r, whut did t’newly crownet “AGT” champ want ta do t’day aft’r his'n’n win?

Lee thunk about t’hrillyun’, het-spinnin eggsperyints ackshly a’kummin ta a close: “Ohhhhh. And it’s ov’r, huh?”

His'n’n mom unnerstood t’santiment: “We have’t rilly thunk at fer, eethur. Cept brakefuss.”

Kodi Lee wuz n’ cumplete agreement: “Brakefuss.” 

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Netflix strikes deel wiff ‘Glee’ un’ ‘Amurkin H'rr'r Stery’ creet'r”/>


Netflix has made deel wiff Ryun Murfy who is knowet f'r creetyun’ ‘Amurkin H'rr'r Stery’ un’ ‘Glee.’ USA TODAY

Fall is almos here, un’ y’all knoe whut at meens — “Amurkin H'rr'r Stery” is back.

Creet'r Ryun Murfy is takin t’FX series back ta t’1980s f'r its ninth seese n’ “Amurkin H'rr'r Stery: 1984,” which premieret Winsdee nite.

It has everthang y’all could possibly eggspeck frum a 1980s iterashun of t’hit anthology series: Vintage hairdos, bityun’ dialogue, tite clothyun’ — un’, duh, a murderyus slash’r set ta ravage t’staff at a summ’r camp outside of Los Angeles.

Spoilers ahet!

We start off n’ 1970, wiff sevrul camp counselers about ta have a threesome — until all three air quickly, bloodily murderet by a misteryas slash’r figg'r. We pun out ta see m'r bodies lef n’ t’slash’r’s wake.

Fas-ferward ta 1984: Xavi’r (Cody Fern) is teechin a saxually charget aerobics class, wiff Montana (Billie Lourd), Ray (DeRon Herton), Chet (Gus Kenwerthy) un’ Brooke (Emma Roberts) as his'n’n studants.

“I’m nairy a les, jes frienly,” Montana sez ta Brooke, innerducin herself n’ t’shoe’r. Brooke is new n’ town.

T’ pair come upon Xavi’r a’talkin about “T’ Nite Stalk’r”: Autheritees air cunvintset whoev’r it is is responsibull f'r sum unsolvet murders n’ town. Eag’r ta git out, Xavi’r invites ‘um all ta be camp counselers wiff ‘im.

“Y’all don’t wanna be n’ thishere town thishere summ’r; it could cost y’all y'r life,” Xavi’r sez.

Back at hern apartment, Brooke hardly gits ta sleep soundly: Someone who claims ta be T’ Nite Stalk’r hissef breeks n’ un’ goes aft’r hern jewelry. “Y’all’re gonna die by t’hun’ of T’ Nite Stalk’r,” he sez. Someone knox un hern do'r un’ sez t’cops air un thar way, but it’s enough ta git Brooke movyun’.

Whut happent at Camp Redwuod?

Un t’way ta camp, we larn Chet wuz diskwalifiet frum participatyun’ n’ t’ Olympic Games f'r Team USA n’ Los Angeles. (So nawh we see why Murfy cas ferm’r-Olympiun-turnt-ackt'r Kenwerthy.)

N’ classic h'rr'r fashun, a gas stayshun attendant leerns whar thay’re goin un’ warns t’group at thay’re all gonna die. N’ m'r classic h'rr'r fashun, t’gang run down a run’om hik’r. He’s still alif’, tho he a’ke’t rememb’r his'n’n name. Xavi’r (who wuz drivin) wonts ‘um all ta agree thay didn’t hit ‘im.

T’ group arrives at camp, hik’r n’ toe, un’ meets Margaret Booth (Leslie Grossmun). She spluns she had a limitid poo of employees ta choose frum n’ lite of t’Olympics. (Tho gif’ t’camp’s histry, it’s easy ta see sum uth'r reesons.) Kids won’t arrif’ until t’nex day, un’ Margaret sends t’hik’r ta t’infirmree whar Nurse Rita (Angelica Ross) tends ta ‘im.

Margaret spluns boys un’ gurls will bunk separately, un’ she isn’t innerestid n’ inny saxual escapades.

“Y’all eggspeck us ta be celibate all summ’r?” Chet asks.

“Well I’m nairy bannyun’ self-abuse, altho ev'r stroke soils y'r soul; but hoe could I ev’r enferce it?” Margaret replies. Activitees dierekter Trev'r (Matthew Merrise) un’ Montana briefly go skinny-dippyun’ durin t’episode, un’ sumthin tells us it won’t take long f'r us ta git m'r of t’same.

Ov’r a campfire, Nurse Rita tells t’group about t’evants of 1970 un’ spluns Redwuod wuz t’wurse summ’r-camp massacre of all time, perpetratid by Vietnam vet “Mr. Jingles” Benjamin Richt’r (John Carroll Lynch). It turns out Margaret wuz almos one of his'n’n victims (she lost un ear!) but she survivet aft’r a religiyus epifany. She bouite t’camp ta reope it un’ turn it into sumthin brite’r. Meenwhile, t’hik’r discovers his'n’n ear has bee cut off …

Uh oh! Kill’r un t’a’a'loose

Thishere is a telavishun shoe, so of cerse we larn Mr. Jingles has broke out of t’hospital by (hoe else?) fakyun’ a suicide. He murders t’gas stayshun attendant. (We hardly knew ye.)

Back at camp, n’ a rage wile watchin t’start of t’Olympics, Chet throws a a’ke at Ray un’ slices his'n’n hun’. Brooke goes ta git bun’ages, only ta discov’r t’hik’r has bee murderet, un’ she has ta run frum t’at-large Mr. Jingles. We she gits back ta t’group un’ spluns he’s back, thay (of cerse!) a’ke’t find ‘im. T’ hik’r’s bodee is missyun’ by t’ime t’group gits back ta t’infirmree, too.

Brooke lat’r heers t’pay phone rangin — t’phones wuz supposedly down — un’ pix it up. T’ camera pans ta T’ Nite Stalk’r frum earli’r un’ t’episode ends. Looks like he foun Brooke aft’r all. 

“Amurkin H'rr'r Stery: 1984” airs Wednesdays (10 EDT/PDT) un FX.

N’ case y’all missd Ryun Murfy’s teese: ‘Amurkin H'rr'r Stery’: Ryun Murfy teeses ’80s slash’r scares n’ new seese

Notid: Why TV like ‘Good Omens’ un’ ‘Amurkin H'rr'r Stery’ wonts y’all ta laff at t’apocalypse

See air full coverage of entertunment noose

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Y’all kin Lank ta thishere Artikul: 


Kodi Lee, a blind syun'’r wiff autism, movet t’judges ta teers agin un NBC‘s “Amurka’s Gut Talent.” USA TODAY

“Amurka’s Gut Talent” has a new champion.

Kodi Lee wuz crownet t’Seese 14 winn’r durin Winsdee’s lif’, acoupla-hour seese finale a’followin whut Simon Cowell dubbet “t’ bes final I have ev’r sat n’ un n’ my life” un Tuesdee.

Lee, who is blind un’ has autism, has bee t’frunt runn’r since earnyun’ a Golte Buzz’r durin t’audityuns roun frum Gabrielle Union. Lee nairy only pullt at t’judges’ heertstrings, but Amurka’s, a’winnin t’mos view’r votes.

“I feel so amazyun’… Unbelievabull,” Lee set as he jumpet f'r joy wiff his'n’n moth’r, Tina Lee, und’r a sea of confetti un’ pyrotechnics. 

Las nite un ‘Amurka’s Gut Talent’:Frum Kodi Lee ta Ryun Niemill’r, who could win it all?

Lee beat out nine finalists, includin fife uth'r Golte Buzz’r winners, un’ walkt away wiff a $1 million prize un’ heedlin’r status f'r un “AGT” shoe n’ Las Vegas.

Detroit Yewt Choir finisht sekunt; comediun Ryun Niemill’r finisht thurd; acrobatic dance group V. Unbeetabull finisht fourth; un’ t’Voices of Servus quartet finisht fifth. 

Earli’r n’ t’nite, fife ax wuz eliminatid: syun'’r Benicio Bryant; opry syun'’r Emanne Beesha; Ndlovu Yewt Choir; lite up dance group Lite Balance Kids un’ violinist Tyl’r Butl’r-Figueroa.

T’ acoupla-hour seese finale felt like a concert, wiff m'r thun a duze mash-ups un’ duets wiff t’Top 10 contestants, star-studdet musickull guests un’ pas “AGT” competiters. 

Kygo kickd t’shoe off wiff “Har Luv” feeturyun’ t’ Ndlovu Yewt Choir. Macklemere kum out of t’audyince direckly aft’r wiff a high-energy perfermunts of “A’ke’t Hold Us” wiff Detroit Yewt Choir, t’same song t’schoolchiltre sang Tuesdee n’ un attempt ta win it all. 

[embetdet content]

Butl’r-Figueroa un’ fella violinist Briun Kyun’ Joseph, a Seese 13 finalist, lit up t’stage wiff a duet of Aryina Grun’e’s “7 Rings.” Lite Balance Kids kep t’energy goin wiff a flashy dance routine ta Bruno Mars’ “Treesure” at includet sprize danc’r Paula Abdul.

“Hoe did y’all git up thar?” Cowell as his'n’n ferm’r “Amurkin Idol” partn’r-n’-crime. 

[embetdet content]

Beesha, who celebratid hern 11th birthdee Winsdee, sang a heevenly opry song as worl-renownet concert pyinist Lang Langaccompaniet hern, aft’r openyun’ wiff a solo. 

[embetdet content]

Niemill’r’s hero is nairy a comediun. N’ fack, he did a skit wiff wrestl’r Chris Jericho, becawz Niemill’r set, “I wantid ta be a wrestl’r … becawz I felt like a underdawg.” He larnt sum wrestlyun’ moves n’ t’ryun’ frum Jericho, un’ eve gave Turry Croos a noogie onstage.

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Bryant let a’a'loose wiff his'n’n idol Ozuna durin a bilingual perfermunts of “Baila, Baila, Baila,” befer switchyun’ ta “Taki Taki.”  Bryant showcaset his'n’n dance moves, a side of ‘im t’audyince hadn’t see befer. 

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Judge Julyinne Hough took t’stage wiff V. Unbeetabull ta debut hern new sangle, “Transferm.” Thar perfermunts includet un epic dance breek whar Hough did a high-flyyun’, acrobatic stunt.

[embetdet content]

Voices of Services perfermet a beeyootifil rendishun of Billy Ray Cyrus’ patriotic song “Sum Gave All” wiff t’kuntry artist, hittyun’ trayl'r t’group’s message of suppert ta servus members. 

T’ finale woultn’t be cumplete without t’icon Ch’r, who brung t’1970s ta Dolby Theet’r wiff a sike-a-delick rendishun of ABBA’s “Waterloo,” ahet of hern “Here We Go Agin” Ture.  

[embetdet content]

Lee joinet Leona Lewis f'r a breethtakyun’ duet of hern un’ Calum Scott’s “Y’all Air T’ Reesen.” Lee playd un un angelic white peeeno un’ sang as Leona stood ov’r n’ a stunnyun’ sliv’r dress.

[embetdet content]

T’ perfermunts alone could have won Lee anoth’r $1 million. As f'r whut Lee plans ta spend his'n’n winnings un? “I would buy lots of grun pyinos n’ ev'r col'r,” he set. 

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