Who we air

Air website address is: https://www.hillbillygossip.com.

Whut personal data we collect an' why we collect it


Wen visiters leeve commints un t'site we collect t'data shown n' t'commints form, an' also t'visiter’s IP address an' brows'r us'r agent stryun' ta hep spam detecshun.

An anonymizet stryun' creetid frum yer email address (also callt a hash) may be providet ta t'Gravatar servus ta see if'n y'all air usall it. T' Gravatar servus privacy policy is availabull here: https://automattic.com/privacy/. Aft'r apperval of yer comment, yer profile pitchure is visibull ta t'public n' t'contaxt of yer comment.


If'n y'all upload images ta t'website, y'all should avoid uploadyun' images wiff embetdet locashun data (EXIF GPS) includet. Visiters ta t'website a'ken download an' extract inny locashun data frum images un t'website.

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If'n y'all leeve a comment un air site y'all may opt-n' ta savin yer name, email address an' website n' cookies. These air fer yer convenyince so at y'all do nairy have ta fill n' yer deetails agin wen y'all leeve anoth'r comment. These cookies will las fer one year.

If'n y'all have un account an' y'all lawg n' ta thishere site, we will set a temperree cookie ta detarmine if'n yer brows'r accepts cookies. Thishere cookie contuns no personal data an' is discardet wen y'all yer brows'r.

Wen y'all lawg n', we will also set up sevrul cookies ta save yer login informayshun an' yer scree display choices. Login cookies las fer acoupla days, an' scree optyuns cookies las fer a year. If'n y'all select "Rememb'r Me", yer login will persist fer acoupla weeks. If'n y'all lawg out of yer account, t'login cookies will be removet.

If'n y'all edit er publish un articull, un dishnull cookie will be savet n' yer brows'r. Thishere cookie includes no personal data an' simply indicates t'post ID of t'articull y'all jes editid. It expires aft'r 1 day.

Embetdet content frum uther websites

Articulls un thishere site may include embetdet content (e.g. videos, images, articulls, etc.). Embetdet content frum uther websites behaves n' t'exact same way as if'n t'visiter has visted t'uther website.

These websites may collect data about y'all, use cookies, embet dishnull thurd-partee trackyun', an' moniter yer interacshun wiff at embetdet content, includin trackyun' yer interacshun wiff t'embetdet content if'n y'all have un account an' air logget n' ta at website.


Who we share yer data wiff

Hoe long we retane yer data

If'n y'all leeve a comment, t'comment an' its metadata air retunet indefinitely. Thishere is so we a'ken recognize an' apperve inny faller-up commints automatically insteed of holdin 'um n' a moderashun queue.

Fer users at regist'r un air website (if'n inny), we also stere t'personal informayshun thay provide n' thar us'r profile. All users a'ken see, edit, er delete thar personal informayshun at inny time (cept thay cannot change thar username). Website administraters a'ken also see an' edit at informayshun.

Whut rights y'all have ov'r yer data

If'n y'all have un account un thishere site, er have lef commints, y'all a'ken rekwest ta receif' un expertid file of t'personal data we hold about y'all, includin inny data y'all have providet ta us. Y'all a'ken also rekwest at we erase inny personal data we hold about y'all. Thishere duz nairy include inny data we air obliget ta keep fer administratif', legal, er securty purposes.

Whar we send yer data

Visiter commints may be checkd through un automatid spam detecshun servus.

Yer contact informayshun

Dishnull informayshun

Hoe we protect yer data

Whut data breech procedures we have n' place

Whut thurd partees we receif' data frum

Whut automatid deecishun makin an'/er profilyun' we do wiff us'r data

Industry regulatery disclosure rekwiremants