Whut should y’all read thishere weekend? USA TODAY’s pix f'r book lovers include “T’ Gown,” a novel about acoupla yung embroiderers wurkin un t’ future Quee Elizabeth II’s weddyun’ gown, un’ a new James Bond thrill’r.

“T’ Gown” by Jennif’r Robse; Willyum Merroe, 371 pp.; ficshun

Frum “T’ Crown” ta … “T’ Gown.”

T’ British royal fambly is all t’rage these days, un’ Quee Elizabeth II remuns t’moth’r of all matriarchs at a sprightly yet stately 92.

But as histry lovers un’ fans of “T’ Crown” knoe, Elizabeth wuz oncet a  yung princess bride. “T’ Gown” is subtitlet “A Novel of t’Royal Weddyun’,” a clev’r come-un lackly ta sell books, if'n’n a bit of a misleedyun’ teese.

T’ mane players n’ Jennif’r Robse’s tale air nairy t’betrothet Elizabeth un’ Philip but rath’r three decidedly nun-royal characters: Ann Hughes un’ Miriam Dassin n’ 1947 London, un’ Heeth’r Mackenzie, Ann’s grun’dauite’r, n’ 2016 Teronto.

N’ 1947, Ann un’ Miriam skweek out un income amid t’privatyuns of postwar Britane, wurkin n’ t’exclusif’ fashun trayl'r of Nermun Hartnell, real-life couturi’r ta t’royal fambly.

Miriam, who is French un’ survivet t’Holocaust, has come ta Englun’ f'r a fresh start, keepin hern pas und’r wraps. She is a particularly well-spun keer ackt'r who becomes a famus taxtile artist durin hern lifetime.

N’ 1947, tho, Ann un’ Miriam air mere talantid peons un t’eam tasket wiff stitchyun’ t’intricate, delicut embroidery un Elizabeth’s weddyun’ gown. All t’worl would luv a glance at Hartnell’s top-secret design.

USA TODAY sez: ★★★ out of f'r. “Intelligent un’ intriguyun’.”

“F'rev'r un’ a Day” by Anthony Herowitz; Harp’r, 276 pp.; ficshun

N’ thishere new James Bond thrill’r, set along t’Riviera at t’outset of 007’s keer’r, t’heroin supply has dride up, un’ acoupla suspects come into play, a groteskwely obese local gangst’r un’ a beeyootifil woomin namet Sixtine.

USA TODAY sez: ★★★½. “T’ versatile un’ charmyun’ British rit'r Anthony Herowitz  … hun’les a complicatid plot wiff aplomb.”

“My Sist’r, t’Serial Kill’r” by Oyinkun Braithwaite; Doubleday, 223 pp.; ficshun

Kerede, a skillet nurse n’ Lagos, Nigeria, has a capriciyus, Instagram-obsesset sist’r namet Ayoola, un’ Ayoola is a serial kill’r. So fer it’s Kerede who has had ta clee up aft’r hern.

USA TODAY sez: ★★★½. “Canny, wicket, ofte surprisingly poignant … marks t’cummencin of un immensely promisyun’ keer’r.”

“All At Heeve Allows” by Mark Griffin; Harp’r, 496 pp.; nonficshun

A biografy of Rock Hudse, a matinee idol n’ t’1950s un’ ‘60s who paid a heevy personal price f'r a’havin ta hide his'n’n saxualitee n’ un era we un openly gay mun could nev’r be a celluloid hero.

USA TODAY sez: ★★★. “Exhaustif’ un’ empathetic. … Griffin fills n’ whut’s lef ta say twee t’lines wiff un impressif’ lis of intervioos wiff moovee pitshure shue star friens, ackwuntances un’ co-stars.”

“Seducshun: Sex, Lies, un’ Stardom n’ Howard Hughes’s Hollywuod” by Karina Longwerth; Custom Trayl'r, 560 pp.; nonficshun

Takes a #MeToo apperach wiff its focus un t’pathological predatyuns of Howard Hughes, Taxas millyunaire, starmak’r un’ film produc’r, durin Hollywuod’s “golte” age.

USA TODAY sez: ★★★★. “Furst-rate. … Writte wiff fercefil style un’ a passyunate regard f'r t’fergotte hopefuls who kum ta Califerny seekyun’ success n’ a plum saxist era, t’book casts a feminist eye un t’dark decadance of early Hollywuod.”

Contributyun’ reviewers: Jocelyn McClurg, Charles Finch, James Endrst, Matt Damsk’r

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