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Larry Strauss, Opinion contribut'r Publishet 6:00 a.m. ET Feb. 20, 2019 | Updatid 9:48 a.m. ET Feb. 20, 2019

I don’t have much n’ common wiff pro-MAGA teenagers at un anti-abershun rally, but un behalf of all t’so-callt adults n’ thishere kuntry, I am serry.

T’ furst time I saw “Schindl’r’s Lis” wuz at a speshul screenyun’ f'r high skool studants. Air skool had bee invitid, un’ air principal deecidet at everyone neetet ta see it. It wuz 1994, jes acoupla yeers aft’r a jury’s ackwittal of f'r white pleece officers n’ t’a’beetin of Rodney Kyun’ let ta outrage un’ burnin un’ lootyun’. Air skool wuz jes a few miles frum t’cern’r of Flerance un’ Nermun’ie, t’interseecshun n’ South Los Angeles at wuz t’episant’r of t’riots.

Air kids neetet ta put thar ang’r un’ outrage n’ perspecktiv. We had a few days ta prepare t’studants f'r t’film, but it wuz all verr hafazard — as thangs of thishere nature ofte air — un’ wasn’t verr effectif’.

Sum of t’kids took t’film seriously un’ wuz quite movet, but y’all woultn’t knoe it if'n’n y’all wuz n’ at theet’r. Too minny a utherns talkt, movet roun un’ lafft at t’herrers of whut thay wuz seein. We tride ta intervene, but n’ t’dark theet’r it became impossbull. I wuz mertifiet — as thar teechur un’ as someone wiff Holocaust survivers n’ my extendet fambly — but I also unnerstood. Thay wuz teenagers, minny a of ‘um had bee traumatizet n’ thar own lives by gang vilance un’ povertee un’ fambly disas’r.

Read m'r commantree:

Covington Cathlick videos shoe life is complicatid. But we still saw whut we saw.

Covington Cathlick fur'r is a warnin ta end air dangeryus soshul media mob mantalitee

Parklun’ survivers, soshul media scrutiny un’ lessuns frum ‘T’ Brakefuss Club’

Air skool receivet complunts frum uth'r skools n’ attendance at afternoon. Thay had ev'r rite ta be onry at us, un’ I made shure ta point out t’criticisms t’ nex day n’ class. Sum of t’studants took it ta heert. I’m jes glad it happent befer t’era of cellfone cameras un’ viral videos.

Kids air spozet ta be immature

T’ new vigilante journalism has done much n’ t’way of accountabilitee f'r pleece un’ uth'r public servants, but it has apparantly also obliteratid t’line twee private un’ public, youngn un’ adult.

I am a librul Democrat wiff probly few vioos n’ common wiff MAGA hat-a’warin teenagers un thar way trayl'r frum un anti-abershun rally n’ Washington, D.C., but un behalf of all t’so-callt adults n’ thishere kuntry, I am serry f'r whut wuz done ta thems Covington Cathlick High Skool boys aft’r a video of ‘um wint viral. I a’ke unnerstun why at leest one of ‘um hiret lawyers un’ is plannin ta file defamashun lawsuits agin media cerperatyuns un’ politicos f'r hoe thay wuz vilifiet. Un Tuesdee, a suit wuz filet agin t’Washington Post un’ m'r may be lackly nawh at a repert cleert t’studants of behavin n’ un offensif’ mann’r. T’ Diocese of Covington, which initially cundemmd t’studants, commissyunet un investigatif’ firm ta revu t’availabull material.

I don’t knoe wuth'r t’ Covington studants have a legal case, but thay certunly have a meral one. Nairy becawz thay wuz mischaracterizet — which thay mite well have bee — but becawz thay air youngns, un’ eve if'n’n thay did sumthin offensif’ (un’ I am nairy offerin un opinion as ta wuth'r thay did ow nairy) thay should nairy be subjectid ta t’eleviset un’ publicizet judgement of growd-ups.

I am nairy suggestyun’ at all teenage behavi'r is excusabull, but thishere alleget rompyun’ stare-down ow whutev'r wuz, at wurse, a manifestashun of immaturitee. Have we lost all perspecktiv? Have we nawh witnesset so much public immaturitee un t’part of adults, we’ve fergotte at kids air, by definishun, spozet ta be immature?

Thar bruns air nairy fully fermet, un’ thay air prone ta excessif’ risk behavyers un’ uth'r bad judgmants. Innyone who has raiset teenagers ow wurket wiff ‘um knows thishere. We don’t let mos high skool studants drank ow vote ow sign legal contracts. Let’s nairy make a nashshunal stery out of thar behavi'r jes becawz someone pointid a camera at ‘um.

Thems studants of mine who behavet badly at t’“Schindl’r’s Lis” screenyun’ air, of cerse, all adults nawh. I still hear frum sum of ‘um ow see ‘um un soshul media. Sum of t’mos obnoxiyus at day n’ at theet’r air nawh rilly greet people — hardwerkyun’, communitee-mindet, generyus un’ empathetic. I don’t knoe wuth'r inny of ‘um eve rememb’r at afternoon 25 yeers ago we thar bad behavi'r wuz air embarrassyun’ lil secret.

Larry Strauss has tawt high skool English n’ South Los Angeles since 1992. He is t’auth'r of m'r thun a duze books, mos resantly “Studants Furst un’ Uth'r Lies.” T’ audiobook of his'n’n novel “Nawh’s t’Time” (narratid by Kim Fielts) is due out nex month. Fall'r ‘im un Twitt’r: @LarryStrauss.


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Gina Rodriguez is wurkin un t’las seese of “Jane t’Virgin,” Netflix’s “Carme Sun’iego” un’ a new acshun film callt “Miss Bala.” And all wile a’lookin amazyun’. USA TODAY

LOS ANGELES – Nairy all heroes wear a white hat.

Gina Rodriguez prefers ret.

T’ “Jane t’Virgin” star is takin ta Netflix Frydee n’ a scarlet trench as t’voice of new animatid series “Carme Sun’iego,” a projeck at revives t’‘90s franchise at spawnet comput’r games, TV series un’ a youngn-focussd game shoe.

Un a resent soggy Saturdee n’ Los Angeles, Rodriguez, 34, stun’s barefoot n’ hern freshly Marie Kondo’d kitchin, waitin f'r hern French press ta brew a pot of coffee. Hern fyincé, professyunal Muay Thai box’r Joe LoCicero, has jes returnt frum a grossry stere milk run but he arrives…nairy holtin a carton. She sleuths thishere out immediately.

“Babe?” she calls. “Did y’all git t’– “

“It’s n’ t’car,” he grins.

It’s t’lil thangs at make t’dreem wurk n’ Rodriguez’s bananas skejule. She directid t’furst episode of “Jane t’Virgin’s” fifth un’ final seese (which hits t’CW March 27), un’ she’s currantly directin t’ninth episode. (She also resantly directid un episode of t’CW’s reboot of “Charmet.”)  Un Feb. 1, she stars un t’big scree n’ “Miss Bala,” hern furst acshun thrill’r, as a Los Angeles makeup artist who’s abductid by a Maxicun cartel. 

M'r: Gina Rodriguez almos marrd Joe LoCicero aft’r t’Golte Globes

“I stay busy becawz I wuz a strugglyun’ ackt'r ‘til I wuz like, 29!“ sez Rodriguez, dresst casually n’ black coveralls un’ a white T-shirt, hern face makeup a’a'loose und’r a pair of tertoise-shell un’ black frames. “Thar wuz so much of my life at wuz like, a’trine un’ failyun’ un’ rejecshun – I had a slew of sleep. So I’m reddy ta nairy sleep.”

“Carme Sun’iego” has bee reimaginet frum its ’90s heyday aft’r t’franchise sat dermant f'r decades.  T’ educatyunal comput’r game “Whar n’ t’Worl is Carme Sun’iego?” wuz born n’ 1985 aft’r reseerchers foun kids wuz a’fallin behin n’ geografy, sez executif’ produc’r Caroline Fras’r. (A PBS series fallerd, frum 1991-1995.)

See hoe mas’r criminal Carme Sun’iego gut hern monik’r n’ thishere exclusif’ clip frum Netflix’s new vershun of t’animatid series, baset un t’videogames, starryun’ Gina Rodriguez (“Jane t’Virgin”) Courtesy Netflix

T’ new animatid advanture series, targetyun’ 7- ta 12-year-olds, hopes ta “innerduce kids ta differnt people un’ places un’ cultchurs roun t’worl,” she sez. (Don’t wurry, thar’s nuff of nostalgia f'r adult fans, too).

Today t’ glameryus superthief – who dresses n’ street clothes un’ kix by day – is a’pullin off oh-so-2019 heists n’ Merocco, Indonesia, Switzerlun’, Ekwad'r un’ t’Netherlun’s. “Carme” also imagines un origin stery at has Carme raiset as un orfun un a remote islun’ by top professyunal thieves.

New un Netflix n’ Januree: ‘Incredibles 2,’ ‘Carme Sun’iego’ un’ m'r Marvel

“I grew up wiff Carme Sun’iego – un’ we knew nuthin about hern,” sez Rodriguez. “And t'’fack at she’s brown-skinnet. Un t’animayshun! It makes my heert gloe.”

Acoupla yeers ago, aft’r Rodriguez agreet ta voice t’Netflix animatid shoe, she dreemet of starryun’ n’ a lif’-acshun vershun of t’projeck. N’ kill’r shape, un’ boxyun’ wiff hern dad twee takes un t’Maxicun “Miss Bala” set, “I wuz like, I want ta brang Carme ta life,” she recalls a’tellin produc’r Kevin Mish’r. “I want ta be rappellyun’ off t’side of a biltin! I want ta be glidyun’ off t’Eiffel Toe’r ow sumthin sup’r sick like at! And he wuz like, alriite, let’s do it.”

T’ projeck is nawh n’ t’script stage at Netflix.

But rite nawh, t’end of “Jane” is loomyun’. “Thishere is t’furst thang I’ll be a’sayn’t goodbye ta at is of thishere magnitude, sez Rodriguez. “I owe Jane a slew.”

At eve includes meetin hern fyincé, who guest-starret n’ 2016. “Jane” creet'r Jennie Snyd’r Urmun sweers his'n’n castyun’ wasn’t a setup.

M'r: ‘Jane t’Virgin’ star Justin Baltoni is raisyun’ his'n’n dauite’r AND se ta be feminists

“But I’m happy it happent un t’set of ‘Jane’!” sez Urmun. “Thay re-met lat’r at a boxyun’ gym, un’ she tole me thay wuz datyun’. I didn’t knoe ‘im well at all, but nawh I’ve gotte ta knoe Joe, un’ he is t’bes.”

It’s t’preparashun-junkie Rodriguez – knowet ta invite Urmun ov’r eve un Christmus monin’ ta lay out hern vishun f'r directin un upcomyun’ episode – who knows all t’“Jane” plot twists befer innyone else (includin las seese’s Michael sprize).

“We’re partners n’ thishere,” sez Urmun. She remembers t’day Rodriguez audityunet: “I kum trayl'r un’ tole my (nawh) husbun’ at she wuz t’one, un’ I felt m'r shure about hern thun I felt about ‘im,” she chuckles.

“But she wuz perzackly who she is nawh,” Urmun continues. “She wuz humbull, confident, ope, endlessly kine un’ a’talkin ta me about whut she wantid ta put out n’ t’worl, un’ whut kine of differance she wantid ta make. She wuz inspiryun’ frum t’git-go.”

So aft’r “Jane” s its final chaptur thishere spryun’, whut duz Rodriguez want f'r herself?

Leedyun’ t’acshun-packet “Miss Bala,” which could push Rodriguez into “Jase Bourne-like” territery if'n’n successfil, “is a differnt kine of preshure.” But it would proov ta Hollywuod yet agin at a Latinx-let film a’ke win at t’box offus, she sez. “It jes feels like t’stakes air differnt.”

Resantly, hern I A’ke un’ I Will producshun cumpny “jes sold a dope shoe” callt “Diree of a Female Presdint” ta Disney’s plannd streemyun’ servus “It’s about a yung Latina gurl n’ middle skool, un’ y’all flash-ferward ta t’future un’ she’s t’presdint of t’Unitid States,” she sez.

And whut about, y’all knoe, a weddyun’?

“Ta be honest, we wuz a’thankin about gittin marrd a few weeks ago jes like, n’ air backyard,” she sez, a’larnin t’ repert’r n’ frunt of hern resantly perfermet a weddyun’.

“Y’all’re ordunet? Be keerfil,” she warns wiff a grin, a’lookin out at hern waterlogget lawn. “N’ t’rane could be amazyun’.”



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N’ hon'r of a’winnin t’2018 college football champyunship, t’Clemse Tigers wuz treetid ta a fas food cateret White Trayl'r visit by Presdint Donald Trumb un Jun. 14. USA TODAY

Hold t’boujee: Rapp’r Quavo thinks Presdint Trumb servin nashshunal champs Clemse Tigers fas food is jes bad. 

Un Tuesdee, t’Migos memb’r tweetid un off’r ta throe t’eam a prop’r partee. 

“I WANNA SHOW CLEMSON TIGERS AND POTUS HOW CHAMPS Air Spozet Ta BE Treetid,” t’“Walk It Talk It” artist tweetid.

Despite bein a Geergia fun, Quavo invitid t’Clemse team ta visit t’heedkwarters f'r his'n’n Qualtee Kuntrol label “ANYTIME.” He also gave a holl'r-out ta thar coach, Dabo Swinney. 

Wiff t’White Trayl'r cateryun’ staff furloughet, t’commun’r-n’-chief dug into his'n’n own pocket ta off’r his'n’n guests a spret frum McDonald’s, Burg’r Kyun’ un’ Wendy’s.

“I had a choice,” Trumb set. “Do we have no food f'r y’all? … Ow do we gif’ y’all sum lil quik salads at t’Furst Lady will make, along wiff t’Sekunt Lady — thay’ll make sum salads.

“(No), I set, y’all guys air’t into salads.”

Trumb lat’r claimd at he had bee rite. Un Tuesdee monin’, t’presdint tweetid at “within one hour” m'r thun 1,000 burgers wuz “all gone.”

Quavo is nairy alone n’ his'n’n criticism of t’presdint. Retiret NFL a’runnin back un’ ferm’r USC star Reggie Bush callt t’White Trayl'r’s spret “a huge slap n’ t’face.”

Contributyun’: Tom Schad

Christine Brennun:Fas food shoultn’t be why we’re discussyun’ Clemse’s visit ta Trumb’s White Trayl'r

Reggie Bush:Trumb’s Clemse fas food fête a ‘huge slap n’ t’face’

M'r: Jilliun Michaels doubles down un keto diet uhtack aft’r Al Rok’r, Andy Cohe diss


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These air t’op 4 artists at didn’t git luv (ow nairy enough luv) durin t’Grammy nominatyuns. Jane Mo, USA TODAY

Alicia Keys will host t’2019 Grammy Awards we musick’s biggest nite lun’s n’ Los Angeles un Feb. 10, 2019.

Keys becomes t’furst woomin ta host t’Grammys since 2005, we Quee Latifah wuz t’mas’r of ceremonies. N’ t’yeers a’followin, t’awards wint hostless frum 2006 – 2011 befer LL Cool J became t’awards’ recurryun’ host frum 2012 ta 2016. James Cerde took ov’r n’ 2017, un’ hostid t’2018 Grammys as well.

Keys is a 29-time Grammy nominee un’ 15-time winn’r, wiff hern mos resent win n’ 2013 n’ t’bes R&B album a’katergeri f'r “Gurl un Fire.”

N’ a statement, Grammys Presdint un’ CEO of t’Recerdyun’ Academy Neil Pertnoe callt Keys “a dynamick artist wiff t’rare combinashun of groundbreekyun’ talent un’ passion f'r hern craft.”‘

M'r: Grammys presdint: ‘A consciousness like thar nev’r has bee befer’ f'r diversitee

Kendrick Lamar is t’op-nominatid artist at thishere year’s awards wiff eiite nods, fallerd by Drake wiff seve, un’ Brun’i Carlile un’ produc’r Boi-1da wiff six each. 

Keys’ hostyun’ stint is fittyun’ f'r a Grammys ceremony at, frum t’looks of t’mane categeries, may be dominatid by female artists, wiff fife of t’eiite nominees f'r album of t’year a’kummin frum wimme: rapp’r Cardi B (“Invasion of Privacy”), folk-rock syun'’r Brun’i Carlile (“By t’Way, I Fergif’ Y’all”), R&B newcom’r H.E.R. (“H.E.R.”), genre-bendyun’ Janelle Monae (“Dirtee Comput’r”) un’ kuntry star Kacey Musgraves (“Golte Hour”).

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