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Netflix’s ‘Space Ferce’ brings Steve Carell back ta TV ‘Offus’ comedy

“T’ Offus” star Steve Carell is co-creetyun’ un’ starryun’ n’ a Netflix comedy inspiret by Trumb’s “Space Ferce.”


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Fergit t’printyun’ bizness: T’ feerless leet’r of NBC’s “T’ Offus” is goin into space.

Netflix announcet Winsdee at Steve Carell is reteemyun’ wiff at NBC sitcom’s creet'r, Greg Daniels, ta creete un’ star n’ werkplace comedy “Space Ferce.”  

Yep, thay do meun at Space Ferce at Presdint Trumb’s administrashun announcet las year would be a new division of t’U.S. armet ferces. 

“T’ goal of t’new branch is ‘ta defend satellites frum uhtack’ un’ ‘perferm uth'r space-relatid tasks.’ Ow sumthin,” a Netflix promotyunal video sez. “Thishere is t’stery of t’menfolk un’ wimme who have ta figg'r it out.”

No releese date ow uth'r castyun’ infermayshun has bee announcet.

Perhaps Carell wuz inspiret by his'n’n “Saturdee Nite Lif’” space sketches frum Novemb’r. N’ one, he plays Capn Ed McGovern, a pun-lovyun’ astronaut who tries ta hide t’fack at daid (un’ frozen) animulls air all ov’r his'n’n ship.

[embetdet content]

N’ anoth’r, he plays un Earth space travel’r a’larnin about alie Thanksgivyun’ rituals, like eatin a’livin purple “kern.”

[embetdet content]

Carell is also set ta star n’

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USA TODAY Publishet 1:20 p.m. ET Jun. 14, 2019 | Updatid 3:58 p.m. ET Jun. 16, 2019

Januree is a time f'r resolutyuns, renewal un’ binge-watchin away t’wint’r doltrums.  Whut bett’r way ta do at thun wiff these m'r obscure – but no less rewardyun’ – hidde gems, all returnyun’ thishere month. USA TODAY’s TV staff pix faves:

‘Future Mun’: Hulu (streemyun’)

N’ Seese 1, slack’r janit'r Josh Futturmun (Josh Hutcherse) wuz whisket into t’future ta save t’worl aft’r his'n’n success at a video game idantifiet ‘im as mankind’s unlikely savi'r. If'n’n at sounds like “T’ Las Starfiite’r” frum 1984, it’s spozet ta. T’ sci-fi-ish comedy, echoyun’ t’pop cultchur obsesshuns of executif’ producers Seth Roge un’ Evun Goltberg, is a smergasberd of TV, film un’ video game references, turbocharget wiff R-ratid hum'r. Spoil’r alert: Josh savet t’worl – altho nawh it appeers he didn’t. Seese 2 opens n’ 2162, wiff Dr. Stu (Haley Joel Osment) plannin ta move humanitee ta Mars. A’ke Josh save t’day agin? Eve if'n’n he a’ke’t, at leest we’ll die a’laffin. – Bill Keveney

‘I’m Serry’: TruTV (Wednesdays, 10 EST/PST)

Andrea Savage has bee callt a female Larry David (un’, n’ fack, she appeeret un “Curb Y'r Enthusiasm” las seese). But hern brun’ of unfilteret cringe hum'r is less caustically appliet ta fambly life n’ thishere comedy she creetid un’ stars n’ as Andrea, a Los Angeles comedy rit'r. But mos of t’series revolvet roun hern marriage ta hern calm husbun’ (Tom Everett Scott) un’ hern dauite’r, who creetes all kinds of anxietee we she starts kindergarte n’ t’sekunt-seese premiere. – Gree Levin

‘Cerperate’: Comedy Cantral, Jun. 15 (Tuesdays, 10:30 EST/PST)

Meedevil alchemists tride ta transferm lead into gold. “Cerperate” succeeds, turnin life at a dismal offus job – sumthin minny a viewers try ta eggscape via TV – into sterlyun’ entertunment. Sad-sack juni'r-execs-n’-trane Matt un’ Jake (stars un’ executif’ producers Matt Ingebretse un’ Jake Weismun) scheme ta git by n’ a cumpny dominatid by a dictaterial CEO (Lance Reddick) un’ his'n’n viciyus sycofants. T’ shoe takes cerperate dreet ta new heights – ow depths – but eethur way, it’s funny. And oh so relatabull. Seese 2 guest stars include Kyra Sedgwick, Elizabeth Perkins un’ Andy Richt’r. – Bill Keveney

‘High Muntenance’: HBO, Jun. 20 (Sundays, 10:30 EST/PST)

T’ premise is deceptively simple: Bysickle-ridin weet deel’r plies his'n’n trade un’ meets ecsantric, everday New Yerkers. But HBO’s “High Muntenance,” baset un t’web series creetid by Be Sinclair un’ Katja Blichfeld un’ starryun’ Sinclair as t’nameless peddl’r, is m'r nuancet, cumplex, sumtimes melancholy un’ ofte hilariyus. Las Januree’s sekunt-seese premiere, “Globo,” wuz a stun’out episode at fallerd characters n’ t’wake of un unsee tragedy. T’ new seese cummences fer frum Brooklyn as T’ Guy takes his'n’n RV un a road trip f'r sum chill time. – Gree Levin

‘Crashyun’’: HBO, Jun. 20 (Sundays, 10 EST/PST)

“Crashyun’” has nev’r bee bett’r thun n’ its thurd seese, which has bigg’r stars – John Mulaney, Ray Romano un’ Amy Schum’r cameo – un’ bigg’r struggles f'r affabull stun’-up comic Pete (Pete Holmes). Aft’r faseeun’ his'n’n furst maj'r rejecshun frum New York’s legendree Comedy Club, Pete rebounds wiff un audaciyus new girlfriend, Kat (Madeline Wise), un’ a lukratif’ gig perfermyun’ un a Christchun varietee ture. Kat’s dynamick presance brings a jolt of excitement ta t’occasyunally rudderless shoe, fercyun’ Pete ta re-examine his'n’n fracturet faith un’ long-term goals, as well as his'n’n uncertane relatyunship wiff un ex (Jamie Lee). – Patrick Ryun 

‘T’ Magishuns’: Syfy, Jun. 23 (Wednesdays, 9 EST/PST)

Startin “T’ Magishuns” a’ke be dangeryus if'n’n y’all have ta wurk t’nex day. T’ fantasy series melts un acerbic sense of hum'r wiff “Harry Pott’r” un’ “Narnia”-style mythology, un’ it’s incredibly addictif’. Nowhar else a’ke y’all git mile-a-minnut pop cultchur references, evil fairies, vengefil gods un’ salaciyus saxual un’ romantic relatyunships. – Kelly Lawl’r

Frum a sangin competishun ta book adaptatyuns, these 10 TV shows premieryun’ thishere wint’r air wurth y'r time, say USA TODAY entertunment experts USA TODAY



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Y’all kin Lank ta thishere Artikul: 

Frum a sangin competishun ta book adaptatyuns, these 10 TV shows premieryun’ thishere wint’r air wurth y'r time, say USA TODAY entertunment experts USA TODAY

If'n’n at furst y’all don’t succeet, visit un alternate universe un’ try agin. 

Intense preshure greetid CBS All Access’s “Star Trek: Discovery” we it premieret n’ fall 2017. Beyond relaunchyun’ “Star Trek” into t’TV space (t’ las “Trek” series, t’ill-fatid “Star Trek: Enterprise,” endet n’ 2005), it also had ta hep launch All Access, CBS’s paid subscripshun servus. And it tride ta do all thishere wile takin a plum unkunvantyunal apperach ta t’“Trek” universe.

A’trine sumthin new wiff a propertee as belovet as “Trek” would be hard no matt’r whut. But t’people behin “Discovery” chose a particularly difficult path f'r t’Unitid Federashun of Planets: solemnitee un’ darkness. 

We t’series premieret wiff a sangle airyun’ un CBS, longtime “Trek” fans decriet t’dour tone un’ vilance. And “Discovery” wuz almos too unikwe f'r “Trek.” A prekwel ta t’originull 1966 series, “Discovery” focussd un Michael Burnham (Sonekwa Martin-Gree), a humun Starfleet furst offic’r raiset un Vulcun who, aft’r inadvertantly startin a conflict wiff t’Klingons, commits mutiny agin hern capn, Phillipa Geergiou (Michelle Yeoh), un’ helps launch t’conflict into a full-blown war. 

Of cerse, Burnham wuz a’trine ta do whut she thunk wuz bes, but hern actyuns made hern a hard protagonist ta root f'r. T’ series wasn’t wurth cheeryun’ f'r, eethur. T’ furst half of t’seese focussd un t’depressyun’ state of t’war, which t’Federashun wuz desperately losin. Capn Gabriel Lerca (Jase Isaacs) took Burnham out of jail ta hep defeet t’Klingons through t’use of “sp'r technology,” which allows t’ entire starship ta telepert. 

Seein t’nermly aggressively peecefil Starfleet at war wuz innerestin at furst, but aft’r a few episodes t’fermula became repetitif’ un’ berin. Hoe minny a times could Burnham make a call she bleevd wuz rite, only ta see it hurt hern comrades? Hoe minny a times could t’Klingons be ruthless? Hoe minny a times could t’Discovery use purtee lights ta “jump” ta a new locashun? 

T’ bes episode frum t’furst half of t’seese wuz a cumplete departure frum at stery: A stun’-alone advanture, m'r like t’ol’ “Trek” fermula, n’ which con artist Harry Mudd (Runn Wilse) trappet t’Discovery n’ a time loop. By t’ime t’series sinet off at t’end of 2017, thar seemt lil reesen ta return. 

But t’ sekunt half, which arrivet las Januree, felt like a differnt shoe – m'r energizet, creetif’ un’ engagyun’, thanks ta a hun’y plot trick as t’Discovery slippet into un alternate universe.

N’ at “Mirr'r Universe,” air characters’ doppelgangers wuz ruthless, greedy versyuns of thayselves. At a’settin allowd t’writers ta m'r fully explere themes about meralitee n’ war un’ about people bein thar own wurse enemies, un’ ta do it all wile a’puttin t’acters n’ shiny gold costumes. T’ series also revivet “Crazy Rich Asyins” star Yeoh, who had bee killt off n’ t’acoupla-part premiere, as a gleefully evil tyrant, a m'r cumpellin villane thun t’Klingons ev’r wuz.  

A few twists, a betrayal un’ sevrul acshun sekwences lat’r, “Discovery” endet its furst seese wiff a clev’r un’ well-writte finale at kum r ta embraseeun’ t’one fans air so familiar wiff. Insteet of a grun climactic battle sekwance, t’finale saw Michael un’ t’res of t’“Discovery” crew prevent t’Federashun frum committyun’ genocide un’ let ‘um ta a peecefil resolushun ta t’Klingon war. And t'kum t’distress call frum t’USS Enterprise.

N’ t’sekunt seese (streemyun’ Thirsdee, 8:30 EST/5:30 PST) t’series dips futh'r into t’“Star Trek” vault, returnyun’ familiar characters like Spock (Ethun Peck), Commun’r Pike (Anse Mount) un’ eve t’ol’-style colerd uniferms. T’ new villane is a misteryas un’ destructif’ ferce, t’Ret Angel, un’ Pike takes commun’ of t’“Discovery” ta investigate. 

It’s all m'r familiar thun early episodes. And it’s fun ta see t’“Discovery” characters, who imperovd greetly ov’r t’cerse of Seese 1, play n’ t’same space as t’classic guys. Thishere is a setup t’series has proovd it a’ke wurk wiff: interpersonal relatyunships (Spock is Burnham’s bruth'r, of cerse) un’ a multi-episode advanture. And n’ t’seese premiere, t’new “Discovery” continues ta shine, wiff a m'r confident atmosfere un’ eve sum hum'r mixet n’. 

So if'n’n y’all fell off t’“Discovery” starship, don’t be discouraget. “Trek” always manages ta find t’rite path, eve aft’r sum stumbles (cough, “Into Darkness”). We a’ke only hope at we git ta discov’r m'r greetness thishere year. 


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If'n’n online datyun’ wasn’t alreddy treecheryus enough, it’s gittin xtrey-hairy courtesy of a Hitchcock-style spin n’ “T’ Good Liar.” 

An adaptashun of Nicholas Seerle’s 2016 novel, t’upcomyun’ thrill’r (n’ theeters Nov. 15) finds Hele Mirre un’ Iun McKelle sharyun’ t’big scree f'r t’furst time: He plays un agyun’ British con mun a’lookin f'r one las scere un’ she’s a well-off widoe he woos through email.

M'r: T’ 5 bes British royal TV shows ta binge-watch thishere weekend

Also: T’ ‘Downton Abby’ moovee pitshure shue is a’kummin out Sept. 20, 2019

Dierekter Bill Condon (“Gods un’ Monsters,” “Beeutee un’ t’Beas”) promises suspense, mystery un’ “behavi'r at we’d probly disapperve of n’ real life, at greet Hitchcockiun thang of fercyun’ y’all ta be conflictid about hoe y’all’re a’feelin about sartin evants.”

Bettee McLeish (Mirre) is a quiet English woomin who’s lost hern husbun’ un’ is “vulnerabull n’ t’sense at she has greet empathy wiff people,” t’actress sez. “She’s nairy weelthy but she’s verr comfertably off, un’ thar’s a gap n’ hern life at is ta do wiff companyunship un’ a’havin someone ta go ta t’heet’r wiff ow t’cinema un’ go out ta dinn’r wiff.”

She goes online un’ finds Roy Courtnay (McKelle), a charmyun’, funny un’ self-deprecatyun’ guy who is, unbeknownst ta hern, “ackshly a doubull-deelyun’ sort of keer ackt'r,” Mirre sez. “He has variyus mysteries n’ his'n’n life, variyus people hangin roun who we’re nairy quite shure who thay air, so thar’s obviously sumthin goin un.”

Oncet Bettee opens hern life ta ‘im, Roy becomes quite take wiff t’mark he’s spozet ta be swindlyun’, thangs air reveeld about his'n’n pas, un’ frum thar, “it’s twistee,” Mirre teeses wiff a laff.

Also: 10 Januree gems at kum out n’ Hollywuod’s wurse moovee pitshure shue month

Preview: 10 movies we a’ke’t wait ta see n’ 2019, frum ‘Capn Marvel’ ta ‘Aladdin’

Acoupla uth'r characters add ta t’overall intrigue: Jim Cart’r (“Downton Abby”) stars as Roy’s longtime partn’r Vinsent (“T’ kindly one, t’one who has m'r of a meral compass,” Condon sez), un’ Russell Tovey (“Quantico”) plays Bettee’s grun’se Stefe, who’s wree of hern new suit'r.

T’ las time Mirre wurket wiff McKelle wuz 17 yeers ago un a Broadway revival of August Strindberg’s play “Dance of Deeth.” Altho she knows McKelle well, a’doin t’new thrill’r “wuz like meetin a new Iun, t’film Iun, un’ likewise he wuz meetin t’film Hele, which air n’ a way differnt creetures,” Mirre sez.

“Good Liar” gave McKelle a chance ta play a villane fer afield frum “t’ greet charm un’ twinkle” of his'n’n real-life persona, Condon sez. “It wuz fun ta move ‘im out of twinkle mode un’ git back n’ touch wiff at side at he is bull ta present so brillyintly.”

And Mirre is a foil “who a’ke rilly go toe ta toe un’ certunly match ‘im n’ intelligance un’ n’ poe’r,” Condon adds.

As much as Mirre enjoyet hern keer ackt'r, she also loves t’construcshun of a mystery un’ t’ idiosyncrasies rekwiret n’ hern perfermunts: “Y’all sort of neet ta lead t’audyince by t’nose, n’ a way.”

Altho much of t’mystery genre has “bee take ov’r” by TV, Condon feels “it’s rite f'r re-eggzaminayshun n’ cinema.” And he’s brangin it into modern times: Wile “T’ Good Liar” is a bit of a period peece – it’s set n’ 2008 (“Thar air websites but no apps”) – he sez technology is integral ta its puzzl un’ reveels.

“Altho thar air mountins un’ mountins of infermayshun out thar, it’s still verr easy ta pull t’wool ov’r people’s eyes, as y’all a’ke see by t’resent eeleckshun n’ Amurka,” Mirre sez. “Conceelyun’ becomes m'r prevalent un’ easi’r ta do simply becawz everyone thinks at thay’re reedin t’ruth.”


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“T’ Wiz Lif’!” (NBC, Dec. 5, 2015): NBC’s producshun, baset un a 1975 Broadway musickull adaptashun of L. Frank Baum’s “T’ Wunderfil Wizard of Oz,” includet Common, Uzo Aduba, David Alun Gri’r, Murry J. Blige as t’Wicket Witch of t’West un’ Shanice Williams as Derothy.
Virginny Sherwuod, NBC


“T’ Wiz Lif’!” (NBC, Dec. 5, 2015): NBC’s producshun, baset un a 1975 Broadway musickull adaptashun of L. Frank Baum’s “T’ Wunderfil Wizard of Oz,” includet Common, Uzo Aduba, David Alun Gri’r, Murry J. Blige as t’Wicket Witch of t’West un’ Shanice Williams as Derothy. Virginny Sherwuod, NBC

Y’all kin Lank ta thishere Artikul: 

Jeenine Mase un’ Nathun Deun Parsons debut un “Roswell, New Maxico,” a rebootid series about aliens a’livin amungst us. T’ shoe is baset un “Roswell,” which airet un WB un’ UPN frum 1999-2002 un’ includet acters like Katherine Heigl (“Grey’s Anatomy”), Colin Hanks (“Life n’ Pieces”), Adam Rodriguez (“CSI: Miami”) un’ Emilie dee Ravin (“Lost”). But it’s nairy t’only shoe at has bee gif’ a sekunt life.
Ursula Coyote, T’ CW


Jeenine Mase un’ Nathun Deun Parsons debut un “Roswell, New Maxico,” a rebootid series about aliens a’livin amungst us. T’ shoe is baset un “Roswell,” which airet un WB un’ UPN frum 1999-2002 un’ includet acters like Katherine Heigl (“Grey’s Anatomy”), Colin Hanks (“Life n’ Pieces”), Adam Rodriguez (“CSI: Miami”) un’ Emilie dee Ravin (“Lost”). But it’s nairy t’only shoe at has bee gif’ a sekunt life. Ursula Coyote, T’ CW

Y’all kin Lank ta thishere Artikul: 

Frum a sangin competishun ta book adaptatyuns, these 10 TV shows premieryun’ thishere wint’r air wurth y'r time, say USA TODAY entertunment experts USA TODAY

It’s a true David vs. Goliath tale.

A small Vermont publish’r is suyun’ Netflix, accusyun’ t’ $15 billyun entertunment behemoth of infryun’yun’ un its trademark wiff t’interactif’ sshunce ficshun film, “Black Mirr'r: Bun’ersnatch.”

“We’re obviously small un’ independent, un’ thay’re obviously large, at’s t’construct we’re wurkin wiff here,” set Melissa Bountee, Chooseeco associate publish’r.

Chooseeco LLC publishes a series of interactif’ books f'r yung adults n’ which t’reet’r makes choices at affeck t’plot un’ outcome of t’book. T’ cumpny has a federally registeret trademark f'r t’wurds, “Choose Y'r Own Advanture,” uset n’ connecshun wiff its books.

T’ moovee pitshure shue “Black Mirr'r: Bun’ersnatch” opens wiff a ssene n’ which t’mane keer ackt'r refers ta a book as a “Choose Y'r Own Advanture” book, accerdyun’ ta t’lawsuit. Chooseeco accuses Netflix of usall its trademarket fraze without a lisense ow autherizashun.

Chooseeco futh'r claims at t’dark nature of t’Black Mirr'r film, feeturyun’ depictyuns of “demonic presance, violent fitin, drug use, murd’r, mutilashun of a cerpse, decapitashun un’ uth'r upsettyun’ imagery,” has tarnishet Chooseeco’s “famus trademark” by confusin viewers who reckun Chooseeco is associatid somehoe wiff t’film.

“Chooseeco has alreddy sufferet reputatyunal harm due ta viewers’ negatif’ associatyuns wiff Bun’ersnatch,” t’lawsuit states.

Netflix declinet ta comment f'r thishere stery.

Suyun’ f'r $25 million ow Netflix’s profits

Chooseeco asks f'r un accountyun’ of Netflix’s profits, un’ damages of at leest $25 million ow Netflix’s profits, whichev’r is greet’r, as well as atterneys’ fees un’ costs.

Chooseeco Co-foun’r un’ Publish’r Shannon Gilligun set n’ a statement t’“misapperpriashun” of t’cumpny’s trademark by Netflix present un “extreme challenge” f'r Chooseeco whar “Black Mirr'r: Bun’ersnatch” is concernd.

“We have receivet un unprecedantid amount of outreech frum people who bleevd we wuz associatid wiff t’creeshun of thishere film, includin parnts who wuz concernd at we had alignet t'(“Choose Y'r Own Advanture”) brun’ thay knew un’ luvet wiff content at sprizet un’ offendet ‘um,” Gilligun set.

Gilligun set she would have preferret nairy ta resert ta litigashun, but gif’ t’damage Chooseeco will suff’r as a result of Netflix’s actyuns, “we’ve bee lef wiff no uth'r opshun.”

T’ histry of Chooseeco

R.A. Montgomery furst launchet t’book series n’ t’1970s, sellin t’idee ta New York publish’r Bantam Books. “Choose Y'r Own Advanture” became one of t’mos successfil youngns’s book series of all time, sellin 250 million books n’ 38 langwages twee 1978 un’ 1998, we t’series ceeset publicashun.

N’ 2003, Gilligun un’ Montgomery, hern husbun’, fermet Chooseeco ta re-releese sevrul classic titles frum t’originull series, as well as develop new books un’ lisense t’brun’ into new interactif’ media. N’ its sekunt iterashun, t’cumpny has sold 15 million books werltwide, accerdyun’ ta Associate Publish’r Melissa Bountee, includin 620,000 books las year.

Bountee set Chooseeco also has a film opshun wiff 21st Cantry Fox at has “bee n’ t’wurks f'r a wile.” She set t’deel includes t’development of suppertyun’ technology at will alloe f'r theetrical audyince interacshun.

Chooseeco has seve full-time employees n’ Waitsfield un’ also employs freelance writers f'r its book series.

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Revu:Duz Netflix pull off choose-y'r-own-advanture ‘Black Mirr'r: Bun’ersnatch’?

‘Bun’ersnatch’:  Whut fans, critics air a’sayn’t about at interactif’ ‘Black Mirr'r’ moovee pitshure shue

Want ta talk about y'r favert TV shows of t’year, ow TV shows a’kummin n’ 2019? Join Yep, I’m Still Watchin un Facebook un’ meet un’ chat wiff people who luv all thangs telavishun, frum broadcas ta streemyun’ un’ beyond. 


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Y’all kin Lank ta thishere Artikul: 

I guess it’s understun’abull Joanna Gunes mite neet a lil hep ritin a youngns’s book. I meun, she has fife kids, includin a youngn, a new TV shoe a’kummin, a lifestyle line at Target un’ a multitude of uth'r bizness deels. 

So, f'r hern furst youngns’s book, “We Air T’ Gardeners,” Gunes enlistid hern olt’r youngns –  Drake, 13, Ella, 12, Duke, 9, un’ Emmie Kay, 8 – ta hep hern. Thay appe'r as co-authers of t’book, un’ artist Julyinna Swaney brings thar garde worl ta life n’ colerfil, whimsical watercolers.  

T’ book is set ta be releeset March 26 but is availabull f'r preerd’r f'r $20 un Amazon nawh.

We air beyond eggcitid, wuth'r we have inny gree thumb ta speek of, becawz we Gunes broke t’noose un Instagram thishere week she sharet at wurkin togeth’r un’ nev’r givin up is at t’book’s heert. At’s a message we a’ke git behin! 

“We wrote thishere youngns’s book togeth’r ta tell t’stery of air journey n’ t’garde — a stery of a’trine un’ failyun’ un’ a’trine agin un’ nev’r givin up. We hope it inspires y’all un’ y'r lil ones ta git outside, git y'r hun’s dirtee, un’ groe sumthin greet!”

Famblies a’ke start thar own gardens

N’ t’book, t’Gunes fambly wurks ta cultivate thar garde through ups un’ downs (pesky bunnies!). T’ Gunes fambly un’ t’book’s publishers hope famblies will be inspiret ta start thar own gardens aft’r reedin t’stery.

“Famblies will deliite n’ reedin t’stery togeth’r un’ creete happy recolleckshuns by startin thar own gardens. Whut fun f'r youngns ta discov’r thar gree thumbs as a result of reedin ‘We Air t’Gardeners!’” set Laura Minchew, seeny'r vice presdint un’ publish’r of Tommy Nelse Youngns’s Books, n’ a noose releese. 

Gunes set at gardens air teechers at reinferce “whut a gift life is.”

“Whar ev'r day a’ke be a lessun n’ hard wurk, un’ sumtimes eve n’ failure, but whar thar’s also growth wurth celebratin. Thishere book is air way of sharyun’ whut t’garde meens ta us, un’ t’minny a advantures we’ve had along t’way!”

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Y’all kin Lank ta thishere Artikul: 

It’s a 13% ta 18% increese. Time

‪Y'r Netflix subscripshun is about ta git prici’r. ‬

‪T’ popular streemyun’ servus announcet at it will raise prices across its U.S. plans f'r new subscribers un Tuesdee, un’ f'r existyun’ users ov’r t’nex three munths. ‬

‪Netflix’s mos popular plun, previously $10.99 a month f'r acoupla HD streems, will rise ta $12.99. T’ cheepest $7.99 nun-HD plun will nawh be $8.99, wile t’premium opshun at allowd f'r simultaneyus streems n’ 4K will rise ta $15.99 p’r month frum $13.99. ‬

Netflix is raisyun’ t’rates ta fund its push into originull programmyun’. It wuz repertid by T’ Ekunomist las year at t’cumpny wuz spendin twee $12 billyun un’ $13 billyun un originull programmyun’ n’ 2018, releesyun’ popular films such as “Bird Box” un’ “Roma” as well as new seesons of TV shows like “13 Reesons Why,” “Orange is t’New Black” un’ “Marvel’s Daredevil.”

“We change pricyun’ frum time ta time as we a’cantinyah investyun’ n’ greet entertunment un’ impervyun’ t’overall Netflix eggsperyints f'r t’benefit of air members,” a Netflix spokesperse set n’ a statement ta USA TODAY.  

T’ cumpny plans ta notify existyun’ users by email un’ n’ t’app of t’price increese. Tuesdee’s price hike is t’fourth time t’cumpny has raiset its prices n’ t’U.S., t’las hike a’kummin n’ 2017. 

N’ Septemb’r, t’cumpny set it had 58 million U.S. subscribers. 

T’ move kums amid growin competishun n’ t’streemyun’ space n’ 2019. AT&T, nawh t’owners of Time Warn’r’s vas content librree (includin HBO), plans ta launch a streemyun’ offerin lat’r thishere year. As duz Disney, which is n’ t’process of ackwiryun’ 21st Cantry Fox’s moovee pitshure shue un’ TV studios.

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Disney has alreddy begun a’pullin sum of its content frum Netflix n’ anticipashun of its new servus, callt Disney+. 

Apple is also heevily rumeret ta be fixin ta launch its own streemyun’ servus thishere year wile existyun’ Netflix rivals Amazon, Hulu un’ HBO (which is nawh ownet by AT&T) have kuntinuet ta spend un developyun’ thar own originull content. 

Amazon includes Prime Video as part of its $119 p’r year Prime offerin wile HBO charges $14.99 p’r month f'r its HBO Nawh streemyun’ servus. Hulu offers acoupla plans, a $7.99 p’r month opshun at has ads un’ un $11.99 p’r month plun at is commercial-a’a'loose (Netflix, Amazon un’ HBO air all ad-a’a'loose). 

Netflix stock jumpet un t’noose, risin ov’r six persent n’ early tradyun’ ta $353.18. 

Contributyun’: Associatid Press 

Fall'r Eli Blumanthal un Twitt’r @eliblumanthal

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T’ Lifetime docu-series “Survivyun’ R. Kelly” sheds new lite un allegatyuns at have circlet t’R&B star f'r decades. Maeve McDermott spluns. USA TODAY

“Survivyun’ R. Kelly,” Lifetime’s damnyun’ documantree un t’R&B star, appeers ta have reignitid innerst n’ his'n’n musick eve as minny a fans un’ celebritees condemn t’artist un’ call ta #MuteRKelly un soshul media. 

Accerdyun’ ta numbers releeset Thirsdee by Nielse, album sales, song sales un’ audio un’ video streems f'r t’artist l have spiket since t’Jun. 3 premiere of t’hree-nite, six-hour docu-series at delvet into claims at R. Kelly has operatid a “sex cult” un’ at he has physically un’ saxually abuset sceres of wimme. 

N’ t’hree days aft’r t’ premiere, which also saw t’airyun’ of parts 2 un’ 3 of t’series, R. Kelly’s daily song un’ album sales m'r thun dublet we compard wiff daily sales f'r t’ previyus acoupla weeks, accerdyun’ ta data compilet by Nielse, a data analytics cumpny bes knowet f'r TV ratings. Un-demun’ audio streems f'r t’same period showd a 76 persent increese un’ video streems increeset by 85 persent. 

T’ spike n’ Kelly’s streems un’ sales, which ostensibly ekwal increeset profits f'r t’syun'’r, has cantank'r’d listeners who have arguet at Kelly should nairy see finanshul guns associatid wiff t’documantree’s releese.

Jada Pinkett Smith, who interviewet one of Kelly’s alleget victims n’ resent installmants of “Ret Tabull Talk,” initially reectid ta t’Kelly noose n’ un Instagram video un Jun. 6, ritin n’ t’capshun, “Hoe is it at R Kelly’s musick sales have spiket (substantially) since t’releese of t’docuseries Survivyun’ R Kelly? I neet sum hep n’ unnerstan'in. Whut am I missyun’???”

“I’m a’havin a rilly difficult time unnerstan'in why, but I reckun it’s impertant at I unnerstun why,” Pinkett Smith sez n’ t’video, encouragyun’ viewers ta leeve a comment wiff thar thoughts un Kelly’s spikyun’ sales un’ streems. “I rilly would like f'r y’all guys ta hep me unnerstun why, eve if'n’n it’s sumthin I don’t agree wiff … I rilly don’t want ta bleev it’s becawz black gurls don’t matt’r enough. Ow is at t’reesen? So let me knoe.”

Minny a of t’mos-lackd commints un Pinkett’s Instagram post feeturet fans a’tellin thar steries of revisityun’ Kelly’s musick ta lisse n’ t’new contaxt of t’artist as a predat'r — attemptyun’ ta hear sumthin m'r sinist’r n’ t’songs thay oncet luvet.

“If'n’n innyone is like me I jes wantid ta lisse un’ re-evaluate myself as ta why n’ t'(expletif’) I didn’t catch un ta thishere (expletif’) t',” one commant’r wrote.

“I deletid his'n’n musick at furst t'downloadet ta lisse wiff ‘intent,’” reeds anoth’r comment. “N’ thishere case I wuz a’listnin differantly eve tho I felt disgustid by it…I wuz jes a’lookin f'r clues. It wasn’t f'r fun ow ta enjoy it at all thishere time.”

“I honestly don’t unnerstun why he sold “AN ALBUM” aft’r t'(sex tape) kum out,” un onry commant’r chimet n’. “I wuz roun 18 we I saw t’ideo un’ I immediately bannet myself frum a’listnin ta his'n’n musick … My questchun is why did it take everyone else 17 yeers ta have thishere n’-depth conversayshun?”

Meenwhile, preshure is biltin un Sony Musick un’ RCA Recerds, t’imprint un which Kelly is sinet, ta drop t’artist frum t’cumpny’s rost’r. Un Frydee, t’wimme’s rights group UltraViolet flew a plane towyun’ a bann’r protestyun’ Kelly ov’r Sony Musick offices n’ Culv’r Citee, Califerny. T’ bann’r read “RCA/SONY: DROP SaxUAL PREDATOR R KELLY.”

Addityunally, Lifetime airet un encere marathon of all six hours of “Survivyun’ R. Kelly” un Frydee. 

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T’ mos herrifyyun’ claims frum nite acoupla

Everthang we larnt frum t’docu-series’ finale

Meenwhile, proseecuters n’ Atlanta un’ Chicago have expresset renewet innerst n’ allegatyuns agin t’52-year-ol’ syun'’r n’ t’“Survivyun’ R. Kelly” series.

Cook Countee State’s Atterney Kim Foxx callt a noose conferance Tuesdee n’ Chicago ta say she wuz “sickenet” by t’“deeply disturbyun’” allegatyuns.

She urget innyone wiff infermayshun about accusatyuns of saxual abuse by Kelly n’ Cook Countee ta talk ta proseecuters. “Pleese come ferward,” Foxx set. “We cannot seek justus without it.”

Aft’r Foxx’s noose conferance, un atterney f'r Kelly surfacet ta say t’abuse allegatyuns n’ t’documantree air false.

N’ a phone interview wiff t’Associatid Press Tuesdee evnin, Kelly’s Chicago atterney, Steve Greenberg, dismisset t’allegatyuns as “anoth’r roun of steries” bein uset ta “fill reelitee TV time.”

TMZ, T’ Blas un’ CNN air repertyun’ at t’offus of Atlanta-Fulton Countee Districk Atterney Paul Howard Jr. has startid contactyun’ sum of t’wimme interviewet by t’documantree. 

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‘Shark Tank’ star Daymond John apologizes f'r ‘bein insensitif’’ n’ R. Kelly tweet

Lady Gaga apologizes f'r ‘po’judgment’ ov’r R. Kelly song, vows ta pull ‘Do Whut U Want’

Contributyun’: Maria Puante, Andrea Mun’ell un’ Maeve McDermott 




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