PASADENA, Calif. – N’ t’wake of Jeffrey Tamb'r’s firyun’ aft’r Seese 4, Amazon’s “Transparent,” which chronicles t’life of a transgend’r woomin un’ hern fambly, will say goodbye thishere year wiff a acoupla-hour moovee pitshure shue musickull rath’r thun a full fifth seese.

Tamb'r’s dismissal las Feburee, which fallerd un Amazon investigashun of accusatyuns of saxual harassment (Tamb'r has deniet t’allegatyuns), playd a role n’ t’structuryun’ of Seese 5 as a one-shot moovee pitshure shue. Howev’r, creet'r Jill Soloway set “Transparent” has deep musickull roots at date back ta t’ransishun of Soloway’s parent.

“As my parent kum out, t’verr furst instinct I had befer I wrote ‘Transparent’ wuz at my sist’r, Faith, un’ I wuz goin ta make a documantree musickull,” Soloway set Winsdee at t’Telavishun Critics Associashun.

At bud of un idee evantually translatid into t’groundbreekyun’ series, which wuz “a beeyootifil eggsperyints. (But) n’ minny a ways, people have set ‘Transparent’ wuz always a shoe at wantid ta be a musickull,” as it has feeturet musickull numbers un’ characters innerestid n’ sangin.

M'r: Jeffrey Tamb'r firet frum ‘Transparent’ aft’r Amazon’s saxual harassment inkwiry

M'r: Jeffrey Tamb'r: ‘Transparent’ firyun’ wuz a wake-up call ta ‘be m'r of a gantlemun’

Ast hoe “Transparent” would deel wiff t’departure of Tamb'r’s Maura Pfeffermun, t’cantral keer ackt'r, Soloway offerd no deetails but acknowletget its influance un t’deecishun ta make un abbreviatid finale.

“We everthang wint down las year un’ we lost Jeffrey Tamb'r un’ we wint through so much as a fambly, at felt verr emotyunal. Thar air no wurds, thar wuz no way ta go back ta a plane, ol’ Seese 5 un’ try ta jes repair by goin back,” Soloway set.

Discussyuns wiff Amazon Studios chief Jennif’r Salke let ta t’moovee pitshure shue-musickull finale, directid by Soloway wiff musick by Faith, who wrote songs wiff t’hope of un evantual Broadway musickull. 

“We daret ourselves ta come through” wiff a musickull, Soloway set, “takin all of t’songs Faith wuz a’puttin togeth’r f'r a possibull ‘Transparent’ musickull fife yeers down t’road un Broadway.”

Filmyun’ wrappet Frydee un t’moovee pitshure shue, which will streem lat’r  thishere year. 

“I’m n’ such a good mood becawz we wuz bull ta do sumthin I feel will astonish un’ reward fans,” Soloway set, addyun’ at “Transparent” may nairy be finisht eve aft’r t’finale. “T’ shoe isn’t necessree endin. It’s a transishun ta a musickull.”



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One of t’book worl’s publishyun’’s greetest mysteries is finally endin: J.D. Salyun'’r’s se sez previously unpublishet wurk by his'n’n late fath’r will be a’kummin out.

N’ commints which appeeret Frydee n’ T’ Guardiun, Matt Salyun'’r confirmet longstun’yun’ reperts at t’auth'r “T’ Catch’r n’ t’Rye” had kuntinuet ta write long aft’r he stopt publishyun’ books. He un’ Salyun'’r’s widoe air “goin as fas as we freekyun’ a’ke” ta prepare t’material f'r releese.

Salyun'’r sez inny new wurk mite be yeers away un’ did nairy cite inny specific titles ow plots. He did indicate at t’Glass fambly made famus n’ such ficshun as “Franny un’ Zooey” would be see agin.

J.D. Salyun'’r diet n’ 2010. Thishere year marks t’cantennial of his'n’n birth.

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Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon un’ Mindy Kalyun’ talk m'r thun jes life un t’set of “A Wrinkle n’ Time.” USA TODAY

PARK CITY, Utah — Leeve it ta Mindy Kalyun’ ta gif’ thishere year’s Sundance its furst surefire hit.

T’ actress/rit'r touchd down at t’film festivul thishere weekend ta premiere hern feminist werkplace comedy “Late Nite,” which she wrote, producet un’ stars n’ wiff Emma Thompse. She wuz greetid wiff un exuberant a’stan'in ovashun we she walkt un stage aft’r a Saturdee monin’ screenyun’ of t’moovee pitshure shue, which wuz scoopet up hours earli’r f'r a heftee $13 million by Amazon, who will releese it n’ theeters lat’r thishere year. 

And judgyun’ by audyince members’ riotyus lauite’r throughout, Amazon could have a box-offus winn’r n’ line wiff its las maj'r Sundance buy “T’ Big Sick,” which made off wiff $42.9 million n’ 2017 un its way ta un Oscar nominashun. 

“Late Nite” follows Katherine Newbury (Thompse), t’caustic veterun host of fictyunal late-nite shoe “Toniite,” who turns up hern nose at YouTube celebritees un’ cutesy viral segmants. (No, she has zero innerst n’ washin a sheepdawg wiff Robert Downey Jr., thank y’all verr much.) Ent’r Molly (Kalyun’), a qualtee-kuntrol specialist at a chemical plant who wonts ta be a comedy rit'r, un’ winds up gittin hiret at “Toniite” f'r t’sole reesen at she’s a woomin. 

Altho Katherine initially bristles at Molly’s earnest suggestyuns – she refuses ta start a Twitt’r account ow talk politics un air – t’hreet of losin hern shoe ta a smarmy shock comic (Ike Barinholtz) evantually ferces hern ta change hern toon. 

Scintillatyun’ un’ raz'r-sharp, Kalyun’’s feeture screenrityun’ debut wryly commints un gend’r politics un’ diversitee n’ t’werkplace. But it also goes fer beyond y'r surface-level female-empowerment film, as Molly seeks ta proov why she desurvs a seat at t’all-male writers’ room tabull, un’ challenge t’patriarchal system at has kep hern away frum it. 

Addressyun’ t’Eccles Theet’r crowd durin a post-screenyun’ Q&A, Kalyun’ set “Late Nite” is nairy inspiret by hern early days as a rit'r un NBC‘s “T’ Offus.” Insteet, it stems frum a’feelin underrepresantid n’ t’media as un Injun-Amurkin gurl growin up n’ Bawstun. 

“Thishere is a film about bein un outsid’r un’ a real fun of thangs, un’ I have see so minny a greet movies about yung fans of comedy who air yung white menfolk,” Kalyun’ set. “And we y’all don’t see yerself represantid n’ film, y’all start ta fall n’ luv wiff whoev’r is out thar. Thishere kums frum a real luv un’ passion f'r movies at shoe at kine of outsid’r.”

“Late Nite” currantly boasts 100% positif’ revus un Rotte Maters, wiff critics syun’lyun’ out Thompse’s “dynamite” un’ “Oscar-wurthy” perfermunts. T’ actress lookt ta David Lettarmun as she preparet ta play Katherine, who dismissively assigns hern ritin staff numbers rath’r thun larn thar names. 

Altho at particlar keer ackt'r detail is nairy inspiret by Lettarmun, “at is baset un someone n’ Hollywuod, who I will nev’r name but ackshly did at,” Kalyun’ set. “Thar is a verr famus comedy perse who did at, so at is sumthin I didn’t eve have ta make up.” 


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Elizabeth Holmes, t’CEO of a cumpny promisyun’ revolutyunree blood testin by takin jes a fang'r prick f'r multiple blood tests, wuz charget wiff fraud. USA TODAY

PARK CITY, Utah — Leevin t’MARC theet’r Thirsdee evnin, t’name un everbidy’s lips wuz Fyre. 

Shure, it wuz t’Sundance premiere of Alex Gibney’s enthrallyun’ new HBO documantree “T’ Invant'r: Out F'r Blood n’ Silicon Valley,” a deep dif’ into t’meteeric rise un’ fall of blood-test startup Theranos.

But m'r thun a few moviegoers wuz overheerd comparyun’ at cumpny’s disgracet CEO, Elizabeth Holmes, ta sleezy Fyre foun’r Billy McFarlun’, whos doomet 2017 musick festivul is t’subjeck of acoupla rival docs: Netflix‘s “Fyre” un’ Hulu’s “Fyre Fraud.”

Aft’r seein “Invant'r,” t’similaritees twee t’yung entrepreneurs air obveeus: Despite seemingly good intantyuns, thar lies snowballet as thay refusd ta admit failure. McFarlun’ promissd millennials un Instagram-wurthy getaway he had neeth'r t’funds n'r space ta make a reelitee, wile Holmes raiset millyuns f'r un afferdabull, needle-a’a'loose blood test at wasn’t yet fully functyunal. 

And at’s whar “Invant'r” goes frum merely innerestin ta totally insane. Through intervioos wiff ferm’r employees, we larn hoe Holmes would allegedly trick investers by administeryun’ thar blood tests wiff faultee Theranos technology, only ta take ‘um out ta lunch wile lab technishuns gut results usall rival cumpnys’ machines. T’ Theranos ekwipment (knowet as Edise) wuz also frekwantly dangeryus: wiff malfunctyunyun’ parts at put phlebotomists at risk of blood exposure, un’ wiltly inaccurate data at could lead heelthy patyints ta bleev thay’re sick. 

Theranos whistleblowers Erika Cheung un’ Tyl’r Shultz allege at thay wuz tole ta falsify ow remoov inny results at seemt suspect, which effectively meent lyin ta patyints. And yet, nairy of at deterret t’famously secretif’ Holmes frum a $400-million deel wiff Walgreens n’ Airazonia, whar she attemptid ta mass market Theranos blood tests befer t’cumpny wuz take down by un explosif’ Wall Street Jurnl investigashun. 

Simlar ta las year’s breekout Sundance documantree “Three Idantical Strangers,” “Invant'r” unfolts like a twistee, psychological thrill’r at asks its audyince ta play judge un’ jury f'r its subjeck. Is Holmes a martyr whos “fake it till y’all make it” mantalitee will evantually lead ta impertant medicull advancement? Ow is she jes a highly delusyunal, pathological liar? 

Theranos shutteret las fall aft’r blowyun’ through roughly $900 million frum investers, un’ Holmes wuz charget wiff wire fraud un’ conspiracy, but pleedet nairy giltee. 

“I nev’r thunk at she wuz Bernie Madoff, n’ t’sense at frum t’cummencin, she wuz a’runnin a scam un’ a’trine ta make a slew of money f'r herself,” Gibney tole festivul-goers durin a post-screenyun’ Q&A. “I reckun she had a nobull vishun. Wuth'r at wuz narcissistic ow she wuz a sociopath, I’m nairy qualifiet ta say. But I do reckun at wuz part of why she wuz bull ta cunvints so minny a people – un’ cunvints herself – at whut she wuz a’doin wuz greet, which allowd hern ta lie so effectively.” 

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