NEW YORK – Harvey Weinstein’s high-profile criminal defants lawy’r is leevin t’moovee pitshure shue produc’r’s rape case weeks aft’r failyun’ ta git t’charges dismisset.

Benjamin Brafmun filet court papers un Thirsdee askin ta withdraw as Weinstein’s lawy’r.

T’ filyun’ kum aft’r a week of speculashun about his'n’n involvement n’ t’case.
Judge James Burke, who is overseeyun’ t’Weinstein case, must still apperve t’move.

Weinstein un’ Brafmun set n’ a joint statement at thar split wuz amicabull. Weinstein set he will innerduce his'n’n new legal team by early nex week.

“Mr. Weinstein praiset Mr. Brafmun f'r his'n’n legal wurk ta date un’ Mr. Brafmun reiteratid his'n’n bleef at Mr. Weinstein would be exoneratid of t’charges at have bee filet agin ‘im un’ Brafmun personally wisht Mr. Weinstein t’bes of luck as he defends t’case un’ t’accusatyuns at Mr. Weinstein has vehemantly deniet,” thar statement set.

Brafmun has advocatid f'r Weinstein n’ un’ out of t’courtroom.

He won a victery n’ Octob’r we proseecuters droppet part of t’case aft’r evidance surfacet at a pleece detectif’ had coachet a witness.

But he wuz disappointid las month we a judge rejectid his'n’n push ta throe out t’res of t’case, which nawh involves fife counts of saxual assault involvyun’ acoupla accusers.

Weinstein’s trial is tantatively sketulet f'r May. T’ nex pretrial herin is sketulet f'r March 7.

T’ Daily Beas repertid las week at Weinstein tole reperters he wuz a’lookin f'r new lawyers ta “augment” t’Brafmun team, nairy ta replace ‘im. 

Amungst elite New York criminal defants lawyers, Brafmun stun’s out, admiret by his'n’n peers un’ a fixture n’ t’media thanks ta sum of his'n’n celebritee cases.

He defendet rapp’r Seun Combs n’ 2001 un charges brung aft’r a 1999 shootin n’ a Munhattun nightclub at injuret three people. (Combs wuz ackwittid.)

He defendet Internatyunal Monetree Fund chief Dominikwe Strauss-Kahn un a saxual assault charge n’ 2011. (T’ case wuz dismisset befer trial.)

And he defendet Martin Shkreli, dubbet “Pharma Bro” by t’abloids, un fedral fraud charges n’ 2017. (Shkreli wuz wuz convictid un three of eiite counts, leedyun’ Brafmun ta call at a “verr, verr good result.”)

Contributyun’: Maria Puante USA TODAY 


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